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Main X-Men Film Series guesses here.

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     This Movie 

The movie will explain the apparent Continuity Snarls between the main series and the spin-offs/prequels
Time Travel is going to be a key feature; so if used correctly, it could provide some justification for anything that doesn't seem to match up throughout the series; the result creating an Alternate Timeline.
  • I hear that's one of the main reasons they went with this story in the first place.
  • Parts of X-III will be retconned and given an in universe explanation, mainly professor X's death and Rogue losing her powers as both have notable roles in the film, the latter's powers being mentioned. Jean Grey and Cyclops's deaths look to be kept canon.
  • I'm hoping for the Alternate Timeline idea. Gives the "I don't want your future" line some weight.
    • Confirmed (sort of), the ending seems to have retconned X-Men: The Last Stand out of continuity, and possibly Wolverine: Origins as well.
      • The ending actually retconned all 5 post 70s movies out of continuity for everybody except Wolverine..
      • Technically, they're still in continuity, it's just that the events of those movies were erased from then timeline, but Wolverine still remembers them.

We will see Baby Nightcrawler in this movie.
Jason Flemyng has said he will not reprise his role as Azazel. His absence will be explained as having died somehow but having left Mystique Someone to Remember Him By. We will also see how mother and son became separated.
  • We'll also see how Nightcrawler was adopted, with Mystique, influenced by Magneto's new harsher principles, abandoning him shortly after birth. Magneto, horrified by this sees to it that Kurt is delivered safely to a circus where he will be loved regardless of his mutation.
  • If that's the only way this troper can see my favorite X-Man on film, I'll take what I can get.
  • About 2 minutes into trailer 3, we see Raven in what might be a hospital bed. I'm gonna go with "yes".
    • Jossed, Nightcrawler does not appear in the film, Azazel is dead, and there's no indication he had a baby with Mystique.

By the end of the movie Cyclops will be alive again
By virtue of travelling in time and changing the past, his death will be erased from the timeline.
  • It wouldn't be surprising since Cyclops is needed for a number of famous storylines like The Muir Island Saga, Mutant Massacre, The Twelve, Mutant Genesis, X-Cutioners Song, Fatal Attractions, Schism, etc.
  • If nothing else, it'll bring him onto the team.
    • Confirmed, both Cyclops and Jean are alive at the end of the film.

Josh Helman will be playing Cable
The guy looks like a young James Marsden and a plot involving time travel is a perfect opportunity to introduce Cable
  • Jossed. He's a young William Stryker.

The Kid in the first scene was a young Nathan Summers
But since the Cable look is that of an already old man, they went with a look that made his physical appearance almost like X-man aka Nate Grey, nonetheless this composite character will have lots of work to do in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Nimrod will be the rumored all-CGI character
Just like in the comics, he's going to upload himself to the proto-Internet back in the 70s and appear in the present as Bastion during The Stinger.
  • Jossed, Nimrod does not appear in the movie.
    • However, the future!Sentinels are shape-shifting and highly adaptive just like Nimrod.

Future Information
  • Someone from the future is going to let slip some sort of information about Jean and/or her powers, tipping off the Professor and Magneto to her identity and location.
    • Confirmed, when Charles looks through Logan's memories, he sees the events of the previous movies.

Wolverine will get his Adamantium Claws back
  • The Wolverine ended with him and Xavier in an Enemy Mine with Magneto, and knowing where to find a pile of Adamantium Scraps, the bone claws won't last
    • Wait, is the past in this film set before or after he got the adamantium bonding?
      • Before he got the adamantium.
    • Confirmed, future Wolverine has adamantium claws (although how he got them back remains unexplained).
      • Although we don't know if GoodFuture!Wolverine has bone or adamantium claws, and seeing as William Stryker seems to have been prevented from getting a hold of him...
      • No he hasn't, Stryker didn't recruit Logan and Victor till '78 and didn't give Wolverine his adamantium until '85.

This film will lead to a Star Trek-esque Story Reset/partial Continuity Reboot of the X-Men films
Due to the effects of the time travel in this film, events in the series timeline will be altered, creating a timeline separate from the one that the original trilogy (and The Wolverine) occupy. Alternatively, the first two movies still happen in the new timeline, but the events that change result in the events of The Last Stand (and by default, The Wolverine as well) not happening. In either case, the events of First Class still occur in both timelines, while X-Men Origins: Wolverine is still non-canon.
  • Why would X-Men Origins Wolverine be non canon? The only continuity error in it is that Xavier is walking and that is an error shared with Last Stand.
    • What about Emma Frost? Not to mention how we all want to forget Barakapool.
      • Never once called "Emma Frost", simply "Emma" and with no telepathic powers, it's a bit wibbly sure but not a continuity error. Wade Wilson didn't become Deadpool as we know him until after Weapon X experimented on him, which was shown in the film (it being explicitly an origin story and all). The character is still entirely salvageable from where the film leaves him. And Barakapool isn't a continuity error.
      • Okay, how about Xavier somehow completely forgetting about Magneto's helmet between XM1 and XMFC?
      • That was not mentioned in Wolverine:Origins.
      • Well I could fanwank it as "the professor was explaining it all in cliffnote form to Wolverine (who wasn't even really interested) and so skipped over some details", but yeah it's a tiny tiny flub in the dialouge/continuity. The series is over 10 years old, there are far more continuity issues with the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is only half that age. Also despite what people think of the overall quality of Last Stand and Origins, all the continuity errors in this series were created by First Class.
      • What continuity errors have there been in the MCU? The worst offense is that two actors were changed.
      • Origins had a pair of sisters, one who shifts into diamond form and is named Emma, the other who is a telepath. Easiest solution: they're the daughters of the Emma Frost from First Class. No continuity error.
    • This seems the best route to go if Fox really want to make this like MCU with one giant continuity. I doubt they would killed off Cyclops and Jean for good if Fox knew they would continue with a movie franchise. Time travel could be used to explain differences between First Class and the original trilogy. Cyclops has been featured in a lot of X storylines lately they may actually want to bring him back for the movies.
  • Confirmed; the film retcons away both The Last Stand and Origins.

This film will be all about Wolverine. Again.
  • Just look at the last four Wolverine movies for the proof.
    • In the very least he's filling in a role that belonged to Kitty Pryde in the comics. His involvement seems very likely to be the center of everything.
    • It makes you wonder why they even bother calling it X-Men instead of just 'Wolverine'.
    • Jossed, the movie focuses on the X-Men as a whole.

