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Main X-Men Film Series guesses here.

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Hugh Jackman will make a cameo as Wolverine.
Because who doesn't like a good case of Logan/Deadpool banter? Heck, even Ryan Reynolds wants it to happen. Add in a 'who heals better' competition between the two, and a shout out to Origins, and you're set. Finally, Deadpool will try to sewn wolverine's mouth. For revenge!
  • Jossed with the release of the movie but still teased. It was not the absolute flesh but merely a picture of his face on a piece of cardboard paper.

If Wolverine makes a cameo, Deadpool will reference some other role Hugh Jackman has played.
Especially if he was singing and dancing.
  • Jossed. There are grumblings about Jackman from Wade directly, but no roles beyond Wolverine are specified; Wade also dons a cut-out Hugh Jackman mask for a joke at the climax.

When Ryan Reynolds talks about the movie in late night talk shows, he'll appear as Deadpool himself.
  • It'd be a missed opportunity if it didn't happen. The Merc with a Mouth on a talk show? It's gotta happen.

With the film being confirmed as an R-rated movie, there is going to be a lot of more gruesome antics going on than with most Marvel Films.
  • Record for most F-bombs in a single superhero movie.
  • A lapdance/ nude scene.
  • Gratuitous blood splatter.
  • Innuendos and adult references.
    • All confirmed as of the very first trailer. Also, all present in the film itself (tons of F-bombs, both male and female nudity as well as an actual sex scene, tons of blood and several decapitations, and a lot of adult humor).

Deadpool will take potshots at the other films he has starred in.
Medium Awareness, right?
  • Confirmed. The 'Deadpool' of X-Men Origins is crapped on, and Reynolds' own career is not safe, to the extent of Wade claiming that Reynold's level of talent is not the reason he's an actor.

Deadpool will vandalize the credits.

At some point, Deadpool and Barakapool will face off
  • In something akin to the showdown between Godzilla and Zilla, Barakapool will have some appearance in the story and fight Deadpool. Maybe he's a heavily damaged clone, maybe one of the villains can pull him from one timeline into the other, but one way or another, we'll see the two square off.
    • Confirmed; Barakapool has an appearance, but only as an action figure and a Take That!.

There'll be a post-credits scene that makes fun of post-credits scenes.
  • At the end of the credits, Deadpool will appear and talk to the audience.
"Hey, uh guys, the movie's over. You can go home now. Oh, I get it, you think if you stay to the end, you'll get to see a set-up for the sequel. Well, the thing is, we haven't thought that far ahead yet, so we got nothing for you. Unless..." at which point the scene cuts to Deadpool and the other characters at a restaurant eating chimichangas.
  • The whole post credits scene will be the cast eating Chimichangas, even characters who died. Someone will comment that the food sucks and Deadpool will comment that Fox really cheaped out on them with this one.
    • Confirmed. The post-credits sequence is effectively a reference to the post-credits scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off... although Deadpool does do what all the post-credits scenes tend to do, tease an element of the sequel, by saying that they're going to have Cable in Deadpool 2, even though they haven't even started casting yet.

Deadpool will either wish, or make fun of, the fact that he can't be in the MCU.
  • He'll either call the MCU lame, or will make fun of Fox constantly rebooting movies to keep the rights.
    • Jossed. The closest thing we get to an MCU reference is the finale taking place on what is blatantly a Helicarrier, only never referred to as such. Also, Bob, Agent of HYDRA is obliquely referenced. note 

There will be both PG-13 and R-rated cuts of the movie.
For wider market appeal, and for parents who insist on bringing their kids to a super hero assuming that it will be PG-13.
  • Jossed. While the trailers had a PG-13 and an R cut, the only cut of the movie is the R-rated one, despite a prominent campaign from a fan's mother.

Deadpool will take a pot-shot at Fantastic Four (2015)
He already made fun of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern. Bonus points if he also compares it to Chronicle.
  • Jossed.

The Pure Awesomeness of this movie will make our heads explode.
Search your feelings. You know this to be true.

Patrick Stewart will make a cameo as Professor X.
Stewart is an accomplished comedy actor, and he'll be the ultimate in both fanservice to the viewer and seriousness for Deadpool to play off.

Colossus is actually Cable
Basically the idea is: Andre Tricoteux is playing Cable. In order to cover this up in the trailer, they extended the CGI on his metal arm to cover his entire body. It's an elaborate cover-up to ensure at least one surprise. This idea is, of course, stupid on multiple levels. But imagine if it were true.
  • Jossed. Cable isn't in this movie because he's being saved for the sequel. And Deadpool has even said as much.

Deadpool and Ellie will be friends
  • What's a Deadpool movie without remembering Wade's soft spot for kids?
    • Confirmed. Deadpool declares that her codename is amazing, geeks out over her power, and the two develop a decent enough rapport by the end of the film, to the point she declares he's cool.

Deadpool will shoryuken Ellie
  • Because what's a Deadpool movie without remembering Wade's knack for starting fights with X-Men?
    • Jossed. The pair get along. It's Colossus that he gets into a fight with.

