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  • Evangelion 303: Asuka feels like this often due to being -in her opinion- Surrounded by Idiots and weirdoes.
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, this trope is somewhat juxtaposed in that the only logical pony around seems to be Crazy Larry. This is given that he often points out the inaccuracies and Insane Troll Logic of the text sometimes, and while still somewhat crazy himself, he's still leaps and bounds more sane than the Lemony Narrator.
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  • Honor Trip: Poor Kaji, forced to constantly be in close proximity to Hagala, Hufeh, Ignai, and Kataba.
  • Harry Potter in the fanfic How Hogwarts Became A Nudist Colony. After a battle with Voldemort, Harry returns to Hogwarts only to find that it's now a nudist colony:
    Dumbledore: You may have noticed a few changes around school?
    Ron: 'arry, that's just not polite.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality:
    • Harry himself, due to being an outsider for wizard culture and a rationalist.
      You're giving me a time machine to treat my sleep disorder.
      You're giving me a TIME MACHINE to treat my SLEEP DISORDER.
      "Ehehehehhheheh..." Harry's mouth said. He was now holding the necklace away from him as though it were a live bomb. Well, no, not as if it were a live bomb, that didn't begin to describe the severity of the situation. Harry held the necklace away from him as though it were a time machine.
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    • Played With, in that the rest of the characters are perfectly normal, and Harry is simply significantly more sane than the average person. (Most of the time, anyway.)
    • By Word of God, characters intended to meet this trope include Harry, Hermione, Professor McGonagall, Professor Quirrell, Draco, Neville, Daphne Greengrass, Susan Bones, Mad-Eye Moody, Amelia Bones, and Fawkes. Note that in many cases, these are the same characters whose madness is being contrasted against.
  • In the Disgaea fanfic Disgaea Jewel of the gods Adell is this, due to Laharl and Mao often arguing all the time, or being crazy.
    • Mao is this when Laharl and Adell are being too Hot-Blooded.
  • In the South Park fanfic Etruscan Philosophy, by Gariand, Stan plays this role to the hilt:
    For what seemed like the millionth time, Stan was forced to act as peacemaker. "Cartman, shut up. Kyle, calm down. Kenny, this isn't funny." He pinched the bridge of his nose.
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  • Subverted in Shinji And Warhammer 40 K, where Ritsuko's attempts to make sense of the increasingly physics-breaking powers Shinji develops from the AT-field and the other incredibly odd events happening around her.....end up driving her insane.
  • In the WWE alternate universe story, The Horsewomen Of Las Vegas, Brooke Tessmacher is this for Becky Lynch's Ragtag Band of Misfits, as Becky is impatient and juvenile and Nikki Cross is a sociopathic sadist.
  • Played straight in Bagenders with Legolas (and possibly Sam), Aragorn being somewhat neurotic, Frodo being insane, Gandalf being a Dirty Old Man, as are Merry and Pippin, Gimli is rarely seen, but has installed anti hobbit defence mechanisms in his room. Of course knowing the crap that Merry, Pippin, and Frodo do that's an example of Properly Paranoid.
  • Zuko in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic The Boiling Rock definitely fits it. If he's not breaking the Fourth Wall, he's mentioning how the story is nothing but a world of madness that he is trapped in.
  • Sora in Kingdom Hearts The Short and Honest Version fanfic and its sequel. To Quote said Character.
  • In Oh God, Not again! Neville, out of all people, is the most sane character in the entire cast.
  • In almost any Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic, that stars Team Chaotix, Espio will be this.
  • Hitsugaya in Uninvited Guests is the only one who doesn't operate under Insane Troll Logic or alcoholic madness. Well, before he snapped that is.
  • In the Mass Effect fanfic Inglorious Bosh'tets, Tali'Zorah has the unenviable task of trying to manage a crew of idiotic and insane Quarians, all of whom blame her for pretty much everything.
  • In the Death Note fanfic I Won't Say Light Yagami ironically plays this role when the cast visits Wammy's House.
  • Lindy in the Negima! Magister Negi Magi / Lyrical Nanoha crossover Equal & Opposite Attraction. She is often seen binging on tea and facepalming while trying to control Negi, Fate, Arf, and all the shenanigans they get into.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers: Switzerland and Austria in the Alternate History 1983: Doomsday Stories make an effort in trying to be paragons of sanity in the post-apocalyptic wasteland...except that the former is doing a better job (though more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold) while the latter is much closer to being a Broken Bird.
