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It's all fun and games until someone loses a pie.
“Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUS!”
Ruby Rose, RWBY, “Best Day Ever

People (usually High Schoolers during lunch period) start throwing food at each other. Expect someone to get a cream cake in the face, someone to yell "Food Fight!" (either the school delinquent, the victim of the missile, or a random background character), and the person who comes in and tries to stop it to get the last piece of food thrown at him (usually a teacher or other authority figure who, after bringing all the chaos to a halt, punishes those involved by making them clean everything up). Also, if this school has a Fat Comic Relief character in the cast, they will invariably be tasting various stuff that got thrown at them. Expect food that isn't even served at the school or that particular lunch to be thrown.

Usually leads to one or more parties getting Covered in Gunge. Not to be confused with Level Ate, in which fighting is done on top of food, or the animated movie named after the trope. A more abusive variant is Produce Pelting. Not always a case if Anthropomorphic Food gets into a fight (but sometimes is). See also Edible Ammunition.

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  • Subverted in a PSA about nutrition: several junior high school students are seen grabbing fruits and vegetables and fondling them as if getting ready to throw them, interspersed with title cards: "Ready. Aim. Chew." Instead of throwing the food, they eat it, because their "food fight" is against poor eating habits.
  • A 2000 Cartoon Network insert involves the network's stars converging in their cafeteria, where a Produce Pelting of Velma quickly escalates into a fight.
    Man: (after a gigantic bone lands on his table) This is why I never come here anymore.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In episode 17 of Chitose Get You!!, Chitose and Fuji-sensei do this to each other, although they're stopped by the restaurant staff before going too far.
  • At the end of episode 4 of Strawberry Marshmallow, Miu and Nobue's fight (while the latter is working part-time at a restaurant) degenerates into this.
  • In the Super Mario Land arc of Super Mario, Peach and Daisy get into a food fight while fighting over Mario's affections.

