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The Ultimate Face-off

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been forced to compete for survival. This spirit of competition has reached a pinnacle in the relationship of two best friends who battle against each other. Why? Glory for the winner, humiliation for the loser....
The Intro

Remember your buddy in college, the one you used to make all the really stupid bets with, usually after a couple of rounds at the bar? Do you ever think back and wonder just how stupid you must have been to try some of those stunts? Aren't you kind of glad that the only people who know about them now are people you don't see anymore?

The difference between you and the two guys who make Kenny vs. Spenny is 1) they're still doing it and 2) they air it on TV.

Kenneth "Kenny" Hotz and Spencer "Spenny" Rice have, since 2002, been attempting to out-do each other in juvenile, frequently bizarre competitions. How bizarre? Some of the competitions include:

  • Who can sit on a cow the longest?
  • Who makes the most convincing woman?
  • Who can stay naked longest?
  • Who can sell more bibles?
  • Who do gay guys like more?
  • Who can keep a dump in their pants the longest?
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  • Who is the best male stripper?
  • Who can wear a dead octopus on their head the longest? (This one is classic.)

The loser, as determined by the rough rules set out at the beginning, suffers a humiliation determined by the winner. The loser of the "most convincing woman" competition, for example, had to walk in drag through an area known for prostitution. On the rare occasion of a double forfeit, the humiliation is set by the filming crew; these are some of the most amazing moments of the show, while draws impose no humiliations.

The real draw is not so much who might win or lose, but the dynamic between the two men's personalities. Spenny is rather keen on establishing rules and sticking to the letter and spirit of the competition. Kenny, on the other hand, uses unorthodox approaches frequently and will cheat if he feels he can manage it - the film crew does not "snitch" and Spenny does not see the footage before the end of the competition.


This Canadian show has inspired several versions in other countries; see the other wiki for details.

In December 2010, Kenny and Spencer both announced that the show is canceled, and it ended with a big Christmas special.

In 2012 Kenny uploaded every single episode of the show (including some never aired) onto his YouTube account. Tragically they were all taken down due to meddling from higher ups, but they're back up as of 2018.

Kenny vs. Spenny provides examples of the following tropes:

  • A Rare Sentence: Kenny's penchant for bizarre behavior often results in these.
    Kenny: Mom, come here! Spencer's farting!
  • Actually Pretty Funny: While drafting up the rules in "First One To Talk Loses", Kenny is astonished that Spenny cracks an actual joke.
    Kenny: You can't use any words in the dictionary.
    Spenny: Okay. So I could use the word "Gruanckreepruck".
    Kenny: [chuckling] Yeah, it's nice for you to be funny for a change.
    • Every once in a while in the commentaries, the usually dry Spenny will admit when something Kenny does is "amusing".
  • Aerith and Bob
    • In "Who Can Keep Their Head in a Chicken Coop the Longest", Spenny names his chicken Ruthie. Kenny names his Xyklon Craw X, his baby chick Killbot, and his falcon Tron.
    • In "Who Can Win a Rat Race", Spenny's rat is Sally. Kenny's is Zontar lord of the underworld.
    • In "Who Can Stay Tied to a Goat the Longest", Spenny names his (white) goat Whitey. Kenny's is Pilgor.
    • In "Who is the Better Basketball Coach?", it's Spenny All-Stars vs. Satan's Rapists.
  • Aerosol Flamethrower: In the Cockfight episode, Kenny creates a rudimentary flamethrower by combining an aerosol and a small torch. During the titular battle, he uses the flames to keep Spenny at a distance while pelting him with roman candles.
  • Affably Evil: Dr. Goldfield, the kindly herbologist, who gleefully assists Kenny in his evil schemes.
  • And Knowing Is Half the Battle: In order for them to be allowed to air the episode "Who can smoke the most pot", they were required to make multiple drug-awareness PSAs about the dangers of drug use. Of course they didnt take any of their messages seriously, partly because they were completely high while making videos about how its bad to be high.
  • Angrish: Spenny does this often, especially on later seasons, where 90% of his lines are screams of rage.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Averted in the "Who is a Bigger Idiot?" episode, where Kenny calls Spenny "A nincompoop and a ninny, and a fuckin' loser."
  • Ascended Extra: Due to the nature of the show, both Kenny and Spenny's crews often participate in the episodes in some way. In the earlier season, there was Drew, Spenny's unit coordinator, who often served as a judge or referee. In later seasons, Brendan, Jamie and Sebbie (Kenny's sound guy, unit coordinator and cameraman) and Donny, Kevin and Brian (Spenny's second and third unit coordinators, and an intern who worked with Spenny's crew) were seen much more often on camera. So much to the point, that at least one of the commentaries on the DVD release features only members of the crew, completely excluding Kenny and Spenny.
  • Ascended Fangirl: In "Who Can Kiss More Girls", a girl who's a fan of the show sees Spenny on the streets and assists him in the competition, while flirting with him successfully using all her knowledge she learned from watching the show. Spenny thinks he might have found the girl of his dreams, until one of the crew point out she might have been hired by Kenny to distract him. She wasn't. But Spenny was too paranoid and got in a fight with her claiming she is a lying faker, ending with her angrily storming off. It was like watching a romantic tragedy unfold.
  • Ass Shove:
    • Kenny does this with both a rubber tube and a bike pump in "Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart" as part of his plan to trick Spenny into thinking that Kenny's chili recipe produces tons of gas.
    • In "Who Can Handle More Torture", Spenny sodomizes himself with a foot long sausage. He celebrates his victory, while Kenny and the crew stare in disbelief.
  • Bad Butt: As devious, manipulative, and obnoxious as he is, Kenny is an extreme pacifist who can not stand physical fighting, a teetotaler who can't hold his liquor, and seems to be rather shy when having to perform sexual challenges without the protection of ironic humor.
  • Batman Gambit
    • In the "Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart?" contest, Kenny grinds up anti-gas pills and puts them in chili. After that, he sticks a tube up his ass and blows air into it which made him blow giant farts, which in turn made Spenny think that it was the chili's doing and he eats it and as a result cannot blow a fart and loses.
    • The entire "Whoever Can Be Obese the Longest" episode is one pulled off by Kenny, who disguises himself in a way that makes Spenny think he is an impostor, while also hiring a make-up artist to impersonate him.