Colossus will be gay
  • Both Tricoteux and Tim Miller have promised the movie will explore Colossus in much greater detail than the X-Men movies ever did. Since the previous X-Men movies already missed the chance to have his famous relationship with Kitty Pryde, they may go the Ultimate Marvel route and make him a gay man like he was there. The eyebrow-raising "Chrome cock gobbler" line from the Comic Con trailer might even have been a nod to this.
    • Jossed. The additional depth to Colossus' character appears to be that he talks for a change, and his role is basically the earnest, heroic straight man to Wade, espousing the awesomeness of being a hero. Also Wade, after attempting a below the belt shot on Colossus, says he feels sorry for Colossus's wife and then he tells Colossus to "suck a cock". Clearly Wade's just insulting Colossus for the sake of it, and no actual commentary on Colossus' sexuality is being made.

Deadpool will make references to every other cast member's acting work.
And so on.
  • Jossed. There's no real references to the careers of other cast members.

Deadpool will unintentionally give Angel Dust her name.
It was one of the endless derogatory nicknames he used during Weapon X.
  • Jossed. She's not even called 'Angel Dust' in full in the film; Ajax just calls her 'Angel'.

If Angel Dust dies, it will be in an extremely brutal and/or gory way.
This film doesn't seem like one to shy away from something like that.
  • Jossed. She survives. Ajax and the other members of his team do not.

Deadpool will use a boom mic or other film production equipment as weapons.
Equipment from the production of the film itself, to be clear.
  • Jossed. Although Deadpool does physically move the camera in one scene, and accidentally get gum on the lens in another.

Deadpool will actively point out Stan Lee during his cameo
Stan Lee will recognize Deadpool as Ryan Reynolds, leaving him confused and speechless.
  • Jossed, he was busy looking for Vanessa during his cameo. It's lampshaded in the opening credits as "A Gratuitous Cameo", however.
  • However, in the trailer for [[Film/Deadpool 2]], when Stan Lee compliments his suit, Deadpool tells him to zip it.

Angel Dust is detained by Colossus in the Blackbird at the end
  • But for some reason, she isn't seen in the end at all.

Deadpool isn't breaking the Fourth Wall, he's just insane.
  • What if part of his insanity is constantly talking to nobody, looking into space questioning what was happening, rather than trying to respond to the audience? At least that's what everyone around him assumes in the comics (that he's just crazy and his fourth-wall breaking is just random nonsense).
  • Jossed. There are some noticeable scenes where he physically messes with the camera.

It all takes place in Deadpool's head or Deadpool wrote it
  • It would explain the changes to his origin to make him seem more heroic as well as the way that the X-men want to recruit him when it was the other way around in the comics

Francis really did have a way to cure Deadpool
  • Francis doesn't seem like the kind stupid enough to create dangerous mutants and not have a back up plan in case they revolt or otherwise turn on him, so he has a cure in case a mutant is otherwise uncontrollable, take away their powers and dispose of them. But he knew Deadpool wasn't going to let him live even if he did cure DP; so he lied. Said he didn't have the cure knowing that he'd curse deadpool to a life of looking like an old avocado hate fucked another avocado.
    • It seems unlikely that taking away his healing powers would fix his appearance. He'd still be ugly, just ugly and dying of cancer.

Ryan Reynolds will show up at the premiere in full costume to watch the movie, acting in character the whole time
What's a Deadpool movie without cranking the meta Up to Eleven?

Francis/Ajax was working on the behalf of the Genegineer and the government of Genosha
The "super slave" project is very similar to how the Genoshans treated mutants and turned them into mutates. This could end up setting up a sequel or even a full X-Men crossover.

Vanessa has her powers
  • It's just that unlike most mutants, she was born with complete control. She could use them anytime she wanted... if she knew she had them.
  • Her mutation was triggered during the final battle. Her powers then copied Wade's Healing Factor, which is how she survived the fall off the carrier unscathed.
    • Probably Jossed, as the cuts on her hand (suffered from extracting Wade's sword from the hypobaric capsule) are visible when she presses it against the capsule's lid as he seals her inside it. If she'd duplicated Deadpool's Healing Factor before then, the wounds would've been absent or else vanishing as we watched. Then, once she's sealed inside, she can't touch Wade to copy his powers even if she did have that ability.

Vanessa is the Lady Death, or its incarnation
Unconsciously. Look at her and the development with Wade from that perspective and it also makes sense.
  • She met him the day his best friend bet he would die and seems only interested in him. Wade literally paid to have a time with her, then swayed her into a full year of flirtatious relationship. The moment she accepts to be a permanent part of his life, he gets terminal cancer in multiple organs (he never had any signs of it before).
  • List of details. Her uncle, who abused her, got thyroid cancer. She wears a ring with a skull on it. She survived a ludicrous fall.
  • The relationship. In the comics, Wade only got attracted this much with one being: Lady Death.
  • Or, Vanessa is human, and in Part 2, she dies, which is the straw that breaks Deadpool's psyche, finally making his insanity match as seen in the comics. And, to make things worse, Lady Death decides to take on Vanessa's form and only Deadpool can see her (making his friends think he's gone completely bananas when he tells them he's still seeing Vanessa). And at the end of the story, Lady Death drops the Vanessa façade and reveal her true form (the bare human skull on a hot female body) and Deadpool falls completely in love with her as she is (probably saying, "Hey, if you can love me when I look like I've been through a meat grinder, I'm sure I can totally dig you as a bare human skull on hot female body"), starting off their on-again-off-again relationship.

