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No Game No Life

  • When the characters reference JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in-universe, no one gets it because they've never heard of it. It's double subverted when Stephanie appears to get it, but then asks "was that a motherfucking Persona reference?"
  • "LOLI FIGHT!" Complete with the techno theme tune from Mortal Kombat.
  • At the end, when a coin flip lands on its edge, the villain has a Freak Out! and just leaves.
    (Coin lands on its edge) Oh, fuck off! No! No! You can fuck right off! This... I'm done! I'm done! I'm done! (door slams closed)


  • The very first line of the review: "K-On! follows four girls who form a band and struggles towards to follow their dream of playing the music they love..." *cut to various scenes where the characters are shown just eating cakes and tea, but no practicing* "...WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MUSIC?"
  • On the main cast:
    Gigguk: The girls consist of your usual stereotypes that are found scattered across the moe genre: including the shy one [Mio], the hyper one [Ritsu], the posh one [Tsumugi], the pedophile bait [Azusa], aaaaand retard [Yui].
    Klaus: Hold on Gik, I got good names too. There's the serious one who is also a fraidy cat [Mio], the thickheaded and energetic one [Ritsu], a quiet girl who just happens to be rich [Tsumugi], and... Retard [Yui].




Eromanga Sensei: A Modern Masterpiece


If Anime Studios Were People

Fall 2017 Anime in a Nutshell

Winter Anime 2018 in a Nutshell

  • Gigguk looks at one of the fanservice scenes in Killing Bites, then he goes into his Porn Stash, which consists of six folders: "Vanilla Fap", "Slightly Questionable Fap", "Questionable Fap", "Dude this was a bad idea", "YOU BETTER BE TOO WASTED TO REMEMBER", and "delet this". After a moment of consideration, he shrugs and places the fanservice scene in "Slightly Questionable Fap".
  • The last skit of the video features Gigguk hyping up something as the next step for humanity in the style of a tech convention demonstration only to reveal that it's from a company called THOTgineering and it's the mecha control scheme from DARLING in the FRANXX. He breaks down laughing halfway through describing it.
    We at THOTgineering are proud to present Butt Control, a revolutionary control system where you can pilot a mech by grabbing a girl's... butt... (Wheezing laughter)


  • The entire video compresses DARLING in the FranXX's Double Entendre laden setting and makes it into single entendres with 02 flat out asking if Hiro wants to "ride her" at one point. Hiro's also dense as a brick and only gets that everything has been an extended sex metaphor after the series is over.
    • Even better: when they got in the robot in he starts "riding" her, he makes "vrrroom, vroom" sounds, and gets really into it. 02 was not hoping for that.
    • The whole premise of the piloting system, actually.
    Why would anything about this be weird? Now spank me hard until I shout "DADDY" to get the engine started.
  • Past Dr. Franxx's pseudoscientific explanation as to why the FranXX's piloting system resembles two people having anal sex doesn't give the people asking him an answer, so when they repeat the question his only answer is "Yes."
  • The explanation of why everything in the series is so disjointed and makes no sense? Because Trigger! The only response the characters have to anyone saying that makes sense is "No it doesn't."
  • Goro finally flips his lid at all the absurdity around him near the end, acting as an excellent Audience Surrogate.
    Goro: No. No. It doesn't. Make. Sense! We are floating through space, fighting aliens, With a giant fuckin' robot unicorn waifu! How did we get here? How? Are none of you remotely concerned by the absurdities of these past few days? IS NO ONE GONNA ACKNOWLEDGE THIS?
    (everyone proceeds to ignore him and continue their cliche friendly anime banter)
    Goro: Stop! Stop! Don't ignore me! Why are you laughing? This isn't funny! Stop laughing! Stop! Turn that fucking happy music off! Where the hell is Dr. Franxx to explain everything!?
    (cut to said doctor about to die)
    Dr. Franxx: (laughing) I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AT ALL!