The series will be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap after this
Reports of comic-con footage say many characters will have more classic comic book-y costumes and it sounds like it won't just be about Wolverine this time. Here's hopin'.
  • Well it does and it's not, so hopefully it will.
    • Confirmed. This movie is getting rave reviews and is garnering far more respect for Fox and their X-Men universe than The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If Fox continues like this, they'll establish themselves as a viable MCU alternative for fans rather than a hated enemy. However, Wolverine is still the main focus.
      • ...No he's not. He's heavily featured but actually takes a backseat compared to Charles, Erik and Raven themselves.

Bolivar Trask was behind the killing of Kennedy
  • The viral marketing campaign implies it was Mystique that killed Kennedy (who was on his way to give a speech about mutant equality) by acting as Oswald, and then becoming Ruby to kill the real Oswald. Magneto was accused of controlling the bullets and was imprisoned, but claimed his innocence, saying Kennedy's true killer was female and had a way of "hiding in plain sight." But why would Mystique do this? So it's either someone working for, manipulated by, or mind controlled by Trask to build the fear of mutants.
    • Magneto reveals that he tried to save Kennedy as he was a mutant, but it doesn't reveal who the real culprit is.
      • However, Xavier believes Erik was lying about that. The movie doesn't really say one way or the other.
  • Somewhat confirmed by writer Simon Kinberg:
    "The notion was that actually Trask was a little bit involved in that too, that he knew that there was this power, that Trask was involved with the people who actually killed JFK. 'Cause it-I'm just telling you backstory, it's not in the movie-but it's that Trask identified that JFK was a mutant and then the people that wanted JFK killed for all the political reasons they wanted him killed, who are the people whoever it is that actually killed him, were motivated also by the fact that this guy is a mutant. And Erik got wind of that and Erik went there to try to stop them, but there were too many of them."
Bolivar Trask will be a combination of himself and Mr. Sinister.
  • The next film after this one is implied to focus on Apocalypse. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that in this universe, Trask created the Sentinels to ensure is master's survival of the fittest belief.
    • Unlikely, since Shaw from First Class was already a composite with Sinister.
    • Jossed.

The movie will end with Wolverine returning to the present day, but inside the X-Mansion.
  • He'll be greeted by characters dead in his original time, like Jean and Cyclops (who'll comment on how he's acting weird), along with any characters possibly killed in the Bad Future. This will simultaneously be Funny (due to his dumbstruck reaction), Heartwarming and Awesome.
  • As an added bonus, he'll see Erik (insisting on his students not calling him Magneto) and Mystique teaching at the school, probably something ironic, like self-control.
  • This will then be followed by a Sequel Hook, something to do with Apocalypse.
    • Confirmed, on both counts 1 and 3, not 2.

There will be a Stinger to link with the next X-movies
The next movies on Fox X-Men franchise, are X-Force (spin-off), and a sequel of DOFP dealing with Apocalypse. So we'll probably be treated to a seemingly corrected timeline at the end of the credits, only for the stinger to show further up in the future, Cable and X-Force fighting against Apocalypse.
  • Confirmed, the stinger is of Apocalypse and his four horsemen in ancient Egypt.

The final foe the heroes face will be Master Mold
  • We know that the Sentinels will be the primary foes, so it makes sense for the Final Boss (so to speak) to be their leader.
    • Jossed.

Dr. Bolivar Trask will start out as a Non-Action Big Bad, but towards the end he will become combat-capable

Quicksilver is intentionally made to look bad in this film so that his appeal in Avengers: Age of Ultron would be sabotaged and alienate more causal audiences, possibly bringing both films down.
  • It's almost scary how much that explains.
    • It might alienate casual viewers, but if he's done badly Marvel/Quicksilver fans will have even more of a reason to go see Avengers 2 because they'll want to see if Marvel Studios and Whedon can do him justice.
    • Jossed-despite the weird outfit he's actually pretty funny and entertaining here.

The 2023 parts take place 3 years after Real Steel
  • In Real Steel, Wolverine was just training so that he could fight the Sentinels.

Most, if not all, of the future X-Men will be killed off.
  • It's a Days of Future Past adaptation. It's something of a requirement. They will, however, be resurrected at the end due to the fixed timeline.
    • Confirmed, many times over.

The reason that both Charles Xaviers are face to face in the trailer.
  • Young Charles Xavier, at some point in the movie, will read Logan's mind. In his mind, he will see a memory of old Charles Xavier saying to Logan the very words that he wants his younger self to hear. Essentially, Logan's mind has a metaphorical video-recorded message in his head from old Charles Xavier.
    • I assumed they were using Logan as some kind of telepathic link between their times.
      • Second one is confirmed, Young Charles looks at Logan's memories right up to the moment in the future and Old Charles sense's his presence and talks to him.

Wolverine will be sent to Ancient Egypt at the end of the movie
  • And his mummy will be used by scientists to create the mutant race.
    • No, no no no no, no-no-no, no NO! Ultimate X-Men tried to fix something that wasn't broken!
    • Like Armin of the Comic Book Cast said, everything in this series is basically about Wolverine, so something like that isn't too far fetched.
  • Jossed, though Apocalypse does appear in the Stinger building a pyramid.

James McAvoy's Professor X will be killed.
  • The next movie is X-Men: Apocalypse. The Age of Apocalypse storyline starts when someone goes back in time and evidently kills Xavier. This movie has someone going back in time to change history. History will be changed, but not how they planned.
  • Jossed as far as dying in this movie.

Wolverine will live.
  • Seems pretty obvious.
    • Confirmed.

Why Xavier can walk
  • There are scenes with a walking Xavier and Xavier in a wheelchair. Walking Xavier is actually an Astral Projection.
    • I read in an interview that Xavier can walk because of some science-y thing Hank did/invented, but it works at the cost of some of his powers, and part of his character arc is him coming to terms with that and eventually choosing power over being able to walk.
      • Confirmed, Hank invents a medication that lets Charles walk at the cost of his powers.

Kelsey Grammer's cameo as Beast will be his murder.
  • It just seems like a good fit, though it's also possible he'll be there to establish that the universe was rebooted.
    • Jossed, it comes at the end with him as a teacher at the Xavier Mansion.

