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  • Accidental Innuendo: Spenny giving his goat a bath: "His big ballsack. Let's get it all clean... Yeah! He likes that!"
  • Anvilicious: In every episode, Spenny tries too hard to teach the audience an important lesson from this scheme. Sometimes it was pretty obnoxious, like in the homeless episode how he commented on how he now realizes what it's like to be truly homeless after..... 15 minutes of sitting on a park bench on a sunny afternoon.
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In the middle of "Who's the better jew?" Kenny dons a Hitler costume, dubs himself "Adolf Shitler" and performs a soft love-ballad music video entitled "Where The Butterflies Flow."
  • Broken Base: How much of the show is real and how much is scripted is a major source of debate. Kenny himself has claimed that 100% of it is authentic, but fans have been able to pinpoint inconsistencies in some episodes that contradict his statement, such as Spenny's arms suddenly appearing untied in "First One to Use Their Arms Loses".
  • Crazy Awesome: Kenny. He's even referred to by the Drill Sargent in the "Who's A Better Soldier" episode as "crazier than shit".
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Kenny's life goal is to see how far he can take this trope to the limit.
    • In Who Can Sell The Most Bibles, Spenny thinks he got the movie deal of his dreams and has sold his script to Robert DeNiro, and making plans to fly to LA immediately. When one of his crew members ask "What about the bibles?" Spenny shrieks "FUCK THE BIBLES!"
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  • Cult Classic: The show was aired on multiple networks and ultimately the plug was pulled on each of them, before the show finally ended after six seasons. Yet Kenny and Spenny maintain a devoted following to this day. The creators and fans alike clamored for a long time to get the show on Netflix (who just weren't interested), until Kenny finally gave back to the fans by putting the show's entire run on his Youtube account for free.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Brendan, Kenny's sound guy, is beloved for his sense of humour and gets the most screen time out of any crew member.
  • Fetish Retardant:
    • For Spenny when directing his own porn film. The excitement was sort of killed for him by the fact that the actress' breath smelled "like cigarettes and testicles" and was amazed that someone had breath worse than Kenny.
    • In the whoever-gets-a-boner-first-loses episode, Kenny uses LITERAL fetish retardant to ensure his win: he gets a local anesthetic shot into his junk to kill any possible boner.
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  • Foe Yay: To some extent. Kenny himself regularly comments on how much Spenny wants to do obscene things with him. Spenny, of course, denies it.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Subverted in the legendary "who do black people like more" episode. Kenny spends a whole afternoon having a serious and enlightening conversation with a black woman hired to clean the house that day. As he acts like a perfect gentleman to her, he realizes that Spenny having a black maid as a child wasn't a sign of racism, and he promises her that he will apologize to Spenny for claiming it ever was. And then he reveals that he edited the clips of the conversation between the cleaning lady in with clips of Spenny arguing with Kenny to make Spenny look like vicious racist and then shows it to the three black judges for the episode.
    • Another one is from the episode "Who do kids like more." Kenny bribes the kids with candy and toys, while Spenny takes the kids on a city wide scavenger hunt. Spenny still loses, but the single kid to vote for him over Kenny was pretty touching.
  • Ho Yay:
    • One episode has Kenny and Spenny competing over who could go the longest without getting an erection. For the final test they hired two strippers to give them lapdances. Kenny hired a male one for Spenny. One striptease and dance from a guy later, and Spenny lost the competition.
    • In the episode "Who Do Gay Guys Like More?", Kenny looks at the camera and says that he and Spenny "have been lovers for years" before pulling down his pants and trying to get Spenny to have sex with him right there in the kitchen.
    • Then there was the episode where they competed over who could sodomize themselves with a foot long hotdog the farthest. Kenny refused to go through with it, but Spenny didn't, much to Kenny and the crew's disbelief.
    • The entirety of the "69" episode, obviously. Bizarrely enough, this is one of the episodes where Spenny looks the least irritated despite being at Kenny's mercy the whole way through. He laughs when Kenny farts on his face, can be seen smiling when the two start slapping and punching each others' buttocks and cracks jokes when Kenny begins humping his chest.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Spenny is considered this by some. His moralizing can be ham-handed and condescending, which reflects badly in some of the more socially-oriented challenges, and he only looks like more of a stick-in-the-mud compared to Kenny. Even then, Spenny gets tortured so much on the show that it's hard not to feel a little sorry for him at times, even if you're a fan that considers him the Chew Toy.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Kenny. He's underhanded, devious, and often ruthless.... and he rarely gets caught. AND he's the more popular of the two. For example, in the episode "Who can take the most torture" Kenny went out of his way to make sure he lost, because that would mean Spenny ends up being tortured the whole time and all Kenny has to do is one little humiliation.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Kenny took an X-ray machine and used it to give Spenny radiation poisoning in his sleep just to make him sexually impotent for a competition. However, in later interviews, Kenny revealed that while he did acquire the radiation machine, he never actually turned it on. He included the footage so that Spenny would think that he did, subverting this trope.
