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Destroyers (DD)

     The Kamikaze-class 


Voiced by: Madoka Asahina

Kamikaze (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 269
Rarity: Rare
Artist: NoriZC

"Kamikaze, First Destroyer Division ship number one, has arrived. Are you certain you're the commander? Then things are gonna get interesting from now on. *Giggle* Enjoy watching me do my work~"


Voiced by: Madoka Asahina

Matsukaze (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 270
Rarity: Rare
Artist: NoriZC

"This is the fleet everyone's in, right? Seems pretty rowdy~ I'm Matsukaze! Nice meeting you!"


Voiced by: Madoka Asahina
ID: No. 369
Rarity: Rare
Artist: NoriZC

"You must be the Commander. I see... No, I'm not looking disgruntled. I'm Hatakaze of Destroyer Division 5. Oh, also, be ready. I will watch over you as your superior from now on."

  • You Are Number 6: Subverted. She's quite happy that they chose to change her name from what it originally was, "Destroyer No.9."


Voiced by: Takako Tanaka
ID: No. 507
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Vilor

"I am Kamikaze-class destroyer Oite, assuming my post starting today. I will perform my duties, and anything beyond that I will decide on a case-by-case basis. End of report."

  • Badass Cape: A very wide cape with a bold red, black, and gold color scheme that serves to help make her look imposing despite her tiny figure.
  • BFS: The own-body-to-sword-length ratio of her nodachi gives Sephiroth a run for his money. The thing is easily longer than she is tall. Heck, the tassel tied to its hilt is almost half as tall as her!
  • Catchphrase: "End of report."
  • Consummate Professional: Anything related to her duties, she will complete briskly and without spare words. She also expects this attitude of the Commander, and reprimands him if she feels he is not acting accordingly.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Her ears appear to be moth wings, of all things.
  • Shout-Out: In the English version, Oite will tell her foes, "Enough talk, have at you!" at the beginning of the fight if she is sortied as the point ship.
  • Smashing Watermelons: In her "Summer Dedication" skin. Amusingly, she seems to have trouble hitting it even without a blindfold.
  • Smash Sisters: With Agano. Oite gains additional Torpedo power when she is present. Though Oite bemoans the fact that Agano can't resist messing with her ears.
  • Speech-Impeded Love Interest: She can't help but st-stutter whenever anything related to hers and the Commander's relationship comes up. At some points, she can't even get through her Catchphrase without stuttering!
  • Support Party Member: Reduces incoming torpedo damage to your frontline and aerial damage to your backline just by staying afloat.
  • Temporary Online Content: Obtainable as a login reward in April 2021, though she is likely to return in the future.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: Is completely oblivious to the concept of "hanging out" at first. As she begins to discover her feelings for the Commander, she starts becoming increasingly flustered in his presence.


     The Mutsuki-class 

  • Moveset Clone: They're all extremely similar to each other mechanically besides their Luck Stat and Minazuki's 10-point lower Anti-Submarine Warfare stat. They're low-rarity destroyers with the lowest non-Bulin Firepower in the entire game, below-average HP and Anti-Air, above-average Torpedo, and average Reload and Evasion for a destroyer. All of them (except post-retrofit Mutsuki) have only Quick Reload as their lone skill, identical limit break bonuses, and identical weapon efficiencies. Each of their non-Luck stats are within 8 points of each other at level 100 besides the 24-point HP gap between a Common and a Rare ship; within the same rarity, all these stats are the exact same.
  • Rare Random Drop: Downplayed example with Mutsuki, Kisaragi, and Uzuki compared to other ships: They can only be obtained via Light ship construction, which is a massive pool of ships in the first place. Players may see them less often than the true common ships (which can be acquired from map drops) or even Com Mon SSRs like Belfast and San Diego, who can be obtained in multiple construction categories. But you will get them eventually.


Voiced by: Rumi Ookubo

Mutsuki (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 271
Rarity: Normal

" Are you someone like my mommy or daddy? Wa~ It's the Commander! But this candy is mine, I won't give you!"

  • Cheerful Child: Mutsuki is the classic cheerful, sugar-crazed child, always talking about candy.
  • Eye Take: Her chibi sprite animation has her opening her eyes wide as a indication of surprise. This expression pops up in several emojis featuring her, as well as on plushes of herself featured on other shipgirl skins.
  • Playing House: As early as Friendly affinity, Mutsuki will propose the commander and her play house.
  • Sweet Tooth: Carries a bit of candy in each hand.
  • What Does This Button Do?: She ends up pressing a "Do Not Press" button that Mikasa set up for her model collection, which causes them to self-destruct. Why would Mikasa set up a self-destruct button for her model collection is another question entirely.


Voiced by: Rumi Ookubo

Kisaragi (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 272
Rarity: Normal

"Comman… der? Hi, I'm Kisaragi… um, uhh, awh… I don't taste good, please don't eat me."

  • Shrinking Violet: She's incredibly shy and nervous, even though she wants to participate in fun events with everyone else.


Voiced by: Mako
ID: No. 274
Rarity: Normal

"Sooo, are you the Commander? I am Uzuki. You were looking for me, right? You sure it's me, right?! If I’m mistaken, that’ll be awkward…"


Voiced by: Mako
ID: No. 276
Rarity: Normal

"Commanbe... Meow? Sorry, I bit my tongue~ I'm Minazuki! Let's be friends!"


Voiced by: Chiyo Ouzaki
ID: No. 277
Rarity: Rare

"Commander? Oh, right... I'm looking for the commander here... Huh? You're the one?"


Voiced by: Chiyo Ouzaki
ID: No. 278
Rarity: Rare

"You're the Commander? You look a bit suspicious, but... you don't seem dangerous anyhow. The name's Nagatsuki! Heh, if you underestimate me, you're gonna regret it!"


Voiced by: Mako (Japanese), Dani Chambers (English)
ID: No. 280
Rarity: Normal

"Aahh... Hm? Hmm? Co... main... der? I'm Mikazuki. Want some taiyaki? You can have half of mine."

     The Fubuki-class 



Voiced by: Mao Ichimichi (Japanese), Nicole Endicott (English), Alicia Vélez (Latin American Spanish)
ID: No. 151
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Alisa

"Yoo-hoo! I'm the oldest of the Fubuki-class! You're the Commander, right? I'll be in your care!"

