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Film / Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil

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Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil is a Slasher Movie from 1992.

Father Jonas, a psychopathic priest who seeks to 'save' what he perceives as dirty and tainted, kills two Hamilton High students during the prom night of 1957 (the same night Mary Lou burned to death, talk about a bad night). After several failed attempts to help him, the church places him in a sedated coma. Over three decades later, he awakens and promptly continues his mission to kill sinners.

This film has the examples of:

  • Agony of the Feet: Mark eludes Jonas by climbing to the roof, but is then stabbed through his foot, which sends him sliding down.
  • Auto Erotica: Featured in the opening where two youths leave the prom to have some good time in a backseat of a car. Father Jonas then appears as the mood killer.
  • The Cavalry Arrives Late: The police and the church representatives arrive at the scene after Meagan defeats Father Jonas.
  • Continuity Nod: Hamilton High is not the main location of the film, but it does appear twice.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: After awakening from his catatonic state, Father Jonas spends rest of the movie barefeet.
  • Eye Awaken: After being defeated by Meagan and placed in an ambulance, the unconscious Father Jonas opens his eyes dramatically.
  • Falling Damage: Apparently it doesn't exist in the movie's universe, as at one point Jonas seemingly just jumps off a two story building without harm. This could be meant to show he's supernaturally tough though.
  • Faux Yay: Laura plays at getting intimate with poor Meagan to test if she's gay.
  • Final Girl: Genre-wise, Meagan got lucky for holding on to her virginity.
  • Impaled Palm: Father Jonas has stigmata, which fuels his religious fanaticism.
  • The Ingenue: Meagan is a good, innocent Catholic girl—and Laura teases her for it.
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  • Kiss of Death: Father Jonas kisses Jeff before lifting him up and crushing his skull.
  • Knight Templar: Unlike Mary Lou, Jonas thinks he's a good guy doing God's work by killing people, even though the worst "Crimes" they commit are things like premarital sex or drinking. In some ways this actually makes him more disturbing
  • Lingerie Scene: Provided by Meagan and Laura as they prepare for their graduation party.
  • Living Statue: After Father Jonas finishes his prayer at the church in the prologue and leaves, a statue of Jesus turns its head.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Father Jonas, who is either murderously psychotic or actually possessed. Considering how nonchalantly he crushes a guy's head with his bare hands (not to mention being able to get up and just keep killing after being in a coma for thirty or so years), probably the latter.
  • Madman in the Attic: Father Jonas was kept tied to a bed beneath a church before he got loose.
  • Mooning: Jeff moons the Hamilton High prom attendees as he and his friends ride a limousine to Mark's parents' summer place.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Laura provides a few gratuitous nude scenes (though these were not performed by Joy Tanner; her body double had a larger bust).
  • Neck Lift: Father Jonas lifts Jonathan by the neck before killing him.
  • Numbered Sequels: With a subtitle.
  • Once Is Not Enough: After temporarily blinding Father Jonas, Meagan runs away to get the revolver.
  • Prom Wrecker: Father Jonas does this in the beginning when he starts hacking up "sinners" at the senior prom.
  • Psychotic Smirk: Father Jonas smirks at Mark before he starts pursuing him through the house.
  • Recursive Canon: While toasting their prom night in the limo, Jeff also toasts Jamie Lee Curtis, eliciting laughter from the rest of the group. As Curtis was the star of the original film, this implies that the first movie exists in the universe of this film (and by extension, the second and third, which share the same continuity as this one).
  • The Scourge of God: Father Jonas specifically targets "whores and sinners", so that he can deliver their souls to Jesus Christ.
  • Sequel Hook: Father Jonas is alive, and as he opens his eyes, so does Meagan, hinting a connection of some kind between them.
  • Shovel Strike: Meagan seemingly defeats Father Jonas by whacking him repeatedly with a shovel, and then trapping him in the burning woodshed by using it to jam the door.
  • Shower Scene: Provided by Laura after she has had sex with Jeff.
  • Stock Footage: Several of the 1957 prom scenes from the second film are recycled, as well as an establishing shot of Hamilton High from the third film. The exterior shot of Meagan’s house was also used in the third film as the exterior of Alex’s house.
  • Weapon of Choice: Father Jonas's sharpened cross.


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