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Ship Prefix: USS

Representing the United States Navy; a member of the "Azur Lane" alliance with the Royal Navy.

Eagle Union ships tend to have high firepower with skills such as Full Firepower. Their cruisers favor guns above torpedo and have a variety of powerful anti-air options, while their aircraft carriers have high offensive air power. Some of their ships tend to lean towards the defensive side with skills such as Vice Defense and emergency self-heals.

Unlike the Royal Navy and the Sakura Empire, there's no real solo faction focus, having a mix of powerful stand alone units and units with non-faction specific buffs. This allows you to mix them with other units rather decently.

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Destroyers (DD)

     The Mahan-class 
The class as a whole:
  • Boring, but Practical: They don't have particularly fancy skills or stellar stats or a particularly amazing EX barrage, but they're cheap to run, easy to get, and their Baptismal Flames skill gives them good endurance in PVE. As such, it's common to tack one of them on to a "1:1" farming fleet to give it some more evasion and firepower at very little additional oil cost.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Both only wear one thigh-high stocking prior to retrofit and have Mismatched Eyes. Downplayed after retrofit, when they wear both stockings, but only one garter.
  • Glass Eye: As a result of damage suffered at Pearl Harbor, both Cassin and Downes have a fake eye (Cassin's right eye and Downes's left eye) that is implied to be, if not glass, at least non-functional. The fake eye stands out by having a dull, red iris.
  • Heal Thyself: Both have the Baptismal Flames skill, which restores 15% at base and 25% at max of their health once they fall below 20% health.
  • Last Chance Hit Point: Once per battle they can restore their HP if they fall below 20%.
  • More Dakka: Both possess a barrage skill and gain Quick Reload during retrofit, which can significantly boost their rate of fire when it activates.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Cassin is the calm blue oni to Downes's action-loving red oni.
  • Moveset Clone: They have exactly identical stats and skills, both pre- and post-retrofit, besides a minor three-point difference in Luck.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: Both were extensively rebuilt after their hulls were badly damaged by fire during the attack on Pearl Harbor, though Downes talks about it much more than Cassin.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A, post-retrofit only.

Cassin (DD-372)

Voiced by: Nana Harumura

Nice to meet you, I'm Cassin. If you've no business with me, I'd like to enter the docks…

  • Aren't You Going to Ravish Me?: Raising up her affection level high enough has her comment that she's getting annoyed at the commander acting gentlemanly with her and takes it as a sign that they don't find her attractive.
  • Badass Bookworm: Cassin would rather be in her room reading books, but that doesn't stop her from kicking ass with the rest of the fleet.
  • Hikikomori: Cassin would really rather spend all of her time in her room and her login quote is "Even the Commander cannot make me leave my room... ". Furthermore, her Japanese dialog specifically calls her a Hikikomori.
  • Sleepyhead: Other than stay in her room and read, Cassin would also generally much rather be napping than out fighting.

Downes (DD-375)

Voiced by: Ayano Niina

Hey! Are you the Commander? I'm Downes. Nice to meet ya!

  • Chuunibyou: A lot of her personality is dedicated to what she perceives to be cool, such as how she frames having been rebuilt, as well as her love of blowing stuff up.
    That's right, Commander: 'I am only half of my original self.' Sounds super cool, doesn't it!
  • Hot-Blooded: In contrast to Cassin, Downes is eager for a fight (and a chance to cause some explosions).
  • Idiot Hair: Downes's ahoge emphasizes that she's much sillier than her sister.
  • Large Ham: Downes will loudly boast of her greatness if she's MVP.
  • Pointless Band-Aid: Downes wears a band-aid over the bridge of her nose at all times, presumably because it looks cool, but it does highlight her boisterous nature.
  • Skunk Stripe: Gains two narrow red stripes in her hair on retrofit, presumably simply because she thought they looked cool.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Downes has a passion for explosions rivaling Megumin's. Her focus on explosions and apparent disregard for safety measures is likely a reference to how her fuel tanks exploded in the attack on Pearl Harbor, which resulted in the damage to her, Cassin, and Pennsylvania.
  • What Have I Become?: As her affection level goes up, it's apparent that even if she's never heard of the Theseus' Ship Paradox, she's feeling some distress over it, as she wonders if the Commander will return her affection even though more than half of her body has been rebuilt. Still, if she receives an Oath Ring, she'll tell you that even if her body isn't whole anymore, her heart still is.

     The Gridley-class 

  • Boring, but Practical: Like the Mahan-class, they don't have any fancy skills nor particularly good stats, but they have the same Double Torpedo skill some of the Sakura Empire ships have, making them good early-game picks until better options come along. In addition, Gridley has a skill that increases the torpedo power of all destroyers in the fleet, while Maury has a skill that lets her evade attacks for a short duration.
  • Four-Girl Ensemble: This class has a sports theme going on with them, with Craven as the cheerleader, McCall as the watergirl, Gridley as the photographer, and Maury as the athlete.
  • Moveset Clone: Craven and McCall are almost identical, with only about 40 HP, a single point in Evasion, 3 points in Speed, and 3 points in Luck making Craven very slightly better at level 100. Everything else, from skills to efficiencies, is identical.

Gridley (DD-380)

Voiced by: Narumi Shinohara

Nice to meet you, Commander! I'm Gridley. I'm Saratoga's escort ship~! She's, like, super cute!

Craven (DD-382)

Voiced by: Ayano Niina

Second ship of the Gridley-class, Craven, reporting in. Leave the halftime cheers to me!

  • Art Evolution: Her special skin shows how her artist has advanced since he first made them.
  • Iconic Item: Her cheerleader baton which looks like a lance in her chibi form.
  • Pom-Pom Girl: The cheerleader of the Gridley-class. This trope is shown in full effect with her special skin.

McCall (DD-400)

Voiced by: Nana Harumura

Hello, Commander. You can just call me McCall. My hobbies are sleeping, daydreaming and eating popsicles - please assign me to somewhere peaceful, thank you.

Maury (DD-401)

Voiced by: Konomi Kohara

You can just call me Maury. Reaching a maximum speed of 42.8 knots, I hold the Eagle Union speed record in track and field. Oh, but... marathons aren't for me...

  • Collection Sidequest: She's unlocked as a playable ship only after 10 total stars have been obtained from the other Gridley-class ships note  — a free copy is then given as a reward, and future copies can be obtained from the build menu to help with limit-breaking.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Really likes talking to you about her running.
  • Super Speed: Claims to have a top speed of 42.9 knots, which translates to her main skill increasing her evasion by at least 40% for a short duration.

     The Sims-class 

Sims (DD-409)

Voiced by: Mikako Komatsu

So you're my Commander, huh. Hmmm~ I'm the Sims-class destroyer's name ship, Sims. Ehehe, I look forward to working with you.

  • Smoke Out: Gains the Smokescreen skill post-retrofit.
  • Smug Smiler: Generally has this expression and tends to be a bit condescending towards the commander.
  • Troll: Appears in her lines, and in Hammann's story she trolls Hammann quite a bit.

Hammann (DD-412)

Voiced by: Asuka Itou

Hey! Don't give Hammann that stupid look, you pervert! ...It's because I'm cute? Did you really think just praising me would make me happy? Idiot!

     The Benson-class 
  • Animal Motifs: Rabbits
  • Little Bit Beastly: Subverted. While the class has rabbits as motif, those that appear to have rabbit ears are wearing fake ones, or wear ribbons to make them look like rabbit ears. Bailey doesn't even wear one, instead she goes with hairclips and rabbit decorations (though unlike her sisters, she outright calls herself a bunny).
  • Third-Person Person: Both Laffey and Bailey tend to refer to themselves by only their respective names, emphasizing their childishness.

Benson (DD-421)

Voiced by: Manami Numakura

Yahoo! Commander! Aren't you charmed by how cute and risque I am? Huh? W-who am I? ... Hahaha... My name is Benson... It's a pleasure to meet you...

The personification of the destroyer USS Benson. She is one of the monthly login reward ships along with her sister Bailey.

  • Animal-Eared Headband: She wears one, which she claims is real. She gets rather livid when the Commander tries to take it off her.
  • In the Name of the Moon: Some of her lines have Sailor Moon references. Get her upset, and she'll invoke the trope name:
    Oh evil being who conspires against cuties... in the name of the moon, I will punish you!
  • Playboy Bunny: Looks the part minus the overly sexual themes usual to this trope.
  • Status Buff: Her Air Raid Assistance skill increases the damage of all carriers in the fleet, and stacks with all other skills with the same effect such as retrofitted Long Island's Air Support skill.

Laffey (DD-459)

Voiced by: Maria Naganawa

Benson-class destroyer Laffey, awaiting orders… These ears aren't real, so please stop staring at them so much…

The personification of the destroyer USS Laffey.

  • The Alcoholic: This has become an Ascended Meme after several official references have been made.
    • The official 4koma hints she was drinking more than oxycola.
    • The Lunar New Year Celebration mini-event where she and Prinz Eugen are obviously drunk; and in the Flower Festival event, she outright asks where the alcohol is.
    • One of the login screens during "The Solomon Ranger" event features Laffey trying to add not-Jack Daniel's whiskey to whatever Z23, Javelin, and Ayanami are trying to make.
  • Badass Longcoat: She's wearing a sleeveless one in her retrofit clothing.
  • Berserk Button: Laffey doesn't appreciate it when the commander is touching or staring at her hair decorations.
  • Blood Knight: She admits she's not really motivated by anything except fighting. This might be what's causing her usual disposition.
  • Fanservice Pack: While her "assets" stay the same, her outfit does become skimpier post-retrofit.
  • Guns Akimbo: Upon retrofit. She's even seen posing with them or twirling them constantly.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Has well-balanced stats compared to the other starters, and post-remodel she has one of the highest reload stats in the game, allowing her to fire her weapons faster and proc her skills more often.
  • More Dakka: Her special barrage post remodel ups her reload by 200%, enabling her do a good amount of damage through sheer volume of fire.
  • Rapunzel Hair: It doesn't look like it at first, but her hair is really long.
  • Sleepyhead: She is often so sleepy to the point of speaking almost in monotone.
  • Starter Mon: One of three available starters in all three servers of the game along with Javelin (all three servers) and Z23 (CN and NA) or Ayanami (JP).
  • Took a Level in Badass: Not just stat wise but in her remodel's art, she's seen with a more serious expression and in an action pose. (That said, her refit does also make her ridiculously powerful, especially with investment into her new skill.)
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Well drink as her chibi has drinking from a bottle as an animation. While it's said to be an energy drink, fans have different ideas, and some official material agrees.

Bailey (DD-492)

Voiced by: Eri Suzuki

I'm Bailey, a Benson-cla... Wait, no, I'm a bunny! Commander, have you seen any of my sisters?

The personification of the destroyer USS Bailey. She is one of the monthly login reward ships along with her sister Benson.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: She refers to herself as a little bunny (or a Rabbit Alien) and constantly references Planet Bunny. What's Planet Bunny or a Rabbit Alien? Whatever it is, it's so odd that the commander investigates in her character quest.
  • Cute Witch: Her Halloween skin.
  • Hair Decorations: Wears bunny hairclips and has bunny decorations in her skins.
  • Idol Singer: She wants to become an idol, as revealed during her character quest.
  • Irony: Despite claiming to actually be a bunny, and being the only one of the sisters to do so, she's the only one that isn't wearing fake bunny ears, instead wearing a hair clip that look like a bunny head.
  • Magical Girl: With a dash of Stage Magician in her retrofit skin.
  • Oblivious to Love: Does not quite understand her commander's affections, though not to the same extent as Renown.
  • Smoke Out: Her Smokescreen skill increases the evasion of all frontline ships within an Area of Effect at the start of battle and every 15 seconds thereafter, similar to the skill with the same name as the C-class ships have.
  • Status Ailment: Her retrofit skill Disturbance Shooting reduces a random enemy's attack speed and damage within a short duration.


     The Fletcher-class 
The class as a whole:
  • Boring, but Practical: The Fletcher Class doesn't particularly stand out for stats, but they have the lowest oil consumption in the game, making groups of high-level, non-limit broken Fletchers popular for farming, especially in conjunction with the similarly low-cost Erebus Class monitors.
  • Moveset Clone: Out of thirteen total Fletcher-class ships in the game, seven of them have extremely similar movesets:
    • The Common trio of Aulick, Foote, and Spence. At a glance, Aulick simply outshines her sisters since she has a higher reload at level 100 (at 178), and all other stats and skills are identical. Known but hidden Luck stats also reveal that Spence has a pitiful 20 Luck, while Aulick has 62 and Foote has 67, but overall these stat differences are minimal.
    • The Rare trio of Thatcher, Radford, and Jenkins are a downplayed example, since there's a fair bit more variance in their stats. Their differences are that they have 1712 or 1733 HP at level 100, 154-157 Evasion, 175 or 182 Reload, and 42-45 speed. But everything else, such as their gun efficiencies, Firepower or Torpedo stat, and their Full Firepower skill are identical.
    • The Rare duo of Bush and Kimberly both have the Anti-air Vigilance skill instead of Full Firepower, but can be grouped as their own moveset clones as a result. Bush has 2 more Firepower, 6 more Anti-Air, but one less Torpedo stat than Kimberly, and again those are the only differences.
  • Nice Hat: The Beaver Squad's feathered cap.
  • Sailor Fuku: The Beaver Squadnote  and Fletcher wear the same type of sailor uniform and feathered cap, with the exception of Fletcher who has her hair tied in a yellow ribbon instead (as she wasn't part of the Little Beavers in real life).
  • Token Adult: Kimberly and Mullany are older-looking than the other Fletchers, even big sis Fletcher herself, and resemble teenagers or young adults (or cruisers) instead of children. They're noticeably taller (and bustier in Mullany's case) and swap out the Sailor Fuku outfits for shorts and jackets.

