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The Film
"I only have 12 bullets, so some of you are going to have to share!"

  • THE WHOLE HIGHWAY CHASE. It is amazing how much detail was shown!
    • Though the shit-stains added to the underwear of the biker Deadpool wedgies was too much.
  • Deadpool shoots three guys in the head with one bullet.
    • Minor moment of awesome (awesome luck, anyway) that the last guy had to be dispatched by hand because the bullet lost enough energy traveling through the heads of the first two that it didn't penetrate his skull.
  • Vanessa performs a vicious Groin Attack on the "Fat Gandalf" who gets too fresh with her. She makes that big, burly man whimper like a mischievous little dog.
  • Wade breaking out of the containment pod. First, he headbutts Angel Dust to steal her match from out of her mouth and hide it in his own. Once she and Francis are gone, he spits it to one of his hands, lights it on a nail, and tosses it to one of the oxygen vents to cause an explosion. All while enduring near-suffocation.
    • The fight this results in is notably the only action scene in the film that is not Played for Laughs. It's just so awesome, the director didn't even bother with jokes or fourth wall humor. And that's saying a lot, because this is the fight scene where Wade and Francis sword-fight with fire extinguishers.
  • Weasel may be the Butt-Monkey in his own bar, but even Francis and Angel back down when Angel lays a hand on Weasel and every mercenary in the place pulls a gun on them. The entire patronage of the converted-orphanage-cum-bar Saint Mary's (read: these being non-superpowered, very muscular and very big) patrons immediately standing up with heavy artillery, willing to defend Weasel (their scrawny little bartender) against the extremely dangerous Francis and Angel, and Francis and Angel back down.
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  • "Time to make the chimi-fuckin'-changas!"
  • Deadpool's rampage through Francis' men when he goes to rescue Vanessa is pure awesome, such as when he cuts a mook's head off and then punts it like a football into another mook's head.
  • Deadpool makes good on his promise to spell out Francis's name by spelling it out with the corpses of all the mooks he just killed. Doubles as a Crowing Moment of Funny. He even made the 'i' lowercase, using a mook's severed head for the dot! That's dedication. Even better is that the body of the i is mooning Francis.
  • Deadpool's fight against Francis shows our Comedic Sociopathic hero with dual katanas faces off against a British Villain with dual axes. The sequence is full of acrobatics and very twirly kicks.
    • A very awesome one for Deadpool when Francis throws one of his axe at him. He catches the axe, then throws it back at Francis and does a spin-kick in mid-air in the same motion when he threw the axe. The kick connecting is enough to send Francis a few feet backward.
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    • This scene is so awesome that it was nominated for "Best Fight" by MTV Movie Awards.
    • Even the pre-fight taunting is good. Deadpool mentions that Francis better hope his immunity to pain better include every single nerve, "Because I'm gonna go looking!" Francis responds that sure, Deadpool can grow back body parts, but when he's done, the parts will have to grow back him. Even Deadpool admits that's a good one.
  • Vanessa proving she and Wade share a lot more than just being crazy by escaping from the oxygen cage, cutting through her bonds with a katana lodged into the tank, pulling the katana out from where it's lodged into the tank by gripping the blade to do so, and then using said katana to impale Francis. Badass.
  • Colossus has a very cool moment where Angel Dust has him in an armbar, only for him to lift her up, and while she's still completely holding onto his arm, slams her down several times onto a mountain of scrap. Dude one-arm-powerbombed Angel Dust!
  • Angel Dust fights with Colossus and doesn't just keep up with him, but seems like she could win, implying that she is either stronger than him or a better fighter than him, or maybe even both. To keep this in mind remember that Wade tried punching and kicking Colossus earlier in the movie and badly broke both of his hands and also his leg, meaning that her super-strength is off the charts to be able to hurt him. Had Negasonic Teenage Warhead never intervened, Colossus could have been killed by her.
  • Anyone flooring Colossus should be given props, but Negasonic Teenage Warhead sending that person, Angel Dust, flying, should be given more. True, she knocks herself out with the stunt, but she still manages to total an aircraft carrier with a single charge.
    • Colossus also deserves props for surviving her letting a nuke off in his face, and still being capable of carrying her and Angel Dust to safety.
      • Given how Colossus seems fine after the battle, it's possible that he actually is stronger than Angel Dust, but his compassion puts him at a disadvantage against a Combat Pragmatist.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead crawls under a piece of scrap metal, yells at Deadpool to climb on top of it, then explodes while standing still, blasting it about a hundred feet into the air to fling Deadpool onto the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.
  • When he finally has Francis at the end of the fight, and Deadpool has only one gun left: the puny little Derringer Blind Al gave him. Just as he's about to finish him off:
    Francis: [spitefully] What's my name?
    Deadpool: [cocks the gun, darkly] Who fuckin' cares?
    • Finish him off he does; Colossus tries to talk him out of with a speech about heroism, but Deadpool isn't having any of it, and just shoots the prick in the head.
    • Colossus's speech is pretty awesome itself, even if Deadpool completely ignores him.


