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Tear Jerker / Deadpool (2016)

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  • Say what you will about how raunchy Wade and Vanessa's relationship is, but you have to admit that it's heartbreaking to see such a happy couple (one where a partner loves the other enough to accept a Ring Pop as an engagement ring) be torn apart by Wade's cancer diagnosis.
    Wade: The worst thing about cancer isn't what it does to you. It's what it does to the ones you love.
  • The moment Wade learns that he has cancer, Vanessa suddenly starts asking the doctor intelligent, sane, and non-sarcastic questions about his possible treatment. Wade can't do anything but look at her, trying to memorize her face as if he's looking at it for the first time, or the last.
  • Some point before deciding to take the experiment offer Wade is talking of leaving and Vanessa isn't having it. Several times her voice starts to crack because she doesn't want to just remember 'Wade' but 'us.'
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  • Wade crying in the middle of the night because of his terminal cancer and the brutal realization that he won't have much time left with Vanessa. Made all of the more sad when he puts on a brave front for Vanessa so she won't worry.
  • Then there is the utterly heart-wrenching "Cancer World Tour" deleted scene. Wade and Vanessa do just that, travel around the world desperately looking for a cure for cancer, any cure. They've already been through most of the world, and Wade narrates that he's already given up on hope long ago, going along with the trip just to indulge Vanessa's fantasy of him being cured. Their travels take them to a sketchy clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico. While waiting for his turn, Wade witnesses a mother try to pay for her son's treatment, only for her payment of pesos to be rejected in favor of American cash. Wade figures out quickly that this was not a legitimate clinic, it's a scam that targets the ill and desperate. He sneaks into the operating room, where he discovers that the doctor there is actually performing Psychic surgery, pretending to reach inside a patient's body and pulling out the diseased organ without cuts or mess. Wade calls the guy out on his practice, pointing out that the "diseased organs" are pieces of chicken. What follows is a brutal murder with a scalpel. And unlike the other fight scenes in the movie, there is no flashy choreography, no witty banter thrown around by Wade. By the time Wade is done, he realizes that the other patients who were waiting had witnessed the whole thing, including Vanessa. Emotionally traumatized, Wade flees, leaving Vanessa behind to scream his name to no avail. He's gone.
  • Weasel and Wade joke about how "unfuckable" Wade had become thanks to his disfigurement, but it's clear that Wade is heartbroken over the realization that Vanessa might reject him due to it. The scene where he notices onlookers when he attempts to approach Vanessa for the first time since he left is one of the very few moments reactions to his appearance aren't played for laughs.
    • It's really the way the people look at him. They're not just subtle glances like "What's wrong with that guy's face?" They're cold, almost disgusted stares that say "Holy shit, that guy is fucking hideous." If you listen closely, you can hear one guy mutter "Freak."
    • It's hard not to wince at the beginning of the next scene when Wade describes himself as "a monster inside and out". That's how he sees himself. Much like Tony Stark, there is a lot of painful self-loathing to Wade's character, and he clearly believes he was that bad before he was deformed. Even with Vanessa being so devoted to him, he can't look beyond it. Hence him choosing Smith, Ajax and the "big, bad decision".
    • The simple fact that Wade's deformity isn't that bad. It's tragic and yes, jarring, but it's closer to an extremely bad skin condition than anything else. Vanessa takes about thirty seconds to get over the initial shock. And Wade simply can't see that through the aforementioned self-loathing.
  • Check out his fleeting but horrified reaction when Ajax taunts him by saying he could be "terrorizing citizens, putting down freedom fighters" as a "super-slave". Either underneath his wisecracks and dickishness he's really a good man who's terrified of becoming a monster, or a man who has done these things before, and is anguished at being forced to do them again... or he's just rightly frightened by the idea that he will lose all free will and have to do these things. All three are heart-breaking.
  • When Wade is left to die by Ajax, Wade catches a glimpse at one of the other "patients"... who has a saddened look on his face. That patient is Cunningham, the same man Wade had earlier befriended and was cracking jokes with. The poor guy just wanted to go home and make banana pancakes for his kids... Poor Cunningham gets killed by the fire from Wade's escape attempt, and Wade is clearly devastated when he sees what happened to him.
    • It gets worse when you read the original screenplay and realize that Cunningham is a stand-in for Worm, the Weapon-X reject who Francis lobotomized to get back at Deadpool for taunting him, forcing the man who would be Deadpool to Mercy Kill his friend. No matter what universe, Deadpool can't escape Weapon-X without the blood of a friend on his hands.
  • During the otherwise pure Black Comedy "This Little Piggy" scene, The Recruiter compliments Deadpool for looking "very alive", the broken man under the mask replies, "Ha! Only on the outside." Not quite an Empty Shell, but getting there. Good thing about that ending...
  • When Vanessa is kidnapped, she drops the Bernadette Peters purse that Wade claimed to be one of his favorite items. Clearly, after several years of no contact, after Wade left her with no explanation, Vanessa still loves him.
    • She's also wearing Wade's red fleece jacket (which he wore on their first "date"). He may have tried to erase himself from her life but she never let go of him.
  • After Vanessa gets kidnapped, Wade, justifiably expresses his rage. But he doesn't just sound angry, he sounds terrified at the thought of Vanessa suffering because of him, which is something he tried to avoid by leaving her.
  • The reason Francis gives for kidnapping Vanessa: "What better way to crawl back inside that head of yours." Wade's response is a jarring reminder that he is the way he is because Francis tortured him to insanity.
    Deadpool: Oh, you never left.

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