Fletcher (DD-445)

Voiced by: Manaka Iwami

Hm? You think we've met before? I get it… You know, I have over 100 sisters who look like me! I'll be following your orders from now on, Commander.

  • Badass Boast: She states that the fleet should overwhelm the enemy with sheer number. Considering that there are 175 Fletcher-class destroyers in real life (not yet implemented into the game), her boast has merit.
  • Cool Big Sis: A somewhat younger one than usual, but she cares a lot about her massive number of younger sisters, and remembers all of their names.
  • Hair Decorations: Has her hair tied on a yellow ribbon.
  • Massively Numbered Siblings: A part of her character is watching over all of them and knowing all their names (an impostor was caught when asked to name them all). Fitting, as the Fletcher-class was and is the most numerous class of destroyer ever built. She wonders if their parents were rabbits.
  • Meganekko: She wears a pair of green framed glasses.
  • Support Party Member: Her Sisters' Temperament skill increases the reload and firepower of all Fletcher-class units in the party, making her the core piece of the Fletcher Fleet, a low-cost party designed to farm early-to-mid-game maps for as low oil cost as possiblenote . She has a Destroyer Firepower buffing general skill on top of that.
  • Vapour Wear: Unlike the others in her class, her Sailor Fuku is backless and sideless (for some reason), revealing that she isn't wearing a bra

Radford (DD-446)

Voiced by: Mariya Ise

I am Fletcher class's Radford. Commander, do you want some lolipops?

Nicholas (DD-449)

Voiced by: M*A*O

I'm Nicholas, the first Fletcher-class ship to be launched… I'd rather stay in the base than sortiiiie… Can I just do that insteeeead?

  • Big Little Sister: Strongest stat wise (particularly with her remodel) and historically the first to be completed in spite of being being started later.
  • Gender-Blender Name
  • Sleepyhead: A bit more pronounced than Laffey since her chibi has animations of her nearly dozing off.

Foote (DD-511)

Voiced by: Yuna Yoshino

*Tsk* Greetings... I hate greetings. But I suppose it's a formality... Hello, Commander. I'm Foote...

Spence (DD-512)

Voiced by: Yuna Yoshino

Huh...? C-C-C-Commander...Hello...Spence h-has been wanting to talk to you... b-but didn't have the courage to...

  • Cry Cute: Pretty much her default expression.
  • Fear of Thunder: She's afraid of storms, with good reason, as Typhoon Cobra sunk her.
  • Shrinking Violet: The cause of above expression, very easily spooked. This might be a reference to being the only Little Beaver lost during the war.
  • The Squad: Being part of the "Little Beavers"

Thatcher (DD-514)

Voiced by: Ruka Nemoto

Hi there, Commander! I'm Thatcher. Want to play a game with me?

  • The Prankster: With Spence being her usual victim.
  • Status Buff: Her Full Firepower skill increases her firepower for a short duration. Combined with Fletcher's supportive skills, her guns can pack quite the punch.
  • The Squad: Being part of the "Little Beavers"

Kimberly (DD-521)

Voiced by:

I am the Fletcher-class destroyer, Kimberly. From today onward I will be one of your subordinates. Pleased to meet you.

  • Nice Hat: wears a sailor hat similar to her sisters, though hers is black with blue and white trim.
  • Qipao: Like her sister Mullany, she launched in the Lunar New Year event with a skin for this.note 
  • She's Got Legs: Kimberly's are quite long and shapely, nicely accented by her shorts, stockings, and boots.
  • Workaholic: Nearly all her lines revolve around being as efficient and capable as possible, with little regard for things beyond how well they will benefit your campaign. By increasing her affection, you get her to consider her life beyond fighting.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: A solid Grade B.

Mullany (DD-528)

Voiced by:

Hello Commander, I am Mullany of the Fletcher Class. From now on we'll be living together. I will be in your care~

  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: She has a fondness for cooking, though sometimes the things she cooks can get out of hand.
  • Critical Status Buff: Her Miracle in the Flames skill grants her a period of increased evasion once per battle when her HP drops below 25%, as well as reducing the damage she takes from fire.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Is quite busty & curvy for a destroyer, especially in comparison to the rest of her sisters, and her crop top & shorts show off plenty of her midsection, plus what looks suspiciously like nipples beneath.
  • Nice Girl: Even when upset, she mulls over the difficulty of cooking for someone they don't like. Considering how some of her cooking comes out, it's a kind response compared to tricking someone into eating an "odd" dish.
  • Qipao: Like her sister Kimberly, she launched in the Lunar New Year event with a skin for this.note 

Aulick (DD-569)

Voiced by: Yuna Yoshino

Yaay! It's so great to meet you, Commander! Just call me Aulick! … What was that? I said Aulick! My name is Aulick!

  • Dub-Induced Plot Hole: The joke about being called the wrong name makes less sense in the English-version, as the reference to Oreo cookies was removed.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: A bit literal in that she always complains about being called an Oreo cookie (in the non-English versions), though eventually comes to take it as a compliment.
  • The Squad: Being part of the "Little Beavers"
  • Third-Person Person: Refers to herself as Aulick, at least in the English translation.

Charles Ausburne (DD-570)

Voiced by: Satsuki Morita

Nice to meet you, Commander. I'm Ausburne, the leader of the Little Beavers. Are there any bullies here? I'll give them a taste of my retribution!

  • For Great Justice: Often refers to herself as an ally of justice.
  • Gender-Blender Name
  • Super Speed: Her 31-Knot Burke skill increases the speed of the entire fleet within a short duration, allowing slower fleets, such as one with two heavy, cruisers to move faster. A nod to Admiral Arleigh "31-Knot" Burke, who used Charles Ausburne as DESRON 23's flagship, and was known to keep all destroyers running at boiler-bursting speeds. Ironically, the nickname was originally an insult, the result of him not having them move at their maximum speed, which was over 34 knots, due to the USS Spence having lost a boiler due to a maintenance mishap, resulting in the squadron being limited to only 31-knots. It eventually became a compliment, referring to his aggressive naturenote .
  • The Leader: Of the "Little Beavers".

     The Cannon-class 

Eldridge (DE-173)

Voiced by: Nozomi Sasaki

Commander… Eldridge has arrived.

  • Emotionless Girl: She hardly ever display any emotions on her face, instead she says it directly.
  • Fragile Speedster: While technically she has slower movement speed than average destroyer (since destroyer escorts don't have high speed by design), she does have high evasion and if her skill activates, all of your escort ships can dodge all bullets fired at them.
  • Shock and Awe: She can discharge electricity from her body. This feature, along with her skill, is a reference to the Philadelphia Experiment.
  • Third-Person Person: Almost always refers to herself as Eldridge.
  • Verbal Tic Name: Not her, but her school skin cat is creatively named "Meow Meow" as revealed in "Sakura School Festival".

Light Cruisers (CL)

     The Omaha-class 

  • More Dakka: Except for Richmond, all of them have the "Quick Reload" skill that gives a chance to lower reload time.

Omaha (CL-4)

Voiced by: Juri Kimura

Omaha-class cruiser —— Omaha! Greetings, Commander~ You could say I’m the elder of the fleet, hoho~ Shoudn’t you give me something as a gift for our first meeting?

  • Weight Woe: Many of her lines express concern about her figure, arising from the many refits the original ship experienced.

Raleigh (CL-7)

Voiced by: Juri Kimura

I’m the Omaha-class light cruiser Raleigh, please sign here on this contract……from now on, I’ll be relying on you, Commander.

  • Sensei-chan: Despite her youthful appearance many of her lines make reference to doing training.

Richmond (CL-9)

Voiced by: Kohara Riko

Hi, are you the Commander? Aha, that's great - I'm Richmond, please look after me.

  • Catgirl: Wears a pair of headphones with fake cat ears on them.
  • Support Party Member: Instead of "Quick Reload", she has "Artillery Command - Cruiser" that increases the damage of all cruisers.

Concord (CL-10)

Voiced by: Kana Yuuki

Light cruiser Concord, reporting in. Do I like lollipops and ice cream-- huh? Does the Commander always like to gaze at people's feet? Hehe.

  • Animation Bump: One of the few ships to have multiple expressions in her splash art, and she has them for both her base skin and her festival skin.
  • Catgirl: Like Richmond, she wears a pair of cat ear headphones. While she takes them off for her festival skin, she does still have them with her.
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: Her personal quest culminates in attempting to avert this. In part six, she can cook, but her food is neither appealing looking nor well-balanced in flavor — she always puts too much sugar.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Star-shaped pupils.
  • Foot Focus: Her default skin has a closeup of her shoeless foot, and her festival skin has her not wearing her sandals. Lampshaded in her introductory quote.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Her hair emphasizes her childish love of sweets.
  • Gyaru Girl: Of the Kogal variety.
  • Oral Fixation: Always seen licking something.
  • Sweet Tooth: Always has some kind of sugary foodstuff on her and frequently talks about this sort of thing.

     The Brooklyn-class 

  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Overall, they all have a balanced stat distribution for a Rare light cruiser — average HP, evasion, and anti-air defensively, but a high amount of Firepower (the tie-highest for a Rare CL, equaling the Glass Cannon Achilles and Ajax cruisers) to make use of their trade-off of a secondary gun mount instead of a torpedo slot. All three sisters have a way of buffing their Firepower through their singular but different skill — Brookyln's support skill, Phoenix's defensive one, and Honolulu's purely offensive one.

Brooklyn (CL-40)

Voiced by: Lynn

I'm Brooklyn. Commander, I'm an elite cruiser so leave the foreign affairs to me.

  • Support Party Member: Her main skill increases the damage dealt by all cruisers in the party.
  • Sexy Secretary: Despite her looks, she's very serious about her position as secretary ship, a nod to being a diplomatic ship. This has caused her to be given glasses in various pieces of fanart to complete the look.
    • However, if touched inappropriately, she will complain that a diplomat is different from a secretary.

Phoenix (CL-46)

Voiced by: Lynn

Are you the Commander? I'm Phoenix. That's right, the legendary Phoenix! Do you have what it takes to lead me?

Honolulu (CL-48)

Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa

Honolulu, Brooklyn-class cruiser, reporting in. Hey, could you please stop staring? I-it's not like my breasts are big just because I want them to be…

  • D-Cup Distress: Right in the introduction. She's actually quite insecure about them, since everyone is always admiring them or being jealous of them, that she sometimes feels they are more important than who she is as a person, and at times feels like they are the only attractive thing about her.
    • As her affection increases, she doesn't mind them as much, mainly because the Commander likes them.
    • Besides the social insecurity, she also complains about shoulder pain during "Sakura School Festival".
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Her summer skin is basically a take on paizuri, except with a water hose.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: In her school skin, she has a teddy bear. In "Sakura School Festival", she talks to "Teddy" and is embarrassed when the Commander discovers its existence.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite her somewhat prickly personality, she will sometimes remark about how Helena always looks so sad, and tell the Commander that they should try to make her laugh. Both ships took part in the Battle of Kula Gulf, where the USS Helena sunk, and survivors from the Helena's crew were transferred to the Honolulu.
  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl: Most of her skins are of this nature as the fanservice is at her expense. And in the remarks of her school outfit has her choosing a spot so no one stares at her.
  • Tsundere: Claims she was born with that attitude. Ironically, despite the above trope, she doesn't actually get mad if the Commander touches her breasts, simply because they're being so direct she doesn't even feel like getting angry.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade S.

     The St. Louis-class 

A class of ships that are practically a subclass of the Brooklyn Class, thus they share many similarities.

  • Strong Family Resemblance: The two resemble each other quite a lot, especially when you compare them to their Brooklyn-class sisters, who each look completely different outside of their outfits (up to Brooklyn being a Dark-Skinned Blond while all the others are fair-skinned).

St. Louis (CL-49)

Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa

Hello, I'm St. Louis. People used to call me Lucky Lou. Don't you think this is your lucky day, finding me like this, Commander?♪

  • Cool Big Sis: To Helena. It is unknown, however, how much does Helena acknowledge this. Still, as an older sister, Louis does care and worry about Helena's well-being. In one instance when her affection towards you reach "Upset", she will tell you to at least spare Helena.
  • Miss Fanservice: Shapely, clad in a way that emphasizes regardless of skin.
  • Red Baron: Lucky Lou, which is the name of one of her skills.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: While not on Atago's level, she isn't shy about her looks and her reaction to being inappropriately touched is being mildly upset that it was done in public.
  • Stance System: Her Anti-Air Mode, which increases her AA stats at the cost of her firepower, although this is somewhat negated by her Lucky Lou skill, which has a chance to increase her firepower.

Helena (CL-50)

Voiced by: Tomoyo Chuujou

Nice to meet you Commander. I'm Helena. My strong suit is enemy reconnaissance. Please... guide us towards victory.

  • Cool Big Sis: To a number of destroyers, particularly those that served along side her.
  • Companion Cube: Plenty of her lines have her referring to her SG radar set as if it were alive.
  • Please Don't Leave Me: Her defeat line, which is a reference to her fate as USS Nicholas and USS Radford had to abandon the rescue operation of her crew, after sinking at Kula Gulf, in order to pursue the enemy.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: The main reason she's always sad and quiet is due to having taken part in some of the worst battles of the Pacific War, including Pearl Harbour, the Guadalcanal Campaign, and Kula Gulf. Combined with the fate of her crew, it's taken a bit of a toll on her mental health.
  • Supreme Chef: Appears to be this.
    • One of Honolulu's lines for her school skin has her ask if the Commander wants to eat lunch with her because he likes her, or because he really just wants to eat the food Helena made for her, while Cleveland asks if the Commander wants some of Helena's pumpkin pie in her Halloween skin.
    • One loading screen has her prepare some cake for Laffey.
  • Target Spotter: Her Radar Scan skill gives a Damage-Increasing Debuff on all enemies on the screen.
  • Took A Levelin Cheerfulness: her New Year skin has some lines of her being notably more cheerful than before.