Fall Anime 2018 in a Nutshell

  • After the intro, the first show Gigguk takes a closer look at is Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai (aka My Sister, My Writer), yet another light novel adaptation with Brother–Sister Incest fanservice. His despair over this is palpable.
    (deep sigh) Why? Why do you keep doing this, Japan? Is this what you think we want? Is this what you think we deserve? Is it because we said we like Eromanga Sensei? Is it our fault? (starts crying) IS IT MY FAULT?!! (sobs) OH GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!
    • When one of the characters claims that she is 20 years old, despite looking suspiciously like a pre-teen girl, Gigguk demands to see some ID. Cut to live-action where Gigguk sits with an piece of folded printer paper with "My ID" crudely written in crayon on it. He opens up the paper to see a picture of the girl and more crude crayon text that claims "I am 20". He studies the piece of paper intensely for moment and then looks up and declares "I see nothing wrong with that."
  • When looking at Conception, Gigguk wonders how the Isekai genre is still as omnipresent as it is.
    Gigguk: I swear at this point people are just going to anime companies with random words they picked out of a hat, like:
    Writer: "Pregnancy"... in another world!
    Anime Studio Exec.: I like it!
    Writer: (befuddled) Wait... You-you serious?
    • Gigguk then wonders what the point of Conception even is.
      I'm not quite sure who deserves to be fired more: The person who made this concept, or the person who approved of this concept. Just tell me what the point of this anime is, (with rising dramatic music in the background) because, you know, IF YOU WANTED TO MAKE A HENTAI, JUST MAKE A FUCKING HENTAI! THAT IS OBVIOUSLY WHAT YOU WANTED THIS TO BE! (music cuts out) And, you know, I'd probably actually watch it if that was the case...
  • The section on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.
    Woman: Did you just make a JoJo reference?
    Giorno: Wait. Did you just make a JoJo reference?
    Luca: No! You made a JoJo reference.
    Koichi: Holy shit! There are so many JoJo references!
    Jotaro: Can you stop. Making. JoJo references?
    Bruno: We are the JoJo reference!
    Giorno: FFFFUUUUUU—

Trying To Understand The Fate Series

  • Just the entire video displaying how INSANE the Kudzu Plot of the Fate Series has gotten over the years with its numerous sequels, prequels, side-stories, and spin-offs. When asked how a fan should start reading the series, Fate Fandom Gigguk asks if Gigguk wants the long version, or the short version. Gigguk chooses the short version.
    Fate Fandom Gigguk: So in the beginning, there was Fate/stay night. which is a visual novel with three different routes: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel. These need to be played out in that EXACT order. The Fate route has been adapted once by Studio DEEN in 2006 as an anime series, Unlimited Blade Works has been adapted twice, once by Studio DEEN as a movie, once by ufotable as a full series, while ALSO adapting Heaven's Feel, but only as a trilogy of movies, only one of which is out at the moment.
    Gigguk: I thought you were going to give me the short version.
    Fate Fandom Gigguk: *dramtically zooming in on his face* This is the short version.

The Art of Ending an Anime

  • Gigguk tries to explain the infamous Sequel Number Snarl of Tokyo Ghoul leading into another series infamous for that.
    If you're an anime only watcher, it's actually pretty simple. All you need to do is watch Tokyo Ghoul then read the Tokyo Ghoul manga then watch the Tokyo Ghoul live-action, then comes the Tokyo Ghoul musical, then Tokyo Ghoul: Grand Order for the Nintendo DS, then after doing all that you're finally ready to play Kingdom Hearts III

Spring Anime 2019 in a Nutshell

  • His overjoyed reaction at the appearance of a new season of Fruits Basket takes a turn for the very awkward as he starts referring to the nostalgia burst as "an erection straight to my childhood".
    "I'm not crying! These are just the precum of my soul!"

Basically, Netflix's Evangelion

  • Gigguk notices that Netflix have included a "Skip Intro" option with the show:
    "This is actually a covert sting operation, as skipping "Cruel Angel's Thesis" was declared as a war crime by the UN in 1999. So far, a total of seven people have been detained, where — as per legislation — they are publicly shamed, forced to watch 200 hours of the Lucky Star opening, and sentenced to be destroyed."

The Waifu That Didn't Deserve to Die

  • Since it's been adapted in just about every medium, he says to take your pick between animation (film), pictures (manga), words (the original novel), or "weird creatures who inhabit this strange world that looks like a less aesthetic Makoto Shinkai movie" (live-action).
  • Apparently, the best part of a story called I Want To Eat Your Pancreas is that it confuses the hell out of everyone googling for the lyrics to I Want To Break Free.


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