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Xtrmely Scray is a Parody Fic of the infamous My Immortal - a fanfic of a fanfic, written during July-August 2015 by Amber (a confessed prep), Lullaby of Broadway, through the persona of a goffic girl, Storm Wolfsbane.

It's set in the same world as its predecessor, where goffs are the Big Good and preps are Always Chaotic Evil. The hero here is Hot Topic Shadow Ra’ven Goffica Elvira Deathshade Dragona Corset Fis’hnet Exxorcist Samara Vampirica Eyeliner BiGuuyzz Demetria Satanista Misery Mikey Joel Gerard Shadow Kawaii Slytherina SixSixSix D’eady Shadow Dethstucchsin Shadow P’e’n’t’a’g’r’a’m’ Draculana Buffy BloodRose, an Ebony Expy, who rises from a cliched traumatic childhood to become Draco's girlfriend - mostly by screwing him in between ceaseless Costume Porn.


Even more characters are stuffed into the black and white groups of "goffs" and "preps", such as the now Goffic Gilderoy Lockheart, rechristened Tara-Style into, among other things, Roy Locket. What there is of a plot consists of a series of snippets from the life of one little girl and her desire to kill all preps, screw every boy (and possibly girl) in sight, and watch all her favorite goffic Tim Burton movies - like that depressing classic Pee-wee's Big Adventure. The parody has as all the goffic music, canon screwing, canon character renaming, straight and gay sex, rape, rapping, self harm, OOC drama between Storm and Buffy, the Tara and Raven analogues, and blackness of the original (and it was black).

A sequel started in August 2016, entitled Xtremly Scray 2: Revenge of the Sues, introduces Sunset Cynthiella Leighanna Snowflake Tomoko Hermione Charity Grace Mercy Johnnina Indigo Thor Sapphire Libra Tylerelle Williamella Deaninine Jacka Mindy Irene Sarah Hayden Peony Anesthesia Snowflake Moonstone, a Sue to rival Hot Topic.


"Xtremly Scray" contains examples of:

  • Unexplained Recovery: Many people are brought back with The Power of Rock via MCR, but it's never explained how Daisy was brought back (see Real Life Writes the Plot), which was before they had learned to harness the power of Gerard Way's sexoy ethnic voice.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: But every article of clothing is black. And It was black.
  • Vague Age: So, if the members of Bloody Cliche Rose 6666 were teenagers in The '50s, wouldn't they be in their late seventies/early eighties now? At no point are any of the adult's ages mentioned. Presumably at least the muggle Billy and Mae would look their age if they were eighty.