    • "Who Do Disabled People Like More?" Kenny's strategy was to tell the three judges that he was Spenny and act completely horribly and hope they'd vote for Kenny. It worked on two of the three, but one of the judges had lied about not seeing the show, knew who Kenny was, but voted for him anyway because he liked his strategy. Also, even though Kenny was intentionally rude, he actually treated the judges like human beings, while Spenny was patronizing and almost condescending.
    • Good Lord, Kenny's week-long gambit to win the "Who Can Sell the Most Bibles?" competition. With the help of a professional impersonator and some friends, Kenny convinces Spenny that the latter's children's film script (about a helpful genetically altered hippopotamus-rabbit hybrid creature) has been bought by Robert De Niro and a Hollywood production company. Spenny, who gets delusions of grandeur, ends up buying a stack of bibles from Kenny just to prove a point (that he doesn't care about the show anymore) and flies out to Hollywood to meet the (non-existent) executives. The look on Spenny's face when he realizes he's been had is priceless.
    • The "Who Can Be a Better Figure Skater?" competition. Kenny sets up a complicated gambit involving EMT's and a physician to make it look like he broke his leg during a practice run. He ends up getting Spenny to wait on him, hand and foot, for an entire week while wearing a fake cast, then (when Spenny leaves because he's frustrated with Kenny's demands) cuts the cast off and leaves for a vacation, completely avoiding the competition altogether.
    • In "Who Can Stay Tied to a Goat the Longest", Kenny tricks Spenny into thinking Kenny had his goat killed (the goat was stashed inside a nearby pantry) by buying a skinned lamb from the butcher shop and tying it to his other leg. Spenny quits the contest in disgust as a result.
    • Despite technically losing, the entire torture episode was one of these for Kenny. He didn't even attempt most of the challenges, and the few he did were rigged to ensure that he wouldn't feel any pain while Spenny felt the worst of it. He directly admits that the whole episode was a reason for Spenny to torment himself while he sat back and did nothing except for one humiliation at the end.
    • In "Who Do Old People Like More" Kenny recruits a man with Down syndrome to pose as his little brother Lenny. After meeting the old ladies Kenny becomes worried that they'll figure out the truth about Lenny, which would blow the competition for him, but they buy it without question.
  • Beach Episode: In the episode "Who Can Survive on a Island the Longest", Kenny manipulated the word "survive" and simply had a relaxing holiday in Cuba with his and Spenny's crew.
  • Berserk Button: There are two things that Kenny will absolutely not tolerate, which completely causes him to lose his cool: Physical altercations, and messing with his belongings.
    • Spenny has many, but he is the most angry if Kenny attempts to commit any kind of character assassination against him or his family.
  • Better to Die Than Be Humiliated: In "Who Has the Bigger Balls", Spenny threatens to actually jump off of a cliff to the rocky waters below unless Kenny forfeits. Because Kenny is not insane, he does.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Beneath Kenny's farting and dick joke exterior is a devious, snarky evil genius, Also doomed Butt Monkey Spenny out-'Kenny's' Kenny by finding a loophole in Kenny's tactic in episode 'who can earn the most money'
  • Big "NO!": Poor Spencer does this "First Guy to Touch the Ground Loses" when Kenny threatens to have a tennis ball machine shoot balls at his back. It doesn't work.
  • Big "SHUT UP!": Spenny again in the "Touch the Ground" competition after falling off a desk and being accused of touching the ground by Kenny.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing:
    • Tzafi Hotz is sweet, loving and all too willing to participate in her son's devious schemes, even accepting to fake her own death to throw Spencer off that week's competition.
    • The girl who falls in love with Spenny on "Who Can Bone More Women". Turns out she was a transexual hooker who Kenny had hired to seduce Spenny, thus invalidating all his points.
  • Blackface: Played disturbingly straight by Kenny in the two-part episode "Who Do Black Guys Like More?" when he dresses up like the black maid Spenny's family had as a kid, in order to taunt him and accuse him of being a racist. This is also part of Kenny's master plan for the episode.
  • Body Horror: Kenny's compound leg fracture during the ice skating competition. It causes Spenny to nearly vomit, and makes audience members cringe to see.... Until he reveals it's fake of course.
  • Body Sushi: Spenny's humiliation for losing the octopus competition involves him having to eat sushi off of Kenny's naked, hairy buttocks.
  • The Boxing Episode: Which hilariously, features little to no boxing because most of it centers around Kenny trapping Spenny in a closet to miss the fight. It works...until Kenny feels bad and lets Spenny out. When we finally get to the boxing showdown, Kenny simply doesn't show up.
  • Butt-Monkey: More often than not, Spenny falls into this role. His own crew even occasionally sides against him. Even the judge in "Who Is the Best Soldier" picked on Spenny, often ignoring Kenny's antics and reprimanding Spenny. He even pours toilet water on his face to wake him up.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor
    • Kenny, according to Spenny. He doesn't get drunk that often, and can't hold his beer. Which causes him to immediately begin cheating in Who can drink the most beer.
    • Spenny himself, already prone to fits of screaming and hitting, turns into a really ugly, scary person when drunk.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Kenny, in his own words, is "A psychopath narcissistic genius!"
  • Carpet of Virility: Kenny's body is obscenely hairy. When he took his shirt off in front of a professional body waxer she looked at him and shouted "Jesus Christ!"
  • Caught with Your Pants Down: In the "Who Can Produce More Semen" episode, Spenny walks in on Kenny masturbating in his closet wearing only black underwear under a strobe light and while playing pounding club music.
  • The Chew Toy: Going by this show, Spenny's life sucks. Part of the show's lasting appeal is seeing how many different ways Kenny can make Spenny suffer. Kenny fans still troll Spenny online, years after the show ended.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Perverse and crude as Kenny may be, he actually tends to duck out of the more sexual challenges and win through some humorous alternative, such as filming wacky videos of himself playing with sex dolls instead of shooting a porn, or hugging fans and groping mannequins during "who can squeeze more boobs", or even flat-out not trying during the "who is the better stripper" challenge.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Kenny takes this trope as far as the confines of the medium allow.
  • The Comically Serious: Spenny can't tell a joke, hates Kenny's jokes, and had a huge advantage in "First to Laugh Loses", as Kenny has no idea how to make Spenny laugh, only how to annoy him.
