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Nightmare Fuel / X-Men: Days of Future Past

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"Mutants, we now find ourselves on the edge of extinction." - Charles Xavier

  • The absolute holocaust that is the Bad Future. The feeling of sheer hopelessness when the China team battles the Sentinels is horrible.
    • After the first battle in Russia, it shows the professor finding people across the world sobbing and being tormented and hurt. There's even the voice of one man screaming in what could only be complete and utter agony.
  • The future Sentinels, period. Not only do they look creepy, but they're utterly relentless in their drive to kill mutants along with being practically impossible to destroy.
    • Their eyes have the look of pure hate on whatever they look at.
    • Some future Sentinel schematics apparently include pictures of Mystique's skin.
    • Seeing several Sentinel carriers from 10 miles away and those carriers deploying dozens of Sentinels, when you know that they only need a handful to kill the X-Men.
    • The future Sentinels' deployment vessels emit a creepy sound as they are launched by the carriers.
  • The Bad Future X-Men's deaths are incredibly brutal, only made slightly better by the fact that this future is erased so that none of this ever happened (which is probably why they felt they could get away with all this).
    • Storm is run through by a Sentinel and tossed off a cliff. What's worse it's all in slow motion.
      • Seeing her being impaled through the stomach may be unsettling for those who remember that Halle Berry was pregnant during production.
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    • Bishop absorbs the energy of three continuous Sentinel beams at once, until he goes up in a nasty explosion, taking a few Sentinels with him as well. This may or may not have been his intention, but it was still pretty messy to watch.
      • It also looks quite a bit like a suicide bombing. Yow.
    • Colossus is physically ripped in two by a pair of Sentinels.
      • His first death sees a Sentinel copy his metallic skin mutant power, knock him to the ground while ripping off his left arm, and then cave his skull in with a single punch.
    • Sunspot treats losing an arm as a minor inconvenience, but with his combat effectiveness reduced, he's quickly run through by a Sentinel.
      • The first time he died a Sentinel managed to walk through his flames, grab his neck and snap it with ease. All you can hear during that moment is his last gasps of breath...
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    • Blink is impaled by three Sentinels. Not simultaneously, but one after the other. Because one somehow wasn't enough...
      • Heck, she got impaled the first time before Kitty saved her. The second time was just being mean.
    • Iceman has most of his upper body vaporized by Sentinel beams. Bonus points for being the only one to go down screaming in agony.
      • During his first death, his head is snapped off and then stomped on. Granted he was in ice mode when this happened, but still...
      • In the Rogue Cut, his second death is bumped forward, dying trying to rescue Rogue. And unlike in the theatrical version, there's no discretion shot. We see him die on-screen.
    • Warpath is held upside down and lowered face-first into a Sentinel's flaming beam.
    • Magneto's last, desperate attempt to stop the Sentinels almost works... and then he stumbles back with a piece of shrapnel in his chest. When he pulls it out, the tip is visibly stained with blood. His soft, pained gasps of breath just seal it.
  • Magneto's attempt to kill Mystique after the team stops her from killing Trask. Remember the scene from the trailer where he's somehow pulling her toward him, despite her being in her natural form and not carrying any metal? Turns out he shot her in the leg and is pulling her along with the bullet. Her screams of pain, fear and confusion are horrifying.
  • The reveal of what happened to Emma, Banshee, Azazel, and Angel in between this and X-Men: First Class: Murdered and dissected for study by Trask. Mystique's discovery of the autopsy photos (which we see) and reports, along with Trask's plans for the Sentinels, is what leads her to assassinating him and sparking the Bad Future in the first place.
  • Wolverine gets impaled by metal rods which then snake through his body and is left to drown. This might be rather mundane compared to the examples above, but no less frightening, especially since drowning is one of the few surefire ways to kill him (though luckily he can survive a lot longer without oxygen than a human being, otherwise he would have been dead when the boat came to pick him up).
  • The Stinger, showing a massive crowd somewhere in Egypt worshiping Apocalypse. Worse, behind him are the Four Horsemen. From Bad to Worse doesn't BEGIN to describe it...
  • There's Quicksilver's takedown of the guards who were shooting at them. He uses the speed the bullets were moving at as a velocity reference. One guard gets his head smacked so fast that his hat flies off faster than his bullet is flying... another has a plate thrown at him that is clearly moving faster than his bullet... one gets an atomic wedgie that lifts him off the ground... arms are rearranged in the time it takes a bullet to fly ten feet. OUCH.
  • Kitty Pride tells Wolverine that whatever changes he makes in the past will stick in the future when he wakes up, becoming the only reality for everyone and he him will be able to remember what happened. This means that Bishop has probably seen or heard his comrades die multiple times, and remembers all of them.
    • Xavier remembers it too, since he experienced all of the horrors Wolverine went through in the original timeline as he read his mind, upon which he chokes up with terror throughout during the procedure. "I don't want your suffering, I don't want your future!" indeed.
  • Logan freaking out in the past has an effect on his future self, who accidentally claws Kitty up. She's stuck like that the rest of the movie, trying to hold him in the past while slowly bleeding to death. Bobby is freaking out trying to fix this, and then you realize that none of the mutants can heal.
  • The Rogue Cut adds another valid concern to the whole plan: in rewriting not just two weeks, but the last 50 years of history, the changes could be quite drastic and some people — both humans and mutants — would not be born at all. Everybody understands the implications, but they proceed anyway, because the present situation is just that bad.
  • Also from the Rogue Cut, there's what happened to Rogue herself, being experimented on for god knows how long in what was once the X-Mansion, just so they could figure out how her powers worked.
  • Xavier's trip through Logan's mind. Combined with Tear Jerker, Logan's life itself is just Nightmare Fuel.


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