  • Shinji Ikari in Nobody Dies, who is basically a well-adjusted and sane version of his canon self. Everyone else is totally weird.
  • Even though Kyon and Chisame have had their backstories revised when they're brought into The Emiya Clan, they retain their personalities perfectly. Everyone else in the Clan is insane, weird, perverted, or otherwise, while these two struggle but usually succeed to keep their sanity amidst a household where random explosions, Eldritch Abominations, and harem antics are considered normal.
    • Going by Nasuverse stats, Kyon has EX rated Common Sense. Chisame has A+.
  • Andy from Calvin and Hobbes: The Series eventually became this after initially being The Generic Guy. He's usually the only one who can keep everyone in the group from arguing. Hobbes and Sherman also act like this, but have their own moments of insanity as well.
    • During the crossover "Calvin's Batman Adventure", the villains play this role to Calvin.
  • Inspector Lestrade in the Deliver Us from Evil Series, whether among his own colleagues or Sherlock Holmes and his friends.
  • In The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments, during the prank war between the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle takes this role.
  • Naomi Misora and her son Duck in All You Need Is Love-when the paranoid neurotic and the Enfant Terrible play this role, it's saying something.
  • Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie in Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure, in two very different ways. Fluttershy is the only character whose personality isn't completely warped and who doesn't worship the metaphorical ground Admiral Awesome treads on, as well as being the one most likely to come up with good plans (which are then ignored because the author doesn't like her). Pinkie Pie, meanwhile, is a Fourth-Wall Observer in the story and therefore is the only one who realizes that the whole thing is just a terribly-written fanfic.
  • In The Wizard in the Shadows this alternates between Emrys, Boromir and Aragorn, though mostly Emrys and Boromir, both of whom regard most of the cast (particularly Harry) as batshit insane.
  • Anybody who knows anything about the Peggy Sue Naruto Fanfic Yet again, with a little extra help knows that everyone in that fic is completely insane - except for Kurenai.
  • The Reading Rainbowverse has Trixie point out how utterly crazy Ponyville is, and assume staying away assures she remains sane. Unfortunately, she has this revelation a little bit too late.
  • In An Alternate Keitaro Urashima, Shinobu is the only resident of the Hinata Inn who recognizes how Granny Hina's attempts to force Keitaro to become manager aren't very nice. Later on, Haruka comes around following her Break the Haughty arc, and Urumi moves in to provide another voice of sanity.
  • In Mega Man Recut, Proto Man and Elec Man are this.
  • In Button Mash Isn't Dead Button Mash's Mom, Maternity is the only pony who can see and hear her (not quite) dead son.
  • In the Frozen fanfic Frozen Wight, Elsa feels this way after listening to advisors who would like her to use her ice powers in ways that make money, like selling said ice directly to the public without the middleman (which Elsa refuses because that would put Kristoff and his ice harvesting crew out of business), opening more ice rinks, or creating more of the fabric she uses in her sky-blue ice dress, and other things. But Elsa gets really pissed off when her advisors suggest she create sentient snowmen to overthrow other countries.
  • The Reactsverse: The eponymous characters of Weiss Reacts and Lucina Reacts are this, and Sayaka is the Only Sane Woman in Homura Reacts.
  • Junko Enoshima finds herself unwittingly becoming this in The Ultimate Hope when everyone else's hope prevents them from seeing the despair in her actions (besides Mukuro, who plays along just to annoy her). And before long, after trying everything in her power to convince them of her villainy she's instead being hailed as a hero for all the hope she inadvertently created.
  • In the parody fic Xtremly Scray this role is at one point filled by Voldemort.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfic The Ultimate Evil, the canon plot has an addition in the form of Valerie Payne, a young university student who's hired as the Chans' shop assistant and joins their adventures. While trying to balance her new of life of magic and danger with her university studies, she's exasperated by her extended family at times, at one point wondering if they'll turn her grey before she reaches her thirties.
  • Lampshaded in Doing It Right This Time, when designated Meta Girl Asuka has a moment of slightly horrified realisation that the person to come through the end of the world and the subsequent inexplicable do-over with the least amount of mental trauma might be her.
