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Time for a Revolution!
Yu-Gi-Oh Revolution Gathering is an on-going Yugioh fan fiction written by The Black Duelist. It is an UA OC storyline that has no direct relation to the original Yu-Gi-Oh story line and features a complete new cast of characters.

Like the original Yu-Gi-Oh and all of the sequels that have come after it, Duel Monsters reigns supreme as the most popular game on the planet. Thanks to Gemini Enterprise, Atmos City has used the game of Duel Monsters to revolutionize the city into a wonderful metropolis.

This is the story of a young boy who is on a quest to reclaim something he has lost and will resort to joining the Underground Dueling Circuit to obtain the information he seeks. Little does he know that his entire life will change completely the day he meets the CEO of the wealthiest gaming company on the planet, Gemini Enterprise.

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Tropes found in Yu-Gi-Oh Revolution Gathering include:

  • Adventure-Friendly World: Averted to some extent. Depiste Atmos City being a bustling metropolis where kids can enjoy dueling, the crime rate is high enough for a police force to be established.
  • Another Dimension: According to Word of God, Revolution G takes place in a completely different universe that is separated from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! timeline. However, it does take place between the Zexal and Arc-V era which explains the use of Xyz summoning and the absence of Pendulum Summoning.
  • Badass Normal: Raven. Despite being a normal human being (as far as we know), he has shown impressive feats of athletic ability such as jumping from buildings and run on walls.
  • Bishōnen: Marcus, Xavier, Raven, Liang, and Jackal.
  • Darker and Edgier: Like the description says, this fan fiction isn't a "smiles and rainbows" story that the original Yu-Gi-Oh series was trying to display. Heck, in the first official chapter we get introduced to a notorious thief who steals cards and underground dueling that is the complete opposite of how duels are supposed to be.
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  • Utopia: What Atmos City is intended to be shown as but there are many hidden layers behind the scenes.
  • Police Are Useless: They're reputation is constantly danger since the city's number one criminal escapes capture each and every single time. Its one of main reasons why Vivian is always on everyone's ass about fulfilling their duties.

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