  • Super Prototype: When laid down, she outclassed every previously existing DDs in the world, with firepower comparable to light-cruisers, and thus set up the bar for DDs around the globe from thereon forward.
  • Support Party Member: Buffs all her cousins as well as herself.
  • Toast of Tardiness: Her school skin.
  • Yōkai: Her motif is based on a Nekomata.



Voiced by: Yo Taichi (Japanese), Lara Woodhull (English), Angélica Villa (Latin American Spanish)

Ayanami (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 155
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Ootsuki Momiji

"I'm… Ayanami. I'm often called a demon. Pleasure to meet you."

  • Cloudcuckoolander: She can give this vibe off at times, because her understanding of things is mostly limited to fighting and she has trouble understanding some human interactions or concepts like her ears being cute. It's not to Robot Girl levels or whatnot, but it's there and she can be a bit of a space cadet in events where she features, going along with folks (the other starters in particular) out of habit.
  • Collection Sidequest: In the CN and EN versions of the game, she's unlocked as a playable ship only after every other starter ship (Javelin, Laffey, and Z23) are max limit-broken, in sharp contrast to other collection sidequest ships which let you pick and choose a few partial limit breaks. Once you get all fifteen "rank" stars, a free copy of Ayanami is given as a reward, and future copies can be obtained from the build menu or obtained as drops from the same maps where the other starters can be found.
  • Cool Sword: all skins have one of some sort with various tricks (like mechanically lengthening, depending on the skin's chibi), with her musician skin having a combination sheath/instrument. No effect in gameplay though. She does use it in the anime, however.
  • Fanservice Pack: Mixed with an aging up. She's not much curvier but her legs are longer/more emphasized and her top gets smaller. It makes a divide between certain costumes, some of which are based on her base art and some on her remodeled art (newer ones). And her first L 2 D at least seems to emphasize her bust (if not an actual increase)
  • Glass Cannon: Has the highest Torpedo stat among the starters but has lower speed than Javelin and lower HP than Laffey and Z23. Post remodel, she had the highest Torpedo stat in the game up until the release of Shimakaze, and her new skill boosts evasion while giving a powerful linear barrage ending with Torpedoes, allowing her to rip through entire enemy fleets with ease, especially in PvP where she is considered one of The Dreaded.
  • In-Series Nickname: She's called "Ayaya" in "Lunar New Yay-Yay-Year."
  • Red Baron: Her primary skill is named after the epithet given to her namesake ship "Kishin or Demon (God) of Solomon", an epithet parallel to Yuudachi's for their performance in the Battle of Guadacanal.
  • Reluctant Warrior: She states in the anime that fighting is all she knows, though she admits that she secretly is reluctant to fight and that she does so out of expectation from her Sakura Empire comrades.
  • The Slacker: There's a few signs she has this tendency like her Nico Nico skin, and her early appearances in Slow Ahead. But on duty, she doesn't really show it.
  • Starter Mon: One of three available starters in the JP/KR server along with Javelin and Laffey, and with Z23 available as a reward for level breaking all three starters to maximum level. In CN/EN, she's the unlockable one.
  • Verbal Tic: Wakaranai des.note 
    • Another is frequent use of "des/desu" which tends to be translated as "yes".



Voiced by: Nozomi Yamamoto
ID: No. 159
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Ootsuki Momiji

"I am Akatsuki, the eldest of Destroyer Division six! Commander, please, you must allow me to rebuild Des Div Six! Eh? There is no such thing as destroyer divisions here?"

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: In 'Slow Ahead', she's shown getting distracted by a nearby Ninja goods store while she was attempting to search for Hibiki.
  • Irony: A ninja that is afraid of the dark, nuff said. With good reason though, as she was sunk when she tried to illuminate her enemies, she drew the gunfire from many of the allied ships.
  • Ninja: Is styled after one. Heck, considering her name, Manjuu in essence made her a walking Naruto homage.
  • No Sense of Direction: in 'Slow Ahead' chapter 42 she seems to lose her way easily


Voiced by: Maaya Uchida
ID: No. 160
Rarity: Elite

"Nihihi~ We finally meet at last, Commander! The name's Hibiki! Don't you forget it!"

  • Sarashi: Her open shirt shows she wears one.


Voiced by: Kazusa Aranami
ID: No. 161
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Ootsuki Momiji

"I am Ikazuchi. I might be one of those 'can’t read the atmosphere' types. I wonder if you will later meet my younger twin?"

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: "Javelin's Monthly Manga" mini-event (crossover with Slow Ahead official manga) had her and Inazuma do a self-admitted shameless plug for Yostar heading to Anime Expo 2019 (on EN), or advertising Queens's Orders (on JP). They even wondered if extended maintenance would cause the players to miss the message.
    • Her normal dialogue does this, though unlike her sister, tends to insult your in-game performance and ask you to let her take over.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Similar to her sister, she comments that the first boss of the Kizuna AI collaboration event is a "tutorial boss" for the group, since Kizuna had just gotten her destroyer rigging.
  • Meta Girl: She shares this role with Inazuma during the Kizuna AI collaboration event, where most of their dialogue is dancing around the absurdity of the situation.


Voiced by: Emiri Katou
ID: No. 162
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Ootsuki Momiji

"You are the Commander? You don’t look that reliable though. Ah, I haven’t introduced myself. You can call me Inazuma."

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Her normal lines has her recognizing the player beyond the screen.
    • After earlier chapters in the Kizuna AI collaboration event dancing around the fourth wall, she finally breaks it in Chapter 4 of the Event. She also breaks it explicitly in "Javelin's Monthly Manga" mini-event.
    Inazuma: Even their nameplates on the dialogue box are different!
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Engages in a bit of this during the Kizuna AI collaboration event, where she talks about the Trapped in Another World trope and then directly mentions the fourth wall itself.
  • Meta Girl: She shares this role with Ikazuchi during the Kizuna AI collaboration event, where most of their dialogue is dancing around the absurdity of the situation.
  • Nice Girl: Is quite nice. Her upset line has her promise that she will stay with the commander, no matter what they become, her return to port line has her comment that she'll always be there for them, and she comforts the commander after discovering they have mailophobia.


Voiced by: Kaoru Komatsu
ID: No. 429
Rarity: Elite

"What am I doing here? ...Hmmm? You're adopting me? Aaaaall righty. You lead-a-dee, I'll follow-a-loo."


Voiced by: Minami Wakana
ID: No. 152
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Alisa

"Fubuki-class number two, Shirayuki. I'm a bit quieter than my elder sister... Mm, pleased to meet you."