  • Complexity Addiction: Many of Kenny's schemes are ultimately pointless as he'd win anyway. Two examples are "Who's the Better Soldier," where Kenny purposely comes off as an idiot at the beginning to seem more impressive at the end, and "Who Is Cooler," where Kenny fakes a heroin addiction to make Spenny lose focus in the competition. In "Soldier" the judge gives Kenny the win by virtue of Spenny's neurotic incompetence and Kenny being "crazier than shit," and in "Cooler" the judge immediately gives Kenny the win upon seeing Spenny's ridiculous fabricated persona, making it one of the shortest competitions in the show's history.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: After season 1, neither Kenny nor Spenny have any reservations about swearing.
  • Companion Cube: In "Who Can Stay off the Ground Longest" Kenny seems to go completely insane and starts taking a loaf of bread with googly eyes around with him through town.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Kenny. His cheating schemes often require a high level of planning.
  • Cringe Comedy
    • See the two-part episode "Who Do Black Guys Like More?" for many examples.
    • "Who Do Gay Guys Like More" is even worse. Kenny's over the top antics and Spenny's Condescending Compassion ultimately cause the judge to quit and storm out in disgust.
    • Any time a competition involves Spenny interacting with other people. Oddly enough Kenny seems to usually do fine even when he tries his hardest to be offensive. Largely because people get that he's pretending to be shocking, and Spenny winds up trying too hard.
    • In "Who Can Get Further With the Other Guy's Mom", Spenny exposes himself and asks an understandably pissed Tzafi to touch his penis. It's one of the most uncomfortable scenes in the entire show, and probably its biggest case of Black Comedy Rape.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Kenny. His strategy in the soldier episode is to purposefully goofing off so that he can fake improvement and end up looking better than Spenny, who starts out giving his best and only tires as the episode goes on. This strategy turns out to be entirely unnecessary as Kenny turns out to have more physical endurance and better reflexes than Spenny while also being a competent marksman (Spenny got kicked out of the range for being a danger to himself and others). In the end the judge said that while Spenny had the potential to become a soldier, he would take Kenny into combat because he's "crazier than shit."
    • Kenny was also a war photographer during the Gulf War, which is very subtly hinted at near the beginning of the episode where a black-and-white photo of a younger Kenny holding two guns is briefly shown.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: In "Who is a Better Chef?" Kenny creates three dishes that the judges loved, while Spenny produced one with glaring flaws. Not only that, but Kenny did not cheat at all during the episode, while Spenny had a professional chef feeding him instructions through an earpiece.
  • Dada Ad: In who can make a better commercial, Kenny decides to not worry so much about product and advertising, but more on just making incredibly bizarre web videos that focus more on being memorable and causing internet memes.
  • Deadpan Snarker: During "First one to be mean loses", Spenny is constantly on the verge of being disqualified because he can't stop making sarcastic insults at Kenny.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Spenny crosses it in "Who can lift more weight with their genitals" after seeing Kenny lift a basket full of (fake) bricks with nothing but his penis.
  • Determinator:
    • Kenny will stop at nothing to fuck with his best friend, whether or not it's to escape that episode's humiliation.
    • Spenny tries to be this in the "Who Can Stay Awake the Longest" episode. In the episode, Kenny resorted to buying gimmicks and relying on caffeine to keep him awake while Spenny thought that he'd be able to stay awake for several days without any kind of stimulation. He actually fares extremely well, staying awake for over three days before finally crashing.
    • Spenny again attempts it in "Who Can Keep a Dump In Their Pants the Longest". Unbeknownst to Spenny, Kenny had found a way to dose him with laxatives. A few hours after taking them, the obvious began to happen, but since the rules forbade either competitor from having their dumps leak out of their diapers, Spenny tries to hold it in with all the willpower he can muster. He eventually caves and unleashes it all in his diaper, necessitating that he buy waterproof pants to contain the leakage.
  • Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat:
    • For the most part, averted. Kenny goes way out of his way to find convoluted ways to cheat in competitions he likely would have won anyways, but almost always wins. But in the episode "Who Can Go the Longest Without Touching the Floor", he lost because he was spending too much time trying to scare Spenny into defeat while playing super-villain, and ends up losing his balance.
    • In "Who Has Bigger Balls" Kenny was able to rack up a decent lead by competing legitimately, but he still attempts to psych Spenny out by trashing his room. Unfortunately for Kenny this backfires when Spenny is so despondent and fed up that he threatens to commit suicide and Kenny forfeits to stop him.
  • Different in Every Episode: Every episode Kenny wears a new, always offensive, shirt relevant to the episode.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Spenny, in the "Who Can Kiss More Women?" episode.
  • invokedDude, Not Funny!: Spenny was truly outraged when Kenny once made fun of Spenny's cousin with autism, calling him "an idiot". In response, Spenny filmed a little scene of him alone visiting his cousin and introducing him to the film crew.
  • Dull Surprise:
    • The male porn star Spenny hires in "Who Can Make a Better Porno" speaks in a bored monotone, and looks into the camera frequently. Much to Spenny's frustration, as he wanted this to be "classy".
    • After Spenny is bedridden with sickness, Kenny tells him it might be due to him having sex with a slab of hamburger meat that Spenny later ate. In a very rare moment of calmness, Spenny only reacts with quiet bafflement and saying he should leave a note about it next time.
  • Egg Sitting: In "Who Is the Better Parent", the guys have to take care of a lifelike doll for three days. They both fail miserably, albeit Kenny intentionally so.
  • Embarrassing Old Photo: In the episode "Who Is the Better Jew", Kenny wears a T-shirt with a photo of Spenny as a child sitting on Santa's lap.
  • Ending Fatigue: Invoked in "Who Can Put On the Best Play". Despite being advised that his play is too long, Spenny adamantly refuses to cut any parts and presents a 14-acts-long piece. By the tenth act, the judge refuses to pay attention and starts messing with her cellphone.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: Whether Kenny's idiocy is on purpose or not, Spenny is sure to be angered by it.
  • Epic Fail: The arm wrestling competition is this for Spenny. After spending the entire episode training and weightlifting, he goes down in less than two seconds... despite Kenny being at a disadvantage due to being left-handed. It's enough to send Spenny into a childish tantrum.
