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I love you Wade Wilson, we can fight this.
Yes, even in a Deadpool movie can there be a few scenes which warm your heart.
  • The opening credits have varying degrees of snark for everyone mentioned... except for the writers, who are regarded as The Real Heroes. (Who maybe wrote that themselves.)
  • In the chronological beginning of Wade's backstory, Wade is shown threatening a stalker into leaving a girl named Meghan alone. When he informs her, Meghan calls Wade her hero.
    • It's heavily implied that after being dishonorably discharged, this is what Wade had been doing since then.
      • Later in his conversation with the recruiter it's implied that the reason Wade was discharged was because he felt he was being sent to kill people who didn't deserve it.
    • And after taking payment for the job, Wade requests that most of the money be refunded to Meghan.
    • He also doesn't object when Meghan greets the news that her stalker won't bother her anymore by giving him a huge hug.
    • At the bar later on, Wade doesn't even seem to completely hate the stalker either, since he admits that he was more of a dumb kid than anything.
  • Wade's entire relationship with Vanessa can count. They both loved each other before the cancer hit Wade and when Vanessa is kidnapped by Francis, Wade doesn't hesitate to go into a Roaring Rampage of Rescue. Even after two years of not communicating with each other, and with Wade scarred all over his body, Vanessa makes it clear that she still loves him and the movie closes out on the two of them making out among the wreckage.
    • In the middle of their sex montage it cuts to the two of them quietly reading together during Lent. It's a small scene that shows how strong their relationship is and it isn't just about the sex.
    • The fact that the sex doesn't get less raunchy, but does get more fun and romantic—by Thanksgiving, they're rolling around on the dining room table, laughing merrily as they bang. Most movies go straight for a darkly alluring sense of lust meant solely to titillate—Deadpool uses the sex scene to show that the characters are smack-dizzy in love.
    • Also, Wade in no way trusts "Agent Smith" and his organization and would rather keep doing his mercenary gig until he succumbs to cancer. He goes with it anyway because he wants Vanessa to be happy, and he feels that can only happen if he's either cured, or definitively dies, forcing her to move on.
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    • Despite keeping up every indication that much like Silver Fox in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Vanessa was going to die to fill Wade's life with more tragedy, they both live happily ever after at the end.
    • Throughout the final sequence of the movie, Vanessa is wearing not only the Voltron ring Wade won on their first date, but also his coat.
    • Throughout the present day parts of the film, Wade thinks that it's Christmas Day. While that might be a throwaway gag (and it just might be), when you consider that Wade proposed to Vanessa on Christmas Day, it provides some insight as to why that date has some significance to him. However, exactly why he thinks that that Tuesday in April was Christmas Day is anyone's guess.
    • Her reaction to finally seeing his face is both heartwarming, Squicky and a Funny Moment:
      Vanessa: After a brief adjustment period, and a bunch of drinks, it's a face... I'd be happy to sit on.
  • Fridge Heartwarming: When Wade tries to quip how the cancer's only in the things he doesn't need (brain, lungs, liver, prostate), you realize metaphorically he's right. Because that only leaves one organ the cancer didn't get: his heart.
  • While the Bad-Guy Bar Weasel works in is very heavily corrupt and a place where people bet on their friends for who will die next, the moment Weasel is threatened by Angel Dust, the entire bar draws their guns on the two intruders.
    Weasel: Thanks for having my back, guys.
    • Speaking of said "dead pool", Weasel bet on Wade to die. Yet when Wade has cancer, he tries to give him medicinal herbs instead of booze, and after the above scene he immediately warns Wade of the situation. He clearly doesn't want Wade to kick the bucket because of him, bet or no bet.
  • Colossus, as the resident Ideal Hero in this atypical superhero film, provides many heartwarming moments:
    • Giving a protein bar to Negasonic Teenage Warhead so she can have a proper breakfast.
    • Colossus's faith in Deadpool's ability to do good, despite the merc having done almost nothing but kill and insult people, including him.