    Comic Books 
  • In Asterix the entire village tends to get into food fights... involving mainly fish.
  • The Dead Boy Detectives: In the 2005 graphic novel, a food fight erupts in the cafeteria after a trio of female bullies target the main group. All the girls start throwing food at each other.
  • Kimber from Jem and the Holograms (IDW) throws a pie at Pizzazz at a carnival. She really picked the wrong woman to fight with, however thankfully this only causes a food fight to occur between The Misfits and The Holograms. Jem's band gets kicked out of the music contest while The Misfits get off scot-free because they're hosting the event.
  • Josie and the Pussycats did this in a hotel on the direction of their manager as one of many attempts in a story to give them a "bad girl" image, something he assumed would make them more popular. (It got crazier from there.)
  • In the "Princess Celestia" issue of the My Little Pony Micro Series, a tea banquet in the filly's hall descends into one — but because of a filly's magical outburst, the food is actually fighting back.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • In Accidentally Okay the Gryffindor table has one that costs them fifty House points.
  • In Abandoned a two-person one starts when Draco insults Remus' status as Harry's guardian.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino engage in one in "The Cakes," ruining Penny's mom's bake-sale pastries.
  • In Breaking Boundaries, a Town of Salem fanfic, when the town panics they sometimes start throwing food at each other. Usually apples.
  • Burning Secret: During one dinner, the siblings (except Lincoln and Lisa) start throwing food.
  • Ed, Edd, and Eddy fight off Kevin with ice cream in the "Water Week" episode of Calvin at Camp.
  • Examples from the Calvinverse:
  • In Cronus Fred and George start one as a distraction so Hermione and an upset Harry can slip out of the Great Hall. Even Flitwick gets into it, smacking Snape with a Yorkshire pudding.
  • In A Different Light one starts after Harry throws a boiled egg at George but hits Fleur instead.
  • In Family is Everything one occurs at the Yule Ball after Lavender throws pumpkin juice at Hermione but hits Fleur instead.
  • In Episode 8 of Final Stand of Death such fight breaks out despite Shania and Bigfoot trying to stop it. Those in the location who the misfortune "losing" on Celebrity Deathmatch while two of the members of TLC seems not to be bother, as they were bust with a friendly game of arm wresting.
  • In Hogwarts' Dawn a hungover Harry and his equally-inebriated friends have one with the Hogwarts staff on the receiving end.
  • In I Don't Want to Be a Hero one starts after Ron slings mashed potatoes at Draco.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Kaitō Kokoro: Kiku and Feliciano had a food fight, and let's just say it led to something more...
  • Kitchen Rules for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters: According to Rule #43, food fights have been forever banned from the school. If Rule #15 is any indication, this applies to utensils as well (unless in the event of another alien invasion, DNA purist attack, or student riot).
  • In The Last Casualties Remus and Sirius throw beans and cabbage at James, who charms the potatoes to attack them.
  • 2 happen in My Ridonculous Race. One during a challenge inspired by the real life La Tomatina festival in Spain and the other occurs on a train in India.
  • In Ninja Wizard Book 1 one starts when the Gryffindor first years throw fruit at older students who've been spreading nasty rumors about Harry.
  • Chapter eight of Piracy! The Genetic Pirate Opera has a food fight between the Supernovas and the Capricorn Pirates that ends in an off-screen Furo Scene where they wash up after the food fight.
  • The Rigel Black Chronicles sees a food fight in the Great Hall — but not students throwing food at each other. No, this is a pair of students animating everyone's dinner into giant golems, with a brown-food person (bread, meat, potatoes) fighting a green-food basilisk (lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli) using a red-food sword (capsicum, carrots, tomatoes), getting swallowed by the basilisk, and cutting his way out.
  • In This Gonna Be Good Fred and George charm the tables in the Great Hall to start one as part of their Valentine's Day plans for Harri.
  • In Time Turned Back Harry uses ventriloquism to start one that the Marauders get blamed for.
  • In The Thorny Rose one starts at Sirius' wedding after Ginny throws a swan-shaped pastry at the bride's obnoxious sister.
  • In Transfiguration Trouble one starts when Ginny hits George with a spoonful of beans after he and Fred mention the tea parties she used to have with her "Harry Potter" teddy.
  • Trolling the Toad: In Chapter 29, Colin instigates one in the Great Hall at dessert by levitating a pie into Tracey Davis' hair, who responds by throwing chocolate ice-cream in Goyle's face. It soon spirals away from the Slytherin table and across the entire room.
  • In Unmitigated Chaos, Harry and Theodore Nott collaborate to start one at the Halloween Feast. Somehow, this winds up with some participants needing to visit Madam Pomfrey.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): The food fight goes mostly the same as it did in RWBY canon, with one major difference: Cinder was there. When someone makes the mistake of involving her (by way of a wet sandwich to the face) Cinder incinerates half the cafeteria and nearly murders everyone involved.
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic The Long Eventide features a luncheon between the Mane Six, Princess Luna, and the highest-ranking members of a shadowy organization known as the Umbral Society. This luncheon soon devolves into a food fight after Rainbow Dash impulsively throws a salad at the possibly-Evil Chancellor, Penumbra, which Rainbow tries to defend later while being chastised.
    Rainbow Dash: I wasn't aiming for Chancellor Creepy, I was aiming for Princess Luna.
    Twilight Sparkle: That doesn't make it better.