     The Atlanta-class 

  • Crippling Overspecialization: The entire class is very good at swatting planes out of the air at the cost of having low firepower and torpedo, despite being some of the rare few torpedo cruisers from the Eagle Union.
  • Stance System: Like their cousins in the Cleveland-class, Atlanta and Juneau possess the Anti-Air Mode skill, which sharply increases their own Anti-Air stat at the cost of lowering their Firepower for a short duration. Since they already have high anti-air stats and low firepower note , this lends to their overspecialization.
  • Support Party Member: Atlanta and San Diego have skills that buff friendly ships' anti-air; Atlanta's affects only cruisers passively, while Sandy's affects the entire fleet for a limited time when its chance to activate occurs. Juneau trades in an anti-air buff for a sacrificial heal when she's sunk.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Girly Girl to the Cleveland-class ships' Tomboy.

Atlanta (CL-51)

Voiced by: Aranami Kazusa

I'm the anti-aircraft cruiser Atlanta. Kept you waiting, huh, Commander? But from now on, you can rest easy and let me handle everything!

  • Cool Big Sis: Tries to be one to the commander, emphasis on TRIES. Is one to her little sisters, even giving her share of any mission rewards to them.
    • Zigzagged in The Solomon Ranger event, where she tells Portland that one of her little sisters is a dork (San Diego, who is a dork) and the other is a crybaby (Juneau, who is being haunted by dreams of dead crewmembers). However, she does admit that she does think they're cute, and while she does somewhat like being away from San Diego, because it means she's able to hear herself think for once, she admits that she prefers to be with them, though she is nowhere near as obsessed with them as Portland is with Indy.
  • Little Big Sister: The oldest of her class, but smaller than San Diego in certain areas. She is aware and not exactly happy to be reminded of it.
  • Ludicrous Precision: During The Solomon Ranger event, she states that Portland has stared at Indy's photo 105 times and sighed 115 times since they started the mission.

Juneau (CL-52)

Voiced by: Juri Kimura

I-I'm Juneau... I'm a cruiser... I'm scared of pain... *Sob* And I'm scared of you, Commander...!

The personification of the light cruiser Juneau. The most timid of the sisters.

  • Bad Dreams: She often got a nightmare of meeting five mysterious figures, subverted after her affection gets high enough and she finally could reach out and 'meet' them, they wished her well and she becomes sad. After all, they were five of her famous crew who went down with her.
  • Fragile Flower: Gives Spence a run for her money as the most scared Eagle Union ship. Given the events around her sinking, it's no wonder. note 
  • Hates Being Alone: Likes to sleep in with the commander as a way to cope with her Bad Dreams.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In a sense as she has a skill ("War Martyr") that heals everyone else upon her defeat in battle.
  • Love Redeems: Pledging her helps her come to terms with the loss of her crew and the trauma around it.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: As mentioned in the Fragile Flower notes, she has some serious trauma due to the circumstances of her sinking, probably even beating Yorktown. note 
  • Shout-Out: Definitely does not look like Ilyasviel von Einzbern.

San Diego (CL-53)

Voiced by: Asuka Itou

Hello, I'm San Diego! I'm the cruiser who received the most stars in the Second World War! (Giggles), self intro done!! I'm great, aren't I!

The personification of the light cruiser San Diego. Easily the most popular of the three Atlanta sisters both in-gamenote and in real lifenote .

  • Ace Custom: On remodel her normal barrage goes from "Full Barrage - Atlanta class II" to "Barrage - San Diego", replacing the shots with stars with slight homing and raises the shot requirement to 16 (this is to account for the significantly increased volume of fire she'll have)
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: While Atlanta does prefer to be with her sisters, she also likes being able to hear herself think, which she can't do when Sandy's constantly orbiting around her.
  • Ascended Meme:
    • Her memetic status was actually recognized by the devs who made a video with a legion of her clones complete with a stage with her copies of back up dancers. That same stage was given to players in the mail so they too can give any shipgirl a legion of San Diego back up dancers when put on the front of it.
    • The English version's third server is aptly named Sandy, although other versions have servers using her full name.
    • The sheer amount of Memetic Mutation around her led the devs to give her a remodel, making her the first ever playable ship beyond SSR rarity - Ultra Rare.
  • Buxom Is Better: A close look at her normal skin and her Christmas skin show that she's pretty well endowed. Her remodel skin makes it very clear. This may be a nod to the ship's top heavy (with AA guns) design.
  • Com Mon: She's the SSR Com Mon of construction pool. This, combining with her Idol Singer status, makes her very comparable to Kantai Collection 's Naka, and shares the same timer (1:10:00) and VA as Girls' Frontline 's IDW (but shares it with no highly desired units unlike said Catgun). She is generally received better due to her high medal value (and after her remodel, her effectiveness as a unit). And if you plan on going for said remodel, you'll need a lot of her — four extra copies for limit breaks, and three extra copies for the retrofit process.
  • Crippling Overspecialization
    • Has the highest Anti-Air stat in the game, and her I Am No. 1! skill increases the party's Anti-Air stat, which means she can increase her own even further, all at the cost of terrible stats in all other attacking areas. This is in a game where plane nodes are rare up to the last few levels, and even then other ships can also swat planes out of the air without sacrificing firepower and torpedo.
    • Her post-remodel Song of the Stars skill increases her Anti-Air stat even further, but also has a high chance (capped at 100%) to fire a barrage of star-shaped ammo on the screen. This ends up subverting the trope since her remodel raises her firepower stat so that it's only outdone by certain other refitted ships.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: While she is definitely cute, her singing is so terrible that it knocks Gridley out, and Atlanta comments that one of the benefits of being deployed away from Sandy is that she can finally hear herself think.
  • The Ditz: She is not the brightest bulb in the pack; an example would be the Christmas skin having her be unaware of how she was wrapping herself in microphone cord. Her biography reveals that she has no idea what stars are... or America, despite the Commander knowing what it is (In fairness to her, this is actually reference to a Chinese meme. See Lost in Translation below).
  • Dreadful Musician: Despite her aspirations, she is such a horrible singer that Gridley outright faints from her attempts in "The Holy Night of Love and Peace" mini-event.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Even her dimness doesn't diminish her dislike of the Commander should you upset her:
    "Don't come any closer, Commander! Stupidity is contagious!"
  • Idol Singer: One of the most glaring examples.
  • Leitmotif: I Am No. 1!, befitting her status as the game's Joke Character (who turns into an outright Lethal Joke Character post remodel).
  • Lost in Translation: The joke about her not knowing what America is. In the English and Japanese versions, it seems like it's just her being a ditz. In the original Chinese version, it's a reference to a Chinese company called American Shengdiyage, known in China for a hilariously over-the-top commercial[[Invoked]] for a brand of fertilizer. Shengdiyage is the Chinese name for San Diego, both the ship and the citynote .
  • Magikarp Power: It can't be emphasized enough how mediocre she is for an alleged Super Rare ship due to her Crippling Overspecialization before her retrofit; her only argued use was on the very small number of extremely plane-heavy maps, and even then there's other ships with more well-rounded stats so she wasn't a first-choice for most players. After her retrofit, she becomes one of the strongest light cruisers in the entire game for general usage in addition to vaporizing planes.
  • More Dakka: Post-refit the combination of being able to use Destroyer guns, having an additional main gun mount, and a high reload stat make for a lot of shots coming from her. And this is before her two barrages come into play.

     The Cleveland-class 

  • Boring, but Practical: While their skills aren't really flashy or amazing, their very solid statlines make them very dependable frontliners.
  • Foil: To the Atlanta-class light cruisers. They're gun light cruisers with very well rounded stats with very few weaknesses. The Atlanta-class are torpedo light cruisers who heavily focus in anti-air at the cost of their other offensive stats.
  • Stance System: The Cleveland-class ships possess the Anti-Air Mode skill, which sharply increases their own Anti-Air stat at the cost of lowering their Firepower for a short duration, a drawback which can be mitigated or negated completely by their other skills or that of their allies as well as leveling the skill.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Tomboys to the Atlanta-class' Girly Girls.

Cleveland (CL-55)

Voiced by: Saya Horigome

Pleasure meeting you, Commander! I'm Cleveland, a knight of the sea! Come on, time is money! We can't afford to take a break!

The personification of the light cruiser USS Cleveland, and the eldest of the four Cleveland sisters.

  • Ascended Meme: Her "Clevedad" fan nickname from Asian World of Warships has become one in the game.
  • Badass Cape: A white one on her regular skin, a black one on her Halloween skin.
  • Bifauxnen: Her Gentry Knight skin makes her look like this to a slight degree.
  • Canine Companion: Gains a pet dog named Knight in her Gentry Knight skin.
  • Cool Big Sis: As far as her sisters are concerned, she's very much this. Montpelier takes it a bit further as seen below.
    • If paired with Fletcher or Z1, she will comment on them sharing this status with her for their classes/ship types.
  • Cool Shades: Will sport the "Deal With It" shades upon victory. invoked
  • Covert Pervert: Downplayed, but her main objection to the commander groping her is that they shouldn't do it in public. She also welcomes the commander back from sorties by offering him a massage.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: The commander himself calls her "Clevebro" if she's set as secretary, much to her chagrin.
  • Grin of Audacity: Sports one constantly, even in chibi form.
  • Historical In-Joke: Mentions in one of her idle lines that she likes trees. This references the fact that she spent almost the entire war providing coastal support for ground forces, and saw very little combat against other ships.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Even more so than her sisters, to the point of having masculine nicknames such as "Clevedad" or "Clevebro". However, she's not a big fan of those nicknames, and in her oath skin, expresses joy over wearing a frilly wedding dress.
  • Utility Party Member: Her Raid Order skill increases the damage dealt by the entire party on top of her awesome anti-air with the Anti-Air Mode skill.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: Has very patriotic socks.
  • Wingding Eyes: Her base skin's idle animation has her pupils change to dollar signs. Unlike most uses of this trope, this seems to be simply a joke and there's not much (if any) of the usual association with greed, since her only real mention of money is her introduction of "time is money!" In her promise skin, she even throws money away in her idle animation in the dorm. Perhaps it's referencing that she's a good farming ship (as she is in World of Warships).

Columbia (CL-56)

Voiced by: Saya Horigome

I'm the Cleveland-class light cruiser, 2nd ship, Columbia~ Not the capital city, the Columbia in South Carolina! Jeez~ Like I said, it's not the Columbia with Bogotá!

The personification of the light cruiser USS Columbia, and the second of the four Cleveland sisters.

  • Bubblegum Popping: Shown popping bubblegum in her artwork, and she mentions her gum in several lines.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Before being added to the game proper, art of her sans rigging could be seen at screen where you select which level of a daily raid/challenge you wanted to do, giving her the nickname of "daily raid girl".
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Only wears one thigh-high sock. According to her, the reason why is classified.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Despite her interest in things like football, she apparently also likes ballet
  • Uniformity Exception: Is the only sister not to refer to herself as a knight of the seanote , and the only one not wearing a cape or something similar overtop of her shirt.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Her Flagship Protection skill reduces the damage taken by the flagship.

Montpelier (CL-57)

Voiced by: Rie Takahashi

You're the Commander? You... don't seem too reliable. But Big Sis is here.. guess it can't be helped. Montpelier, has arrived. I'll be fine without guidance.

The personification of the light cruiser USS Montpelier, and is the most powerful (at least rarity-wise) of the four Cleveland sisters.

Denver (CL-58)

Voiced by: Ari Ozawa

Hello! I am Cleveland class's Denver, the fourth knight of the sea. Before I formally join your forces, will you tell me what kind of future do you wish for?

Heavy Cruisers (CA)

     The Northampton-class 

  • Glass Cannon: The Northamptons are some of the relatively few heavy cruisers with light armor, and they have relatively poor hitpoints. However, as gun cruisers, they have a great deal of sustained firepower, and Northampton and Chicago each take it even further. Northampton boosts the firepower of all cruisers in the fleet, including herself, while Chicago has a significant chance of doubling the damage of her attack each time she fires her main guns. On the other hand, Houston mitigates it with her ability to massively boost her evasion.
  • Stripperific: Their class outfit looks like they'd be at home as NFL Cheerleaders. This is a reference to the fact that they were originally designed to be light cruisers, but were reclassified to heavy cruisers due to the Washington Naval Treaty, and never got heavier armor.

Northampton (CA-26)

Voiced by: Takao Koizumi

Mmm, hello Commander. To think that you can accurately predict where I would appear, seems like we are quite in sync……if only it's the same with Hornet……

  • My Greatest Failure: She very deeply regrets her failure to save Hornet at the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands.
  • Odd Friendship: She's quiet, reserved, and stoic. She's also good friends with Hornet.
  • The Quiet One: Mentions that she doesn't talk much, requests people quiet down from time to time, and she rarely raises her voice in her lines.
  • The Stoic: Lampshaded. She doesn't emote much, mentions she has been told she has a rather stiff personality, and that she's nowhere near as lively as Hornet or her sisters.
  • Support Party Member: Northampton's Artillery Command - Cruisers skill boosts the firepower stat of all cruisers, heavy and light, in the same fleet as her.

Chicago (CA-29)

Voiced by: Ruka Nemoto

So you're the Commander huh, you have a face that big sis can't resist to bully~ I'm starting to look forward to the coming days.