    • In "Who Is Funnier", Spenny is convinced that he is HIV positive because of a letter Kenny had forged, leading him to feel depressed and perform miserably during the challenge. Kenny then uses this practical joke as his own entry and wins.
    • Kenny crosses it in almost every episode. Here's a list of things he's done: Faked his own mother's death, kidnapped Spenny's mother and held her for ransom, pretended to be ill (twice!) to manipulate Spenny into answering his every request, drugged Spenny with LSD, splashed Spencer's mouth with semen he had found on stray condoms, locked Spencer in a small room for an entire day... the last one was so bad it was treated as this even in-universe.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • Their humiliations are often this. Ranging from scraping off the plaque on their tongue and forcing the loser to eat it, to having to eat a pig's head snout-first and drinking it down with milk.
    • One humiliation had Spenny unclog a public toilet with his own bare hand.
    • The entire meat eating episode is gross, as Kenny and Spenny both eat over a dozen pounds of meat, but it reaches a crescendo when Kenny gets sick and starts puking all of the meat back up.
    • Out of all the competitions, "Who Can Keep a Dump in their Pants the Longest" is easily the most stomach-turning.
    Kenny: "The fact that you haven't changed the channel yet means that you guys are disgusting."
    • Made even worse when a deleted scene reveals Kenny had tricked Spenny into having dog feces added into his diaper.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Kenny is a Villain Protagonist whose pranks often cross the Moral Event Horizon, but his cleverness and the fact that his main target can be a major condescending jerk make it near impossible not to root for him to win.
  • Squick:
    • Countless examples, but the humiliations are usually where they pull out all the stops.
    • Some examples are Spenny being puked on by the crew, Spenny rolling around in his own feces while high on acid, Kenny and Spenny in a bath together and of course Spenny's old man ass in the Naked episode.
    • If you thought the meat eating episode was disturbing, try watching "Who Can Have More Fun" or "Who Can Produce More Semen" to see what other uses Kenny has for beef.
    • In "Who Is the Better Boxer", Kenny locks Spenny in a room for a full day, forcing him to use a bucket as a toilet. Spenny retaliates by throwing the contents of the bucket directly into Kenny's face as soon as he is freed.
    • The octopus challenge is this in-universe, as Kenny gives up mere hours into the competition because he thought it was too gross.
  • Tear Jerker: In Who Can Sell The Most Bibles, Spenny plans on leaving for Los Angeles after believing he has been given over 400,000 dollars and a movie deal with Robert DeNiro. Kenny, knowing that none of this is true, begs Spenny to stay with him, and his family, and their friends, and the show. When that fails he quietly asks if he could come along and maybe Spenny could help him good connections in the movie business. When Spenny says no to this, Kenny meekly says he'll buy a plane ticket anyways so that they wouldn't have to say goodbye forever. Spenny tells him not to, and that he is done with him and the show, and all he wants is the money and fame. Who knew that Kenny was the nice friend?
  • Values Dissonance: Kenny's always been the anti-PC type, and his jokes have always been tasteless, but the way he sometimes treats women on the show wouldn't fly so well nowadays. His Running Gag of goading women into kissing him on the cheek, only to turn around and kiss them on the lips, is more frowned upon nowadays than it was in the mid-2000s, and (especially on the back of the #MeToo discourse) his advances on Spenny's cousin Bianca are uncomfortable, to say the least.
  • The Woobie: Subverted in "Who Do Disabled People Like More," the three judges are Catherine (who is hearing-impaired and uses sign language), Jeff (who has thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrome and gets around in a wheelchair), and Brian (who is visually and hearing impaired). All three really get put through the ringer by Spenny trying too hard, being condescending multiple times and giving them ill-fitting activities (a dance party? Really, Spenny?) Then even more so, when Kenny - pretending to be Spenny the entire day - intentionally brings them on multiple activities that exclude at least one of them due to their disability, just to get them to vote for Kenny. Overall, it's easy to feel sorry for poor Catherine and Brian, who make no secret of their displeasure, and they really earned that TV paycheck. Don't feel sorry for Jeff, however, as he reveals at the end that he's seen Kenny Vs Spenny before and knew what Kenny was doing the entire time! And he still votes for the real Kenny, because he thought his plan was brilliant.


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