    Films — Animation 
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: One scene involves Flint, Cal, and several other characters having a "snowball fight" that's actually an ice cream scoop fight.
  • In the The Fairly OddParents! movie Abra-Catastrophe!, Timmy instigates one in his school cafeteria to keep Crocker from finding a Rule-free wish-granting muffin. And since it's Muffin Monday, the result is hundreds of muffins flying everywhere. And one muffler, but that's neither here nor there.
  • Foodfight!, as per the title, features one near the climax. Daredevil Dan also yells "Foodfight!" as the food products fight earlier on.
  • A truly spectacular example (and equally marvelous send-up) is the kung fu dinner theatre sequence from Meet the Robinsons.
  • Pinocchio (1992): In Dunceland (The Land of Toys), Pinocchio and Candlewick start fighting with cakes and all the other boys get involved in the food fight.
  • In Shrek 2, when Shrek is meeting Fiona's parents (Fiona was a woman under a curse to turn her into an ogre at night, but instead of marrying a human and turning fully human like her parents wanted, she married an ogre and turned fully ogre), he argues with her father, King Harold, at the table, leading to them both throwing food at each other.
  • UglyDolls: During "Couldn't Be Better", the Uglydolls set up a dinner table. Their newcomer Wedgehead believes they are preparing for a feast, but it turns out they were actually preparing for this trope.
  • The Wild Thornberrys Movie has one such scene when Eliza goes to boarding school where her simian friend Darwin follows her.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • National Lampoon's Animal House has Bluto start one in the Faber cafeteria.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club: The kids at the day camp being run by the club have one. When they don't stop throwing food, Kristy sends all of them into time out.
  • Ben 10: Race Against Time: Ben turns into Grey Matter and rigs a contraption to launch food at the bullies who were making fun of him.
  • The Battle of the Century: This Laurel and Hardy short culminates in a massive pie fight involving an entire neighborhood.
  • The pie fight in Blazing Saddles.
  • There was one in the Bratz movie, infamously known for the fact that you can hear the director clearly say, "Throw the food!" before the fight starts.
  • Carry On Loving finishes like this, due to the grudges of the matched-up couples who have no chemistry with each other and/or hate to be in each other's company. It starts with Sophie Bliss smashing a cake into the face of her newlywed husband Sidney, then Esme Crowfoot breaks a bottle of champagne over the head of her fiancé, Gripper Burke, and it all escalates from there.
  • The original ending to Dr. Strangelove. No, seriously.
  • Eddies Million Dollar Cook Off has two food fights. One ended up actually serving the plot. The fight happened in a Home Ec. class, and with all the foodstuffs randomly mixing, it somehow made a delicious sauce purely by coincidence. The protagonist, who by the way plays on the baseball team, ends up replicating this sauce to enter into a cooking contest so his Jerk Jock buddies can stop mocking him for being a cook.
  • The Great Race: the famous pie fight scene, including Natalie Wood in her undies and Tony Curtis Strolling Through the Chaos until he manages to get a Pie in the Face.
  • Happens in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, at the Bilgewaters towards the end of the performance of Angry Inch
  • The giant "imaginary food" food fight in Hook. Seeing the food he imagined hitting someone's face manifest itself is the catalyst for Peter believing again.
  • In It Takes Two (1995) (starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) there's a food fight that was started when one of the twins tripped a boy carrying a bowl of macaroni to cover her escape. The bowl flies through the air (in Slow Motion) and lands on Steve Guttenberg's head. Kirsty Alley can't cover her laughing, and he flicks a tab of butter at her. She stands up, and declares "FOOD FIGHT!"
  • In K12 Crybaby starts one to befriend Fleur from Kelly's clique.
  • Massacre at Central High: Enjoying their new bully-free lives, the kids start throwing food at each other during lunch.
  • The cafeteria food fight in Max Keeble's Big Move, is started, not surprisingly, by the title character as part of The Plan to ruin the Principal's chances of getting promoted to Superintendent before he moves out of town.
  • Nanny McPhee: During Cedric Brown's wedding to Selma Quickly, the priest accidentally hits a cake into the bride. In an attempt to retaliate, she hits Lady Adelaide Stitch, who in retaliation, commands one of her footmen to throw a cake, hitting Mr. Jowls. When he is laughed at by Mr. Wheen, he smashes a cake into Mr. Wheen's face, and smears it about. Their resulting laughter heralds a free-for-all food-fight between both sides of the aisle. Whilst the wedding cake does not suffer a direct hit, the bride on top is knocked off by a glancing blow.
  • Junior and Trixie instigate a food fight in Problem Child 2 when their asshole principal Mr. Peabody is on a date at the same pizza place as their parents and he starts going off on them upon seeing them together.
  • In one scene in Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Maria, and Telly stop at the Don't Drop Inn, a Greasy Spoon owned and operated by Grouches. One of these breaks out after someone orders a "tossed salad".
  • The martial arts parody film, Tale Of A Eunuch, has a rather baffling moment where two fighters brawling all over the palace's courtyard ends up in a dining hall filled with food. At which point both fighters ends up grabbing and throwing food at each other instead of trading punches.
  • The Three Stooges: In the Sweet Pie and Pie for one, but a number of other Three Stooges shorts featured winner-take-all pie fights.
  • In Valley Girl, Julie starts one by smashing a plate of guacamole in Tommy's face at the Valley High junior prom. Randy and Fred escalate things by pelting popcorn and other snacks at the crowd. Naturally, a full-scale food fight breaks out; Randy and Julie escape from the chaos and flee the prom in Tommy's rented limousine.
  • In the opening sequence of West Side Story, the Jets get pelted with food by the Sharks at one point.
  • Comes up in Whip It. Iron Maven flicks a ketchup-covered chip at Babe Ruthless. Babe throws some banana cream at Maven. Maven dumps a chocolate shake on Babe's head. Hilarity Ensues. What is even more hilarious, is that this appears to be an actual eating establishment that they destroy with ketchup, mustard, etc. Presumably the poor owners are then left to clean up the mess, oh what innocent fun.
    Smashley Simpson: FOOD FIGHT!
  • Wim Wender's Wings of Desire also improbably ended with a pie fight.