  • Buxom Is Better: Most endowed of the three ships in her class and certainly has this opinion about herself.
  • Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest: As her affection progresses, she teases the commander less and less, saying that it's because she wants the commander's attention, and knows that, because of how she usually acts, he won't realise that she's serious otherwise. Of course, once you pledge yourself to her, she's free to do all the things she previously only joked about doing...
  • Cool Big Sis: Is an Onee-san type that goes about displaying her affections with less restraint and shame than Atago.
  • Ojou Ringlets: Sports them, but definitively does not act like one.
  • The Tease: At stranger affinity, Chicago will ask if you want to have some "adult fun", before saying she's just kidding.
    • It's also deconstructed. In her friendly dialogue, she mentions that most people have trouble dealing with people who act like her, and is surprised that you want to be her friend.
  • Truth in Television: During "Moonlit Overture", she flees the Sakura Empire forces after taking serious damage, without letting Vincennes and the rest of the Northern force know there's a Sakura Empire fleet approaching from the south and heading towards them, with Quincy assuming that Chicago fell before such warning could be sent out. In reality, while she did flee the IJN fleet, Chicago never alerted the Northern force because Captain Bode, aboard USS Chicago, never attempted to assert control of his Southern group and never tried to communicate with the Northern group about the attack as they fled the area, leaving both Guadalcanal and the Northern group exposed and unwarned of the attack. Furthermore, the game was correct in noting there was an error in delegation of duty, as Rear Admiral Crutchely, along with HMAS Australia, left the Southern group, leaving Chicago, and Captain Bode, in charge.

Houston (CA-30)

Voiced by: Aya Yokota

Hiya~5th ship of the Northamptons is here, during the Invasion of Palawan I once took on a whole Sakura Empire squad alone! Starting from today Commander can play with me! ~yeah——☆

  • Cat Girl: Has hairclips that resemble mechanical cat ears, or alternatively, an Oni
  • Genki Girl: Most energetic of the three ships.
  • Red Baron: The Galloping Ghost of Java Coast
  • Status Buff: Her main skill has a moderate chance of massively increasing her own evasion rate within a short duration, up to 100% at maximum level, allowing her to dodge damn near anything while it's active.
  • The Ditz: Of the sister trio.

     The Portland-class 
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Both sisters have a longer right stocking than their left.
  • Historical In-Joke: Both girls are dressed rather lightly, which is a reference to their rather light armor compared to their size and armament.
  • Idiot Hair: Both sisters have ahoges shaped like a heart.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Both sisters also have hair about as long as they're tall.
  • Sailor Fuku: Both girls get serafukus for their school skins.

Portland (CA-33)

Voiced by: Kaori Yoshioka

Nice to meet you, Commander. I'm Indy's big sister, Portland. I've taken part in the battle of the Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal, and the Santa Cruz Islands. Eh? Who's Indy? It's the nickname of Indianapolis, my dear little sister!

  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Inverted and downplayed. If deployed together, Indianapolis' line towards her is telling her to shut up. However, Indy's higher affection lines reveal that she's willing to give Portland anything she needs (except the Commander), because Portland gives her everything she needs (and more), and that Indy actually feels a bit guilty about Portland showering her with praise, as she feels that Portland could be quite popular if she spent even a bit of time on herself rather than on Indy.
  • Big Sister Worship: Inverted, with the older Portland actually being smitten towards the younger Indianapolis, and it shows through her Best Sister skill, which increases her own damage while Indy is on the field. To give an idea of how obsessed she is, she only has a single line that doesn't mention Indy, and even that one lampshades the fact that she didn't mention her.
    • Big Sister Attraction: Inverted. When you regularly carry around doujinshi of your younger sister, drool while thinking about how great she is, and tell your partner that admiring your younger sister comes first, you're more than a little attracted to her.
  • Boring, but Practical: Her remodel in a nutshell, no new skill is added despite being a later one, but provides all the right stat boosts to make her effective to this day with only far newer ships and the Iris and Iron Blood prototype heavy Cruisers outdoing her.
  • Buxom Is Better: Rather curvy and emphasized by her outfit.
  • Cool Big Sis: Despite her quirks, and her being annoying at times, Indy admits that she's willing to give Portland anything she needs, because Portland gives her everything, that she thinks her sister is more stylish than her, and that she feels guilty about Portland constantly praising her, because she feels that Portland could be popular if she just spent some time on herself. As well, in the intro to the third mission of The Solomon Ranger, Portland is shown to legitimately worry about whether Indy is taking care of herself, and is also worried that she'll be bullied because she's the quiet type.
  • Cuteness Proximity: She is ALWAYS dreaming about Indianapolis. Think of it when Indy is in close proximity with Portland.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Has heart-shaped pupils.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Zigzagged. While, for the most part, she's the foolish older sister to Indy's responsible younger sister, she's also shown in The Solomon Ranger to genuinely be worried about whether Indy is taking care of herself, and that she might be bullied due to her quiet nature.
  • Genki Girl: More hyperactive than her younger sister Indy.
  • Hidden Depths: Even though she's a total Ditz, and completely infatuated with her younger sister, she actually understands strategy and the importance of holding a strategic naval base. Even Atlanta was surprised.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: While she is a total siscon to Indy herself, as the player gets close to her, she becomes happy to not only share her "stuff" related to Indy itself but she'll even thinks of having lots of children with the commander if maximum affection is reached, albeit in a threesome relationship with Indy.
  • Magikarp Power: A minor case with her remodel. Before it, she was mainly noted to be used alongside her sister, then fell out of use when her sister's lacking damage became an issue. After it, she's a strong standalone unit who can dish it as well as take it, widely considered one of the best heavy cruisers in the game.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Upon retrofit, she trades her Sailor Fuku for short shorts.

Indianapolis (CA-35)

Voiced by: Aya Yokota

Yes? I'm Indianapolis, my nickname is Indy… Huh, a nuclear bomb? What's that?

  • Artificial Limbs: Inexplicably has a pair of mechanical arms alongside her actual arms, an unusual trait for any faction besides perhaps Ironblood.
  • Artistic License – History: While she does get an atom bomb as reference to her historical role in ferrying components to Tinian in July 1945, the bomb in her artwork is based on the "Fat Man", rather than the "Little Boy" the historical bomb Indianapolis actually carried.
  • Beehive Barrier: Her Focused Defense skill has a low chance of reducing the damage she takes by half each time she gets hit.
  • Big Little Sister: Portland is her older sister, but aside from the chest she doesn't really look like it.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: One of her socks goes to her thigh, the other doesn't even reach her knees.
  • Historical In-Joke: Her not knowing what a nuclear bomb is despite sitting on top of one is most likely a reference to both the fact that her mission to carry Little Boy was top secret, with the bomb itself being carried in pieces, and to the fact that Indianapolis was sunk exactly a week before the bombing of Hiroshima. It should be noted that nuclear bombs do exist in universe, with at least one other ship making reference to themnote .
  • Mismatched Eyes: Has heterochromia (Blue eye, golden eye).
  • Nuclear Weapons Taboo: Japanese version of the game removes the radiation symbol from the Fat Man bomb she's sitting on. This also effects the Global version, since it's ported from the Japanese version of the game. Also, their class collection reward was changed from Fat Man model furniture to lewd Indianapolis posters.
  • Stone Wall: The generally low speed and high HP of the Heavy Cruiser''-class notwithstanding, she has two defensive skills in Pandora's Box and Focused Defense. Add Portland and her Defensive Order skill and she can last really long in battle. The same can't be said about her offense though.
  • The Stoic: More subdued than her older sister Portland.
  • Stripperific: She wears a cape, a small strip of cloth that barely covers her bust, and a pair of shorts. Most likely a reference to the fact that the Portland-class was rather lightly armoured for heavy cruisers.

     The New Orleans-class 
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Moonlit Overture" is a the story of The Battle of Savo Island, and the last stand of Astoria, Quincy and Vincennes.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Even among other examples of the Luck Stat reflecting the story, Astoria, Vincennes, and Quincy stand out. They not only have some of the lowest Luck stats in the game at 15, 12, and 9 respectively (since they died in a truly unfortunate case of miscommunication), but this is also the (lowest-first) order in which they were sunk at the Battle of Savo Island: Quincy, then Vincennes, then finally Astoria.
  • The Ghost: New Orleans herself, the lead ship of the class, is mentioned as a part of the Commander's fleet during Vincennes' character quest as Astoria rallied all New Orleans-class ships to help Vincennes' secretary duties, but New Orleans is explicitly missing (so Minneapolis also departs as the outlier to the sisterly Savo trio).
  • Last Stand: Astoria, Quincy and Vincennes, against overwhelming odds, during "Moonlit Overture".
  • Moveset Clone: Quincy and Vincennes have the exact same skills and stats besides Luck. Fittingly, as USS Quincy and USS Vincennes were built using the same design (The New Orleans-class had three different designs. The first design was made up of New Orleans, Astoria, and Minneapolis, the second was made up of Tuscaloosa and San Francisco, and the third was made up of Quincy and Vincennes).

Astoria (CA-34)

Voiced by: Yoshie Sakai

Aloha, Commander~ I'm Astoria, the older sister of the New Orleans class! If you have any concerns, feel free to discuss them with me~

  • Big Sister Worship: Inverted. Just like Portland (to the point where the Commander himself comments on how Portland and Astoria would get along), the older Astoria dotes on the younger Vincennes. Though Vincennes states that Portland is far worse than Astoria, who never seems to go into the realm of actually being attracted to Vincennes, and unlike Portland she actually has a life outside of doting over Vincennes.
  • Buxom Is Better: While she's a bit smaller than Quincy, she is still very nicely endowed and with more emphasis.
  • The Ditz: There's a reason why Vincennes looks up to Quincy more than Astoria as the big sister. When Quincy speculates that Chicago left without a warning because of a miscommunication in delegation, Astoria's response is to ask what delegation means in the midst of combat.
  • Gyaru Girl: One of her skin turns her into kogal, mildly so however.
  • Hidden Depths: Some of her lines indicate that part of why she dotes on Vincennes so much is because of how little time they had together before they were sunk.
  • Little Big Sister: While she seems a bit younger than Quincy, she's the oldest of the ship class.
  • Red Baron: Nasty Asty, the real life nickname given to her by her crew, and the name of one of her skills.
  • Support Party Member: She buffs her sisters (perhaps save Minneapolis) as well as herself with above skill.
  • So Proud of You: Mentions that she's happy that New Orleans became a good older sister to the surviving members of their class.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A

Quincy (CA-39)

Voiced by: Minami Tsuda

C-commander... Hello... I am the heavy cruiser Quincy of the New-Orleans class. From now on I will be living with Commander. So, i-is there anything that I can help with?

  • Big Sister Worship: Inverted. Just like Portland, Quincy dotes on the younger Vincennes. In fact, Vincennes reveals that Astoria and Quincy pretty much fight over who gets to do stuff for her.
  • Buxom Is Better: The bustiest of the "New Orleans" class girls, though it's not readily apparent due to her outfit and pose putting less emphasis on it compared to Astoria.
  • Pacifist: Her passive nature is due to being part of the Neutrality Patrol in the Mediterranean Sea in the Intra-war period. She was sunk shortly after joining the Pacific fleet.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A

Vincennes (CA-44)

Voiced by: Minami Tsuda

Vincennes of the New Orleans-class... Commander, want to carry me home?

  • Commonality Connection: Is good friends with Indianapolis, due to them both being quiet, low energy, and having... overwhelming older sisters.
  • Lazy Bum: Though not as bad as Foote. She mentions that part of it comes down to her older sisters always wanting to do everything for her, meaning she never really had to do anything for herself.
  • Sleepyhead: As noted in her character quest, she only seems to have two settings: Napping, and spacing out.
  • V-Sign: Referenced in her MVP line, and she is shown doing it in both her default art and in a loading screen depicting her and her older sisters.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A

Minneapolis (CA-36)

Voiced by: Yu Shimamura

Heya! New Orleans-class Minneapolis, reporting in! I'm an expert hunter, so gimme a shout if there's prey you want me to hunt down!

Representing the USS Minneapolis, she's markedly different from the other New Orleans ships as a reference to her (and the other surviving ships of the class) having undergone major retrofits following the Battle of Savo Island, during which the other three "New Orleans" ships in game were sunk.

  • Bare Your Midriff: In her standard skin.
  • BFG: Her rigging is a gun that would make Cable proud.
  • Braids, Beads and Buckskins: In her standard skin, and borderline Vaporwear to boot.
  • Gyaru Girl: Accidentally at that in that her Wild Student skin makes her look borderline ganguro/mamba, although this is in part due to being a Dark-Skinned Blonde.
  • Historical In-Joke: There's a reason why she's slimmer compared to her 3 sisters. After the battle in which they were stunk, the remaining ships got overhauled with one of the results being less top heavy.
  • Indian Maiden: Particularly in her standard skin.
  • Last Chance Hitpoint: Her Dullahan skill activates once she falls below 30% health and reduces incoming damage and gradually heals as much as 20% of her health over the next 16 seconds, but slightly slows her down.
  • More Dakka: Her Bull of the Lake Capital skill boosts her firepower and reload stats for 12 seconds every time she sinks a ship.
  • Wild Child: Definitively. Even her toned down schoolgirl skin is still called Wild Student

     The Wichita-class 

Wichita (CA-45)

Voiced by: Nozomi Yamamoto

Are you my commander? Okay, from today onward, you're my adviser. Use your ability to help me conquer the seas!

  • Ace Custom: She is a unique ship and has the Brooklyn class hull but is equipped with heavy cruiser guns, making her the opposite of Mogami. For this reason she's the collection reward for the Brooklyn class.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: She is always looking for a good fight and is one of the few who doesn't get disappointed on defeat. She also considers that torpedoes are for weaklings.
  • Collection Sidequest: She's unlocked as a playable ship only after 12 total stars have been obtained from Brooklyn-Class cruisers note  — a free copy is then given as a reward, and future copies can be obtained from the build menu to help with limit-breaking.
  • Fiery Redhead: Red hair and and equally fiery personality.
  • Glass Cannon: Poster girl of such heavy cruisers with a hardly rivaled damage potential among her ship class but noticeably lower HP.
  • Take Over the World: Wichita mentions that her goal is nothing less than world conquest.
    • Though if you reach the Love affinity with her, she admits that she initially meant it as a joke.
  • Whip It Good: Has a crop-whip on her, mainly uses it to point on maps... and to threaten/punish commanders who get a bit too frisky.