  • Escalating War: In "Who Can Win a Rat Race", Kenny steals Spenny's rat and holds it hostage. Spenny then steals Kenny's record collection and holds it hostage, and then Kenny takes Spenny's mom in a van and says he can't be held liable for what should happen if the records aren't returned.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • In the octopus episode, Kenny asks that the camera crew stop filming while Spenny trips balls.
    • During the boxing episode, Kenny traps Spenny in a prison and goes to Niagara Falls. However, halfway through the trip, Kenny is overcome with guilt and travels back to let him out.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Kenny, that dark-humored, foul-mouthed Troll, just adores his mother, Tzafi.
  • Evil Laugh: Kenny is very good at this. Throughout the "no arms" and "don't touch the ground" episodes, he and his friends laughed maniacally profusely.
  • Exact Words:
    • Kenny will often twist the rules of a competition by interpreting them too literally. Verges on Insane Troll Logic in the arm wrestling episode, when Spenny says that he wants "a fair match between Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice". So Kenny locates a 14-year old boy who is also named Spencer Rice and handily wins a match against him.
    • In "Who Can Dance The Longest?", Spenny's search for Kenny leads him to Miriam (Kenny's sister)'s house. He offers her a hundred bucks to call "her brother" and ask him where he is, which she promptly accepts. However, she phones her other brother, Ronnie, instead.
  • Fan Disservice: Anyone who thought the "69" episode would be hot was immediately disappointed to realize it would be just two men screaming at each other while farting into each others' mouths.
  • Fanservice: The male stripper episode. Good god who was expecting Spenny to pull that one off?
  • Fartillery: Kenny will deliberately use his farts to annoy or disrupt Spenny if given the chance. And then there was the "Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart?" episode...
  • Flanderization: The show used to have little to no profanity, censored when one profane word was spoken, and very few sex/gay/crude jokes were made, if at all. Then the show moved to Showcase Television. For characterization, Kenny went from "mildly entertained by rigging the contest, but still a good friend" to "unrepentant Jerkass who spends most of his time thinking up the next borderline-illegal plan he can use to win a competition". Spenny went from "amicable straight guy who won't stoop to his friend's level" to "meek nerd who pretends he's mature, but suffers from severe paranoia and whines about everything."
  • Flawless Victory:
    • There have been a few. One notable example was the Gorilla Suit episode, where Spenny attempted several tactics that were all countered effortlessly by Kenny (doubling as a Humiliation Conga). Spenny tried to trap him in their sauna but while he was prepping the sauna Kenny beat him to the punch. Spenny stayed in a deep freeze to stay cool until Kenny locked him in. Spenny spent hours building a wearable icepack rig only for Kenny to tear it off immediately. Spenny collected ants to pour down Kenny's suit but the attack is used on him by Kenny while Spenny is gloating about how he will use the ant ants to win. In the end Spenny is easily defeated by Kenny lighting him on fire.
    • Another one is "Whoever has More Stains Loses". Kenny massacres Spenny in the paintball match, manages to spill his coffee on Spenny's lap in the second challenge and wins the tug-of-war effortlessly. Finally, he breaks Spenny's chocolate-covered rod in the sword battle, leaving him defenseless for most of the match.
  • Full-Name Basis: The guys devolve into this when mocking each other, especially Kenny.
  • Game-Breaking Injury:
    • Kenny's broken rib that he suffered right before the final challenge in "Who Can Win a Series of Mini-Competitions?"
    • In "Who is the Better Figure-Skater?", Kenny pretends to have one of these in the form of a broken leg.
  • Gasshole: Kenny. The "Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart?" episode makes an entire competition out of this.
  • Gonk: Kenny's friend Bobby, who is fat, hairy, ugly, has missing front teeth, and several disgusting unknown growths on the left side of his torso. His body is used a few times for humiliations.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Kenny's mom. "Spencer, I told you just Eff off!"
  • Groin Attack:
    • Taken about as far as possible in "Who can Win a Cockfight", but both men's genitals take a fair bit of abuse in general.
    • While roughhousing with the replacement Spencer in the arm wrestling episode, Kenny purposely kicked him in the gonads after receiving a (very) light backhand slap to the face.
    • Done to Spenny as the humiliation in "Who Can Stay Homeless the Longest".
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Spenny, and it only gets worse as the show goes on. By the final season he is a neurotic mess that screams at everyone and everything at the slightest provocation.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: In "Who do gay guys like more?", Spenny would repeatedly remind the gay man he was on a "date" with that he was straight. Despite this for some reason Spenny still thought it would be a good idea to try and kiss the poor guy, who was understandably put off.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Spenny attempts to prove he has this in the "Who Can Have More Fun" episode. He abandons it quickly when he realizes that his ways of having fun are too subdued compared to Kenny's.
    • Kenny has this for real. He was a war photographer during the Gulf War, and has won several awards for his work in filmmaking.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • Both Kenny and Spenny have this happen to them in "Who Can Eat More Meat." Their tactics of choice included eating many varieties of meat as quickly as possible versus only eating their favorite type of meat, respectively. Spenny's problem was that his favorite meat was turkey, and it was so dry that he couldn't keep up his pace. Kenny, meanwhile, ate so much meat that he got food poisoning and had to stop eating entirely. Spenny managed a win after he switched to a juicier meat.
    • The conclusion of "First One To Talk Loses" is especially notable. Flirty Kenny invites over Spenny's attractive cousin in order to frustrate Spenny into speaking...but it completely backfires when Kenny utters a single "Please!" when trying to make out with her.
  • Hollywood Acid: In "Who Can Win a Cock Fight", Kenny buys sulfuric acid with the intention of weaponizing it but is dismayed to discover that it won't dissolve a mannequin, a styrofoam head, a porcelain tile or even some fruit.
  • Honor Before Reason: Spenny's trademark. No matter what torture he suffers, what humiliation he goes through, Spenny rarely allows himself flexible rules the way Kenny does. A prime example being the island episode where Kenny reveals the island isn't a deserted island but a Cuban resort. Kenny wants to kick back and relax but Spenny refuses, committing to continuing the competition...even though he's guaranteeing his own utter misery by doing so.
  • Humiliating Wager: The loser of each week's competition is forced to perform an act of humiliation, which is chosen by the winner. If both boys forfeit the contest or if it ends in a tie, then the film crew gets elect a humiliation for them.