    • When the whole aircraft carrier is crashing down after Negasonic Teenage Warhead's Fantastic Nuke attack that knocked herself and Angel out, Colossus is carrying both of them when he's running away. Angel was previously kicking the shit out of him and nearly killed him with a rebar garrote, and he still saves her.
    • During his brutal brawl with Angel Dust, her bra becomes dislodged, causing Colossus to turn away blushing in embarrassment, asking her politely to put her clothes back on ("You are a very beautiful woman"). Although Dust does take the opportunity to strike a low blow in his groin afterwards, even a sadistic murderess like her genuinely appreciated how sweet it was of Colossus to be such a gentleman.
    • In a meta example, whilst Colossus is Wrong Genre Savvy and definitely the butt of jokes, the film does not portray his being a superhero as negative or something to mock. It more takes the approach that whilst he and Deadpool may have different methods, Colossus wanting to do good is still a good thing, rather than mocking the idea of superheroes as many other works would have.
    • Summed up perfectly in Colossus' "Four Or Five Moments" speech, which would be perfectly placed in any other, more "straight" superhero flick. The film does subvert the speech as expected, but the message itself isn't treated as invalid. Wade even promises to be on the look out "for the next four moments."
  • Despite his completely crazy advice, Deadpool encourages Dopinder to not give up on love and to fight for it.
    • The first time Deadpool rides in a cab with Dopinder, the scene cuts away the moment Wade pulls up his mask to expose his face. That means despite seeing his scarred and mutilated face, Dopinder bonds enough with Deadpool to be friendly with him even after that, giving him another cab ride and accepting the high five for payment the next time around with no hesitation.
    • The friendship between the two is even more heartwarming. According to the commentary, Reynolds named Dopinder after a friend of his in elementary school, who sadly died, and dedicated the character to him.
  • Despite their constant bickering, Wade and Al's friendship obviously goes way beyond just landlord/tenant, as evidenced by a scene where she allows him to cuddle her while she gives him relationship advice.
  • In the climax, when Wade encounters Bob, he only knocks him out and proceeds to ask about how his family is doing. Yes, in that order.
  • Deadpool makes a point of offering the various Mooks a chance to stand down, since as a former mercenary himself he understands that they're just in it for the money. It doesn't work, of course, and maybe he was just doing it because he didn't want to go through the trouble of trying to kill them all, but it's still a nice gesture.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead spends a majority of her interaction with Deadpool with the two insulting each other. However at the end she admits Deadpool is cool to which Wade automatically freaks out over with happiness. Plus he freely admits to finding her name completely amazing.
  • During the climax Francis puts Vanessa in the shallow-breathing torture machine. The machine is designed not to kill and wouldn't mutate her on its own. It would have been more pragmatic for Deadpool to take a minute to incapacitate Francis first, then free her from the machine, but, oh no, Deadpool's having none of that; instead he throws one of his swords to break open the machine the first chance he gets and stop her from suffering. As a bonus, this turns out to help out in the battle after all, when she manages to use the sword to cut through her restraints, then escapes from the machine and stabs Ajax in the back.
  • In a brief-but-sweet scene while he's undergoing his torture/transformation at the hands of Ajax, Wade is seen joking around with another poor bastard undergoing the same treatment. The two discuss their bucket lists—Wade would want to see Vanessa again, the other guy wants to spend time with his kids.
  • Wade immediately tells Cunningham, "Don't take any shit from [Ajax]!" when he comes in to deliver more of his usual delightful bedside manner, and totally defuses Ajax's menace by revealing his real name is Francis. Clearly not just because he likes dicking with Ajax, but because Wade hates bullies and any chance he gets to take their power away and make their victims feel better, he's going to damn-well take.
    • Made even more powerful by the fact that Wade isn't stupid. He knows full well that Ajax is going to come after him now. He did that on purpose to deflect Francis from Cunningham to himself.
  • Shortly after Wade is diagnosed with cancer, he goes to Weasel's bar for a drink and Weasel tries to offer him some wheatgrass instead to help boost his immune system. While Wade reacts with annoyance (he mentions Vanessa is pushing the same stuff on him at home), it goes to show that, in spite of all their snarking, Weasel really does care about Wade.