  • Shout-Out: From her rabbit ears, color scheme, braids, fluffy collar, and ball-like rabbit companions, she resembles Usada Pekora too much to be a coincidence. The fact that she's also Fubuki-class may or may not be intentional.

     The Hatsuharu-class 


Voiced by: Marika Kouno

Hatsuharu (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 171
Rarity: Rare

"I-i-it's nice to meet you. I-I'm Hatsuha... U-um... P-please don't stare at me so much...!"

  • Fanservice Pack: Her retrofit outfit replaces her schoolgirl uniform and kimono and gives her a midriff baring top that is also much tighter, emphasizing her bust more.
  • Shrinking Violet: In her character quest, she seeks to overcome her nervousness by directly talking to the Commander more often.


Voiced by: Minami Tanaka
ID: No. 173
Rarity: Rare

"Howdy-ho! Good morning, Commander! I'm Wakaba, third ship of the Hatsuharu-class~! Huh? It's not morning? Look, don't fuss over all the details~!"


Voiced by: Natsume Iwasa

Hatsushimo (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 174
Rarity: Rare

"Oh no, don't show a me such a scared expression, it's not like I'm going to eat you. Right, I am Hatsushimo of the Hatsuharu-class. It'll be my pleasure to work with you. Ahah~"


Voiced by: Karin Isobe

Ariake (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 175
Rarity: Rare

"I am Ariake from the Hatsuharu class. Hello, commander...say, is Yuugure also here? If so, did...she cause you any trouble?"


Voiced by: Madoka Asahina

Yuugure (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 176
Rarity: Rare

"Ariake-class destroyer Yuugure, I shall be in your care from now on, Commander —— shouldn't I be Hatsuharu-class? No, I'm Ariake-class. This is something I won't back down from!"

  • Bare Your Midriff: Her Retrofit look.
  • Insistent Terminology: She doesn't call herself a Hatsuharu-class ship, but an Ariake-class. This is a nod to how some naval history experts consider Ariake its own subclass, and Yuugure to fall under the Ariake-subclass, due to all the design changes done before they were finished.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Of the Cat Girl type.
  • Meido: One of her skins.
  • Support Party Member: She reduces the damage taken by any carriers and after refit, she gains the ability to boost their damage.

     The Shiratsuyu-class 
  • Animal Motif: Shiratsuyu, Shigure and Yuudachi are dog-themed, Kawakaze is fox-themed, Yamakaze is bear-themed and Umikaze being bird-themed.
  • Historical In-Joke: The reason Kawakaze, Yamakaze and Umikaze have a different animal motifs? The last four ships in the Shiratsuyu-class were variants to the original Shiratsuyu design so they don't need to conform to the original dog-theme of the Shiratsuyu-class.


Voiced by: Narumi Shinohara
ID: No. 163
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Saru

"Erm, I am the first ship of the Shiratsuyu class destroyers, Shiratsuyu...hi commander, my name is Shiratsuyu...Eh? I just said that? Erm...I guess I will stay here since I forgot the way back, please take good care of me commander."


Voiced by: Yuuki Kuwahara

Shigure (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 165
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Saru

"I'm Shigure, a Shiratsuyu-class destroyer. I don't mean to boast but the goddess of luck protects me~ Hehe, it's time you admit that luck is a part of one's strength♪"

  • Artificial Limbs: In her refit art, she has a couple of mechanical claws added.
  • Bare Your Midriff: In her standard skin.
  • Born Lucky: Claims to have this attribute. She's not entirely wrong, since she boasts a high 84 Luck Stat.
  • Fanservice Pack: Her refit art makes her curvier and her top much smaller, revealing some sideboob among other things.
  • The Rival: To Yukikaze and the feeling's mutual. Both are similar (haughty ships famed for luck). Her refit skill in a way weaponizes this as if in the same fleet as her, Shigure's Torpedo stat will get a boost and gives her a high chance of firing a special torpedo spread.
  • Red Baron: Shigure of Sasebo, in part because Sasebo was her usual homeport.
  • School Swimsuit: Her summer skin.
  • Showgirl Skirt: She gains one that goes over her regular Sailor Fuku microskirt.
  • Support Party Member: Post refit and not sharing a frontline with Yukikaze, she will gain the same supportive ability (backline damage reduction and a once per battle desperation heal to a backline ship)
  • Tsundere: Much like her rival, she's definitely tsundere, though heavier on the tsun.


Voiced by: Natsumi Takamori (Japanese), Krystal LaPorte (English), Erika Ugalde (Latin American Spanish)

Yuudachi (Retrofit) 

ID: No. 164
Rarity: Super Rare
Artist: Saru

"I'm Yuudachi, fourth ship of the Shiratsuyu-class. I'll tell you this right now: I'm pretty loud at night, so brace yourself."

  • Artificial Limbs: In her retrofit, she has a couple of mechanical claws added to her rigging.
  • Big Eater: Plenty of her lines have to deal with food. Her retrofit minigame even involves an eating contest.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Possibly the girl with the thickest eyebrows in the whole game.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: She's certainly the loudest of the sisters and always ready for a fight — and she can back up her words.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: Her default skirt is incredibly short, to the point where it shows her underwear.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Upon retrofit, she gains asymmetrical stockings.
  • Gyaru Girl: Befitting her rebellious nature, she dresses as a kogal, with a customized Sailor Fuku, loose socks, fashionable manicure and even a tattoo. In retrofit, she loses the loose socks and gains asymmetrical stockings.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Her "Nightmare of Solomon" skill suggests this by boosting a number of stats upon proccing. Her retrofit truly makes one as the skill becomes a permanent status buff and gives enough other things to turn her into a hybrid destroyer.
  • Kill It with Fire: Upon retrofit, not only does she gain a skill to set enemies on fire, but said enemies take more damage from her while they have this status debuff.
  • Hellish Pupils: Her slit pupils are very thin, almost catlike despite being a dog.
  • More Dakka: While she doesn't have Kitakaze's ability to ignore armor type, she does have the "Main Gun+1" attribute, which causes her barrage to trigger quite frequently.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Virtually all of her outfits are incredibly revealing in one way or another. In addition, she's fairly busty in spite of her seemingly young appearance.
  • Rare Random Drop: Can only be gotten from the boss node of 6-4.
  • Red Baron: She fancies herself as the "Mad Dog of Solomon" in her introductory line, claiming that it sounds tough. She's alternatively called "The Nightmare of Solomon", also the name of her self-buff skill.
  • Shout-Out: Somewhat of a full circle. The "Nightmare of Solomon" moniker was originally popularized by a certain Mr. Gato, however, said allusion is actually a reference to the original IJN Yuudachi and her actions during the Battle of Solomon Islands.
  • Square Race, Round Class: She gains a "Main Gun+1" upon retrofit, making her a firepower focused DD, while retaining really strong Torpedo stats. In fact, she has the highest FP of any Sakura DD.
  • Stripperiffic: Her general outfit is a microskirt that shows off her underwear and a crop top Sailor Fuku that shows off underboobs. Her Shogun of Snowballs outfit shows off some cleavage and underboobs, while featuring Zettai Ryouiki and another microskirt. And her Christmas skin is a rather skimpy number that brings to mind the "Dangerous Beast" look.
  • Showgirl Skirt: She gains one that goes over her regular Sailor Fuku microskirt.
  • Tattoo as Character Type: She has a visible tattoo on the right side of her midriff, possibly an allusion to her rebellious nature.
  • Underboobs: Exaggerated. Nearly all of her skins show this. Even in her oath skin she gets one.