  • One joke: What do you call some Tyrannosaurus rex'es throwing a brontosaurus? A food fight.

  • Andy Griffiths' Just Series: In one story, aptly titled "Food Fight", the Griffithes are at a fancy dinner, when an actress named Natasha's hair catches fire. Andy throws beer at her to put the fire out, but Natasha, not knowing her hair was on fire, throws food at Andy, leading to a food fight between everyone.
  • The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash has a non-cafeteria example. One of the chickens lays an egg out of fear of the boa, and it drops on a girl's head. Her classmate Tommy laughs. The girl throws an egg at him, only for it to hit another classmate when he ducks. Soon the entire class is throwing eggs. When they run out of that, they throw corn instead.
  • One happens in Dinosaurs Ate My Homework. Notably, all of the participants are super-evolved carnivorous dinosaurs, and it takes place in a verse where they are the equivalent to humanity. And, somehow, they are throwing such things as mashed potatoes, milk, and spaghetti.
  • The Doctor Who book The Monsters Inside has one, started deliberately by Rose to create a distraction. Rose credits a former boyfriend with teaching her the proper technique for starting a Food Fight: apparently, there's an art to it.
  • GoosebumpsThe Ghost of Slappy: At one point, Slappy (as a ghost) torments Shep with a private food fight throwing a bowl of spaghetti and a plate of custard pie onto him inciting laughter from the entire lunchroom from both the students and teachers. It does not explain why they laugh, perhaps they think it was a harmless prank, either one he did to himself, or someone did to him, but most likely, they were not showing their feelings towards him, it was merely spur of the moment, and as he does point out, no one laughed as hard as his crush did.
  • House of Robots: E ends up starting one in chapter 8. In the school cafeteria, he sees Bobby Hatfield throw a tangerine at Tom Heffernon, and comes to the conclusion that they're still in gym class. As a result, he starts throwing potatoes at Bobby, making Tom think E threw the tangerine and causing both him and Bobby to hit him with more food. Before long, everyone is throwing food at everyone.
  • In How I Survived Middle School, the first book ends with this, as Jenny finally gets sick of her Alpha Bitch former friend Addie's bullying and throws yogurt at her for trash-talking her and lying that they were never actually friends, causing the two to get quickly into this. They're punished by being made to serve snacks at the school dance, but Jenny is hailed as a hero for it by the other kids for standing up to the Pops.
  • Jacky Ha Ha: Jacky, Bill, Meredith, and Jeff start one for fun in McDonald's, getting them kicked out.
  • In Mindblind, Cooper throws a marshmallow peep at Nathaniel, starting a food fight. All kinds of food are thrown, except for Emily Erin's cookies, which are too good to ruin.
  • Monster of the Year: One breaks out during the dinner at Chez Stadium when the monsters get into an argument, and Quasimodo squashes his French pastry, aiming it at Sigmund Fred... but misses and gets a woman at a nearby table with a glob of white cream. Things escalate from there, up to and including flying pies and cream puffs, and a load of fire extinguisher foam thanks to an angry maître d.
  • My Weird School: "Ms. LaGrange Is Strange"'s climax is in the form of a school-wide food fight in the cafeteria that even the teachers get in on. This ruins Ella Mentry's reputation as the cleanest school in the district.
  • In the third Percy Jackson and the Olympians book, one is started by Grover so they can escape from the skeletons in Hoover Dam (It Makes Sense in Context).
  • The members of P. G. Wodehouse's Drones Club frequently indulge in these, generally with rolls.
  • In one of the Rainbow Magic books, Rachel and Kirsty start an ice cream food fight to get back Esme the Ice Cream Fairy's magic charm.
  • The Star Trek novel How Much for Just the Planet?, by John M. Ford, has one of these, with most of the main cast from the show involved in a pie-fight with a bunch of Klingons.
  • In Twelve Sharp, a food fight breaks out at the bonds office when Joyce barges in looking for trouble while Stephanie, Connie, and Lula are eating lunch. It gets settled by new file clerk Melvin zapping Joyce with a stun gun.