    • In the same scene, another bar patron (who presumably also knows about Wade's condition), freely gives his drink to Wade. Said patron is the same guy who got beat up because of Wade's blowjob order prank.
    • Weasel also puts up the photo Wade and Vanessa took on the day they got engaged. He mentions that it is how he wants to remember Wade after he's gone. When Wade returns after the experiments, it's still hanging in a place of honor.
  • Surprisingly for a movie like this, Colossus makes a rather heartfelt and uplifting speech about how being a hero really isn't a constant job. You don't have to be a straight-edged joyless puppet the way the film has been suggesting. In the end it just takes "four or five moments" in your life to choose to do what's right. It's worth noting that even after Wade shoots Ajax and causes him to vomit, Colossus still believes in Wade's goodness and tells him to be on the lookout for the next moment where he can be a hero.
    Colossus: We'll make an X-Man of you, yet.
    • Also worth noting is Wade's rationale for shooting Ajax. He gets no shortage of satisfaction out of it, sure, but he also argues that if being a hero means letting psychopaths walk free, then he doesn't want to be one. Despite their disagreements on the methods, Wade and Colossus are both interested in doing what's right.
    • Arguably, this might be why Colossus believes Deadpool can still be a hero. Whatever his methods, Wade, even before his make-over, is out to help people.
  • A small one, but when Wade is listing off the reasons he needs to find Ajax to Blind Al, he adds that it'll prevent anyone else from going through what he did. Just goes to show Wade isn't just doing it for his own reasons.
  • Despite everything, Wade bonds with fellow patient Cunningham to ease both their pain with jokes. Which makes it worse when the 'factory' begins to burn. Wade is pinned down in front of Cunningham, and all he can do is look down in shame and guilt as the building falls down on them.
  • Another small one: when the bullets start flying during the final battle, Deadpool's first move is to hustle Negasonic behind cover, since she's the only one of the three who is actually vulnerable to gunfire. It's a small thing, but it shows that for all his psychotic behavior he still has some heroic instincts. He then has the decency to insist Warhead look away while he pulls his underpants out through his fly to use as a White Flag.
  • "See? You don't need to be a superhero to get the girl. The right girl will bring out the hero in you."
  • In a deleted scene, Deadpool rescues a girl's cat from a tree. This happened while he was out looking for Francis during his Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • In an odd way, Deadpool moving the camera away before torturing Agent Smith so the audience won't have to watch. Sadly, the onlookers aren't so lucky.
  • In another Deleted Scene, while waiting to see a Back-Alley Doctor in Mexico, Wade notices a mother struggling to pay for her son's treatment. What does he do? He pays for it himself. And gives the boy a lollipop.
    • And the look Wade shoots the receptionist is one that screams "You're going to take my money and play nice or the next five minutes of your life are going to be PAIN!"
  • When Wade goes to the strip club to see Vanessa for the first time in two years, he chickens out and ducks to hide in the bathroom. Vanessa turns around and just misses him, but her face... it's like she knew he was there, that he'd come back for her somehow.


  • Even after everything about X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Weapon XI in it in particular, that Ryan Reynolds eventually got to make it right.
    • Moviegoers repaid his hard work and dedication by making the Deadpool movie break box office records for both R-rated movies and movies released in February (it was sitting at 333.4 million USD off a 58 million USD budget. That means it's basically recouped its budget over 5 times in a little over a week. By 4/5/2016, that number had more than doubled).
    • Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. congratulating Ryan Reynolds on the movie's success and telling him how much they liked it is very touching, especially since Evans and Downey Jr. work for a rival studio.
    • After Wonder Woman (2017) surpassed this film's box office haul, the official Deadpool Twitter account tweeted a slightly cheeky but genuine note of congratulations.
  • Reynolds was so determined to get it right that he personally shelled out the cash for the film's writers to be on set and get to make sure their vision was respected.
  • A young boy from Canada who was suffering from cancer got to see the film early... with Ryan Reynolds himself!

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