  • Humiliation Conga:
    • In "Who Can Put On the Best Play", the crew openly mocks Spenny's play, the director he had hired to assist him calls him a neurotic baby, and the show is edited so we see the judge's growing boredom as he performs his acts. Finally, when she proclaims that Kenny's play was much more enjoyable, the crew responds with a standing ovation. All topped off with the episode's actual humiliation: being forced to read the Gettysburg Address dressed as Abraham Lincoln while Kenny sits on his head - baring all except for a stove pipe hat painted on his back.
    • Kenny uses this to his advantage in "Who Can Handle More Torture?": by throwing the competition so he only has to do the end-of-episode humiliation while Spenny 'wins' by basically humiliating himself throughout the runtime.
  • Hypocrite: During "Who can bone the most women", Spenny spends the first half of the episode stressing the importance that he respects women, that he doesn't want to sexualize or objectify them, and that he would even admire and respect them more for turning down participating in the episode... until he actually finds someone willing to do sexual favors for him, which he then begins sniping at the other women as he boasts about how she is doing tons more for him than any of them ever have.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: During "Who can eat more meat" Kenny asks Dr. Goldfield how much money Kenny's penis would be worth if it were sold as food on the black market. Goldfield responds in whispered awe that it would be worth maybe more than a million.
  • In Medias Res: The "Who Can Catch A Bigger Fish" episode appears to do this, but subverts it when it's revealed that the footage of Kenny catching a fish had been filmed way before the competition had even started, and Kenny's true challenge that week was to convince Spenny that those events had happened while they were on the same boat.
  • Inspirationally Disabled: Kenny hires a mentally handicapped man to pretend to be his little brother so that he can impress a group of old ladies with how sweet and loving he is.
  • Insufferable Genius: Subverted with Spenny. Yes, he's more professional than Kenny and may be more book smart, but he's nowhere near Kenny's machiavellian mind when it comes to winning the weekly challenges. Also, Spenny has nowhere near Kenny's social skills: Kenny SEEMS like an obnoxious asshole, but it's mostly directed at Spenny, and he's very likeable compared and funny towards other people, while Spenny is more genuinely mean. Even the series' crew likes Kenny more and is willing to go along with his schemes.
  • Intoxication Ensues:
    • "Who Can Drink the Most Beer?" and "Who Can Smoke the Most Pot?"
    • In "Who Is Coolest?", Kenny pretends to become addicted to extreme hard drugs.
  • In the Blood: Kenny's entire family is made up of scheming manipulative people who enjoy tormenting Spenny. The only difference is they are able to hide it behind loving facades. In the ten-mile race, all of Kenny's relatives pretended his mother died and were in mourning. Cathartically, Spencer, despite arriving late to the footrace, proceeded to trounce his devious, scheming roommate while dressed in his best suit.
  • Jerkass:
    • More often Kenny, mainly due to the fact most of the time he has no idea where to draw a line or stop. Winning a beer drinking contest by swapping his own beer for non-alcoholic beer? Magnificent. Winning a humor contest by tricking Spenny with a fake medical letter saying that Spenny's contracted HIV? Kenny, you ASSHOLE.
    • One REALLY wonders, depending on certain things (it IS a TV show, there's likely some trickery afoot) why Spenny is still friends with him. Spenny has alleged in commentary they actually get along well when not trying to beat the other.
    • In one episode Spenny went through some trauma and Kenny comforted him. Spenny took a moment to tell the viewers that when it comes down to it Kenny is a good friend. Of course, the effect was ruined when Kenny won the competition using the aforementioned HIV prank.
    • Spenny himself can be obnoxious. In the episode where he goes on a date with a gay guy, he tries way too hard to act like the "mature" one, while at the same time every five seconds reminding him that he is not gay. At least Kenny acts offensive on purpose.
    • Spenny's personal trainer in their pilot episode. He believes Kenny is cheating (which in fairness, he was) and demands that he forfeit and make Spenny win. Kenny tells him that he isn't doing anything of the sort, and the trainer starts physically threatening him, and then putting him in a headlock until Kenny passes out.
    • In who can be the better news reporter, Spenny does the exact thing a reporter is not supposed to do, which is chase after ambulances and police cars to try and snoop on them for a story, which ends up causing the men to get really pissed at Spenny.
    • In Who is Funnier, Spenny confesses to a whole audience at a stand up club that he has HIV, or atleast he thought he did at the time. The comedian that went on stage immediately after Spenny walked out as an emotional wreck then proceeded to make jokes about Spenny having aids.
    • In the ten mile race episode, while driving to Kenny's mother's (fake) funeral, Spenny talks about what a bad mother she was and that she failed at bringing Kenny up into a decent person and this is really the only thing he ever says about her specifically after finding out about her death. Keep in mind that while she wasn't dead, he actually believed she was.
    • The whole "Who Can Piss Off More People" episode lends itself to this. Surprisingly, Kenny opted to cause large-scale grievances (like parking the show's production van in a busy intersection) to win, but it could be argued that he was still being a Jerkass. Spenny, meanwhile, adopted a completely new Jerkass persona (complete with prosthetic makeup) to render only 1-2 people angry at a time. He would apologize to them after making sure that they were truly angry.
    • "Who Can Sell More Bibles" shows Spenny becoming a money hungry jerkass when Kenny tricks him into believing that his script had been purchased by famous Hollywood producers.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Kenny can be this when he wants to. In the "Who do old people like more" episode, he hires a guy with Down's Syndrome to play his brother, "Lenny," who was supposed to tell the old ladies that Spenny touched him inappropriately. Horrible prank aside, Kenny spends the day leading up to it taking the guy out on the town, and just treating him to a fantastic day.
  • Jews Love to Argue: Both Kenny and Spenny are of Jewish heritage, (though Kenny admits he's more of an atheist; and Spenny is not at all religious) and the premise of the show is that they fight, so it's kind of an example of this trope.
  • Karma Houdini: Kenny wins several competitions by cheating, and always gets away scot-free.
  • Kavorka Man: Kenny, who manages to seduce virtually any girl he wants- except for Spenny's incredibly hot cousin, who he pines over.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • In one episode, Spenny makes it clear that he's not homophobic and is supportive of gay rights after Kenny starts making gay jokes. Later in the episode, he angrily screeches that Kenny is "SO GAY IT'S PATHETIC". Classy.