    Live-Action TV 
  • One broke out on Big Fat Quiz of Everything after Jack Whitehall threw a muffin at Noel Fielding, Noel threw a doughnut back at him, Jonathan Ross threw something, and it went downhill from there.
    Jimmy Carr: Let's not start a full scale food fight...[as it starts]
  • On Boy Meets World, Eric, Jack and Rachel have one in their apartment, complete with a Pie in the Face at the end.
  • Brothers & Sisters features a food fight between Holly and Nora (since both women are probably in their late 50s/early 60s, this makes it one odd Cat Fight). The obligatory cream cake ends up in Holly's cleavage since Nora wasn't a very good shot. Considering that the cake got mentioned frequently throughout the episode, it's a Chekhovs Gunge as well.
  • Cheers had a memorable one in their Thanksgiving Episode, "Thanksgiving Orphans. Diane's attempt to get the last shot resulted in Vera remaining The Faceless.
  • Happens at the end of Community episode The Art of Discourse. It's made funnier by the list of college experiences that Abed has been trying to complete throughout the episode. He stops trying to set them up and says they have to happen organically, and right afterwards the food fight, which was on the list, breaks out.
  • A (probably incomplete) list of foodstuffs routinely thrown over the contestants in Dick & Dom in da Bungalow: tinned tomatoes, mushy peas, baked beans, tapioca, rice pudding, custard, chocolate custard, mashed potatoes, mango chutney, spaghetti hoops. Oh, and from time to time they might get put in a bowl and have the ingredients for some recipe added to them (flour, lard, eggs etc). As one of the hosts put it; "You'd still be finding dried bits in your hair until the next week's show."
  • Laura and Myra start a big one on Family Matters, thanks to Laura tiring of Myra's constant accusations of her stealing Steve.
  • It's happened several times on Glee, along with frequent slushies to the faces of unpopular students. (Why Principal Figgins still allows them to be sold at the school is a mystery.)
  • Guardian: The Lonely and Great God: Kim Shin and Wang Yeo hold telekinetic food fights.
  • Brazilian telenovela Guerra dos Sexos (1983) has a breakfast scene between the main characters, played by Fernanda Montenegro and Paulo Autran, that turned into this. It became one of the most memorable scenes in Brazilian telenovelas, especially because both were top, well-acclaimed actors. It was reprised in the 2012 remake. The original scene can be seen here.
  • In the episode "Bros Before Bros" of Happy Endings, Dave attempts to make peace with the owner of a rival food truck by giving him a sandwich and asking to talk it out. The Brazilian accepts and offers to talk later. As Brad walks away, he chucks the sandwich at Dave, and soon Dave and his friends are engaged in a huge food fight with the Brazilian and his employees.
  • Home Improvement: Namedropped, though one doesn't actually happen, during the start of the "Tool Time" episode featuring "The Man's Dorm Room".
    Tim: "Welcome to our Tool Time Salute-"
    Tim and Al (trade glances and yell): "Food fight!" (both make a saluting gesture, then speak simultaneously) "To college!"
  • In an episode of I Love Lucy Lucy and Ethel had taken jobs at a chocolate factory and eventually Lucy and another woman start throwing chocolate at each other.
  • The Jerry Springer Show is good for these whenever a wedding cake is present, or a holiday feast is spread out for a dysfunctional family.
  • An episode of the current series of Let's Make a Deal featured a large pie as a Zonk; when it was revealed, Wayne Brady went down to the pie and pulled a real one out from behind it, with which he hit Jonathan Mangum. At the end of the Show Mangum got his revenge, at which point a curtain opened revealing an entire rack of pies, resulting in a pie fight among the entire cast.
  • Little Lunch: "The Cake Stall" ends in a food fight between the girls and the boys that come to a screeching halt when Atticus misses and tosses a sandwich into Mrs. Goncha's face.
