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Fanfic / Homura Reacts

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Mami: "Oh, Homura. Have a sense of adventure, will you?"
-The last lines of the first chapter

Homura Reacts is the third Reactsverse fanfic by ElfCollaborator, this time set in Mitakhihara City.

Homura, now living in Madoka's house several months after the events of the series, is rather rudely awakened to the world of normality after a chance encounter with a rather lewd Fan Fiction horrifies Madoka. What follows is an exploration into the typical hobbies of normal people, including video games, fanfiction....


...and the typical shenanigans.

Some months later, the author rebooted the story under Homura Reacts: Redux, planning to focus more on its slice-of-life elements. (The original story is now a Dead Fic.)

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