    • In a basketball competition, Spenny hires a group of children to be his basketball players, thinking Kenny wouldn't stop so low as to take them on in a real fight. ... He was wrong. And instead Kenny brought in his team, dressed in black and masks, screaming and taking the kids on without any mercy whatsoever.
  • Kill and Replace: Kenny's plan in the "Who Can be A Better Parent?" episode, to "kill" his doll by running the batteries out, then replacing it with Spenny's. However, he discovers that the doll has a very, very long battery life, prompting him to do an emergency reset to shut the battery down.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • KENNY. Every episode, Spenny lays out the rules and restrictions, trying to think of as many ways Kenny could find a way to cheat and prevent it. This rarely hinders Kenny, and only serves as his real challenge that week.
    • Spenny attempts this in "Who Can Squeeze More Boobs," seizing on the idea that the rules don't specifically female breasts. He thinks he's a genius for it but in practice it makes basically no difference as men are even less interested in being groped by him than women are. Of course, Kenny one-ups him by groping cow udders, manikins and chicken breasts. He also notes that hugging and bumping into other people technically counts as "touching their breasts", leading him to win the competition by a landslide.
  • Loser Gets the Girl: In the challenge "Who Can Be a Better Journalist", Spenny goes out on the streets and in sewers to find a good story. Kenny hires some sexy celebrity impersonators to be seen in public so he could cause some paparazzi panic. Spenny ends up winning the challenge because Kenny never actually got around to writing anything, and completely missed out on the official decision by the editor because he was too busy having sex with a Beyoncé impersonator. Kenny argues that he was still the winner in the end.
  • Lost Episode: "Who's the Bigger Idiot", which was never aired, as much of the humor was Kenny pretending to be mentally disabled, and even making fun of Spenny's cousin, who is autistic.
  • Male Gaze: With an all male crew, it's bound to happen and thus, the b-roll in "Who Can Survive on an Island the Longest?" is a marathon of shots focused only on the rears of Cuba's finest beach babes.
  • Manchild: Both Kenny and Spenny. The difference is the former embraces it, while the latter likes to think he is the mature one of the duo.
  • Messy Hair: Kenny has always had pretty ruffled hair, but its short and curly enough to look somewhat stylish. After the first few seasons, Spenny starts to grow his hair out and looks increasingly unkempt.
  • Missed Moment of Awesome: In the "Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart?" episode, at one point Spenny lets loose a huge fart that rivaled Kenny's best efforts and could have potentially won the episode for him. Unfortunately, he was holding the meter the wrong way, causing it to fail to register the full power of the fart. This starts a sequence of events that leads to him losing the competition.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
    • Midway through "Who Can Go the Longest with Their Head in a Chicken Coop", Kenny and Spenny change the challenge to "Who can win a mature and serious debate against each other while wearing a chicken coop on their head."
    • The finishing moments of each episode usually involve a dramatic score, even if it's for something as simple as one of the guys falling asleep.
  • Mushroom Samba: Spenny in the octopus episode, courtesy of Kenny dissolving some LSD on his orange juice. Kenny claims it's payback for something Spencer had done to him when they were younger, only to then find out that his friend was not involved at all.
  • Musical Episode: In "whoever stops singing loses", it's pretty much a terrible version of this trope. Spenny ends up getting stuck on "row row row your boat" all day, and Kenny's crew contemplates quitting over how stupid this whole scene is.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When Kenny locked Spenny in a room for a day to keep from having to fight him in boxing, even he thought he went too far. He was so disgusted with what he did that he rushed home early, let Spenny out, and then let Spenny win the fight.
  • Nerds Are Sexy: The reasoning behind Spenny's nerd costume for the stripper episode.
  • Nice Guy: Spenny likes to think he is this in contrast to Kenny's Jerkass. In the wrestling episode, he names his wrestling persona "The Nice Guy".
  • Nice Jewish Boy: Kenny tries to play this up in "Who Do the Elderly Like More".
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Kenny has a collection of rare collectible vintage records. Included in this collection are Nazi war songs, and recordings of speeches by Hitler and Jim Jones.
  • No Fourth Wall: The film crews frequently appear on camera and there are numerous references to production and the fans, to the point where the show is as much about the production of the show as it is about the show proper.
  • No Social Skills: Spenny's awkwardness when interacting with pretty much everyone is a major source of humour, and often results in the interlocutor leaving out of discomfort or annoyance. However, at times this is played for drama, most infamously in "Who Can Kiss More Women".
  • Not So Above It All:
    • While Spenny likes to advertise himself as an upstanding, patient competitor versus Kenny's lying cheater, he is extremely prone to losing his temper whenever Kenny starts to bend rules or insult him.
    • In regards to cheating, Spenny is also this. In the first season this is mostly averted as he needed to call his mother to get her blessing to cheat for the "Who is the Better Chef?" competition. But in later seasons, while not outright breaking rules, Spenny is fully willing to use any means at his disposal toget Kenny to quit. This is best seen in the "Gorilla Suit" competition, where much of the episode follows Spenny as he schemes to get Kenny to remove his own costume.
    • While Spenny is always willing to express his distaste for Kenny's sense of humour, this trait seems to be mostly fabricated for the show. A few instances of Freeze-Frame Bonus show Spenny laughing at his friend's pranks, most notably in the "69" episode, where he cracks a smile when Kenny farts in his face.
  • Off the Rails
    • The episode, "Who Can?" Kenny shows up dressed as a Roman Emperor and demands worship, and it just sort of... goes from there.
    • Every now and then there's the occasional episode where Kenny decides to just ignore the competition entirely to simply indulge in himself, or to torment Spenny, usually both.
    • "Who is the Better Figure Skater?" deserves special mention, since the competition never properly started in the first place.
  • Oh, Crap!: In "Who's the Better Soldier" Spenny is ecstatic about finally having a strict judge who will penalize Kenny and enforce the rules. At first Spenny's dreams seem to come true, as Spenny makes a good first impression while Kenny's attitude disgusts the drill instructor. Then the drill instructor asks Spenny why he hasn't whipped Kenny into shape and tells him that since they are a team they are responsible for each other. Spenny is horrified.
  • Older Than They Look: Both of them look to be in their early thirties or even late 20s. However by the 4th season, both Kenny and Spenny were already into their forties.