Voiced by: Haruna Kawai

ID: No. 286
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Alic

"I am the revised Shiratsuyu-class destroyer, Umikaze. Commander, I hope I will be able to support you and your fleet to the fullest of my abilities... I d-do hope we'll get along!"

  • Hates Being Touched: Doesn't like it, at least initially.
  • Innocent Innuendo: She refers to being touched by the Commander as getting "touchy-feely" — it gets worse once you reach "Love" affinity, since she asks the Commander to continue "practicing" the whole "touchy-feely" thing. Whether this remains innocent or it's something else is left up to the imagination.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: As her affection grows, she grows more comfortable with being touched by the Commander.
  • Shrinking Violet: Even more shy than Shiratsuyu.


Voiced by: Haruna Kawai

ID: No. 287
Rarity: Elite

"Roooaar! Shiratsuyu-class destroyer Yamakaze is here! ...So, um, I'm looking for this "Commander" person. Any idea where they might be? ...Oh! That's you, huh?"

  • Beary Friendly: She's pretty hyper and rather easy to approach, unless your affinity is low.


Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi
ID: No. 288
Rarity: Super Rare
Artist: Nagashiro Mito

"My name is Kawakaze, of the Shiratsuyu-class. I have no intention of becoming intimate with you, so greetings are unnecessary."

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Her torpedoes have the same modifier against all types of armor, which allows her to damage some types more and some types less.
  • Blood Knight: Admits after fighting Mikasa's group in Ink Stained Steel Sakura that it was partly out of excitement for getting to fight someone strong.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: She's personal bodyguard to Nagato, who is the leader of Sakura Empire. Even still Nagato is a battleship who can more than handle herself.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Evidently doesn't have an issue with attacking her opponents while they're in the middle of a conversation with someone else or sneaking up to knock them out from behind.
  • The Comically Serious: A lot of humor involving her in the Looking Glass of Fact and Fiction event is derived from the serious way she handles everything from the Hololiver's quirky personalities to the absurd situations they have to deal with.
  • Cool Sword: She sports two black and red swords.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Normally a character who doesn't show up in either event stories or supplementary materials, the Looking Glass of Fact and Fiction event has her be one of the main characters on the Azur Lane side helping the Hololivers resolve the incident. Being done by Hololiver Fubuki's artist may have a role in it. Their similarities are lampshaded several times.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She starts off fairly cold and pessimistic. Her Monochromatic Interlude skin shows that she eventually warms up to become a bit more optimistic and open to interacting with others.
    • Defrosts even further in her Unsullied White Fox wedding skin. By that point, she's openly happy to spend time with others, supportive of the commander's more optimistic ideals, and claims her goal is to become a protector of others rather than just a weapon of destruction. It's quite the far cry from her original more dour self.
  • Hidden Depths: She likes fishing since it lets her relax without having to think about anything.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: She's perfectly willing to attack people she outright admits are her allies, such as Mikasa's group, in order to fulfill her promise to Nagato to protect her while she's sealed within the Sacred Sakura.
  • Praetorian Guard: She serves a minor role in the anime adaptation as Nagato's and Mutsu's personal guard.
  • Shout-Out: She says "War... war never changes" whenever she starts a mission. In the anime, it's said a lot by Enterprise.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Primarily ice to everyone with a bit of sugar sprinkled here and there. It's hinted that while she does care about the people around her more than she likes to let on, she has issues fitting in with the rest of the cast since she doesn't know how to let her guard down in the name of connecting with others.
  • The Worf Effect: Downplayed. The mirror sea clones of Mio and Shion are shown to be competent threats by being able to fend off Kawakaze's attacks.

     The Asashio-class 
  • Big Little Sister: Ooshio, Arashio, and Michishio outsize Asashio.
  • Buxom Is Better: 4 out of 5 ships have particularly large chests for their size and pre-retrofit, with Kasumi the only exception.
  • Temporary Online Content: Arashio and Michishio originally were login ships, and it took a while for Arashio to be added to the normal light pool. Michishio would permanently be added in September of 2021.


Voiced by: Yuiko Tatsumi
ID: No. 331
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Alic

"I am Asashio. I've come to join this fleet in order to search for my missing comrade. Commander, do you also have someone who you could not give up on?"

  • Big Sister Instinct: Concerned about her Destroyer Division 8 sisters, particularly Arashio.
  • Hidden Buxom: Downplayed but her new years skin shows that she's bigger than her other skins show.
  • Support Party Member: Buffs herself and her Destroyer Division 8 sisters (thus Kasumi is excluded).


Voiced by: Hikaru Aono
ID: No. 332
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Alic

"Ara, it seems to be a capable Commander here~ How can I tell? Of course it is due to having so many sisters having your back~ I am Oshio, everyone in the fleet~ I'll be in your care~"

  • Ambiguously Bi: Besides being nice she has some sort of interest in cute girls.
  • Breakout Character: A minor one as she was made permanent shortly after her event's first run and has gotten a number of skins.
  • Fanservice Pack: While even in her base skin she is shown to be quite curvy for a destroyer, her multiple skins take it to an entire other level, giving her an absolutely enormous rack for a destroyer in all three of them.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: In the English localization, this is rendered with liberal injections of "ya", "yer", "whatcha" and "don'tcha"s. In general, her accent seems more pronounced than Shouhou's.
  • Nice Girl: This is her main character trait: She's just a nice and gentle girl. Her character quest is titled "Gentle and Sweet Ooshio" for a reason. And her reactions to special touches range from her warning you that other girls wouldn't like it to considering it her present to you.
  • Sexy Santa Dress: A mini event in december 2018 had one for her as its final prize and it certainly emphasizes her curves.
  • Through His Stomach: An early point in her character quest is her feeding the commander some cookies.