  • In no grave can hold my body down, Chloe is the only person who thinks that maybe the goddess causing visions of death and destruction is bad news. A few cultists fear the goddess...but not enough to actually stop worshiping her.
  • In Wonderful!, when Taylor, Sophia and Emma are together, the latter remains level-headed and rational while their friends are busy bickering and arguing.
  • A rare Only Sane Man in a group of Only Sane Men occurs in The God Squad. The Squad, made up of Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadence, Queen Chrysalis, Oceanic Creature Lord Tydal, and Shining Armor, tend to be the only sane ponies when they role into a town. However, when left on their own... everyone other than Shining is revealed to be nuts and Shining acts as their Only Sane Man.
  • In Soldier of Zero only one of the nobles who challenge Saito to a duel during a party rescinds it afterwards. While two of them are arguing over who gets to duel Saito first, the third easily admits that he was drunk at the time and was willing to let things go if Saito was.
  • Vigilante Tendency: Tsuna for the Peaceful Namimori Committee.
  • Actually, the only sane men in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World are the four, who seem to be the only ones on C'hou who notice the sheer insanity of how the world works; for example, they explore the monster-filled Gothmarik Citadel and ask reasonable questions, like “Why don't the monsters eat each other? What do they live on? Why did they design the place so crazily? Why are treasure chests just lying around?” When they do manage to ask these questions of others, they get answers like “it's magical” or “we're under a curse.” The answers are acceptable to the four because they really have no basis for questioning the entire structure of the world.
    • Not until later, anyway.
    • Later, it turns out there are plenty of other sane people; it's just that they have a reason for pretending not to notice the insanity.
  • Uzumaki Kurama is the most grounded amongst the cast from Blackkat's Reverse. For the record, he's a Shell-Shocked Veteran Humanoid Abomination with a hell of a Hair-Trigger Temper. THAT's how much everyone else is screwed up.
    • On a smaller scale, Kakashi Hatake is the mature member of the Freak Squad, whose other members are Shisui, Tenzou and Itachi. He often wonders why he's forced to lead such a team and speculates it's divine retribution for unspeakable crimes he had commited in a previous life.
  • The RWBY Loops has Weiss Schnee, who has taken it upon herself to counterbalance her fellow loopers' various quirks and keep them from actually becoming mentally unstable instead of merely odd. She is sometimes, but not always, joined in this effort by Glynda Goodwitch and her own sister; most of the other loopers merely accept the insanity or decide to do their own thing.
  • Pinkie Pie of all ponies, in Asylum is the only one of Twilight's friends who is more or less like her cannon counter part and much more stable than her other friends in the asylumnote , but unlike her friends outside of the asylum, she is still willing to listen to her.
  • Reimu in FREAKIN GENSOKYO, to most of the main cast. Considering what she has to deal with, it's amazing she can keep it up.
  • Haruka Urashima in The Beast That I Am is the only one to realize the status quo seriously has to change. Naru, Koalla, Motoko, and Kitsune are their canon selves, Keitaro is too spineless to think of standing up to anyone despite knowing the consequences, and Shinobu is too tempted to turn back into Jade so she has the power and confidence to do the things she's always dreamed of.
  • The Difference One Man Can Make has some of those when it comes about dealing with the Norfolk.
    • When they start crying "White Walkers", Dorne and the North are the only ones amongst the Seven Kingdoms to realize the threat is real and pledge their support for the war.
    • Lord Commander Jeor Mormont and First Ranger Benjen Stark have to sue for peace while the Night's Watch is all for destroying the Norfolk, the former because a war against a well-prepared, well-armed host with a competent leader is nothing short of suicide, the latter because he met the leader and saw the guy only wants his people to be left alone. A shame the Black Brothers don't want to listen.
    • Stannis Baratheon condemns his royal brother for wanting to conquest an innocent nation only by desire of a break in his dull existence. Jon Arryn also points it would endebt the crown further.
  • Black Sky has Squalo Superbi. Between the Varia, the main Vongola Alliance and magical hijinks, this poor shark is also quite the Butt-Monkey.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse):
    • Of the three leads, Oliver is clearly the most straight-laced when they're off the clock.
    • Caitlin Snow is this for S.T.A.R. Labs when Barry joins.