  • Only in It for the Money: Spenny is deeply frustrated when one of the porn stars he hires for a challenge is not even trying to display any emotion and openly states that he's just here for the money.
  • Only Sane Man: Spenny tries to be... but usually ends up holding the Idiot Ball. In later seasons his sanity seems to have snapped. Easily flustered, and when flustered prone to angry outbursts of garbled, incoherent ranting, spastic violence and a tendency to injure himself, others or his possessions.
    • He does genuinely become this in the Who Can... episode. He walks into the production house to find that Kenny has hired guards and convinced them and the show's entire crew to act like ancient Romans with him as their emperor. While Spenny loudly disapproves at first, he soon sinks to their level; he tries to end their shenanigans by dressing up as the person who, in real life, killed the character that Kenny is playing. This stunt gets him locked in the basement and chained up for the better part of a day.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Spenny suffers badly from this in "Who Can Put On a Better Play" while trying to do a French accent. The judge of the episode deducts marks from him for it, and there's even a cutaway to his most egregious example.
  • Papa Wolf:
    • Spenny begins to feel this in the "Who Can Squeeze More Breasts" episode, telling the audience that he wants to scold the girls whose breasts he's squeezing by telling them not to let him squeeze their breasts.
    • Spenny is very protective of his cousin Bianca, especially when Kenny makes advances on her. It doesn't help that, during the "Boner" episode, Spenny had explicitly asked her to arouse Kenny, but then got angry when Kenny was showing interest.
  • The Paranoiac: Spenny has shades of this, given his boastful behaviour, Hair-Trigger Temper, limited sense of humour and tendency to act as The Fundamentalist in a show that thrives on bizarre and politically-incorrect comedy. That's without even mentioning his infamous breakdown in "Who Can Kiss the Most Girls".
  • Perpetual Frowner:
    • Spenny. This mostly comes about as a result of his constant exasperation with Kenny's cheating, lying or making crude jokes to the camera, and can last an entire episode if Spenny doesn't enjoy the competition. In episodes where he does have fun during the competition, his mood is generally brighter/more positive.
    • "Who Can Win A Beauty Pageant" reveals Spenny is ashamed of his own smile because he thinks it makes him look unattractive. This leads him to suppress it as much as he can, with the results noticeable even in the promos and DVD covers.
  • Pixellation:
    • Whenever someone is on camera that doesn't want to be seen on the show. Such as Spenny's mother, which is likely a good move, considering she's pretty much the go-to punchline for all of Kenny's most vulgar insults.
    • Also for obvious censorship of inappropriate things. Rather odd though, in that they are able to show a puppet wearing a gigantic floppy erect dildo completely uncensored, but when Spenny starts putting that very same puppet's member in his mouth, they have to censor it.
  • Please Don't Leave Me: In "Who Can Lift More Weight With Their Genitals", Kenny, in his own way, begs for Spenny not to move out and quit the show. Of course the emotion is sort of lost, as Kenny is only wearing a t shirt.
  • Popularity Power: The reason Kenny seems to win more competitions that are decided by a third party. He may be crass and offensive, but he also knows how to be fun and is fairly charismatic. Spenny tends to just make people feel uncomfortable.
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Spenny, during "Who Is the Best Rapper". Bonus points for thinking Eminem's name is pronounced E-mine-um.
  • Put on a Bus: Spenny's second unit coordinator, Donny after season 3. He comes back in the wrestling episode in season 5 to serve as the referee.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Spenny technically wins "Who Can Handle More Torture" but Kenny quickly realized that it was more of a "Who Can Handle More Humiliations" competition and threw it, meaning he only had to endure one humiliation at the end while Spenny received half a dozen over the course of the episode.
  • Rage Quit: Spenny quits the show in the "Who can lift more weight with their genitals" episode. He comes back later.
  • Rant-Inducing Slight: Kenny tends to keep Spenny perpetually near his breaking point, so Spenny very commonly is brought to this.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Through careful planning, Kenny was able to make Spenny believe that this was in effect in the "Ten Mile Race" episode. It turned out that Kenny's mother had only faked her death so that while Spenny drove up to the cemetery where the funeral would was being held, Kenny would be able to get a hard start on the race.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: This is the usual dynamic between Kenny (red) and Spenny (blue). Subverted in terms of temperament. While Kenny is easily the wilder of the two, Spenny has a much hotter temper, and he is more prone to devolving into frustrated yelling when things aren't going his way.
  • Red Right Hand: Kenny is missing the tip of one of his fingers. And is pure evil.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Kenny's strategy for winning often depends heavily on this trope. Five seasons in, however, there isn't exactly much territory left for him to take refuge in — we mean, once you've faked your own mother's death and tricked your best friend into believing they had AIDS, there isn't much audacity left to take refuge in.
  • Replacement Goldfish: The minute Spenny leaves in one episode, Kenny starts looking for awesome new replacements.
  • Robosexual: In "First Person to Talk Loses", it seems Spenny's laptop's text-to-speech program has fallen passionately in love with Kenny.
  • Running Gag:
    • Spenny saying that he hopes the children don't start mimicking Kenny's behaviour, oblivious to the fact that the show targets an adult audience.
    • Almost any time Kenny is ever talking to ladies on the street, he will ask them for a simple peck on the cheek, and then at the last second he turns his head so that they accidentally kiss him on the lips. It works every time.
    • Pretty much every other episode will bring up Spenny's extreme self-consciousness over the size of his penis.
    • Kenny repeatedly desecrates Spenny's bed in the show, ranging from merely rubbing against the blankets while naked to peeing all over the sheets.
    • Kenny farting into Brendan's boom mic.
    • The many, many jokes at the expense of Spenny's mother. This might explain why she refuses to show her face whenever she makes an actual appearance.
    • Kenny claiming that Spenny is a closeted homosexual who is secretly attracted to him.
  • Sadist Show: Despite the competition format, the main plot of the show is Kenny finding various ways to torment Spenny.
    Spenny: "It's not fair!"
    Crew member: "Well, life is not fair."
    Spenny: "... Shut up!"
  • Serial Escalation: The competitions and humiliations got progressively more disgusting over the course of the show. Season 3 opened with Kenny being forced to eat Spenny's boogers, season 4 had the main duo competing over who could blow the biggest fart, and the premiere of season 5 was "Who Could Keep a Dump on Their Pants the Longest". According to Kenny, the reason for this was because they realized the show was competing with South Park and Family Guy, both of which are infamous for pushing the limits of gross-out comedy.