In-universe, Wade bears a Celebrity Resemblance to Ryan Reynolds
The 2011 Green Lantern movie exists in-universe as well. When Wade says "Please don't make the super-suit green, or animated!" it's because he's aware of how oddly similar he looks to Ryan Reynolds, and since he's about to become a superhero (he thinks) it's only natural that the one instance where Reynolds played a superhero would be on his mind. Considering the (admittedly fourth wall) reference to Batman and Robin and the Dudepeel action figure, it's possible.

On the business side of things: A major factor in Deadpool finally entering full production was the success of Guardians of the Galaxy.
Both the test footage and Guardians of the Galaxy were released on August 1st, 2014. It's not much of a stretch to say that the execs looked at the completely unpredicted success of Guardians of the Galaxy (another Comic Book Movie that was outside the traditional wheelhouse for the genre) and the very positive reaction to the test footage, and decided that giving Deadpool a shot with a comparatively-low budget ($58 million, 29% of X-Men: Days of Future Past's budge) on a shot in the dark wasn't too large a risk.

It was the Facility that gave Wade his powers in the movie.
In the books, Wade Wilson received his powers from Weapon Plus, the same government-funded military program which bonded Wolverine's skeleton with adamantium. However the workshop which Wade is taken to in the film appears to lack that sort of oversight. While the Facility has some links to Weapon Plus in terms of research and personnel in the books, it's otherwise an independent civilian-operated venture. The fact that Axis tells him that they create super slaves they sell to the highest bidder (as opposed to weapons for the military) also better fits the modus operandi of the Facility, particularly as the government would not like its assets being sold to private buyers. Furthermore, the method by which Wade received his powers in the film — torture until his own innate mutation activates, rather than having his Healing Factor artificially grafted as in the books — shares much more in common with how X-23's mutation was forcibly activated (poisoned with lethal doses of radiation until it kicked in).
  • Jossed to the extent that the Facility as it exists in the comics doesn't exist in the film universe. However it may still be possible that the workshop is connected to Alkali-Transigen, as their methods (clandestine experimentation with mutation) and motives (creation of Living Weapons) do align.

Deadpool was injected with Wolverine's plasma.
In the comics the source of Wade's healing factor was from being treated with Wolverine's blood. In the movie, when he's being injected with the mutation chemical, Ajax also adds an ampoule of some straw coloured liquid that appears to have specks of blood in it.

Pool-O-Vision is in the movie
All Wade had to do was get a knife embedded into his brain.

20th Century Fox will release a PG-13 cut of the movie
It will have Deadpool taking constant jabs at Moral Guardians, complaining that he can't be as crude and violent as he was in the R-rated cut, and hanging lampshades on the idea of parents taking their kids to see a movie completely meant for mature audiences (all while staying clean enough for a PG-13 rating, of course). Also, every swear is dubbed over with some variant of "chimichanga".

Possible ideas for special features that'll be added in the DVD/Blu-ray release
  • Audio commentary featuring Deadpool himself.
  • The PG-13 cut.
  • A documentary about the history of Deadpool from his Rob Liefeld days to his current multimedia sensation self, narrated by Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.
  • Deadpool messing around with the menu if nothing is pressed; hope you can speak French or read Japanese subs!
  • The post-credits scene will be slightly modified to account for the fact that people will likely be watching it at home.
  • A "preview" for the sequel which is anything but.
  • An option to have a sing-along-style bouncing Deadpool logo on the subtitles, because why not?
  • An option to switch the main menu to something resembling a romantic comedy, just like the ad campaign did.
  • At least one version of the home release will have the disc made to look like a completely different movie, with the "real" name scrawled out and replaced in simulated Sharpie
  • In the subtitles of the DVD/Blu-ray, Deadpool's lines will be in yellow while everyone else's will be in white. If they really want to go the extra mile, they'll put Deadpool's lines in a yellow narration box
  • As per Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role for two distinct descriptive audio tracks-one being a straightforward descriptive audio track, just replacing any instances or variations of "Deadpool" or "Wade Wilson" with "I", and a second descriptive audio track where he goes full-on Deadpool just to mess with the hearing impaired into thinking they've selected the audio commentary track.

Deadpool will interrupt the FBI anti-piracy warning on the DVD/Blu-ray.
"Forget the fines and prison," he'll explain. "You pirate my movie? I'm coming for you. And not in that way."

Wade Wilson was Chris
  • That's why he's dating an escort. She will never place him in the "friend dimension"

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