Voiced by: Tamari Hinata
ID: No. 333
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Alic

"Oh cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms~ la~ la~ la~ Ah, you... Oops! Hello, Commander, this seems to be our first meeting. I am Michishio, I'll be in your care from now on."


Voiced by: Hikaru Aono
ID: No. 334
Rarity: Rare
Artist: Alic

"Destroyer Arashio, is joining your fleet~ I'll support everyone properly~"


Voiced by: Mariko Takeda

Kasumi (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 424
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Byulzzi

"I'm Kasumi. Commander, are you my friend?"

  • Fanservice Pack: Mixed with an aging-up, her retrofit art shows her curvier and leggier in an outfit with a bodysuit.
  • Support Party Member: With "three or more friends"- Kasumi herself, her friend Foo (Fuwarin in other areas) or Shiranui (her presence scares Foo off pre-retrofit), and one other frontline ship- she will buff the Torpedo stat of all Sakura Empire frontline ships.
  • Took a Level in Badass: She sports some angry and/or determined expressions in her retrofit look.


     The Kagerou-class 


Voiced by: Yuriko Yano

Kagerou (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 167
Rarity: Rare

"First ship of the Kagerou-class, Kagerou. Hmm, you look like a capable Commander - let's advance together!"

  • Attack Drone: A familiar-like turret not unlike the Rensouhou familiars in KanColle.
  • Bandage Babe: In her Halloween skin.
  • Disk One Nuke: She's a very effective torp destroyer for her rarity and being a rather common earlier world drop.
  • Massively Numbered Siblings: While not to the level of the Fletcher class, Kagerou does have a good number of little sisters which she sometimes refers to.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With Shiranui, who is every bit as dour as Kagerou is cheerful and optimistic.
  • Support Party Member: Buffs the front line's torpedo damage and post refit, able to slow down larger enemies. The first is notable as unlike most such skills sakura ships have, it doesn't exclude Heavy Cruisers.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Visibly with her turret familiar post-remodel as it has an eyepatch, cigar and has its arms in a badass armfold.


Voiced by: Kanae Ikadai (Japanese), Kate Bristol (English), Gioconda Garrido (Latin American Spanish)

Shiranui (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 168
Rarity: Normal

"I am Shiranui, the second ship of the Kagerou-class… I humbly ask for your kind treatment, Commander."

  • Attack Drone: Like her sister Kagerou, a familiar-like turret sits on her head.
  • Cute Ghost Girl: Claims to be one and has wisps around hernote .
  • Flying Broomstick: Her retrofit shows her riding on an oar in this manner.
  • Magikarp Power: She has an impressive Torpedo stat for her low cost, and her retrofit makes her a very respectable R (rare) rarity ship.
  • Not So Stoic: Her secretary quest involves the Commander wondering whether she actually can show emotion; at the very end, they catch her smiling for the first time after promising her that they'll help her out in the future (so that she doesn't overwork herself from juggling both secretary and shopkeeper duties).
  • Perpetual Frowner: Her default expression is a frown, with a dour personality to match.
  • Saying Too Much: One of her lines in her Mooncake Merchant skin has her accidentally admit to her tech packs being less than authentic.
    Shiranui: These mooncakes are one hundred percent authentic, unlike the tech p... Err, I didn't say anything.
  • Shopkeeper: Replaces Akashi as the ship in charge of the regular shop as Akashi moves to take charge of the gem shop.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With Kagerou. In her Stranger affinity line she's proud to advertise that she's Kagerou's polar opposite; in her own words, "if she is light then I am shadow."
  • Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!: Her Like affinity line mocks the Commander for wishing to make everyone happy, but uses it as the reason for her to watch over the Commander.
  • Sour Supporter: As the Commander's affinity with her grows, she doesn't relent on insulting them as idiotic and troublesome, but she will nonetheless resolve to help them.
  • Troll: During her secretary quest, she spooks Aoba by lying about a ghost crawling up her back.
    • Queen's Orders expands on her mischievous side. Chapter 2 opens with Queen Elizabeth seeing the Commander's hand drop onto his bed as an ECG flatlines, only for Akashi to point out that the device was just a toy that Shiranui left in the room. Later chapters show her trolling people with horror-related stuff.


Voiced by: Yuuko Oono
ID: No. 177
Rarity: Rare

"Third ship of the Kagerou-class, Kuroshio reporting in... I am here to carry out my master's will."

  • Ninja: Her Stranger line shows her holding herself to the standards of the occupation.
    Kuroshio: A true ninja has no need of emotion. She needs only her master's will to execute.


Voiced by: Yuuko Oono
ID: No. 178
Rarity: Rare

"My big sister is a ninja, and I'm a puppeteer. Isn't it amazing how diverse our world is~? I'm the fourth ship of the Kagerou-class, Oyashio. And with my puppet Kuro, I will dazzle you, Commander."

  • Art Attacker: She calls herself a puppeteer, and her art shows her wielding strings with torpedos attached at the ends.