There will be a Cable cameo/reference.
  • Since X-Force and Apocalypse will be adapted and all.
    • Jossed.
    • Not entirely, until someone comes out and says the kid before the credits wasn't Cable, I think we might assume he was with the younger look of Nate Grey, a composite character or not, he looks like Cable.

Blink will be a "blink and you'll miss her" character.
  • The cast is already so big.
    • After "the Last Stand"? I have no doubts.
    • Jossed, Blink appears throughout the movie in numerous scenes.

The technique Magneto used to lace the metal into the sentinels is the same way that he gave Wolverine back his Adamantium claws after the events of The Wolverine.
If he can do it with steel then he can do it with Adamantium.

Raven left Erik because Azazel died

Quicksilver is a Breakout Character.
He has a minor role compared to other cast members. He is only there to BREAK OUT (see what I did there) his father, Magneto. He will become so popular with fans that he will achieve main character status in future movies. People in my theater loved seeing him run onscreen.

The Cerebro in the mansion was built offscreen during First Class.
The older Charles says that he and Erik built Cerebro, referring to the one in the mansion. In 1973, Cerebro has already been built for a long time, and Charles and Erik have not spoken since First Class.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine happens as a result of X-Men interference in the Paris Peace Accords.
Here is what we know:
  • According to the 25 Moments website, X-Men: The Last Stand takes place in 2006.
  • The first two films take place not too long prior to that one. I'd place the first two movies in 2004 since there are different presidents in X2 and X3.
  • In X-Men, Xavier says that it's been "almost fifteen years" since Logan lost his memory.
  • Logan's memories of Stryker in Days of Future Past are identical to the ones that we see in X1 and X2. Xavier even glimpses them, and the only clip from Origins that he sees is that of Sabertooth (whose face we do not see) stepping on Wolverine's bone claws. This could honestly have happened to Wolverine in any context, really.
  • What we see in Origins is not identical to the flashbacks with Brad Loree's Stryker.
  • Danny Huston, who is older than Josh Helman, plays Stryker when he meets Logan and Victor when they are imprisoned in Vietnam.
  • In Origins, Logan acquires his adamantium claws six years after leaving Team X. While it is unknown how long he was in Team X, it does not appear to have been too long.
  • Danny Huston looks younger than Brian Cox's Stryker in the X2 flashbacks.
  • The facility looks different in X2 and Origins.
  • In The Wolverine, when Logan is unconscious, we hear audio of him yelling, "Kayla!" We do not see a clip of Origins, so he could have still met Kayla in the original timeline and lost her in a very similar or in a very different way.

So, in the original timeline, an older Stryker gave Wolverine adamantium and made him lose his memory no earlier than 1989. In the new timeline created by Days of Future Past, the Vietnam War lasts a few more years due to the Peace Accords transpiring unsuccessfully. This gives enough time for Josh Helman's Stryker to age enough to look like Danny Huston's Stryker, who experiments on Wolverine when he is younger than Brian Cox's Stryker. He starts to look a bit like Brian Cox's Stryker in the credit scene of Origins. Origins could take place in the mid-1980s since that would appear to be around the time that Cyclops' powers manifested. I am not sure whether or not the novelizations are canon, but the novelization for X-Men: The Last Stand states that Cyclops' powers manifested in 1986 (if I recall correctly; I read this in a forum a while ago). Young Cyclops will be in X-Men: Apocalypse, which will take place in the 1980s. That film could take place after Origins and only allude to Wolverine having lost his memory and gained claws recently. The Three Mile Island accident shown in the movie may either be an additional accident that happened later than the 1979 one, or it could be that the accident was delayed somehow due to the time travel in Days of Future Past.

I am not sure how Mystique finding Wolverine fits into all this, but this could all still happen even with that happening.

Alternatively, Wolverine has left Team X by the time of the 1973 parts of the movie.
Origins takes place six years after Wolverine left Team X. Six years after this movie would be 1979, the year in which the Three Mile Island accident took place. As for Danny Huston playing Stryker in the Vietnam scenes of Origins, we are supposed to ignore it as if the characters were seeing him differently, as in a play.

Wolverine and Mystique hooked up at the end
Furthermore, they're together in the future. Because they would be an awesome couple.
  • Even if they're not together, Wolverine is Nightcrawler's father with mutant powers being random.
  • Jossed-there's no indication that either happened.

Quicksilver doesn't actually run fast. He can manipulate time around himself, making time go slower for himself but not for anyone else.

Mystique was pregnant with Nightcrawler during the movie

Azazel's dead by the time of the movie and if Nightcrawler's going to be born, he'd had to have been conceived by then. Mystique might not even be far along enough to realize it yet. This would explain why she sobs right after seeing a picture of Azazel's autopsy and why she's so desperate to kill Trask.

Shortly after the events of the film she finds out she's pregnant, decides to move to Europe in disguise to live in peace, and takes up with a circus run by a friendly Roma woman happy to help her raise her child, having two of her own. This would probably make this universe's Margali an amalgam of comics Margali and Destiny.

  • Jossed. The Bent Bullet website says that Azazel was killed by Project WideAwake in July 1963. Nightcrawler was probably born nearly a decade before this movie.

Nightcrawler teleported away as a baby.
Whether it was right after he was born or when he was still in her womb, somehow he got away from Mystique.

The new timeline Wolverine had an antagonistic relationship with Beast.
The "Late start hey Logan" comment wasn't a friendly jibe but a part of a bitter rivalry. Because in this timeline Logan never liked Beast because his appearance reminded him of something he saw on a bad acid trip in the 70s in which he lost several days of time and ended up in the Potomac.

Mystique killed JFK to frame Magneto.
Magneto says that he was trying to protect JFK but failed. In the Bent Bullet article, Magneto says during his trial that JFK's real assassin was a female who could blend in. Mystique was the shooter on the grassy knoll. She knew that Magneto would try to curve the bullet and then end up getting accused of the crime. Her reason for framing him was to get back at him for rejecting her. She probably had sex with Azazel a few months earlier to spite Magneto, resulting in the conception of Nightcrawler. It would have to have been before Azazel was killed by Project WideAwake agents in July 1963. Alternatively, she could have fallen in love with Azazel and then gotten mad at Magneto for not doing a good job keeping him alive. Maybe Magneto got jealous and allowed Azazel to die.

Mystique killed Stryker.
As Magneto ripped the panic room out of the White House, Mystique attacked Stryker and stole his plastic gun, he is not seen again. At the end of the movie Mystique is revealed to be impersonating Stryker, Mystique is running the new timeline's version of the Weapon X program.