Battleships (BB)

     The Nevada-class 
  • Art Evolution: You can tell the artist got better with the retrofits.
  • Boring, but Practical: They're two of the blandest ships in the entire game since they're common, start with a single defensive skill, and both skills are chance-based bonuses in sharp contrast to some of the more spectacular barrages that other ships can unleash. Still, they're exceptionally cost-effective yet strong (particularly post-retrofit), and they retain their use much longer than Crutch Character Renown-class ships.
  • Cowgirl: Both of them are cowgirl-themed. Their post-retrofit lines increase their references to this.
  • Mighty Glacier: Post-retrofit, both gain the Focused Fire skill, which gives up to a 30% chance of doubling the damage done by their main guns each time they're activated, which when combined with their Vice Defense skill makes Mighty Glaciers.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Both gain a corset after retrofit. Oklahoma wears a shirt under hers, but Nevada does not.
  • Moveset Clone: Nevada and Oklahoma are completely identical in rarity, skills, efficiencies, and stats pre-retrofit. Downplayed by their retrofits and post-level 100 stat gains — during retrofit, Oklahoma gains 5 more points of anti-air than Nevada does, while Nevada gets 20 more hitpoints out of hitting level 120 than Oklahoma. Still, every other aspect of them remains the same.
  • Stone Wall: Their Vice Defense skill allows them to reduce the damage they would take by half for up to 8% of incoming shots, augmenting their heavy-rated armor and naturally high hitpoints as battleships. The skill (or rather, that they have it, as it isn't a unique skill) is likely a reference to how they were the first battleships to incorporate an "all or nothing" armor scheme, wherein a "citadel" surrounding all vital machinery, ammunition storage, and enough volume to keep the ship afloat, even if the entire rest of the hull is flooded, plus the main gun turrets and barbettes (the columns upon which the turrets rest) are very heavily armored, while the entire rest of the ship receives little to no armor. They cease to be this upon getting their refit skill, "focused fire", putting their offensive around the same level as their defense.

Nevada (BB-36)

Voiced by:Yumi Uchiyama

Are you the commander, young man? I'm Nevada. I'll be working with you from here on out.

  • Badass Cape: After retrofit
  • Cool Big Sis: Refers to herself as the big sister of the Nevada class in her biography. Oklahoma mentions in her victory line that this will allow Nevada to stop worrying about her (possibly...), and many of her lines seem to imply she views the Commander as something of a little brother, encouraging him to do the things he wants while he's young. One of her retrofit lines has her somewhat proudly commenting on how Oklahoma isn't as inexperienced as she once was, and that soon she's going to be independent.
  • Cowgirl: While both her outfits are western themed, her post-retrofit outfit and lines focus more on this, more so than Oklahoma's post-retrofit lines, with her trading in her skirts and garters for shorts and chaps, asking if the Commander wants to go horseback riding, using stereotypical western slang (Greenhorn, young'un, wet behind the ears), and also having more references to gambling.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: Not that dark-skinned compared to Tennessee, but about as tanned as California.
  • Expy: Pre-retrofit, she bears more than a passing resemblance to Yang Xiao Long, but post-retrofit, any resemblance is greatly downplayed.
  • Underboobs: Her post-retrofit outfit shows a fair amount of the underside of her breasts.
  • Stealth Pun: She mentions gambling on several occasions. Guess what city is in her namesake state?
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Her retrofit upgrades her MVP line from simply saying the enemy's firepower and defences are weak, to a full blown speech criticizing almost everything about them.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A with a skirt and garter straps pre-retrofit, and Grade A, but without the garter straps (which instead connect to the chaps she's wearing over her thigh-highs) and with short shorts.

Oklahoma (BB-37)

Voiced by:Umi Uchiyama

Commander...uhm, ah, sorry! I was enchanted by yo...aah no, not that, nice to meet you, I'm Oklahoma!

  • Cute Bruiser: While she has some curves, she's designed to be cute.
  • Love at First Sight: In her "friendly" dialog line, Oklahoma says she fell in love with the Commander at first sight.
  • Nice Girl: The most common comment about her is that she's just a nice girl. Doesn't make her any less tough or dangerous than her sister though.
  • VSign: Does this in her post-retrofit skin, with her retrofit MVP line referencing it.

     The Pennsylvania-class 

  • Absolute Cleavage: Both their dresses are open from the neck down to just above the bellybutton, exposing a black bra, though Arizona's is only faintly visible in her sprite.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Both sisters have dark hair, and their skin is significantly paler than most other Eagle Union ships.

Pennsylvania (BB-38)

Voiced by: Nozomi Yamane

I'm Pennsylvania, lead ship of an improved Nevada-class battleships. You can call me "Sister Penn". I've sortied on countless successful missions, so you can be confident in my ability.

  • Cool Big Sis: Very protective of Arizona. She also somewhat acts like this towards the commander, although she is far more stern with them at times.
  • In-Series Nickname: Helena refers to her as Penny, while she says the commander can call her Sister Penn and her barrage skill is called Big Sis Penn.
  • More Dakka: Pennsylvania has the skill "Big Sis Penn!"note , which is a powerful barrage skill that can activate every 20 seconds and rain down heavy, and unlike most barrage skills, sustained fire along the same row she occupies; this is a nod to how she acquired her Red Baron status. note . Furthermore, it fires four shots of three shells, a reference to her staggering twelve 14-inch guns, more naval rifles than any other American battleship ever mounted (ironically, the only way she can actually provide twelve shells of fire in a normal attack is by equipping a British or French four-gun turret, acting as a 3x4 (three turrets of four guns) arrangement of guns, rather than her actual 4x3 (four turrets of three guns) arrangement).
  • My Greatest Failure: A "blink and you'll miss it" caption, in the 2nd English trailer, shows Penn being distraught over failing to protect others during the attack of Pearl Harbor.
  • One Thing Led to Another/The Tease: Upon reaching "Love" affection, she asks the commander what would he like as a reward, stating whether they choose a kiss or an "unforgettable night", both would be fine by her.
  • Red Baron: In some versions of the game, she introduces herself as Old Falling Apart upon acquisition; this is a reference to the Battle of Guam, where she fired so much more munition than any other battleship during a single campaign, that she appeared to be falling apart from all the metal she was expelling.
  • Rugged Scar: She has a scar right below her left eye, likely a reference to the damage she received at Pearl Harbor when Downes exploded near her.

Arizona (BB-39)

Voiced by: Sawako Shirakabe

I'm the second ship of the Pennsylvania-class, born during the summer, Arizona. This time, I won't let that tragedy repeat itself……

  • Bad Dreams: Her victory quote mentions that she hopes the nightmares go away soon.
  • Combat Medic: Her firepower is decent, being a battleship/super-dreadnought, she can protect herself well against suicide boats or planes better than dedicated healers like Vestal or Akashi, and her healing power is higher than either Unicorn or Shouhou (10% maximum HP to 8% maximum HP), albeit unreliably due to 50% chance of activating. She is a fair choice for a mook-cleaning fleet if extra firepower is needed.
  • Declaration of Protection: Often mentions wanting to protect her friends and allies.
  • Fragile Flower: Her character, but subverted because we never see her go beyond Puppy-Dog Eyes onscreen.
  • Healing Hands: Her Eagle's Tears skill has a 50% chance of healing the escort fleet's HP after firing her main gun. Add Vestal and at least one ship with the Support Carrier skill such as Shouhou or Unicorn and your frontline could last really long in battle.
  • Historical In-Joke: She's frequently seen crying because the USS Arizona Memorial has a tendency to leak oil from time-to-time and these oil leaks are commonly known as the "tears of the Arizona". These are mentioned in her biography, but she says it's sad to call them tears (It cuts off just as she is beginning to explain, but presumably it has to due with oil causing pollution).
  • Support Party Member: While she's perfectly capable of doing damage, she is mostly deployed for her healing skill and rate of fire is generally prioritized for her armament over damage per second or per salvo, so as to activate Eagle's Tears more often.
  • Swiss Army Tears: Her healing skills are apparently this. There is also a unique item, Pearl's Tears, which heals everyone if the holder is knocked out and which she claimed to be hers.

     The Tennessee-class 

  • Dark-Skinned Blond: Tennessee fits this far better than California, but both are significantly more tanned than the majority of Eagle Union ships.
  • Foil: They serve as one to the Pennsylvania class:
    • Appearance wise, they are pretty much opposites. The Pennsylvania class ships have pale skin and dark hair, while the Tennessee class ships are dark-skinned blonds. The Pennsylvania ships wear outfits that are primarily dark blue with a little bit of white, the Tennessee ships wear primarily white with a little bit of dark blue. The Pennsylvania ships have Absolute Cleavage, the Tennessee ships have perpertual panty-shots.
    • Pennsylvania and Tennesee: Both are elder battleships in their class, both lost their younger sisters at Pearl Harbour, both are quite serious and start out treating the Commander as weaker than them, and both have their affection lines focusing around the Commander becoming stronger. However, Pennsylvania is kinder, starting out protective of both her sister and the other members of the fleet, and is also not as interested in combat as Tennessee. Tennessee starts out only being protective of her sister, and not being all that open about it, is a Social Darwinist, and is far more interested in combat than Tennessee, to the point that she's actually happy being defeated. Their MVP lines are also opposites:
    Tennessee: This kind of battle is quite good
    Pennsylvania: Tsk... winning like this is so dull...
    • Arizona and California: Both are the younger sisters and both were sunk at Pearl Harbour. Otherwise, they are complete opposites: Arizona was never raised, and is a Fragile Flower who is almost always crying, but is also quite serious, wants to protect others, and is determined to make sure nothing like Pearl Harbour happens again. California was recovered and rebuilt, and is cheerful, energetic, and playful.
  • Panty Shot: Due to the angle of Tennessee's character art, there's a perpetual panty-shot. California also has one, but not nearly as much as her sister.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The two are Moveset Clones of each other in statlines with one (major) difference being the lone skill each possesses: Tennessee has a defensive skill while California has an offensive one.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tennessee is the former while California's the latter.

Tennessee (BB-43)

Voiced by: Rina Sato

You're the Commander? Hmm……looks like you have a lot of potential, this way I am motivated as well. Ahh, forgot about introducing myself……I'm Tennessee, remember that?

  • Cool Big Sis: To California.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Despite her strict and serious demeanor, California reveals that she always comforts her after she scolds her, and even the scolding is simply because she wants her to do better.
  • Social Darwinist: She claims "Survival of the Fittest" is her motto. That said, she does not take it to Blood Knight levels like some of the other girls.
  • Status Ailment: Her Coercion skill reduces damage dealt by the enemy for a brief period.
  • Worthy Opponent: She says this when defeated.

California (BB-44)

Voiced by: Rina Sato

Hello, Commander. I am California. It's not good to brag, but I'm actually quite strong you know. Do look forward to it~

  • The Tease: Upon "Like", she asks the Commander if they should just slip away somewhere just by themselves.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: She was sunk in shallow water at Pearl Harbor, but was rebuilt.

     The Colorado-class 
  • Badass Cape: All 3 sisters wear capes of sorts, varying from capelet to longcoat.
  • BFG: All 3 ships were members of the "Big Seven" group (the seven battleships permitted to have a 16-inch main battery under the Washington Naval Treaty), and like all members of the "Big Seven" have the "Big Seven" barrage skill, which has a chance to activate every 20 seconds.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The 3 Colorado-class sisters got revamped art for the JN/EN version of Fallen Wings, leading to a case of You Don't Look Like You. note 
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: They are likely this, given their very pale skin, red eyes, goth outfits and fangs in some of the expressions; they even have anchors taking the place of crosses.
  • Goth: Their redesign makes them look like this, given that they're likely vampires, it makes sense.
  • The Darkness Gazes Back: Their chibi forms can have their eyes and the upper part of their faces covered in shadows and glaring menacingly for all three; the same goes if they're your secretary and you do the "special" touch, although this only happens with Colorado and West Virginia.

Colorado (BB-45)

Voiced by: Rie Suegara

Have you been calling for me? Very well, I've waited for this day for a long time. I hereby join your fleet as the Union battleship Colorado, one of the Big Sevens.

Maryland (BB-46)

Voiced by: Aya Saitou

I'm Maryland, a Big Seven. Although they used to call me "Fighting Mary." Do I get to fight even more from now on? Sweet, I can't wait!

  • Fiery Redhead: She's also Hot-Blooded.
  • Jacob and Esau: Questions why she's not the flagship given she was laid down, finished and commissioned before Colorado; that said, she appears to have no real animosity towards Colorado, just questions the logic of that. note 
  • Red Baron: Fighting Mary, which is also the name of her secondary skill. It has an effect of increasing her damage the lower she is on hp, with leveling increasing the maximum boost and raising the HP threshold needed to take effect.
  • When She Smiles: One of the expressions in her character poster.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A

West Virginia (BB-48)

Voiced by: Chitose Morinaga

It seems the time has finally come to show you my power… I am West Virginia, third ship of the Colorado-class. I hereby submit to fate's guidance and join your fleet.

  • Ascended Meme: While not to the same degree as San Diego, West Virginia's memetic status was acknowledged by the new character designer, and now it's not uncommon to see fanart of her playing the guitar. Such is the power of "Mountain Momma".
  • Beauty Mark: Under her left eye.
  • Guardian Angel: Claims Washington (BB-47) is this for her.
  • Hand-Hiding Sleeves: Her sleeves are huge.
  • Humble Pie: She mentions the shame of being partially sunk during the attack of Pearl Harbor.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: And red eyes to boot.

     The North Carolina-class 
  • Boobs of Steel: Much like the South Dakota class battleships they pack as much armor and firepower as much as they pack curves.