  • Yu in The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor is the only Goa'uld to consider they might lose against the Celestial Empire along with being the only one to not engage in a civil war over Ra's holdings after the Supreme System Lord is killed, citing that they're still at war with the Celestial Empire. Finally, when Naruto is taken prisoner, the other System Lords are too busy reveling in his capture to notice what Yu does: Naruto is far too calm for a prisoner. Yu promptly leaves and as a result is one of the few to survive.
  • In this Touken Ranbu doujin, among the four characters featured, Mikazuki and Juzumaru are definitely the saner half of the quartet as opposed to Ishikirimaru and Nikkari and their not hesitating to go lovey-dovey every other chance. However, even Juzumaru exhibits many goofy and clueless actions in the comic, leaving Mikazuki the only truly sane one.
  • Sparatus in Mass Effect: Synthesis proves to be the only Councilor who doesn't get indoctrinated by Sovereign, making him the only one arguing against an irrational war against the relatively unknown human race. Unfortunately for him, his resistance gets him killed. The spin-off story reveals Sparatus was immune to Sovereign's indoctrination because he was the one Sovereign needed for synthesis.
  • Loved and Lost, an extended retelling of "A Canterlot Wedding":
    • Subverted majorly with Prince Jewelius. During the wedding preparations, he's the only pony who bothers to talk seriously with Twilight Sparkle about her misgivings regarding "Princess Cadance" and acknowledge something doesn't feel right. He tries to nicely convince the Mane Five to consider if their sudden promotion to bridesmaids is strange and cautions Twilight not to do anything drastic… all for naught. When everypony turns on Twilight at the wedding rehearsal for "upsetting" the bride, he tries to suggest that Twilight's actions were born out of a serious misconception and not real spite, but Celestia immediately shushes him. He secretly stays around to witness Twilight's imprisonment in the caverns and makes secret preparations to help her and the real Cadance to expose the impostor (Queen Chrysalis) in the midst of the wedding. When Twilight has stopped the Changelings with the spell Jewelius showed her and is told by Celestia that she has a real wedding to put together, Jewelius openly calls all the other heroes but Twilight out of their mistakes, pointing out rather rudely that due to the casualties and damages born out of the invasion, the time is not appropriate to start planning a new wedding. While doing this, however, he overthrows the princesses and acts as the Big Bad for the rest of the story, gradually proving himself to be The Caligula. The eleventh chapter reveals that he originally allied with Chrysalis to take over Equestria with her and all along played things in his own favour, double-crossing the Changelings to gain from Twilight a valuable pawn.
    • Played straight with Fancy Pants when it comes to Canterlot's population that has been tricked to revere Jewelius. He's never shown reviling the heroes Jewelius has denigrated, and he's one of the first ponies to protest against the Public Execution of Celestia after the dismantled princess has made a final statement in the form of a heartwrenching apology speech to everypony in Canterlot. After the heroes and all the Changelings have escaped, he actually argues against Jewelius when the latter wants to focus on finding the escaped heroes at the expense of preparing against a new Changeling invasion.
  • TheInvertedShadow's Lyrish series: Compared to her happy-go-lucky roommate and said roommate's loyal robot companion, Bon Bon is a paragon of sanity. Of the three, she's the only one to realize that having anything to do with the Fazbear's Fright establishment is a terrible idea. And next to the thoroughly twisted Magic Mare and Painset Shimmercakes, both of whom become tentative allies of the trio by series' end, there's just no comparison.
  • In Alliance of Amazons and Izuku, Ryukyu is the only heroine interested in Izuku who calmly explains what's going on rather than try to lie about the situation, monopolize his time, or push him into situations he's uncomfortable with. Notably, while Mirko forces Izuku to keep sparring with her for hours after an already trying day and pulls a There Is Only One Bed to make him cuddle with her, Ryukyu offers to let him use her own bed while she does paperwork downstairs.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): As in canon, Cinder Fall is a ruthless manipulator willing to do anything for power. However, here she is stuck between Jaune (a half-Grimm abomination who wants to become a Knight in Shining Armor) and his mother Salem (an Evil Overlord and Doting Parent who really wants Cinder to marry Jaune). Cinder has little time for her own plans as she has to balance Jaune causing a scene by running around the city in his "Hentacle" form and Salem trying to send an army of Grimm to destroy the city in order to get Jaune back.