  • Lizzie McGuire as well. In fact, this was the basis for an homage to The Breakfast Club.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: One Thanksgiving Episode features a Failure Montage of previous Tanksgiving dinners over the years, with one memory featuring the family sitting somberly around the table on the aftermath of a food fight.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
    • An early episode was named "Food Fight" and featured... well, two food fights. The first was caused by Bulk throwing a pie at the school's principal, and missing, hitting his partner, Skull, who says "food fight". The second food fight is the Power Rangers trying to stop Rita's Pudgy Pig from eating all of the Earth's food.
    • Another food fight breaks out in "Return of an Old Friend Part 2", after the parents are freed and returned to the Parents' Day party. A pie misfire by Bulk and Skull hits Jason's dad, which starts off a chain reaction of the parents throwing food at one another. Miss Appleby, after having taken a pie to the blouse, says to Principal Caplan, "Well, you know what they say. If you can't beat them... join them!" and pies him in the face, causing him to join in too.
  • In an episode of Mr. Show, an angel and a demon participate in a Nickelodeon-style food fight game show.
  • In My Mad Fat Diary, Finn starts one in the chip shop in "Big Wide World."
  • NCIS has one, but it's only dry nuts involved.
  • In Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Ned tries to start one so he would be taken off the ballot for school president. However, when he throws a plastic bottle across the cafeteria, it lands in the recycling bin and it causes the other kids to think that it's a new cool way of recycling, thus making Ned more popular.
    • In a later episode, Loomer randomly starts one at lunch, resulting in Principal Pal thinking he's in a war, dragging down Gordy and Moze with him.
  • Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts had a couple, two involving cake, and one involving the whole camp.
  • Alex on The Secret World of Alex Mack accidentally starts one with Alpha Bitch Jessica, who tripped her and caused the cake from Alex's tray to hit her shirt.
  • In the Sorority Forever episode "Sluts will be Pigs", a food fight gets out of hand.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: When Neelix finds out that Tom Paris has an unrequited crush on Neelix's girlfriend, Kes, he becomes paranoid that Paris will steal Kes from him, so he throws pasta on Paris's lap. Paris throws the pasta back at Neelix, and the two start rolling around on the floor and throwing pasta.
  • Discussed in Stuck In the Middle episode Stuck in the School Photo as the reason Sloppy Joe's got banned from lunch,later played straight when it happens again because of Georgie, Rachel and some random dude.
  • In The Suite Lifeof Zackand Cody the twins start a pie-throwing fight, with some flour, an egg and flying emotions which eventually spills out into a masquerade party.
  • The Thick of It gives us Malcolm Tucker and Julius Nicholson getting involved in one of these. In a conference room. In Whitehall. Over government policy. "Have some fucking chow mein!"
  • Max and Caroline in the 2 Broke Girls episode "And Too Little Sleep."
  • In Waterloo Road, pupil Janeece is left to supervise the school's "breakfast club" as Melissa Ryan has not fully got her head in gear after revising PSHE with Eddie. A food fight commences. Not only is she powerless to stop it- she eventually joins in. The head chef is not impressed.
  • Wild and Crazy Kids also had one; originally intended to be a "camp kids vs. counsellors" contest, it quickly turned into a free-for-all.
  • Worzel Gummidge: Worzel and the other scarecrows, plus Aunt Sally, get into food fights whenever they are angry and there is food around. Despite being a way to express anger, they also seem to enjoy food-fighting, and in "The Scarecrow Wedding", it's revealed that cake-throwing is traditional in scarecrow weddings.
  • ''Young Sheldon: In the pilot, Georgie and Missy get into a food fight after Missy says a swear word, Mary flicks her head, and Georgie laughs at her.
  • In Zoey101, Lola and Quinn start a food fight in order to spend some time with the school's new hot dean.