Professor X kept a copy of the new timeline Logan's memories, since he hoped/expected that the "old" Logan would come back.
So Logan gets somewhat of a fusion of New Timeline and Old Timeline memories.

Xavier's original plan was to minimize timeline changes as much as possible
Future Xavier is in the body of his twin brother, this likely means that had he been able to be sent back, he would have arrived in the 1973 version of his brother's body. This would then allow him to reach Raven and talk her down without changing anything about his own personal timeline or anyone else's save Trask and Raven, thus if successful he would wake up to a future that was much less different from the original than the one that was created.

The Mutant Soldier is Pre-Quill.
Pun intended.

The original timeline is not the original timeline
There are a handful of things in Days of Future Past that fit a little oddly with the original movies—among them, the Word of God that the screaming little girl in X-Men United was Syrin, Banshee's daughter, what with Banshee having died decades before.

So rather than a continuity error, maybe it's a sign—a sign that someone went back in time already, and spurred Trask into action that he hadn't taken in the original timeline.

Quicksilver's little sister is Anya
Word of God says Quicksilver has another sister, who is probably Wanda. It's doubtful that this girl could be Lorna, since she has the power of magnetism, which she would have to inherit from Magneto, who has been locked up for the past 10 years. Quicksilver has one more sister. Also, the little girl looks a bit similar with Anya, especially their hair color.
  • Alternatively the little sister is Wanda and the off screen sister is Lorna.
  • Or the little girl is Luna and Pietro is a teen parent.

No-one sees Trask as a little person.
To the characters in the film he appears simply as a "normal," if slightly short, human man. Only to outside observers (the audience) does he appear as a little person. This is supported by the script having been completed before Peter Dinklage was cast and those involved with the film refused to change it to reflect the casting, because it would be irrelevant.

A child version of Jean Grey made a voice only cameo
Among the various crying and wailing when the young Xavier uses Cerebro again, a young girl's voice can be heard saying "Who are you?" The most likely person to pick up on a telepathic presence would have been a young Jean Grey. Given Storm's child cameo in the previous film, she likely would have been about the right age as well.

The future sentinels didn't grow beyond their programming...
...They were purposefully reprogrammed to target anyone who disagreed with the sentinels' masters' plans of mutant genocide or disagreed with them in general because why settle for protecting humanity (when you're the worst of it according to Logan), when you can dominate it as well, and really who can stop someone who can build robots capable of eating mutants like Bishop, Storm, Sunspot, Iceman and Colossus for breakfast.

Similar to the above idea, all of humanity has the mutant gene.
Similar to The Terminator series, the sentinels would (or did) become self-aware and eventually go rogue and start targeting all of humanity somewhat like a variation of Skynet. The adaptation system given to them allowed them to grow beyond their design specs and detect all of humanity as mutant gene carriers.

     Future Movies 
Mystiques impersonating of Stryker altered the events of X-2 and X-3 resulting in Jean and Cyclops still being alive. Judging by Rogue's gray streak, the events of the first movie more or less till happened.
In several years, an X-Men and Fantastic Four (2015) crossover will be announced.
Since Fox seems to be more careful about introducing "expanded universe" elements than Sony is (and even Marvel Studios in its early days), they'll probably ensure we get a good, solid Fantastic Four movie before starting to cross over their two Marvel franchises, rather than just having a movie full of "Oh look, the X-Men exist" moments (a criticism of pre-Avengers MCU movies and The Amazing Spider-Man 2). It might be Hugh Jackman's swan song as Wolverine.

Sequels and stingers will mash-up various sagas in X-Men history.
Given the nature of adaptations, they will try to patch up whatever Continuity Snarl was created in previous installments.
  • DOFP's plot references X-Men Legends 2 with the Enemy Mine plot against the Sentinels, along with a far greater threat which could be a lurking Apocalypse.
  • Scarlet Witch was the actual cause of the apocalyptic future sometime after the events of "The Last Stand" and "The Wolverine".
  • DOFP will end with Magneto double-crossing the X-Men, removing what's left of Logan's adamantium. Xavier mindwipes Magneto in a fit of rage, the latter falling into a coma, where a future sequel will show the consequences on Xavier (possibly worsened by the Phoenix that disintegrated and later revived him).
  • Being the Phoenix's first victim, Cyclops resurfaces as the actual Dark Phoenix; later brainwashed either by a time-traveling Emma Frost (January Jones) or older version (Sigourney Weaver, as Bryan Singer originally visualized) along with her new Hellfire Club.
  • Quicksilver will stand-in as Hope Summers along along with Scarlet Witch in a battle between the Avengers and the X-Men; a metaphor of the license ownerships as mutant/Avenger between Marvel and 20th Century Fox.
  • Stuffed in the Fridge mutants (i.e. Angel, Beast) will later resurface to become Apocalypse's Horsemen or by Xavier's Onslaught.
    • Sort of confirmed, The Last Stand and Wolverine: Origins seemed to have been written out of continuity.

Each X-Men film will take place in a different decade.
  • This trend began with First Class, which took place 1962 for the most part. Days of Future Past may mostly be set in 1973. Age of Apocalypse has been said to take place in the 1980s. If another sequel follows, it would take place in the 1990s, then the next would take place in the 2000s and possibly remake certain events of the first three films, then the next would take place in the 2010s, then the next would take place in an alternate future of the 2020s, etcetera.
    • If that happens, then it won't be "alternate future" by the time the hypothetical 2020s movie comes out; it'll be present day by then.

In the alternate future, Erik will work with Charles again.
Note that at the end of their confrontation at the White House, Erik leaves his helmet behind, meaning he remains completely open to Charles' telepathy. It's somehow reinforced by Erik's last words in the Bad Future : "So many years wasted fighting each other. If only we could have one or two back..."
  • At the end in the new future Charles does say he has an appointment with an old friend...although he doesn't say where.

In the original timeline, Erik either never recovered his helmet after escaping the Pentagon, or abandoned it soon after like in the new timeline.
Thus explaining why the Professor seemed so shocked to realize that Magneto's helmet was blocking his telepathy in the original X-Men film. Magneto hadn't used the helmet since the 70s, possibly not even since the 60s, for whatever reason. If it had been at least 20 years since he'd last seen or heard of the helmet, it becomes a little more forgivable that he might have entirely forgotten it existed. Especially if Magneto had never recovered it to begin with after his escape, because then the helmet would effectively be something Xavier had never seen before or since the events of First Class.

