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Recap / Deadpool (2016)

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Wade Wilson, the loudmouthed mercenary also known as "Deadpool", is having a very busy day: he is on the hunt for a man named Francis, and is carving a bloody swath through a bunch of armed goons to get to him. Why?

Let's start at the beginning.

Before he was Deadpool, Wade Wilson was a disgraced Special Forces soldier from Canada, now working as a soldier of fortune. One day, he met a woman named Vanessa, a prostitute that would become the love of his life. The two enter into a passionate and loving relationship, but just as Wade proposes to Vanessa, life throws him the cruelest curveball of all: terminal cancer.

Leaving Vanessa so she wouldn't have to watch him die, Wade finds himself in a dark place when he discovers a possible means to take back his life: experimental medical trials run by a mysterious man known only as "Ajax". Wade enters into the program and is injected with a mysterious serum meant to awaken his latent mutant healing factor. Over the next several days, Wade is subjected to all manner of strenuous, torturous experiments to awaken his healing factor, but to no avail. That is, until Wade discovers Ajax's real name was Francis Freeman. Francis doesn't take kindly to Wade making fun of his name and, in a rage, locks Wade in a hyperbaric chamber to continue torturing him by repeatedly bringing him to the brink of death via asphyxiation. This ends up activating Wade's healing factor, which is so powerful that it causes the tumors in his body to rapidly regenerate as they are healed, spreading all over Wade's body and disfiguring him.

Wade escapes from Francis's clutches and seeks out Vanessa, finding her working at a strip club, but is too afraid of her being frightened by his ghoulish appearance to approach her. Afterwards, he reunites with his old friend Weasel, whose help he enlists to help him track down Francis. They eventually track down a lead to a convoy on the expressway, which is where our adventure continues.

Wade demands Francis provide him with a cure to his disfigurement, the villain having mentioned it during his captivity. Before he can get his answers, however, he is interrupted by two of the X-Men: the mighty metal man Colossus and the dour adolescent Negasonic Teenage Warhead. As Colossus tries to convince Wade to give up his murderous ways and join the X-Men, Francis takes advantage of the distraction to make his escape.

Enraged at Wade, Francis kidnaps Vanessa and holds her hostage, luring Deadpool and his new X-pals to a decommissioned helicarrier. As Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead defeat Ajax's men, along with his personal enforcer Angel Dust, Wade once again corners Francis and demands the cure, only to learn that there was no cure: Francis lied! Colossus encourages Wade to do the right thing, spare Francis's life, and be a hero...but Deadpool is not a very good hero, and he kills Francis on the spot, to Colossus's disgust.

At last reunited with Vanessa, he and Wade reconcile and once again become an item, and they all lived happily ever after.


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