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Shout Out / Rise of the Reds

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    General (multiple references to one work or miscellaneous lore) 
  • The backstory puts its own spin on certain aspects of the Modern Warfare series. Namely in that an attack by ultranationalists on Moscow's airport was averted in 2016, as well as the presence of a General Shepherd Expy on the American's side who's not evil. Beyond that, the American Vanguard infantry is basically a walking parody of Call of Duty multiplayer with a powerful shotgun, a vitriolic attitude and various combat drones that might as well be straight from the series. Also, the ECA hero, Frank Jaeger, is basically a German Expy of Captain Price.
  • One would be forgiven for thinking that the ECA's Pandora is an updated version of the Shagohod. Or that the GLA under Sulaymaan's leadership, now based in Africa looks like a more evil, perverted version of Outer Heaven. Furthermore, the name of the ECA hero Frank Jaeger is also the real name of the Metal Gear character Gray Fox.
  • The South African security contractor Pieter Coetzee owes his name to Hardy Kruger's character in the late 70s action flick The Wild Geese.
  • References to Tom Clancy's EndWar:
    • The American Sentry Drone's official in-universe nickname is Rottweiler, just like the combat drone that is employed by the American JSF.
    • General Aleksandr's MBT, the Ogre, is based on the tank with the same name, which is employed by the Russian SGB.
  • Many units have quotes that reference Dawn of War unit quotes.
    Propaganda Airship: "Today the enemy shall know fear!"
    Volunteer Squad: "SQUAD BROKEN!"
    Conscript: "Enemies of Russia, beware!"
    Golem Tank: "The armored fist of Aleksandr!"
    Leopard Tank: "Victory is assured!"
    Valkyrie Venom: "Walk softly, and carry a big gun."
    Viking Venom: "A sound tactical maneuver."


  • An anonymous whistleblower in China calling out the ruling regime's increasingly militarist policies and surveillance work is basically a Race Lift of Edward Snowden. Though in this case, Chinese society in-universe does little to disprove this to the world at large.
  • The Chinese Hopper Tank is quite obviously based on the eponymous tank from Metal Slug. And one of the unit's voiced lines is a paraphrased reference to the ubiquitous memetic line from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
    "I used to drive an Overlord, then I took a shell to the treads."
  • The Chinese Shenlong Tank is also fond of listening to Arthur Brown's "Fire" on the radio:
    "♫Fire! I'll take you to burn...♫ Ah, I love this song!"
  • And we can't forget the Easter Egg Propaganda Airship with trollfaces and the "Trololo" song.


  • The populist Hope and Glory Party, which plays a crucial role in Britain's exit from the EU in the 2020s, is an Expy of Norsefire, complete with a Prime Minister called Susan Adams. Unlike Norsefire however, it isn't a fascist organization and is significantly more sensible in its policies and beliefs, including support for the UK's membership in the ECA and an increased cooperation with the Commonwealth.
  • A Royal Navy battlecruiser by the name HMS Thunderchild seals the deal on the Russian landing in England.
  • The ECA Grenadier fires lots of grenades, and has a Scottish accent. One would wonder if he has an eyepatch.
  • The European Manticore Tank is driven by a blatant Arnold Schwarzenegger parody who even references many iconic lines from his movies to boot.
  • The ECA hero unit references the Maroon 5 song "Moves like Jagger", which is quite similar to his name:
    Frank Jäger: "I got the moves."
  • A part of the Region Command, specifically the area around the gate where Excavators come out, looks like a Construction Yard from Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
  • Anvil Bots may select the phrase "Stop! Hammertime."


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