After the Reset Button occurred, the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine would take place
Its not too far off that sometime in '73, Creed was still in 'Nam, killing and Logan had to go him out of there, thus setting up the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine where Stryker sure knows Logan, but it is HE who doesn't know Stryker. Additionally, over the years, Stryker had tested out cloning which led to him cloning a sister for Kayla using Emma Frost's DNA and mutant genes.

In X:Men Apocalypse, the Four Horsemen will be...
  • Death: Wolverine. This is how he'll get his adamantium in this continuity as a replacement for Angel getting metal wings. Plus, it'll be nice to see him as the villain for once.
  • War: Havok. He was the only First Class character to show up in Do FP without being a main character, and he was in the military. It would also be nice to see him fight young Cyclops. Plus, there's that quote, "cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war."
  • Pestilence: Ink. Because he was pretty prominently featured for such a minor character, and the only of his several powers he used was making people ill.
  • Famine: Holocaust. He drains the life out of people and he's Apocalypse's son.

Peter Maximoff in X:Men Apocalypse will be given more screen time and character development
Peter and Erik's relationship will be confirmed on-screen and Peter will therefore waver between the Brotherhood and the X-Men. Ultimately, it won't matter since the X-Men and the Brotherhood will unite against Apocalypse, perhaps bringing an end to the conflict between Magneto and Xavier. At the end, Peter will be shown at Xavier's school with the rest of the X-Men.

In the next movie Apocalypse will be defeated by The Phoenix Force
Jean Grey has been shown to be alive in the new timeline, and Apocalypse has been shown centuries earlier, building the pyramids. After Apocalypse crushes the X-men, The Phoenix Force will be revealed to be real all along and defeat Apocalypse. (The X-men would have defeated The Horsemen by now.) The end credits scene will revolve around the Shi'Ar coming to Earth, wanting to prevent the Phoenix Force from doing something catastrophic.

Nightcrawler will appear in a future movie, fathered by Mystique.
Chris Claremont originally wanted Mystique to be Nightcrawler's father, but censors at the time wouldn't allow him to do that. The movie-verse can get away with it, and it would be easier to do that rather than have her get pregnant and abandon the baby without anyone knowing.

Nightcrawler will appear, with Mystique being the mother and Azazel being the father.
Azazel impregnated Mystique before he was captured and killed. Mystique had given birth prior to the events of DOFP.
  • Jossed-Nightcrawler does not appear, and there's no indication they were ever involved or conceived him.

Irene Adler (Destiny) will appear in a future movie
With Jennifer Lawrence becoming increasingly popular, a Mystique-centered movie is probably on its way and it's possible that they will include Irene as her love interest. Her abilities would allow her to be aware of both movie timelines as well.

The next movie will deal with Bolivar Trask's redemption.
I think the Meaningful Gaze he gave to Mystique near the end indicated that he knew what he was doing was wrong, and wanted to change it. Beyond that, if they hired an actor as great as Peter Dinklage to give us a one-dimensional mutant-hater, they really wasted their money. I expect that Trask will spend the next decade trying to make humans less afraid of mutants...and the best way to do that will be to give humans the option of receiving mutant powers themselves (basically, a non-lethal version of Magneto's machine from X-1). Then, he discovers that Apocalypse is using his technology as part of his plan. This leads to Trask making himself a mutant so that he can help fight. And unlike Magneto's machine, Trask is such a genius he can hand-pick his own powers, and make himself a Superpower Lottery Winner. Unfortunately, his lack of combat experience will make him Unskilled, but Strong, and he gets a Redemption Equals Death at the hands of Apocalypse.

James Mc Avoy will be bald for X-Men: Apocalypse.
His transformation will be complete.

Xavier will shave his head because he liked how his older self looked bald.
Who wouldn't?

In X-Men: Apocalypse, Professor X, Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops, and Jean Grey won't die.
They appear at the end of Days of Future Past in the year 2023.

X-Men: Apocalypse will feature Bob Bell and "The Human Majority."
The 25 Moments website says that in 1984, a pastor named Bob Bell opposes Mutants. He could be similar to Reverend William Stryker in the comics.

X-Men: Apocalypse will feature the Chernobyl disaster.
The last few movies have featured historical events. This movie will take place in the 1980s, and this event is mentioned on the 25 Moments website. 1986 may also be when Jean Grey and Cyclops' powers manifested in the original timeline.

X-Men: Apocalypse will feature the Berlin Wall protests.
Also mentioned on the 25 Moments website, which says that Mutants took out a part of the wall. It would take place in 1989 and feature actors who look slightly older than the ones who portrayed young Jean Grey in The Last Stand and young Scott Summers in Origins.

The actor who will portray Apocalypse.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch. I honestly expected them to show his face in The Stinger. There is somewhat of a resemblance.

A younger Lady Deathstrike will be featured in a sequel.
Probably portrayed by a different actress.

Peter Maximoff will be more serious in X-Men: Apocalypse.
He wasn't so mature in Days of Future Past because he was a juvenile teen who breaks into places to get what he wants. In the 1980s, years after witnessing his father's antics at Washington, DC on television, he will be more serious and have goals that pertain to Magneto, whether it is to oppose him or join him. He will be the more arrogant Quicksilver with whom fans of the comics and the cartoons are familiar.

In X-Men: Apocalypse, there will be many Scotts and Jeans at Professor X's school.
Wolverine never said their last names when he mentioned them to Xavier.

The twenty-third X-Men movie will be called X-23.
And it will be about X-23.

The X-Force movie will take place after 2023 in the new timeline.
Cable will be in it and he will be the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

In the X-Force movie, Deadpool will mention how long he's been waiting for his own movie.
He will mention the huge gap between his appearances in Origins and X-Force.
  • Jossed: He's already appeared in his own feature film. He could still make a joke about how X-Force is the first "proper" X-Men movie he's appeared in, though.

Havoc will be revealed to be Cyclops's father in Earth-10005.
Apocalypse will reveal that in the Earth-10005 universe, Alex Summers is Scott's father rather than his brother. Although significant age gaps between siblings are possible, this is usually only the case of large families, and very atypical in families with only two offspring. Alex was born sometime around 1946 at his youngest, while Scott would have been born around 1970 if he's in his mid-teens in the 1980s. This would make Alex around 24 years old when Scott was born, which was the median age for a first-time father at the time.