North Carolina (BB-55)

Voiced by: Yui Horie

North Carolina, awaiting orders. I'm a little plain when compared to my sisters, but… not having a unique characteristic is a unique characteristic of its own. Fufufu~ anyway, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

  • Anti-Air: Her skills focus on anti-air capabilities.
  • Covert Pervert: The 4koma implies she wears a bunnysuit under her military uniform.
  • Humble Hero: She generally comes off as this and considers herself plain compared to her sisters, making her famous nickname "showboat" ironic. That being said she's still a very attractive, well-dressed woman.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Very strong Anti-Air stats, and then her skills reduce damage from AA and increase her Firepower based on her AA — this is a reference to her role in WW2 in bringing down numerous Japanese aircraft while providing support to carriers, in particular, Enterprise.

Washington (BB-56)

Voiced by: Rika Abe

Sup, Commander! I'm Washington… My sis told me that if I were to join a fleet, I can't just go around acting like I used to… I'm already working on my smile… Why the hell should I have to listen to her…

  • Beauty Mark: Not on her face. On her breast.
  • Blood Knight: Played with. Not to the point of bloodlust, but she does enjoy battles and crushing her enemies.
  • Magikarp Power: Her Night of the Iron Bottom Sound (The damage South Dakota get from her defensive skill is largely shunted to Washington on top of allowing South Dakota to survive one fatal hit) require South Dakota to be in her party and for South Dakota's health to drop below 30% in order to activate, making it nearly a Useless Useful Spell in PVE. In PVP, however, this is the core of one of the Eagle Union metas.
  • More Dakka: Her incredibly powerful "Courageous Shelling" barrage may fire a staggering amount of ammunition (seemingly a massive barrage from her secondary battery along with a full salvo from her main battery) downrange every 20 seconds.
  • Oblivious to Love: As her affection goes up, she comments that she is able to smile more easily, but has no idea why. At love, she says she's never felt like this before, and when Pledged, asks if it's a prank because she never imagined anything like that actually happening.
  • One Steve Limit: Shares the name with the scrapped Colorado-class Washington (BB-47) Battleship.
  • The Rival: Sees South Dakota as this, although South Dakota doesn't care, she's just doing her job.
  • Tsundere: Her line when you return to main screen has her say she's glad you're okay and then immediately deny she has feelings for you.
  • The Unsmile: She keeps working on her smile, because it always comes out wrong. As her affection grows, it gets better. This is referenced in a recent loading screen showing her dressed up for the Lunar New year and attempting to smile.

     The South Dakota-class 
  • Boobs of Steel: Both sisters are well endowed in addition to being top-notch battleships.
  • Humble Hero: Both sisters consider themselves just ordinary normal ships that are just doing their job, despite all the accolades they've received.
  • Indian Maiden: All the ships in South Dakota-class are designed as Native American girls.

South Dakota (BB-57)

Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa

I'm South Dakota. I'll be the shield that protects you from all gunfire, Commander.

  • Draw Aggro: Her "Strongest Shield"/"Aegis" has her redirect all damage to the backline to herself.
  • Dual Wielding: She wields two shields.
  • Humble Hero: She doesn't care that Washington took credit for most of the Second Battle of Guadalcanal, she was just doing her job as the shield of the fleet.
  • Stone Wall: During the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, she took 26 hits from IJN cannons, including at least 3 from the battleship Kirishima's 14-inch main battery, none of which penetrated her belt, barbettes, or turrets, though they did wreck her superstructure. The intense focused fire South Dakota was under allowed other ships (most famously, Washington) to return fire at the IJN fleet while not facing retaliation from the Japanese ships, even though South Dakota herself was unable to return fire due to an electrical malfunction — this is referenced several times in her lines, as well as being the inspiration for her signature "Strongest Shield"/"Aegis" skill. It is downplayed as she is not lacking in firepower and has a skill that can double her damage.
  • Stripperific: While her default outfit initially doesen't seem that skimpy by this game's standards, its actually one of the most risque skins in the entire game, showing off about third of her left areola. Surprisingly enough, this outfit somehow managed to avoid getting censored in China.

Massachusetts (BB-59)

Voiced by: Rie Takahashi

Yeah? Oh… my turn to speak. I'm Massachusetts, the South Dakota-class ship who's always normal, no matter when or where you find me… Umm, so, let's be… friends?

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Her "2,700 Pounds of Justice" turns all shells fired from her main gun into Mark 8 "Super-heavy" shells, which the in-game benefit gives her big bonus to penetrating both medium and heavy armor while being superior to standard AP shells fired from other guns.
  • Expy: Of Attila but with a few more cup sizes. Even her outfit was taken from an Attila fanart.
  • Red Baron: Big Mamie, in part due to her 16in cannons.
  • Stripperiffic: She's wearing a jacket that is completely open, a bikini underneath, and not much else.

     The Georgia-class 


Voiced by: Shino Shimoji

The personification of modified 1938 Scheme IV Iowa preliminary design Georgia, introduced as part of the second round of World of Warships collaboration.
  • Artistic License – History: She uses 6 experimental 18"/47 Mark A guns instead of 9 16"/45 that was historically proposed. This modification probably has to do with the ship's development history in World of Warships note  Note that there are some other US battleship designs that do use 18" guns, as noted here, it's just probably not Georgia as shown in World of Warships, especially since they'll be more likely to be using 18"/48 instead of 18"/47 guns.
  • BFG: Her signature armament is her six 18"/47 Mark A naval rifles, which if fielded, would have been the biggest cannons ever mounted to an American warship, and only matched or exceeded in caliber by the British BL 18-inch Mk I naval gun and Japanese 40 cm/45 Type 94 naval gun (actually 46cm), and despite the slightly smaller bore, had the heaviest shell of the three guns with the 3,850lb super-heavy AP shell that would have given it the greatest muzzle energy of any naval rifle ever built
  • Unexpected Character: Very few people expected her to be part of the second PR patch, because at the time of the announcement, her World of Warships self had just been handed out to Community Contributors and Supertesters for testing on the live server.

Light Aircraft Carriers (CVL)

     The Langley-class 

Langley (CV-1)

Voiced by: Haruka Yoshimura

Commander, I’m Langley, sent here to assist you. Listen well, I will correct your various issues, and bring this fleet back on track.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: She is one of the few carriers or light carriers who carry a gun mount - in her case, a destroyer gun mount, which could theoretically be useful for helping defend the backline, especially from bomb ships, and the high DPS of destroyer guns could make them useful against other ships that get close. Unfortunately, she has absolutely no firepower stat, which means that her gun will never amount to more than a peashooter. Fortunately, at her first limit break, the equipment slot becomes a unique slot that can take fighters or a destroyer gun, which is at least somewhat more useful.
  • Experience Booster: Langley's primary skill boosts the experience earned by all carriers and light carriers in the same fleet as her.
  • Historical In-Joke: Her whole Sensei-chan schtick is a gag on her being one of the oldest dedicated aircraft carriers in history - she was originally launched in 1912 as a collier before being converted and put to sea as a test bed for the idea of a dedicated aircraft carrier. And, as a result of her origins... Langley was tiny. She was nearly half as long (165m versus ~270m) and one-third the displacement (12.7k tons vs. 36k tons) of either Lexington-class vessel and didn't do well in the war due to her age. So, yes, she has more experience than anyone else in the Union Navy, can't actually fight well... and is small enough for the Commander to use as a lawn-dart.
  • Sensei-chan: Langley dresses like a teacher, but looks like she's about seven years old. Doesn't act like it for the most part, being far better at being a Stern Teacher than Ranger. Fittingly, she is one of the potential teachers that will show up in the Lecture Hall.
  • Support Party Member:
  • Useless Useful Skill: "Reload Command - CVL" could significantly boost the rate at which a full light carrier backline launches airstrikes (it works for fewer, but obviously doesn't reach its full potential without a full backline of light carriers). Unfortunately, there are few reasons to field a three CVL backline, and Langley's poor offensive capabilities resulting from carrying two wings of fighters, having very poor efficiency on her sole wing of dive bombers, poor reload stat, and the worst aviation stat of all carriers (and actually worse than the Ise-class aviation battleships, meaning that she only surpasses the Fusou-class aviation battleships in aviation) mean that she wouldn't be likely to find a place in such a composition and would be hard pressed to make up the damage that simply fielding another, better CVL would do, and since she has to be fully limit broken to be fully refitted, she can't really justify her deployment in such a fleet with a significant oil savings, nor are there any maps that force CVL-heavy fleets.

     The Ranger-class 

Ranger (CV-4)

Voiced by: Yuu Asakawa

I'm Ranger, the Union's first specially made carrier! I was deployed to the Atlantic Ocean, where I mainly served as an escort to convoys and aircraft carriers. Special guidance? T-that's not what I was sent here for, b-but… if you insist… (Small voice) I didn't say anything!

  • Badass Longcoat: Her coat becomes one post-retrofit.
  • BFG: This is how her flight deck is portrayed — she's gripping it by a handle complete with a trigger, in contrast to other light carriers who have more subdued flight decks — and it emphasizes her offense focus.
  • Buxom Is Better: Possibly the bustiest of the Eagle Union carriers.
  • Cooldown Manipulation: Her Quick Launch skill has an up to 15% chance of completely negating the cooldown on her next airstrike and can activate again off of airstrikes that are charged this way.
  • Covert Pervert: Exaggerated. She has a thin veneer as a Stern Teacher, but even setting her as secretary, regardless of affinity, reveals some suspect lines about her priorities. Her "Special Touch" line tapping her in an inappropriate place has her more concerned about the commander telling others about it happening out of embarrassment than any displeasure.
    "Main Screen 1": What I teach besides fighting is human se-... I-I mean... physical education!
    "Normal Touch"note : Hwaa!? Commander... S-Stop... is what you want me to say?!
    • Ranger is revealed to be this in the Visitors From Another Dimension: Mission. Some of her books she borrowed from library included 60 Shades of Grey, Seduced by a Commander. What would she do with those books? Don't think she can teach the commander anything about strategy or tactic. May have something to do with Teacher/Student Romance.
    • Her Valentine's Day gift is a note that is just shy of sexually explicit fanfiction between her and the commander.
    (There's a note. It reads: "Commander... I want you to have this!" "Miss... Ranger..." "Don't say another word! We're student and teacher, after all..." "I don't care! I love you, Miss Ranger!" "Oh, Commander, take me...!" The rest has been omitted.)
  • Disk One Nuke: Ranger can be acquired very early as one of the most common results of special ship construction and a common drop starting in world 3 and nearly every chapter afterwards, before many players are likely to start acquiring many fleet carriers, and her aggressive flight wing and powerful skills make her very powerful. Furthermore, since she's a common, her retrofit is relatively easy, and allows her to keep up with even some of the fleet carriers, and also because she's common, her oil cost is low and it's easy to find more Rangers to enhance her with for twice the stat boost per ship. Even later on, her aggressive air wing and powerful skills make her very useful, especially in fleets that are trying to keep their fuel costs down.
  • Fanservice Pack: Her already large breasts become bigger upon retrofit, and her pose emphasises them. She also trades her skirt for a pair of skin-tight leather pants.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Her pants only have one full leg on them post-retrofit, with the other being made up of criss-crossing strips.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Pre-retrofit, she wears partially fingerless gloves. They cover her index fingers and a third of her middle fingers, but leave the other two uncovered. They're also Opera Gloves, as you can see the tops of them peeking out the other side of her detached sleeves. She wears full gloves post-retrofit
  • Fun with Acronyms: The pleats of her pre-retrofit skirt read "RNG", which is both short for "Ranger" and a common acronym for Random Number Generator, which she relies heavily on, as she has two very powerful, low activation rate skills.
  • Glass Cannon: Ranger has a unique air wing of two dive bomber squadrons (3 planes each at MLB) and one torpedo bomber squadron (2 planes at MLB), meaning her entire air wing is focused entirely on doing damage to the enemy fleet (only Ark Royal has an equally aggressive composition, though hers is focused on torpedoes instead of dive bombers), and she has two powerful offensive skills - Quick Launch, which gives her up to a 15% chance of instantly preparing another air strike whenever she launches planes, including off of air strikes generated by Quick Launch, and Assault Carrier, which has an up to 25% chance of doubling the power of her air strike. Taken together, this means that her damage potential is literally infinite, if luck-based (though the fundamental power of her offense-focused air wing is still pretty solid, even if nothing activates, as despite her relatively poor aviation stat, such a large number 1000/1600/2000 lb bombs can do massive damage). However, she also has rather low HP, and her purely offensive air wing means she has no fighters or AA guns with which to defend herself and her fleet from enemy air strikes, save for carefully timing her own air strikes.
  • Hot Teacher: Very attractive (and buxom) and the innuendos she make only adds to that.
  • Innocent Innuendo: Her attempts at being a Stern Teacher are frequently undermined by her saying something that could be interpreted as sexual, as well as her realization of what she said about a second after the words are already out of her mouth and becoming flustered about it. This may be more akin to Freudian Slip considering her tastes for student romance.
  • Male Gaze: Joked about in her view details lines pre- and post-retrofit. Pre-retrofit, she calls the commander out on it, but he claims to be looking at her bridge. Post-retrofit, she asks him if her bridge is really that beautiful. Guess what's right next to her bridge in both skins?
  • Skunk Stripe: Gains a single white stripe in her hair post-retrofit.
  • Status Buff: Her Assault Carrier skill doubles the damage of her airstrike when it activates.
  • Stern Teacher: She tries to be this, but couldn't keep it up when you reaches higher level affection.
    • She gets better post retrofit, getting flustered and nervous less often, and generally being more serious and confident. Still isn't as good at it as Langley.
  • Vapour Wear: Her top becomes partially see-through after her retrofit.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Only in her original skin, losing it upon retrofit.

     The Long Island-class 

Long Island (CVE-1)

Voiced by: Sachiyo Yoshida

Hehe, I'm Long Island~ Hello, Commander. Actually, I have another name. Do you want to know?