Voiced by: Kana Yuuki (Japanese), Laura Faverty (English), Natalia Sanjur (Latin American Spanish)
ID: No. 166
Rarity: Super Rare
Artist: Saru

"Hohoho, as a reward for getting this far, I, the lucky Yukikaze shall join you! Think of it as an honor♪"

  • Adapted Out: Interestingly, the game actually leaves Yukikaze's post-war history completely unmentioned, and that history is what further cemented her status as an unsinkable lucky ship. She was transferred to another navy as war reparations, and actually served around the time of the Korean War, intercepting cargo vessels for her new home country and making multiple defensive patrols; she also memorably visited Manila, where she drew a huge crowd of visitors. She was only finally wrecked by a typhoon that hit her home harbor in 1966, in the middle of an effort to have her repatriated to Japan to become a museum ship. The problem? The new navy in question was the Chinese navy - the Republic of China Navy. As a result, Yongshi/Manjuu have apparently felt it prudent to leave her postwar history completely unmentioned.
  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head: Near the end of her character quest, the commander has one of two options on how to physically compliment her for opening herself up to them: a head-pat or a hair-ruffling. Yukikaze responds positively to either.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her standard outfit.
  • Born Lucky: There's a reason why she's called The Unsinkable Ship or The Miracle Ship, and plenty of her lines deal with luck. Her second skill is "The Unsinkable Lucky Ship", and half of the skill description is just her bragging about her luck. To cap off her luckiness, her Luck Stat is a massive 98, one of the highest in the entire game.
  • Cry Cute: When her tsundere attitude backfires during her love line.
  • Hellish Pupils: An odd case because her pupils aren't black but rather white in the opposite contrast of her darker iris.
  • In-Series Nickname: Shigure gives Yukikaze the insulting nickname "Yuckykaze" during Yukikaze's personal quest.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Thanks to the fact that she possesses nearly 190 evasion and has a skill that has, maxed out, a 1-in-4 chance of effectively negating any damage she takes (and is checked every time she takes a hit), along with whatever arcane voodoo her 98 luck provides, she is far and away the hardest DD to kill in the entire game. She's also got really good speed, a top-ten-category Torpedo stat, and her barrage attack is a torpedo barrage, so it makes use of her strongest stat. Put it all together, she hits like a truck and can, especially with some help from the Random Number God, be seemingly impossible to kill.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Of the Catgirl variety, which helps cement her as being The Rival of Shigure who is a dog.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: In a couple of ways.
    • First off, she's a destroyer with basically a tank skillset. This works a lot better than you might expect (because the skills are just that good), but to get the most out of her, she needs to be at the head of a formation, ideally running with other destroyers to make the most of her speed, and a tank auxillary gear or two goes a long way too (although her torpedo stat makes Type 90 torpedoes very tempting too).
    • Secondly, her All-Out barrage is a torpedo spread, not a bullet hell pattern. While this is ultimately beneficial because it makes use of her obscene torpedo stat, the torps fire in a fairly tight pattern directly ahead of her when the skill activates and have no tracking, and do have usual torpedo movement speed. This means you need to lead with them a bit to get the most out of the skill.
  • Megaton Punch: If you've placed her in a secratary role and have Live 2D activated for her default skin this is how she visually reacts to being groped, punching hard enough to leave an implant of her fist in the screen while the rest of the animation plays out.
  • No-Sell: Her "The Unsinkable Lucky Ship" skill reduces incoming damage down to 1.
  • Red Baron: Yukikaze of Kure for being her usual homeport, and The Unsinkable Ship or The Miracle Ship for participating through most of Japan's most ferocious battles and surviving till the end of the war.
  • The Rival: To Shigure, and mutual at that.
  • Twin Tails: More prominent in her standard outfit.
  • Tsundere: She's a pretty soft variant of tsundere and quickly shifts between the two moods in even a single conversation option. Generally, she's haughty but friendly.
    Yukikaze (Friendly line): You'd like to go to an amusement park with Yukikaze the Great? Hmph! There's no way that I'd do something so childish... Ahh! W-wait, let's talk this over! I'm sure there's some fun to be had at an amusement park!
  • Verbal Tic: NANO DA!note 
    • Also, WA-HA-HA!
    • Also also, Ma... MATSU-NO-DA!note 
  • What Could Have Been: Her default skin has Live2D, just like the Starter ships and Akashi, because she was planned to be the Sakura Empire's Starter Mon instead of Ayanami. By the time they swapped places, her Live 2D animations were already implemented into the game and were left in anyway.


Voiced by: Minami Tanaka
ID: No. 316
Rarity: Rare

"So it turns out to be you, are you the Commander of the 17th Destroyer fleet from today onwards? You seem so ordinary. I am Kagerou-class Urakaze, show me what you got, Commander."


Voiced by: Anju Inami
ID: No. 317
Rarity: Rare

"All units, attaaack! ...Wait a second, where am I?! Oh, I know you! Urakaze-sama said you're... the general! Hmph! I'm Isokaze, the one destined to become a general that will make the whole world tremble in fear!"


Voiced by: Natsumi Hioka

Hamakaze (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 318
Rarity: Rare

"Hamakaze, 13th ship of the Kagerou-class destroyers, reporting for duty. Commander, try not to get my name wrong."


Voiced by: Natsumi Hioka

Tanikaze (Retrofit) 
ID: No. 319
Rarity: Rare

"I am Tanikaze, the winds have carried me from valleys to mountaintops... Commander, will you take me home?"

  • Damage-Increasing Debuff: She's able to make any target she hits with torpedoes take more damage from them for a time.
  • Glass Cannon: Mixed with her skill, she has a rather high torpedo stat, but a number of other stats are lower.
  • Rare Random Drop: Similar to the Mutsuki destroyers, she's a downplayed example — she's only available from Light ship construction despite being a permanent roster addition, and is deceptively harder to find as a result.
  • Sole Survivor: Her Miracle Wind ability encourages this trope, significantly boosting her defense against planes and boosting her Firepower when she's the sole remaining frontline ship. This reflects her history in the real life Battle of Midway, as she managed to avoid most aerial bombings.


Voiced by: Emiri Katou
ID: No. 170
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Saru

"This, you are Mr. Commander? Ahem, destroyer Nowaki, joining your fleet from this point on!"

  • Born Unlucky: Zigzags with Born Lucky. She comments she's not as lucky as Yukikaze or Shigure despite also surviving some serious engagements. She was also responsible for scuttling Akagi and Chikuma, and in the latter's case, after rescuing Chikuma's crew, she was sunk by USS Owen, meaning she lost many more men than usual when she sunk. Her Luck Stat boasts an average value of 72 as a result.
  • Friendly Fire: One of her lines mentions that she likes she doesn't have to hurt any of her allies in this new life, this is because she was forced to scuttle both Akagi and Chikuma in real life.
  • Hellish Pupils: Par on course for a Saru girl.
  • Hidden Depths: Behind her tendency to fall asleep lies a very broken girl. Just take a listen to her self introduction:
    "Kagerou class destroyer Nowaki. Fortune? That is the specialty of Kurenote  and Sasebonote , we don't have it here in Maizuru. I left Maikaze to fend for herself at Truk due to my cowardice, while charging into the fray recklessly to save Chikuma at Leyte Gulf...but they ended up suffering the same fate my dreams, everyone is still by my side..."
  • Random Effect Spell: Downplayed. Her "Gambler's Ship" skill "only" has three effects to draw from, but they're wildly diverse nonetheless: every 20 seconds, she either gains evasion, gains a damage buff, or takes more damage. Overall, she's 60/40 lucky/unlucky to get one of the two positive effects versus the negative one.
  • Sleepy Head: She's always falling asleep.