The introduction of time travel and cosmic retcons was to have a way to adapt major stories without worrying about strict continuity
Nothing to do with Bryan Singer wanting to erase what he wasn't involved with, as the movie actually erases the plot points for everything that happens post 1973, which would be most of Origins, the original trilogy, and The Wolverine. And even before any time lines were changed, many plot points of the pre-changed past didn't mesh up with X1-2-3. The main point of making this story and this movie was to give a clean slate to the series and be able to do other alternate time line movies and without the need to be confined by a strict continuity. From this point forward, anything that doesn't match up can be hand waved as being related someone changing the timeline. Fox is now open to do literally any X-Men story without changing established characters and actors AND being able to use the events of past movies (which no longer exist in universe) as background for the audience.

Moira Mac Taggert will appear in X-Men: Apocalypse.
Charles Xavier will see her with another English man and a daughter of the same name, who appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand. Xavier will be happy for her but sad for himself. Part of the movie's plot will deal with him coming to terms with staying single so that he can focus his attention on helping other Mutants.

Quicksilver and a younger Nightcrawler will bond.
They will talk about their absentee parents Magneto and Mystique. They will also compare their powers and possibly race each other.

Younger Nightcrawler will be show with blue fur.
This will cause Beast to wonder whether or not he may be the father. Even if he is not, he will have a father-son relationship with Nightcrawler.

A younger Juggernaut will appear in X-Men: Apocalypse.
It will be revealed that he is Professor X's stepbrother.

The Blink appearing in Age of Apocalypse will be from the Bad Future.
AoA looks like it's going to take place in the 80s or thereabouts. Storm looks to be considerably older than Blink, and she's going to be a teenager during the film — it's highly unlikely that that universe's Blink would even have been born yet, let alone capable of using her powers. There's also the fact that comicverse Blink is a universe-hopper, and having her imported into Apocalypse's reign, rather than escaping from it, would be a nice little nod to that.

When he gets his own movie, Deadpool will make reference to his backstory in "The Wolverine"...
...And then some fat comic book guy will remind him that the movie is out of continuity, so Deadpool will kill him! Because that would be in pure Deadpool style.
  • Half-confirmed; both his movie and its advertising have quite a few Discontinuity Nods to Origins. However, there's no fat comic book guy, and Deadpool doesn't kill any civilians in his film.

Quicksilver's little sister will be killed
Especially if she's really Anya (whom had died in the comics). Her death will affect Quicksilver greatly, and he will turn from a goofy teenager like we saw in DOFP to a darker character.
  • Alternatively, the girl died during the timeskip between Days of Future Past and Apocalypse. She's resurrected (she's now a teenager, supposedly) but only to become one of Apocalypse's Horsemen. Considering that Lorna was once the Horsemen of Pestilence in the comics, there's a chance that the girl is actually Lorna instead of Anya.

Gambit will be one of the Four Horsemen
It's been confirmed he will appear in future movies. Also, what is more awesome than bringing The Bus Came Back character with Come Back Wrong? He may have died sometime after Origins (regardless the outcome of DOFP) and has been resurrected by Apocalypse to be his Horseman. I like Gambit, but I really don't mind if he appear as villain as long as the filmmakers don't forget his badassery. The next film will also about the X-Men restore him back, and this time he will join X-Men for real, not a rogue mutant like in Origins anymore.

The X-Men will have several new members at the start of Apocalypse
Quicksilver, Cyclops, Storm, and others will already be on the team, having joined during the Time Skip.

[[Apocalypse will resurrect several of the mutants that were killed off before DOFP]]The movie killed off a lot of established characters, a few of which could have been very useful when adapting future storylines. I suspect that they were killed off not only to make Mystique want to kill Trask but to have them resurrected later on so they could make use of their younger actors alongside the original cast, where they should be elderly. My strongest suspicions are for the return of Emma Frost, Banshee and Azazel.

The alterations to the timeline in DOFP lead to the rise of Apocalypse.
In the original timeline, the Sentinel program prevented Apocalypse from appearing in the 1980s. Perhaps he was in suspended animation gathering his strength after a previous defeat, and the Sentinels were able to locate and kill him while he was vulnerable, or Sentinels caught him by surprise while searching for followers/Horsemen and injured him so badly that it would be several decades before he would be able to move forward with his plans, so he wouldn't face the X-Men until after the original trilogy. Since Mystique did not kill Trask and the Sentinel program was halted, there was nothing to prevent Apocalypse from making his move in 1983.

     Marvel Movie Crossovers 

Some Marvel Cinematic Universe characters will appear in future movies in the series - with a twist...
They'll be in the Deadpool movie, as licensed crossover cameos. Rather than teaming up with Deadpool and Wolverine, their appearances will be more for Rule of Funny and be metatextual, with Wade reflecting on why he can't appear in the MCU. If not this, then at least you can expect Deadpool making some off-handed references to the MCU, dealing with fans' crossover requests.
  • While nothing from the MCU shows up in the Deadpool movie proper (besides a Writing Around Trademarks version of the Helicarrier and Bob, Technically Not an Agent of Hydra), Deadpool does reference Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in the post-credits scene.

Doctor Doom will appear in The Stinger
Quite a bit more plausible than Fox planning (and hinting at) an MCU crossover right away. Due to the success of The Avengers (2012), I can definitely see Fox doing a really similar stinger with one of the biggest, baddest mo-fo's in the Marvel Universe - who they just happen to have the rights to. Probably to tease their Fantastic Four reboot.
  • Jossed, Apocalypse appears instead.

How Fox and Marvel will handle the Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch Situation for potential crossovers
  • To allow crossovers:
    • Since Quicksilver is only appearing for a brief sequence in DOFP, it's possible he won't even be mentioned by name so that he can easily be Retconned should Fox and Disney do a crossover.
  • To forbid crossovers and/or spite Disney:
    • Fox will somehow contractually require Disney to create a new, original character as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's father in Age of Ultron (or use an existing MCU character such as Baron Strucker to fill the role).
  • Jossed on both counts. Not only is Quicksilver refereed to by his name (though changed to Peter), but Wanda is his much younger sister and not as twins as shown in the Winter Soldier stinger.
    • While it's still jossed, Pietro's little sister ISN'T Wanda. According to Bryan Singer there was a line alluding to Scarlet Witch which was cut from the final film.
    • Besides both directors saying they aren't the same character, they obviously have different origins. DoFP!Quicksilver gained his powers at adolescence and lives with his family; AoU!Quicksilver received his from being experimented on. It would also mean that he lost a decade or two since Peter would have to have been born in the 50s or 60s and would be over 40 at minimum by the events of Age of Ultron.