  • The Travis video "Sing" is entirely made up of a food fight at a formal dinner party.
  • One early MTV video, "It's Inevitable" by Charlie, is set in a pastry bakery in which a truly epic pie fight takes place. As the camera pans out at the end, lead singer Terry Slesser and his lady, who are more or less completely clean, are standing atop a table in the middle of the room, watching everyone else nail each other.
  • Nerina Pallot's "Everybody's Gone to War" features customers in a supermarket using foodstuffs to wage war against each other. Notably not played for laughs as it's a metaphor for real-life deadly conflicts.
  • The Cock Fight between "Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West" and his rival Two-Ton Ted from Teddington (who drove the baker's van);
    Now Ernie dragged him from his van and beneath the blazing sun,
    They stood there face to face, and Ted went for his bun.
    But Ernie was too quick, things didn't go the way Ted planned,
    And a strawberry-flavoured yogurt sent it spinning from his hand.

    Now Susie ran between them and tried to keep them apart,
    And Ernie, he pushed her aside and a rock cake caught him underneath his heart.
    And he looked up in pained surprise and the concrete hardened crust,
    Of a stale pork pie caught him in the eye and Ernie bit the dust.
  • Be Your Own Pet's "Food Fight!" The song describes various places a food fight can break out (school lunch, a kid's birthday party, and a pizza party), the food flying everywhere, and rallying cries of "FIGHT ON!" and "FOOD FIGHT!"
  • "Food Fight on the Moon!" by The Aquabats!, in which some bored space explorers blow their surplus rations on a micro-gravity food fight because there's not much else to do on the moon.
    It's just craters and sand
    A desolation wasteland
    Something must be done
    To make this lunar landing fun

    Let's have a food fight here on the moon!
    There's nothing better
    Than having a food fight here on the moon!
    Light as a feather

    Pro Wrestling 

  • Adventures in Odyssey: Liz and Heather start one at the end of a week of camp at the Timothy Center, just to annoy Connie.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dragon magazine #44 had a game called "Food Fight" which provided rules for staging one of these in a school cafeteria.
  • "Food Fight" was the title of the sample mini-adventure in early editions of the Shadowrun game rules. Subverted in that, while it's set in a convenience store and lots of food gets blown to bits or tossed around, the scenario assumes that everybody's shooting guns.

    Video Games 
  • Invoked in the video game Bart Simpsons Escape From Camp Deadly. Surprisingly, this was also one of the more lethal cases of the trope: Bart has to defend himself from the other campers by throwing various food items that are strongly implied to be at best unappealing and at worst completely inedible without getting caught (if he does get caught, he's forced to eat all of the food he currently has on his person), and the other campers throw, not food, but knives and forks at Bart.
  • In Bully, throwing food at other students in the cafeteria will set off a food fight, as everyone present grabs food and begins tossing it at each other.
  • The '80s arcade game Charley Chuck's Food Fight in which the player, as Charly, had to eat an ice cream cone at the end of the stage before it completely melted. But four angry chefs wanted to stop you at any cost. There were finite piles of food that included pies and tomatoes, but some foods had special properties: Peas were like buckshot (they scattered if they didn't connect), bananas were like boomerangs, and hugh chunks of watermelon never ran out. You lost a life if the ice cream completely melted (you were out of time), you fell into one of many holes on the playing field, you got hit by something a chef threw at you, or worse, if a chef caught and touched you, in which case your eyes spun, you got an Oh, Crap! look on your face and the food magically homed in on YOU, burying you in a messy pile!
  • Haunting Starring Polterguy: Tony and Mimi have one in the opening cutscence. What they throw around looks strangely just as green as your ectoplasm.
  • Love & Pies: The beginning of the Pie Pass event shows everyone throwing pies at each other.
  • The Three Stooges videogame has the characters raising money for an orphanage. One dayjob minigame requires serving a large number of pies to three fussy customers, and you need to remain professional by not getting pie in your face.

    Visual Novels 
  • Lovelink: When Vitoria/Sage/Emerson gets food thrown at them by one of the bar patrons, you can choose to retaliate by starting a food fight.


    Web Original 

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    Real Life 


Ivy and Emilia cake fight

Ivy and Emilia start catfighting when Ivy shoves the cake (that Emilia was holding) into Emilia's face.

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