     The Yuugumo-class 


Voiced by: Rui Tanabe
ID: No. 370
Rarity: Elite
Artist: PHI

"I'm Makinami, the Yuugumo-class destroyer! I surfed the waves to come here! I'll be counting on you, Commander!"


Voiced by: Azusa Iwakura
ID: No. 293
Rarity: Rare
Artist: PHI

"Yuugumo-class destroyer Kiyonami, r-reporting for duty... And this is my friend, Hoppy... I-it's nice to meet you! ... Ugh..."


Voiced by: Yomogi Ashitaba
ID: No. 450
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Suisai

"So this place is the port? Huh... Oh, Commander! I'm the fourth ship of the Yuugumo class, Naganami. It's a pleasure to finally meet you! Um... what's my selling point... Love! I love you, and everyone else as well!"


Voiced by: Ayasa Itō
ID: No. 517
Rarity: Super Rare
Artist: Nagu

" Kazagumo, Yuugumo-class, reporting for duty. I hope I'll be able to get along well with everyone else here... Commander, you're not cooking up some dastardly plan, are you? You look rather questionable..."

     The Akizuki-class 
  • Adapted Out: Curiously, both of the ships from Ink-stained Steel Sakura, Harutsuki and Yoizuki, actually had much longer service histories with other naviesnote  but in AL this goes completely unmentioned by either one of them and doesn't influence their characterization whatsoever. It's suspected that it's omitted because those were not happy times.
  • Animal Motifs: Fennec foxes. Except for Suzutsuki who is partially modeled after an owl.
  • Anti-Air: They have high AA for destroyers, and the latter two get bonuses when shooting down planes.
  • More Dakka: The Akizuki-class (and Super Akizuki Kitakaze) are the only Destroyers to get a Main Battery Guns+1 upgrade as part of 2nd level break instead of extra torpedoes. This is a reference to the fact that they only had 1 torpedo bank in real life. This is still considered to work to their detriment, though, because despite the additional battery shots, their actual firepower stat is extremely low, as per Sakura Empire destroyer standard.


Voiced by: Rumi Ookubo
ID: No. 295
Rarity: Elite
Artist: Alisa

"I am No.5 of the Akizuki-class, a member of the Circle-3 Program...but also probably the most embarrassing one, wuuwuu..."

  • Born Unlucky: Has a low 32 stat for luck, reflecting the fact that she didn't have a long life (only 3 months or so)
  • Rare Random Drop: She only drops in Stage 9-4, Boss node only.
  • Stance System: Has the "Anti-Air Mode" skill, enabling her to boost her rather high anti-air at the expense of her firepower.
  • Support Party Member: Buffs the reload of her allies.


Voiced by: Rei Mochizuki
ID: No. 296
Rarity: Elite
Artist: MayaG

"I was guided here by the gods... Ah! M-my name is Harutsuki! Pleased to meet you!"

  • Miko: She's a very dedicated assistant miko to Nagato, who is pretty much the Head Priestess of the Sakura Empire.
  • Prone to Tears: She comes as being this, (she seems ready to burst into tears half the time), but this is mostly because she's a bit overwhelmed to be reunited with her sisters at your Azur Lane base. (Historically, the Fuyutsuki subclass ships all survived the war, but were split up by the Allied powers post-war and never saw each other again before being scrapped.)


Voiced by: Honoka Kuroki
ID: No. 449
Rarity: Elite
Artist: shirorokitsune

"I, destroyer Hanazuki from the Sakura Empire, would like to extend my humble greetings to you. As a member of the Akizuki class, I specialize in anti-air and anti-sub warfare, but please do not hesitate to call upon me where I am needed."

  • Caring Gardener: She loves not only viewing flowers but also tending to them.
  • Cherry Blossom Girl: Her hair, tail, and clothes are pink; sakura petals can be seen not only on her clothes and umbrella but also below her left ear as part of her hairband; she has lines that can only be viewed after Oathing her; and she has the aura of a Yamato Nadeshiko. She definitely counts as this.
  • Floral Theme Naming: Her Juustagram handle ("FlowerMoon") directly translates the two parts of her name ('hana' and 'zuki' mean 'flower' and 'moon', respectively).
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: She's an undeniably pleasant pink-haired person.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: She certainly carries the aura of one. A few of her lines also involve her preparing tea for the Commander.


Voiced by: Kotori Koiwai
ID: No. 468
Rarity: Super Rare
Artist: shisantian

"Ahaha, Pooky, listen up, we're gonna live here from now on! Uhh... Third ship of the Akizuki-class, Suzutsuki, reporting in! I'll be the one to protect my comrades and you, Commander! Just kidding~♪"


Voiced by: Rei Mochizuki
ID: No. 297
Rarity: Elite
Artist: MayaG

"I'm honored to meet you, Commander. I have come to assist you. From now on, I can help you with your work whenever needed."

  • BFS: She carries a nodachi whose length is greater than her height.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: She wears stockings with different lengths.
  • Flipping the Table: She does this to a balance beam/hurdle in her track-and-field-themed sports skin.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: She seems unaware of how much is visible in her skins.
  • Ms. Fanservice:
    • Her regular skin features such an Impossibly-Low Neckline that it makes one wonder how she's not exposing herself just by walking, especially when the coloring makes it look like a portion of her areola is already exposed as is.
    • Her sports skin, introduced with the rerun and English versions of the Ink-Stained Steel Sakura event, is infamous for being one of the most outright fanservice-y official works in the game. It's enough to say that some major discussion hubs for the game require the splash art for it to be behind a "Not Safe For Work" tag.
  • Nice Girl: One of her defining characteristics: she's helpful just because it's what she feels comes naturally. The catch is, her quiet helpfulness actually ends up putting distance between herself and others, because a lot of folks around her can't believe someone is that dutiful without an ulterior motive. She's come to accept the distance, though (which is why a relationship with the Commander surprises her).
  • Oblivious to Love: Not unlike Renown, she's rather slow on the uptake about what the Commander's invitation to a date and what her own quiet feelings about it really mean until you oath her. She at least realizes she was being a bit thick once you finally give her the ring, though.
  • Rapunzel Hair: As her sports skin shows, her ponytail is utterly titanic. Sitting in a tuck-legged position results in a good two feet of hair coming in contact with the floor.
  • Serious Business: She generally treats most of her work like this in a quiet fashion, which contributes to her being a bit distant from other people. If her sports skin's idle animation is anything to go by, track and field is especially serious business.
  • Sexy Soaked Shirt: In her sport skin her shirt is wet.