This and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will include some mean-spirited jabs at the MCU.
  • How many times is someone going to have to mention Oscorp's almost-cameo in Avengers? This troper says ASM is unofficially in the MCU.
    • It ultimately didn't happen; while apparently it was due to timing issues, it's also possible it was due to Executive Meddling. Although the cast and directors love the idea of a crossover, it's possible that Fox and/or Sony execs may slyly demand to insert some Take That! moments towards the MCU in order to wean people off their biggest competitor. Since Avi Arad seems to have some gripes with the MCU, this might in fact happen one day.
    • I think it has them, Quicksilver is a jab somehow, and by being an awesome Quicksilver it gives the MCU quite a challenge to pass, also you can clearly see Logan smoking, I think that is a jab as well, since Marvel good guys don't smoke anymore, finally, heroes die and the cure for Xavier looks a lot like heroin, they are playing Darker and Edgier which could be considered a jab to the Marvel method in the MCU
    • And the sad thing is, after doing things like leaving Wolvie out of the 75th anniversary cover and planning to cancel Fantastic Four comics, Marvel might actually deserve it. From a fan's perspective, anyway. But not from Sony. We could even have the opposite: Ike Perlmutter deciding he hates Fox one day and putting some mean-spirited Take That! moments towards the X-Men movies in a future MCU movie.

The movie is an experiment to introduce comic book-style Retcons to film. Depending on critical/fan response, this will lead to...
...The Avengers: Age of Ultron featuring something like the dimensional rift seen at the end of Age of Ultron, resulting in an integrated X-Men/Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Finally!

For giggles, the above Retcon will reveal that The Amazing Spider-Man Series was actually a part of the MCU all along
Which would make sense, given that the Oscorp Tower was supposed to show up in The Avengers, and that the Spider-Man movies haven't really done anything that would make it hard to integrate the character's universe with the MCU. Now all that needs to happen is for Disney, Fox, and Sony to work out a deal...

In order to tie-in the X-Men with the Fantastic Four, the Celestials will be introduced to provide a Meta Origin.
  • Fox has announced that they want to make their own Marvel Universe with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four characters. Given that the two properties are so different, the Celestials provide a way to connect them more easily.
    • Jossed

Franklin Richards will have a cameo appearance in the dystopian future timeline.
  • With Fox announcing plans for the Fantastic Four reboot to exist within the X-Men universe, this seems like a likely way to subtly introduce it. If Days of Future Past has 3 timelines, the 70's with the First Class group, the present with the main group and the dystopian future with Bishop and the newbies. Then one of the members of the future mutant resistance will be Franklin Richards, the future mutant son of Reed and Sue Richards.
    • Jossed

The Stinger will foreshadow an X-Men/Avengers crossover
  • Sentinels? A Bad Future? Xavier and Magneto both getting dangerously close to their Despair Event Horizons? Avengers and X-Men both reaching the fever pitch of their popularity? Possibly another Fantastic Four on the way, too? I think I see where this is going. I hope I'm wrong.
    • See the WMG about this movie's Quicksilver being the MCU Quicksilver's father. While it probably won't happen for years, it may be possible that Singer and the rest of the creative team aren't trying to create elements that'll "block out" possible MCU crossovers. And Onslaught probably won't be the very first thing they do.
  • Jossed as far as the stinger, it's actually about Apocalypse.

The Quicksilver in this movie is the father of Marvel Studios' Quicksilver.
  • While the Quicksilver in this film is in his prime in the 1973 scenes, the Quicksilver who appeared in the stinger for ''Captain America: The Winter Soldier seems to be in his prime in 2013. No reason that they can't be related, although it will probably never be mentioned.
    • So that one would be Mag's grandson then?
      • I would say so. If Peter Maximoff is 16 in January 1973, then he would have been born in about 1956. He would have been about 34 when he had his son in 1990 (the year Aaron Taylor Johnson was born).

The Sentinels killed the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the MCU heroes.
This would be in keeping with the Days of Future Past comic.

Related to the one above; Wolverine met Quicksilver when both of them were Avengers
He mentioned he was mature when they met originally, and while I know they are not Avengers at the same time, it could be a very very subtle way to mention the Avengers, since Quicksilver never was an X-man for starters.

The Amazing Spider-Man movies and most of MCU take place in the new timeline.
With the exception of Captain America: The First Avenger and the short and show about Peggy Carter, everything takes place in the new timeline. That is why we never see any sentinels in the MCU 2009 onward, or in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, which take place 2012 onward.

The 2005-2007 Fantastic Four movies were part of the original timeline.
The first movie even has a deleted scene in which Mr. Fantastic makes himself look like Wolverine. In the new timeline, a butterfly effect has shifted their birthdates and perhaps changed their parentage, hence why the Human Torch will be black in the reboot.


Fox will ensure that the rest of their Marvel movie output pleases critics and fans, leading to good ratings on RT and Metacritic.
It can range anywhere from The Wolverine's reception for spin-offs to this movie's reception for the "big movies" (including Apocalypse). This is an effective way for Fox to establish themselves as a viable MCU alternative rather than a "greedy company with the rights to Marvel characters that's trying to milk those rights for all their worth and keep them from Marvel".
  • Deadpool certainly succeeded beyond all expectations, so chalk one up for the optimists.

Peter used to be named Pietro but his family changed his name when they immigrated to America so that he would fit in more.
Which is why he's still called Pietro on some of the promotional material. Technically both names are right.

Xavier used DNA-generated artificial limbs.
  • In Origins and the flashback in The Last Stand, Xavier is able to walk in the years before the first X-Men film. The timeline on the Trask Industries website says that, in 1976, "Bolivar Trask revolutionizes the world of prosthetics through DNA-generated artificial limbs." Young Xavier will have to choose whether or not to stop the company that could give him the ability to walk once more.
    • In one of the clips, Erik remarks that Charles used a unknown DNA-process that granted him his mobility, but at the sacrifice of his powers. Despite this, other scenes in the trailers clearly show 70s Charles in a wheelchair, so maybe the process isn't permanent or expires in times of stress.