  • In Supergirl (2015) fic Future Shock this is in story a role given to Susan Vasquez whom Kara dubs 'Adult Supervision', noting that the explosive mix of personalities needs someone who will call them all on their bullshit. Noteably, Susan is not thrilled with this position, especially when everyone starts deferring decisions to her, leading to one of the few times she loses her temper when the nearly 100 year old former interplanetary general wants Susan to act as adult supervision
  • In episode 2 of Lanipator's Abrigimon, Matt was the only Digidestined sensible enough to actually focus on the battle at hand against Apocalymon while everyone else had their own Skewed Priorities.
  • In Gundam Abridged by Gutted Wren Studios, the role is shared by Sayla Mass and Bright Noa. However, both have their crazy moments; Sayla's moments being set off by any mention of her brother, and Bright's moments by any display of utter stupidity (which occurs often with Amuro around).
  • Lita in Sailor Moon Abridged, sometimes... and 'she' is a Jive Turkey somehow dressing as a Japanese schoolgirl. Of course, compared to Serena, Raye or Mina...
  • Tails suffers for being the only non-airhead in Sonic the Other Movie.
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Scootaloo tries (and often fails) to dissuade the other Cutie Mark Crusaders from completely gratuitous destruction. Whenever the subject of racism comes up, Twilight Sparkle is the only voice of reason. And when Twilight Sparkle goes off the deep end herself, Spike tries (and often fails) to talk some sense into her.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
    • In The Other Abridged Movie, The Only Sane Man is Gary Stu, who can't understand why people are so obsessed with card games - until he falls for them at the end of the movie anyway.
    • Perhaps due to a Near-Death Experience in the previous season ("I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING TO DIE IN A SHOW ABOUT (BLEEP)ING CARD GAMES!"), Duke Devlin becomes more or less the Only Sane Man in season 3.
    • In Marik's Evil Council videos, Bakura considers himself the only member who sees how ridiculous Marik's schemes are, to the point that he finally defects to Dartz' Evil Council.
  • The Ouroboros: When the spacefarers return to Earth, Casey contacts his alternate to warn him that they've learned about how they were tricked into leaving, suggesting that they're willing to Kill and Replace in order to reclaim their lives. It's all a ruse — or at least, the part where he wants to work with his alternate to stop them is.
  • As per canon, in Child of the Storm, McGonagall is often noted as feeling like this amongst the Hogwarts staff. Given that her boss is Albus Dumbledore and her comrades include Snape, and in the sequel, Great Gazoo Doctor Strange, while Harry - whose canonical Doom Magnet tendencies have been taken Up to Eleven - is one of her students, this is pretty justified.
    • Pepper and Bruce take turns playing this role to the Avengers (since Steve has issues all of his own, especially after finding out that he and Peggy had a daughter, an event which has resulted in two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren (four living) thus far, from one of said great-grandchildren. Now remember that in terms of life experience, he's not even thirty. Given that almost all of them are mischievous Cloudcuckoolanders to a greater or lesser extent, and their associates (mainly Sirius Black, Darcy Lewis, and the Warriors Three) are as bad, if not worse, this is entirely necessary.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: Mittens (relative to Bolt and Rhino) serves as the straight man when they function as a typical Comic Trio. In most cases, she grows sufficiently angry and becomes Not So Above It All, participating equally in the dog and hamster's bad behavior.
    • In “The Cakes,” Mittens initially tries to keep Bolt and Rhino from eating the title pastries until she is pushed into one of them and gets covered in frosting. She responds to Bolt’s continued angry insistence for cake by dropping one on his head, initiating an all-out food fight with the dog.
    • In "The Ski Trip," Mittens repeatedly tries and fails to stop Bolt and Rhino from hopping a chair lift, snitching a pair of skis, and slaloming down a mountain trail. When the three pets end up crashed into a snowbank, the cat starts a Snowball Fight out of exasperated anger.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: Bogocu Yangin, a djinn, sees herself as the only sane one among Corona's forces. Which given that includes a zebra who's only there Because Destiny Says So, a mad actor, a special effects artist who's only there because of her crush on said actor and a griffon prince with severe dad issues and a stupid name... Yangin isn't exactly wrong (it helps she doesn't want to be there anyway).
  • Less Than Zero has for Villain Protagonist the apathetic, self-centered and greedy thief-in-training Null. But the other members of the Secret Six are so utterly bonkers he's automatically declared "the responsible one" — and he's absolutely horrified over it.

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