     The Shimakaze-class 


Voiced by: Saori Hayami
Rarity: Ultra-Rare
Artist: 黒星紅白

"I'm Shimakaze, the sole Shimakaze-class destroyer! I boast the highest speed and best torpedo capabilities of all fleet destroyers – a pivotal part of any torpedo squadron! No type of operation is beyond my capabilities! Ha-hah!"

  • Animal Motifs: Rabbits, just like her KanColle self, to emphasize her speed.
  • Animation Bump: Just like Shinano and New Jersey before her, if you manage to pull her while building during the event, you're treated to a short anime-style sequence of her skating across the water and pointing her 'gun' (the part of her rigging that she's holding in her hand) at the screen. She has a dynamic (simple Live2D, standard on all rainbow rarity ships) default skin and is the first buildable UR to get a Live2D skin.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: At the start of Upon the Shimmering Blue, she gets lost due to getting distracted by a beautiful bird that flew past her.
  • Breakout Character: When she made her debut in Crosswave in August of 2019, she was an instant hit with fans of the series, who had been requesting for her being added to the main game ever since. Manjuu was clearly listening, and when she finally appeared in the main game two years and one month later, not only was she the focus of the event (which was chock-full of Mythology Gags that reference Crosswave), but she was also released as an Ultra-Rare, with a Live2D skin at her debut, a first for her rarity.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Invokes this with Hakuryuu during the climax of Upon the Shimmering Blue. As the latter is the guardian of the Dragon Palace, defeating her means Shimakaze may claim the Palace's treasure. Shimakaze naturally decides that Hakuryuu herself is the Palace's treasure, and says that if she wins, Hakuryuu's coming with them back to the Sakura Empire, where Hakuryuu will be her friend. Hakuryuu agrees, thinking there was no way Shimakaze was ever going to win against her.
  • Fantastic Arousal: As Laffey learned in Crosswave, headpatting her while she's your secretary results in her squirming, whimpering, and begging you not to touch her ears, saying it "makes her feel weak". Doing it again after Oathing her has her outright moan.
    Shimakaze (Special touch, post-Oath): "At least you didn't touch my ears. The outcome wouldn't have been worksafe... Ugh..."
  • Foreshadowing: In Crosswave, Ayanami speaks of Shimakaze's potential. Come her mobile debut, she's surpassed Ayanami as a unit.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: One of her support skills actually allows her to fire a torpedo barrage when a different fleet engages in battle, so long as Shimakaze herself is somewhere else on the field. In other words, she's so fast that she can run all the way across the battlefield to take potshots at enemies who are otherwise distracted, something she does several times both in Crosswave and in Upon the Shimmering Blue.
  • Glass Cannon: She's a little on the squishy side by the standards of the current Ultra Rare ships, which is to be expected of a Destroyer. However, she hits like a train when fully limit broken; with the right setup, she can outnuke Retrofitted Ayanami.
  • Hero of Another Story: She's the lead protagonist of Crosswave alongside Suruga.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: She wields a katana in her default skin and openly wonders what it would be like to wield Chikuma's or Hakuryuu's. It even ties into one of her skills, which can cause Damage Over Time.
  • Leotard of Power: Her default skin features one of these.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: More "Macross Torpedo Massacre", but functionally the same: Shimakaze has an S-rank Torpedo stat, and two of her skills are all about buffing and abusing the Torpedo stats of the entire frontline, especially Destroyers. Equip her with the 610mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount you can buy from Upon the Shimmering Blue's event shop, and she becomes a torpedo-spewing monster, just like in Crosswave. She can even launch Torpedo strikes in fleets she isn't even a part of!
  • Mythology Gag: Her fainting upon learning the person she was being incredibly casual toward while looking for Shinano was, in fact, Shinano herself is an almost word-for-word reference to Shimakaze's first meeting with Nagato in Crosswave.
  • New Meat: In Crosswave, she has the attitude of being a newbie ship and is very deferential to more established Sakura ships.
  • Saying Too Much: The end of her secretary quest shows her blurting out her love for the Commander, and she catches herself before she can say when that love began.
  • Sixth Ranger: She's treated like this to the starters in both promotional material and in-game, owing to her main protagonist role in Crosswave (where she's the starter destroyer). Her line if she's with any of the other starters has her be a bit confused by it.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Her eyes are a bright amber color, and she's far and away one of the strongest Destroyers in the game as of this writing.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: She genuinely wanted to be friends with Purifier in Crosswave, whom she didn’t even know was a Siren until their second meeting.

     The Kitakaze-class 


Voiced by: Sakura Tange
ID: Plan 009
Rarity: Priority
Artist: tsliuyixin

"Indeed, the preparations are complete... Now that I, Kitakaze, shall be assisting you with your operational command, you can now sleep more soundly at night, Commander. Heheh!"

The personification of the Super Akizuki-class Kitakaze, introduced as part of the second round of World of Warships collaboration.

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Her "Kitakaze Style - Unanimous Slash" allows her to ignore her own ammo type and deal 100% (up to 115%) damage to all armor types, similar to Black Heart. It also boosts her gun efficiency if equipped with Japanese DD guns. This makes the gold rarity 100cm guns quite deadly in her hands.
  • More Dakka: Gets the "Main gun +1" limit break perk allowing her to fire even more rounds, and while her firepower still isn't much more than usual Akizuki-class, her ability to ignore enemy armor type and efficiency bonus with Sakura DD guns allow her to alleviate that issue and function as a good of a gunboat as other dedicated gunboat DD like Laffey and Z23.
  • Square Race, Round Class: A japanese destroyer that focuses on guns (fire power stat is better than just about every other japanese destroyers, especially her Akizuki class cousins which she shares the "main gun +1" perk with. She has better gun efficency). That being said her ability to use Torpedos is still pretty strong.