  • Cloudcuckoolander: She's only pretending to be a ghost girl. Besides her pranks, some of her impressions of being a ghost include pretending to be invisible or mute and trying to surprise the Commander by roaring or shouting in his face (very cutely).
  • Cooldown Manipulation: Her Quick Launch skill has an up to 15% chance of completely negating the cooldown on her next airstrike and can activate again off of airstrikes that are charged this way.
  • Crutch Character: As your first carrier, she's likely to get a significant head start in levels (especially because her fast airstrike resulting from not carrying torpedo bombers, which tend to have a very long cooldown, as well as her high reload stat, helps her claim MVP early on) and will easily outperform most non-limit broken battleships, but she soon falls pretty far behind other carriers and limit broken battleships, and once a single airstrike stops being the battle-ender it is early on, she loses out badly to carriers with better wing compositions, skills, and raw stats. The material costs (requires 1-2 T3 ship blueprints) for a Rare to Elite refit doesn't help matters.
  • Cute Ghost Girl: She's not a ghost but she likes to pretend she's one.
  • Fanservice Pack: Her remodel outfit basically has her slightly take off her coat, and her unique outfit has her switch out the whole thing entirely for a long, baggy shirt.
  • Hand-Hiding Sleeves: In both her original skin and her retrofit, as part of her pretending to be a ghost.
  • Hikikomori: Becomes apparent with her "No Cola No Life" skin, where she shows her shut-in, hardcore gamer side of hers.
  • Historical In-Joke:
    • Her mention of having a different name is a reference to her originally being laid down as Mormacmail, a cargo linernote .
    • Her headphones in her retrofit skin have AVG-1 on them, which was her original hull classificationnote 
  • Pants-Free: Her skill activation line makes it clear she is only wearing panties under her shirt and jacket, and her retrofit and "No Cola No Life" skins continue that trend.
  • The Prankster: From her secretary lines alone, she swaps the Commander's mail, plays around with glue on his mission rewards, apparently hides their gaming handheld, and schemes of even more pranks if he were to fall asleep.
  • Rapunzel Hair: It's almost up to her feet (!).
  • Starter Mon: Alongside your chosen starting destroyer as the vanguard, you also start with Long Island as your first main fleet party member.
  • Status Buff: On retrofit, she gains the skill Air Support, which boosts the aviation stat of all other carriers and light carriers in the same fleet by up to 15% for the next 8 seconds after she launches an airstrike.

     The Bogue-class 

Bogue (CVE-9)

Voiced by: Koharu Nagata

Fuu——hah! That was not bad……ahh, excuse me, are you the coach, Commander? Fastball-pitcher Bogue, reporting in!

  • Cooldown Manipulation: Her Quick Launch skill has an up to 15% chance of completely negating the cooldown on her next airstrike and can activate again off of airstrikes that are charged this way.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Subverted since Anti-Submarine Warfare was implemented after launch, so in reality this was a buff to Bogue: She has an absurdly high ASW stat for a light carriernote , reflecting her history as the most successful anti-submarine carrier of the entirety of World War II for any nation. While high ASW for a CVL isn't that impressive compared to any Destroyer, it's something to consider for the backline. Sadly due to her early release, she doesn't also have a skill geared for this like her sister.
  • Crutch Character: She's very similar to Long Island gear and skill-wise, but she'll always be a lower rarity level than Long Island. This is more an advantage as it allows her to be limit broken, refitted, and enhanced much easier, and thus extend her value. But in the end, you will still want stronger carriers outside of low level farming.
  • Fastball Special: Bogue pitches her planes like baseballs.
  • Little Big Sister: If you didn't know the history of the ships, the only hint you'd have that she's older than Chaser, her sister in the Royal Navy, is the fact that the class is named for her.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: She's depicted as a pitcher and is always talking about baseball.
  • Status Buff: During her retrofit, Bogue gains the skill Anti-Air Command - Main Fleet, which boosts the Anti-Air stat of all backline ships by up to 15%.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: She has American-flag themed socks.

     The Independence-class 

Independence (CVL-22)

Voiced by: Haruka Yamazaki

Light Carrier, Independence, reporting for duty. Please do not underestimate me as a Light Carrier, do not worry and do leave the missions to me.

  • Hellish Pupils: Interestingly enough, she has slit pupils, even though there's nothing particularly evil about her.
  • Historical In-Joke: Several of her lines have her wondering if she should call Cleveland her older sister or not. As is mentioned in her biography, the USS Independence was originally meant to be the fifth ship in the Cleveland-class, but was re-ordered as a light carrier (all the ships in the Independence class were).

Aircraft Carriers (CV)

     The Lexington-class 

  • Idol Singer: Both are styled after one (until Saratoga's remodel) and are generally regarded as idols in various fanworks (and the current 4koma)
  • Jack of All Trades:
    • More or less how they play. They provide decent anti-air to the overall AA score, their air power is very respectable (and the Fighter-Dive Bomber-DB setup is quite potent against groups), their artillery skill isn't really a replacement for a battleship but it still does respectable damage (especially against mob waves and once leveled up some), they have a vanguard-buffing skill when launching planes, and they have higher HP than many of the Super Rare superstar carriers, both in and out of the Eagle Union. They're also farmable very early - Lexington drops from any node in 2-4, and Saratoga from 4-1. Put together, it makes them very, very good for general use even if nothing specific about them stands out that hard.
    • Saratoga's refit begins to take her into Master of All territory: in addition to gaining more HP (which genuinely takes her into battleship HP territory) and Aviation (which has her out-shooting even folks like Enterprise or Akagi/Kaga individually - the IJN carriers need to be deployed together to catch up to her stat-for-stat) she also gains a third skill that allows her to launch a further set of planes that cause fire and flood status. At that point, the only things she doesn't provide are defensive buffs or healing - she does literally everything else most other carriers do, and can do it better than a good number of them.
  • Military Mashup Machine: Their Supporting Fire skill, which fires a barrage of 8-inch guns every 20 seconds (10 seconds at max level, and with damage scaling with level), makes them act as a mashup of carriers and heavy cruisers or weaker battleships (while cruiser-caliber weapons, the way they're fired from the backline acts more like a battleship). While they had these guns in real life, they were actually a hindrance, as they wasted space and weight that could be used for more planes or anti-air guns instead, couldn't be used while carrying out flight operations, and as carriers, if they were in range to even fire their 8-inch guns, something had already gone horribly wrong, and such weapons were unlikely to be of any help at that point.
  • Moveset Clone: Pre-retrofit, Saratoga and Lexington possess identical skills, stats, efficiencies, and rarity, although Lexington has lower luck than her sister due to the former got sunk earlier during the war. With the introduction of Saratoga's retrofit, this is finally Subverted, which makes her clearly superior to her big sister, who does not have a retrofit.

Lexington (CV-2)

Voiced by: Minami Shinoda

Good day to you, Commander♪ I'm Lexington. I heard that my name comes from the place where the first battle of the War of Independence was fought. I think that as an idol, one must be rich at heart. Don't you agree?

  • BFG: While it looks and acts more like a staff, she's carrying a muzzleloading colonial long rifle, much like the Lexington Minuteman statues does, with her aircraft carrier island attached to the butt of the stock.
  • Cool Big Sis: She is Saratoga's big sister, and is a big sister figure to many others, saying that she's everyone's older sister in her biography. She also refers to the Commander as a little sibling, either directly or by referring to herself as Onee-chan when talking to them. This is an in-joke to her being the second oldest American aircraft carrier, so she's the "onee-chan" to just about everyone who slings planes for a living, both in the Union Navy and out of it (only Langley, Hermes and Houshou are older than her among the current cast).
  • Hidden Buxom: Her Qipao skin shows her assets more clearly than her default skin.
  • Red Baron: Lady Lex, a line she uses to refer to herself when she's MVP. This is what the carrier was historically called, to boot.
  • Sexual Euphemism: It's hard not to read her pledge line like this, when she says it's gonna be "showtime all the time" for her "personal show" for the commander.
  • Smoking Is Glamorous: In her "Spring's Song" qipao outfit, Lexington is holding a lit, long-stem pipe, and the attire is considerably more elegant and glamorous than her default outfit.

Saratoga (CV-3)

Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka

Hey, good day, Commander! I'm Lexington… 's little sister, Saratoga~ If you don't really have anything for me to do then I'll get going.

  • A-Cup Angst: Putting her together with Illustrious or Ranger will make her a bit shy about her youth, despite being the senior ship.
  • Badass Adorable:
    • Very cute and her battle start line mentions some of the ships she's downed (Ryoujo, Chitose) and that the current enemy is next.
    • After her full retrofit, she's literally styled like a Magical Girl. She's also one of the best debuffers in the game at that level, and she's incredibly powerful generally.
  • Disk One Nuke: She's given (along with some other resources) as a first gem purchase bonus, meaning someone with enough for 60 gems (the lowest amount), which is to say one dollar can get her day one. And her skill-set and starting equipment (a 3-star dive bomber in one of her DB slots, double DB slots for that matter, and also her Artillery Support skill that allows her to also act like a pseudo-battleship) is more or less purpose-built for slinging big numbers from level one.
  • Hidden Depths: Does her best to keep Enterprise's spirits up during The Solomon Ranger event, knowing that it could be dangerous if she goes into battle stressed out and depressed, especially since she also knows what it's like to lose a sister. She also makes it clear that part of why she seems so cheerful even after losing Lexington is because she knows her sister would want her to remain cheerful and get revenge on the enemy for her. Her lines also reveal that she has a very good understanding of strategy and tactics. This actually does make some sense, once you realize she's actually one of the oldest and longest-serving carriers on the entire roster (lain down in 1920 as a BC, launched in '27 as a CV, and ended her career two decades later as a subject for nuclear tests, having fought in basically the entire Pacific Theater).
  • Historical In-Joke: During her introduction, she hesitates before saying she's Lexington's younger sister. The real Saratoga was laid down about four months before Lexington, launched seven months before her, and commissioned a month before Lexington, meaning she's actually the older of the two ships, despite being the second ship in the class and being ordered a year later than Lexington.
  • In-Series Nickname: Just like in real life with crewmen, in-game ships refer to her as "Sister Sara" during her character quest or simply "Sara" during the "Solomon Ranger" event.
  • Magical Girl: She self-styles as such after her remodel. Even her remodel skill's name makes a reference to that.
  • Odd Friendship: You'd think that the cheerful and seemingly carefree Saratoga wouldn't really get along with the extremely serious, driven Enterprise, but they get along quite well in the Solomon Ranger event. Sadly, part of this is due to them both knowing what it's like to lose a sister.
  • Older Than They Look: Despite her generally childish attitude and looks, she's treated as a teacher and older sister by most of the rest of the fleet. This is a reference to her history, as her real-life counterpart was one of the first true aircraft carriers and one of the oldest in service during WW2 - she's actually the senpai to damn near every other carrier on the roster, even from other navies.
    • She mentions in "Solomon Ranger" that, following Lexington's sinking, she's the senior of the Eagle Union fleet carriers, and her actions during the event make it clear she has the skill and experience to back it up.
    • In her own character quest, "Sara's Work Never Ends!" shows her teaching other ships about the tactical importance of carriers. She outright shushes Illustrious and Queen Elizabeth for talking in class.
  • Petite Pride: Putting her with Yorktown will make her proud of her cuteness, especially because Yorktown is younger than her.
  • The Prankster: Her lines indicate her to be this. Her remodel skill's name also makes reference to this as it's separate airstrike (timed, not based on normal airstrike) that inflicts burning and flooding (a damage over time status that debuted with this skill).
  • Series Mascot: She gets pushed as this to some degree in the CN and JP versions of the game - she's been the app icon since launch. The EN (US) version, unsurprisingly, opts for Enterprise instead.
  • Survivor Guilt: It's possible to read a bit of this into her "Solomon Ranger" characterization and a few other spots - she really loves her sister Lex and feels a bit guilty that she survived when Lex didn't.
  • Token Mini-Moe: She's the only fleet carrier to look more like a child than an adult.

     The Yorktown-class 

  • Jack-of-All-Stats: All three Yorktown-class sisters share balanced 125% efficiency ratings for all three of their squadrons, one each of fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers.

Yorktown (CV-5)

Voiced by: Kana Yuuki

I'm Yorktown, the name ship of the Yorktown-class aircraft carriers. I was named after the Siege of Yorktown during the Union Independence War. Neutrality…? That's just pre-war etiquette.

