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Characters / Xtremly Scray

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    The Goffic Ppls 

Trixie Brittany Lindsay Prepzi, or Hot Topic Shadow Ra’ven Goffica Elvira Deathshade Dragona Corset Fis’hnet Exxorcist Samara Vampirica Eyeliner Bi Guuyzz Demetria Satanista Misery Mikey Joel Gerard Shadow Kawaii Slytherina 666 D’eady Shadow Dethstucchsin Shadow P’e’n’t’a’g’r’a’m’ Draculana Buffy Blood Rose, but most pple cal her Hot Topic Blood Rose

She who is Mary Sue. An Expy parody of Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.Also known as Shadow, Six Six Sixeline, Draco, Vampirica, Hottie Topic, Samara the Prep Slayer, Hawt Tawpic, Shadoow, Raa’ven, Goffika, Elfira, Deethshade, Drakona, Closet, Fish’net, Exorcist, Samantha, Glampirica, Eielyner, Buy Guz, Demetria, Sandanista, Misty, Mikey, Joel, Gerard, Sahdow, Kawaii, Slythernn, Six Six Five, D’eady, Shadoow, Deatstuchsin, Shadeow, Heptagram, Draculaicta, Storm, Hot Toopic, Hot Tonic, Ho Topic Shado Raven Goffina Elvira Dethshade Dragna Cosette Fis’net Exorcist Samaa Vapirica Eye-liner B-Guuyzz Demetria Stanista Misey Mikey Joel Jason Shaow Hawaii Slytherna Six Five Six D’eadly Sadow Deths/tucch/sin Shdow P”e’n’t”a”g’r’a’m’ Dracolana Buffy Blood Rose, Hor Topic, Hop Topic, Ebony, Hot Tipoc, Hoi Tipik, Honda Topic, Hotopic, Hot Tolic, Hot Ropic, HOT TOPIC BLLOODROSE.

Draco Malfy

Harry "Pluto" Potter

A sexoy goffic boy who now loves making out with both Hot Topic and Draco.

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