  • Serious Business: The season three finale, "Arm-Wrestling Competition". Spenny hires a crack team of security guards to protect him from Kenny to prevent any possible sabotage.
  • Sherlock Scan: In a very rare moment of non-gullibility, Spenny was actually able to recognize that the police officer at his house was actually a paid actor just from looking at the quality of his shoes.
  • Shipper on Deck: After having to call a draw during the camping episode due to them getting into a serious fight with each other, the crew decided their double humiliation be that they make up... by making out with each other.
  • Shirtless Scene: Kenny spends a large percent of the show walking around in his underwear.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Shown Their Work: Spenny, whenever he feels that there is a social issue he must discuss with the audience. This backfires on him when he makes a presentation on gorillas that (he thinks) are going extinct, only for one of his crew members to inform him that a large population of them had just been found in the Congo.
  • Sore Loser: Kenny generally takes his losses much worse than Spenny does. For example, in "Who Can Produce More Semen" Kenny storms away when its revealed Spenny won. Spenny, especially in later seasons, generally takes his losses and humiliations with a little more grace. In "Who Is the Better Soldier" Spenny was puked on by the entire crew and he took it while laughing.
  • Spiteful Spoiler: Done unwillingly in the pilot episode. As punishment for losing the show's first competition, Spenny is forced to stand in front of a cinema and reveal the ending of Unbreakable to people who had just bought the tickets. At least one understandably enraged moviegoer responds by angrily shoving Spenny.
  • Spoiled Brat: Spenny thinks that Kenny was raised this way by his mother.
  • Stupidity Is the Only Option: Kenny didn't seem to like the idea of making a pornography film in "Who Can Make a Better Porno". so instead, he decided to make a bunch of short sketch clips involving sex-related jokes, featuring only himself. The end result was pretty much the exact same stuff he made for "Who Can Make the Better Commercial".
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: Spenny does this when he gets mad. Which is often.
  • Supreme Chef: Kenny is a surprisingly skilled chef. This is the reason Spenny immediately decides to cheat in "Who is the Better Chef?"
  • Technical Pacifist: Kenny isn't actually a violent person. He will lie, manipulate, torture, and Mind Rape Spenny, but outside of light rough housing, Kenny does not like to get into serious fights. It's why they had to forfeit the wilderness episode, and why he took such extreme measures to get out of the boxing episode.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Episodes like "Who Can Keep a Dump on their Pants the Longest" and "First Person to Stop Singing Loses" have established that some of Kenny and Spenny's actions greatly disturb their crews. However, both teams got to have the time of their life torturing the protagonists during "Who Can 69 Each Other the Longest". With the duo tied down together and almost completely defenseless, the entire crew joined in spraying them with any liquids available, throwing random objects at them, and breaking plates over them. For once they were the ones not screaming for mercy.
  • Toilet Humor:
    • Kenny has stated that one of his favourite humiliations was to drip chocolate mixture on Spenny's face from an angle that makes it look as if he is defecating on his friend.
    • Exaggerated in "Who Can Blow the Biggest fart", as Spenny says that blowing big farts is a matter of honour to him.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Kenny and his coffee. Which has been exploited for a humiliation.
  • Transatlantic Equivalent: Ported to the U.K. as Ed vs. Spencer, to Germany as Elton vs. Simon and to Quebec as Frank vs. Girard. As well as two different versions in Netherlands. One has two guys, the other has two girls. Actually, scratch that, make that SEVEN Dutch versions, as of 2014, including one with team vs team challenges and multiple male vs female versions.
  • Unishment: One humiliation sees Spenny put a gigantic billboard up on a screen, that just says "Kenny Hotz Is A LOSER" with a slideshow showing awful, unflattering pictures of Kenny, and then demands Kenny stand shirtless in the street so people can call him a loser. Kenny actually loves it, because "my fucking picture's like 50 feet high!" He actually starts dancing in the street for people, before Spenny realizes he's wasted three thousand dollars on this.
    Spenny: That's what happens when you're dealing with an egomaniac extrovert. Shit.
  • Unsettling Gender Reveal: At Kenny's behest, Terah does this in the "Who Can Bone More Women" episode in front of Spenny. Spenny had previously received numerous sexual favors from her.
  • Unusual Euphemism: Kenny refers to his penis as "Girthanthaclops" in "Who Can Bone More Women".
  • Up to Eleven: Kenny has many evil alter egos, but somehow his Satan persona isn't the most evil or sadistic one. As Spenny notes in the Arm Wrestling episode, that honor goes to Silencio, a masked wrestler whose sole purpose is to sneak aound the house and pull childish pranks on him.
  • Viewers Are Morons:
    • During "Who can produce a better commercial" Spenny claims it doesn't matter if the pizza he's making doesn't taste good because kids can't tell what good food tastes like.
    • Spenny's suggestions and lectures don't go beyond the most basic common sense. In "Who Can Handle More Torture", he interrupts one of the challenges to explain to the viewers why condoms have reservoirs.
  • Versus Title: Interestingly, the competitions that the title alludes to are not the driving force behind each episode; Kenny's ability to use them as an excuse to humiliate Spenny is.
  • Villain Protagonist: Kenny's machinations drive the plot of most episodes.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: Many times. Some of the more notable ones are Kenny in "Who Can Drink More Beer" and in "Who Can Eat More Meat", Spenny in "Who Can Produce More Semen", and also the show's entire crew in "Who's the Best Soldier".
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head:
    • In "Who Is the Best Fashion Designer?", Spenny's outfits were made out of flags from various nations.
    • In "Who Can Stay Naked the Longest", Kenny's umbrella is shown to feature the Brazilian flag. He later attaches a shower curtain to it, enabling him to use it to cover his body while he strolls outside.
  • With Friends Like These...: Kenny and Spenny have been friends for years, although you would be excused to think that they hate each others' guts if you only know them from this show.
  • Write Who You Know: In "Who Can Make a Better Porno?" Spenny writes out a scenario that's been his personal fantasy since he was an adolescent.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Spenny seems to be under the impression that the show's audience are kids looking for life lessons on honesty and fairness.


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