The "bad" timeline where mutants are persecuted is the one seen in X2/X3
  • Magneto is found out as the killer of JFK many years after the fact, and the Sentinels project is underway secretly during the original trilogy timeline. They take over shortly after X3.

Kitty Pryde was actually performing an inception experiment on Logan.
Actor Allusion. Kitty put Logan in a dream, and he got stuck in limbo when he drowned, similar to how Cobb drowned in a dream. He never awoke in a better future; it is All Just a Dream. In reality, the Sentinels killed everyone.

The more treatment that James Mc Avoy's Charles Xavier uses, the sooner that he looks and sounds like Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier.
In the flashback in the beginning of The Last Stand, Stewart's Charles Xavier is shown walking when he meets Jean Grey, meaning that he was still using the treatment for his spine. In X-Men: Apocalypse, MacAvoy's Xavier will be the one meeting Jean Grey, but he will be in a wheelchair since he stopped using the treatment in 1973 in the new timeline. He will still end up looking and sounding exactly like Patrick Stewart, as shown in the final scene of this movie, but just when he begins to look and sound exactly like him has been delayed since he has used less treatment for his spine than he did in the original timeline. Alternatively, it may be the decreased use of his powers and not the treatment itself that causes the side-effect.

Being in the Pentagon for much longer in the original timeline made Michael Fassbender's Erik Lehnsherr look and sound more like Ian Mc Kellen's Erik Lehnsherr.
History was altered when Magneto was broken out of the Pentagon after being there for a decade. In the original timeline, he may have been there over a decade longer. Having not used his powers during that time, his appearance and voice changed to resemble Ian Mc Kellen. During that time, he may have had so much time to think that he changed his views, got released for good behavior, and reunited with Professor X around 1986 just in time to meet a young Jean Grey. In the new timeline, however, he will not look and sound exactly like Ian Mc Kellen in X-Men: Apocalypse.
  • There's no amount of good behaviour that would ever get a superpowered man who killed a President released from the only cell in the world that can contain him. I would bet that in the original timeline Mystique eventually broke him out the same way she did in X2.

The Wolverine still happens in the new timeline...
...but without the dreams about Jean Grey, since she is still alive in 2023. The time travel in 1973 did not affect Wolverine saving Yashida from the atomic bomb in Nagasaki 1945. Yashida will still seek out Wolverine, who will end up going to Japan. Whether or not he will have adamantium claws as he did in the film is currently unknown.

Project X is in the same universe.
It has "X" in the title, so maybe the characters are mutants. Plus, Miles Teller is in the movie. It could be Mr. Fantastic from the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

We live in the original timeline.
Just last year, we saw the Trask Industries website get launched. The Mark X Sentinel was announced last year. By 2023, the world will belong to the Sentinels.

In the new present Raven and Erik have been with Charles for at least 20 years

By 2023 At least one of Nathan and Rachel have been born

Wolverine is married
After all, he has no idea of anything that took place between drowning in the river and waking up late at the mansion. Not just of world history, but also his own personal history. It would have been hilarious if Xavier ended the conversation with something like this
  • Xavier: Oh, by the way, your wife Silverfox does not like it at all when you try to flirt with Jean. Remember that you have to be a good role model for your kids, Laura and Daken.
  • Wolverine: Ha, good joke! I mean, it was a joke, right?

  • If Wolverine is really married in the new timeline, his wife is Mariko. In that timeline, Jean is alive, negating the guilty feeling he originally had over her death, and in a relationship with Scott, making him feeel free to pursue another romantic interest. The events of The Wolverine still took place except that he was found at Xavier Mansion instead of somewhere at the Yukon.

In this universe, the Senators moved because of Magneto's destruction of their stadium.
In our universe, the baseball field which Magneto moves was home to the Washington Senators until 1971, when they moved to Dallas and became the Texas Rangers. Since we see the stadium set up for baseball in the summer of 1973, the team obviously still played there. However, the wholesale destruction of the stadium by Magneto would probably lead to an In Spite of a Nail situation where the team would have to move to Texas to keep playing.

Speculation for other Spin-off movies
Aside from obvious Wolverine (and supposedly Deadpool) spin-off movies, here are my speculations about other characters who can get their own solo movie:
  • Gambit: God, seriously, this guy is many people's favourite. They horribly underused him in Origins. I know that he is stated to be appear in Apocalypse. But there's a chance he can get his own spin-off movie, isn't it?
    • This has now been confirmed: Channing Tatum will be playing Gambit in a solo spin-off film, and is rumored to be appearing in Apocalypse.
  • Magik: Well, she's nowhere to be seen in the movie so far. But the spin-off will not only about her but also her brother Colossus. It's about time that they give this Gentle Giant a bigger role in X-Men movies. The plot can follow the similar pattern with the comics, in which Kitty is also involved (and of course, considering that she seems to be Colossus' girlfriend in the new timeline). Also, I find it interesting if X-Men films has another Token Evil Teammate.

Here are my speculations for now. I'll add some others later. Feel free if you want to add your own speculations here.

X-Men: First Class was always a different universe
A fundamental law of time travel in Marvel is that you cannot alter your own timeline's history; traveling into the past always results in traveling to an alternate universe.note  This was the case in the original Days of Future Past book: The Kitty Pryde who traveled into the past was from Earth-811, but she traveled into the past of Earth-616. Earth-811's bad future was never prevented, but she did prevent it in the main Marvel universe.

Therefore, Wolverine did not travel into Earth-10005's past. First Class actually occurs in a completely different universe, and much like Kitty in the books, Logan's interference only prevented the Bad Future in the alternate universe. This is why there's numerous discrepancies between First Class and the original films, and how the change in the timeline is able to affect things that happened before the point of divergence.note 

  • Possible Jossing by the "future epilogue" of Days of Future Past could be Hand Waveed away as Earth-10005 Wolverine's last thoughts as he drowns at the bottom of the Potomac, when in reality the Sentinels wipe out the last of the resistance on Earth-10005, but at least First Class's universe avoids that fate.
  • Given that "First Class" predates the divergence point, the events decipted there took place in both timelines.

Secretary Trask won't hold any high power positions in the new timeline.
The taint of being related to a traitor who sold military secrets to foreigners will see to it.
  • That seems pretty obvious without WMG.


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