  • A film finance consultant and former studio executive crunched some numbers and estimates, and concluded based on its box office numbers and budgets that Deadpool posted the highest net profit of any superhero movie of the last ten years that doesn't have Avengers in the title. That's right: this relatively small, $58 million dollar, R-rated action-comedy featuring a previously little-known character made more money than Captain America: Civil War (AKA: Avengers 2.5), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League (2017)... combined.note 
  • The fact that the movie was even made at all, seeing the huge fan reaction that burst from the release of the test footage.
    Deadpool: Crime's the disease, meet the cure. Okay, not the cure, but more like a topical ointment to reduce the swelling and itch. Hi, Tom!
  • One for Ryan Reynolds: Taking a bunch of kids dressed as the X-Men trick-or-treating while dressed in a Deadpool costume he swiped from the set.
    • You read that right: he stole his Deadpool suit. After filming wrapped up he simply walked off set in full costume and when a costume assistant asked if he wanted to change first he simply said, "Try and take it from me."
  • The film getting Certified Fresh at 84% by Rotten Tomatoes. Given how much it took to get this movie together, which had been a passion project of Reynolds for years, and which looked dead after the flop of Green Lantern, seeing the Merc With a Mouth's big screen debut getting this much critical praise out of the gate is nothing short of astounding.
    • The speed with which the studio has green-lit a sequel plants another set of feathers firmly in the respective caps of the team that put this film together. If The Stinger is to be taken seriously,note  then the sequel will feature Cable! — And it did.
  • The movie's opening weekend set records for February releases and the best opening for an R-rated movie over The Matrix Reloaded.
    • The film also beat the ever-loving shit out of the previous Valentine's Day Weekend record holder: Fifty Shades of Grey. There was nothing especially erotic or romantic about it — except for the gratuitous sex scenes and violence (if you're into that sort of thing).
    • On March 28, 2016, it became the highest grossing R-rated film of all time.note 
    • Deadpool is now the highest grossing film in the entire X-Men Film Series domestically and worldwide. What makes this even more impressive is that Deadpool was the lowest budgeted film in the series and was the only one that was R-rated. The film had a production budget of just $58 million, but took $363 million in the USA and another $420 million overseas for a total gross of $783 million, over thirteen times it's budget!
    • To reiterate, the movie went through an infamous Development Hell, was about a character that few corporate executives had much faith in (and doesn't enjoy the extreme comic-book popularity of characters like Spider-Man or Wolverine, instead having more of a cult following), came out in a graveyard month like February, and got saddled with the dreaded R-rating which is rarely as profitable as PG-13. Yet despite seemingly having so many cards stacked against it, it immediately eclipsed its budget and went on to smash record after record without pause. Wham! It earned the exclamation mark.
    • And two years later, which film finally beat this one's huge records? Deadpool 2.
  • When a film is successful as this most stars would rest on their laurels, not Ryan Reynolds. He's reportedly already working on the sequel and in the meantime still taking every chance he gets to put on the suit and deliver delicious Deadpool goodness to the fans.
  • Due to the way the rights to Marvel movies are set, members of HYDRA cannot legally appear in an X-Men movie such as this one. Yet, they still managed to get Bob, Agent of HYDRA to appear.
  • Ryan Reynolds himself crashes the Honest Trailer for the flick!
  • With the insanely visceral Fandom Rivalry between the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe, and various unaligned comic book properties, it's pretty darn impressive how this is the one movie that every side generally likes, and of course serves as the major hole (besides plain old common sense) in the conspiracy theory of critics being bribed to promote the MCU above all other properties.
  • Ryan Reynolds wanted the writers to be on set to help with last-minute rewrites. 20th Century Fox refused to authorize paying them for that purpose, so Ryan paid them out of his own pocket.
  • Colossus: the character got more lines, importance and screentime than in the other films of the X-Men movie franchise.
    • Some fans actually lament that, finally, a proper, true-to-comics version of Colossus of which the fans and creators can be proud is finally in a movie, and it isn't even a "proper" X-Men film!
  • "Deadpool" is nominated for two Golden Globes (Best Actor for Ryan Reynolds and Best Picture in the Comedy/Musical Category). This also makes Deadpool the first Marvel character to be nominated for an acting Golden Globe.
  • The film has also been nominated for a Writers Guild of America award for Best Adapted Screenplay, making this the second film based on Marvel comics, after Guardians of the Galaxy, to earn this distinction.
  • Patrick Stewart retired from the role of Professor Xavier after Logan, feeling that the character couldn't possibly have a better sendoff. However, he was also impressed enough with this film to say he'd be up for making an appearance in a sequel.
  • This movie rebooted the character of Negasonic Teenage Warhead. For those who aren't big Marvel fans, she was originally a oneshot character with minor precognitive powers who was killed in her first appearance; her only reason for showing up in the movie was because it would be funny to have Deadpool be genuinely awed by her ridicuous codename. But the character found enough love from the viewers that Marvel decided to resurrect and reinstate her comic-self, with an updated appearance and power set matching her movie-self.


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