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Nightmare Fuel / Deadpool (2016)

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"Did I say this was a love story? No. It's a horror movie."
  • The entirety of Wade's conversion into a mutant super-soldier. The process that Francis's facility uses just involves torturing you over and over until you get some sort of power. Special mention goes to the suffocation machine that finally does the trick. If you listen closely to the dialogue Francis says, it implies that not everyone has a latent mutation, and would have died in pain during some stage of the torture.
  • The deleted "Cancer World Tour" scene where Wade exposes and brutally murders the phony doctor performing "psychic surgery" on patients; it starts in the waiting room, when Wade notices the clinic rejecting pesos in favor of American cash, and as soon as he begins smelling the rat, his entire demeanor changes. Gone is the sarcastic, wisecracking "merc with a mouth," and in his place stands a ruthless, soulless ex-special ops soldier who was involved in God knows how many atrocities, and is beginning to, in Wade's own words, "feel the itch" once again. The doctor's death is not played for laughs at all, ending instead with Wade pinning him to the ground and strangling him, before stabbing him to death with the doctor's own scalpel in front of the entire waiting room including Vanessa. It's one of the few times we see Wade as he once was, and it makes it abundantly clear why he stopped working for the government.
  • There's a reason we rarely see Wade's transformation in the comics. His skin practically melts into the living cancer. His scream of "What have you done to me?!?" is completely reasonable.
    • This is a rare moment of Wade being completely serious.
  • The woman with bones growing out of her back, as seen in the page image.