  • A Taste of Power: Played with. Early Open Beta Stage, she was gifted to players after the number of registrants reached a certain milestone. Comparing to many starter ships in the fleet, she is incredibly powerful, and even after more powerful ships join the fleet, she still remains solid choice in most situations. See Disk One Nuke below.
  • Balance Buff: Prior to an update in October 2018, both aspects of her Vengeance skill (the retaliatory airstrike and the healing) activated at the same time, which wasn't terribly useful. After the update, her retaliatory airstrike is launched whenever she takes damage, though there is a 20 second cooldown during which it cannot activate. This dramatically increases its utility, especially in PVE, as it can provide a noticeable increase to her overall damage output during boss fights and can now actually come into play against mobs.
  • Beneath the Mask: While she hides it relatively well, her affection lines show she has some serious self-confidence issues, due to the circumstances of her sinking. She gets better as her affection grows.
  • Christmas Cake: Yorktown is self-conscious about her age, imploring the Commander not to confuse 24 and 42, and in keeping with her self-deprecating nature, suggesting that the Commander pursue one of her younger sisters instead.
  • Counter Attack: Her Vengeance Skill does a counter airstrike upon getting damaged (20 second cool down between them), a reference to how, even after she had been crippled, her dive bomber wing, VB-3, operating from Enterprise, attacked and returned the favor to Hiryuu, whose planes were responsible to the damage to Yorktown.
  • Despair Event Horizon: She's on the edge of it and describes it in terms of creeping darkness and falling into the abyss possibly making the depths of the despair she nearly falls to a reference to the literally abyssal depths - her hull rests on the abyssal plains, three miles beneath the surface of the ocean, one of the deepest shipwrecks ever found and so deep as to be in perpetual darkness. This is where she sunk after the Battle of Midway. And, since playable shipgirls are Mirage Cube re-creations of the originals, she remembers everything about her painful death, knows how much agony it caused Enterprise and may even remember, to some degree, her time in total darkness. Getting her affection up helps restore her self-confidence.
  • Disk One Nuke: Yorktown is given to players who join new servers early on for free, and an elite-rarity fleet carrier is an incredibly powerful addition to an early-game fleet. Even once she's joined by other fleet carriers, Yorktown remains a solid member of the fleet.
  • Expy: She is basically Irisviel von Einzbern if she were a shipgirl.
  • Lady of War: The Eagle Union's representative in this department, and just below Royal Navy's Hood and Sakura Empire's Amagi in this aspect.
  • Last Chance Hit Point: Her Vengeance skill heals her at critical HP, a reference to her downright Rasputinian Death in which Hiryuu attacked her twice, landing three serious hits in the first wave, but before the second attack an hour later, repairs had been so successful that the Japanese thought they were attacking another carrier entirely. This attack also did not sink Yorktown, which was deemed salvageable despite a 23-degree list and towed back while undergoing damage control, when the Japanese submarine I-168 spotted her and torpedoed her two more times, at which point she was finally deemed unsalvageable, but still stubbornly refused to sink for over twelve hours afterwards.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Right in her introduction text. "Neutrality? That's just pre-war etiquette."
  • Status Buff: Her Fleet Carrier skill increases the damage output of the escort fleet after for 8 seconds launching an air strike.
  • Take Up My Sword: She hands Enterprise her bald eagle as she's sinking.

Enterprise (CV-6)

Voiced By: Yui Ishikawa

Enterprise, the Yorktown-class' second ship, has arrived. I neither sympathize with nor hold back on my enemies, and always use my full strength. That is my way.

  • The Ace: She received the most battle stars of any ship for her World War II service in Real Life, and is by far the best aircraft carrier in the game, rivaled only by the Akagi/Kaga pair and the Shoukaku/Zuikaku pairs, all of whom are from the Sakura Empire and require their pair buffs to compete.
  • Action Pet: Grim Reaper, Enterprise's Bald Eagle. note 
    • Spell My Name with an "S": Depending of the region, the eagle is known as either Grim Reaper, Shinigami or God of Death, all three being pretty much synonyms.
    • Tragic Keepsake: Grim Reaper belonged to Yorktown before her sinking at Midway.
  • Archer Archetype: Similar to Wasp, she wields something akin to a longbow and launches her planes as if they were real arrows.
  • Badass Longcoat: In her default appearance. Reindeer Master outfit changes it into a Badass Cape instead.
  • Catch-Phrase: "Owari da!"note , her skill activation line. Expect a PvE or PvP battle to end really quickly when you hear this line.
  • Draw Aggro: In "The Solomon Ranger", she ends up being the focus of the IJN attacks, allowing Saratoga to attack Ryuujou in return. She is injured in the process but is able to make back to port.note 
  • Expy: Of Irisviel von Einzbern in her winter skin.
  • Headbutting Heroes: With Akagi, though it is one sided since she doesn't mind Akagi otherwise.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • While seemingly an unflappable serious combatant, a good look at her lines reveals other aspects to her, in particular a desire for the fighting to end. It's quite clear that the loss of both her sisters and her half-sister have taken a toll on her, and for the playable/marry-able one, even though the miracle of Wisdom Cubes allows her to reunite with her sisters at your Azur Lane, the lessons she learned during the war remain.
    • Her Christmas skin (and the event that went with it) has her happily taking up the role of Santa Claus, and repeatedly insisting she IS Santa.
    • Her wedding skin reveals an earnest desire to do well as a wife, while her love line has her say that she wants to stay with the Commander once the war is over.
  • Insistent Terminology: During the Christmas event, she repeatedly insists that she IS Santa Claus and refuses to be addressed as Enterprise. Gridley's the only one who doesn't need to be corrected.
  • No-Sell: For eight seconds after activating her skill, Lucky E, Enterprise is completely immune to damage.
  • One-Man Army: One of her lines references the time she was the ONLY operational American carrier in the Pacific, to the point there was a sign on her flight deck that simply read: "Enterprise vs Japan".
  • Red Baron: Enterprise is also known by her many historical nicknames, including The Grey Ghost, which she mentions in one of her secretary lines, and "Lucky E", which is also the name of her signature skill.
  • The Rival: Zuikaku claims she's this to her, though not as hostile due to Zuikaku joining Azur Lane as part of La Résistance. However, Enterprise doesn't acknowledge her, viewing every hostile Sakura carrier as her rival.
  • Series Mascot: The EN version has made her the outright app icon (as opposed to Sara), which is probably due to a combination of her relationship to America and her sheer popularity.
  • Shout-Out: Enterprise's MVP line "Commander, tell me: How many more ships do I have to sink?" is a reference to Heero Yui from Gundam Wing asking "Wufei, tell me… how many more people will we have to kill?"
  • Status Buff: Her Lucky E skill has a high chance of increasing the damage of her planes and avoiding all attacks for eight seconds after launching an airstrike, allowing her to survive counterstrikes and wipe out entire enemy fleets with ease in both PvE and PvP.
  • Survivor Guilt: A lot like Saratoga, there's a lot of shades of this in both her playable version's lines and her lines in various parts of the story, both after chapter 3 (where we get to see Yorktown's death in all its agony) and during "Solomon Ranger" (at which point nearly everyone from the early classes of Union carriers is dead and Saratoga is having to try and convince E to not go on a suicide run from her fury).

Hornet (CV-8)

Voiced by: Nozomi Yamamoto

Hello~ I'm Hornet! Ah, there's no need to be formal, you can go ahead and call me Miss Hornet~ It's tough having two great older sisters… But I'm great too!

  • Always Someone Better: Her sisters, she assumes you're interested in them at first and she generally strives to keep up with them.
  • Badass Cape: She wears a cape similar in appearance to Enterprise's longcoat.
  • Balance Buff: Prior to an October 2018 update, her Doolittle Raid skill had half the activation rate it now has.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Hornet herself is one, and of the classical dead little sister type to boot. Yorktown being killed may have been traumatic for both of them, along with the loss of their half-sister Wasp, but Hornet dying is implied be what really left Enterprise traumatized at the start of "Solomon Ranger", since Hornet's death leaves Lucky E as basically an orphan in ship terms.
  • Genki Girl: Energetic and always raring to go. This makes for quite a contrast to her more buttoned-down sisters.
  • Historical In-Joke: Her defeat line has her wonder if she'll meet "a new me". After USS Hornet (CV-8) was sunk, the Essex-class carrier CV-12 was renamed to Hornet in its honour prior to launchnote .
  • Love Confession: Notable in that she doesn't beat around the bush even slightly, and tells you straight to your face in her Love line.
  • Odd Friendship: She and Northampton are good friends, even if Hornet thinks Northampton is a bit too rigid and Northampton thinks Hornet is a bit too loud.
  • Signature Move: Her Doolittle Raid which adds a second wave of B-25 bombers to her air strikes.
  • Status Buff: Her Assault Carrier skill doubles the damage of her airstrike when it activates.
  • Stealth Pun: Her appearance alludes to her name: She has green eyes and blond hair, making her look more like her older half-sister Wasp than her white-haired, blue-eyed sisters. Hornets are a subspecies of wasps.
  • Stripperiffic: Rather scantily clad compared to her sisters (under the coat is just a bikini top and short shorts).
  • Successful Sibling Syndrome: Downplayed. She feels the pressure to live up to her older sisters (Yorktown being the first ship of their class and known for her Dying Moment of Awesome at Midway, and Enterprise being the single most-decorated US ship in World War II), but has enough self-confidence in her ability to live up to her sisters' names (perhaps referencing her own position in history via the Doolittle Raid).
  • Tsundere: Defied. Hornet comments that she is a twintailed blonde but is not a Tsundere, and further states that she is not a stereotypical woman. In fact she's very honest about her feelings.
  • Unblockable Attack: No amount of anti-air or fighter screening can stop her Doolittle Raid skill from doing its damage, as the B-25 it creates isn't actually a normal plane, but just a shadow.

     The Wasp-class 

Wasp (CV-7)

Voiced by: Tomoyo Takayanagi

Hm? You're that so-called Commander? long as there's space in your fleet, then it's alright to have me join you~

  • Archer Archetype: Same with Enterprise, she wields something akin to a longbow and launches her planes as if they were real arrows, and most of her dialog focuses around her archery.
  • Boring, but Practical: Wasp has, by far, the worst stats of any fleet carrier in every category (broadly similar to Ranger's - a light carrier - post-retrofit stats), save for her merely below-average reload, and she has a rather unimpressive skill (a moderate chance of launching some additional spitfires when she launches an airstrike), but she has one important thing going for her: she is the only rare (rather than elite or super rare) fleet carrier in the game, giving her the lowest oil consumption of any fleet carrier. This makes her quite practical when a map requires a carrier in the backline, but you want to field a battleship-focused backline, or if deploying two fleet carriers is required, but you only really need one, or even if your frontline can clear everything without help from the main fleet - just slot in Wasp to keep the oil costs down.
  • Historical In-Joke: Her introductory line about it being alright for her to join so long as there's space in your fleet references the entire reason she was created: The Washington Naval Treaty limited the total combined tonnage each navy was allowed for building aircraft carriers. After Yorktown and Enterprise were built, they still had left over tonnage, but not enough for a third Yorktown-class, so they created the USS Wasp as a smaller, stripped down version of the Yorktown-class to use up the left-over tonnagenote .
  • Idiot Hair: Two of them, to invoke image of an insect.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Much like her Yorktown class half-sisters, Wasp has balanced efficiencies for all aircraft types and one squadron each of fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers.
  • Pervert Revenge Mode: She doesn't take kindly to a "special touch" when she's your secretary and threatens to shoot you anywhere and quite possibly everywhere that you don't specifically ask not to get shot.
  • Stripperiffic: Wasp wears a very long jacket, which she keeps almost completely unzipped, so as to reveal everything above her waist, and under which, she's only wearing a bikini. It's likely a nod to the fact she's basically a stripped down version of the Yorktown Class meant to use up the remaining 15,000 tons of allowed carrier construction under the Washington Naval Treaty after the first two 20,000 ton Yorktown class carriers (Hornet was commissioned later, after Italy and Japan refused to sign the Second London Naval Treaty and activated its "escalator clause", permitting greater amounts of tonnage for the signatory nations and allowing the construction of new battleships with 16-inch cannons for the first time since the Washington Naval Treaty. As a result, Hornet was ordered to get something of the best available carrier design under construction while the follow-up class (the Essex-class) was being finalized). Even though she's about the same displacement as Ranger, Wasp isn't classified as a light carrier in-game, as all the extreme compromises in her design were to allow her to have the same air wing as full-sized Yorktown-class carriers in three-quarters the displacement, while Ranger had been designed around a smaller air wing than her Yorktown-class successors.
    • Out of universe it's likely a nod to Hornet's style of dress who was built after her but added to the game earlier.
  • Support Party Member: Inverted much like Prince of Wales as she gets buffed by being around English ships (referencing her time among their ships).
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Her long jacket and stockings create Type A.

     The Essex-class 

Essex (CV-9)

Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi

Is this where Enterprise… A-Ahem!—Essex, the Union's ground-breaking aircraft carrier, formally reporting for duty. Please, expect much from my combat performance! I would never let anyone be disappointed in me!

  • Archer Archetype: Of the crossbow variety.
  • Massively Numbered Siblings: She remarks on her sisters and how she should be a good example. The Essex class had twenty-four ships in it by the time production ended (and eight more cancelled in various stages of completion), with a number of these participating in WW2!
  • No-Sell: Her "Absolute Evasion" skill makes it so that if you have at least four Union ships in the fleet (counting herself), there's a chance that any airstrikes done against the fleet will only do 1 damage.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: The root of her general envy of Enterprise, who receives all the praise in spite of the sound efforts that Essex and her sisters put in. In gameplay she might suffer this as to get the most out of her Status Buff skill, she needs to make kills with her planes, thus can be hindered by kill stealing.
    • She even suffered this in real life on her release with Taihou, resulting in her getting a fraction of the fanart she got.
  • Support Party Member: Has her No-Sell skill but at the same time gets small boosts from fellow Eagle Union carriers of any type.

Bunker Hill (CV-17)

Voiced by:

Bunker Hill, a member of the Essex Class. From now on I will be part of the fleet, and will listen to your commands. Be at ease, you will have the chance to see my abilities.

  • Action Pet: She's always seen with a great horned owl.
  • Emotionless Girl: This appears to be a result of originally only seeing herself as a weapon. As her affection grows, she starts to get better, though not by much.

Shangri-La (CV-38)

Voiced by: Akane Fujita

CV-38, Shangri-La has officially fallen in line. I recorded many stories to be shared with you in my notebook, but before that first let us finish the work in front of us then.

  • Always Someone Better: A better Hornet in every practical way. She not only has superior stats but her "Doolittle Raid Kai" skill has a better proc rate than Hornet's version of the skill.
  • Hipster: It would not be hard to mistake her as one given her "Collector's Paradise" skin.
  • Historical In-Joke: Her name came as a result of Franklin D. Roosevelt saying that the "Doolittle Raid" had launched from Shangri-La. note  As such, she is pretty much a better Hornet.
    • Ironically, in real life, USS Hornet (CV-12), her sister ship named in honour of the sunken carrier, far outshined her, earning nine battle stars to Shangri-La's twonote , a Presidential Unit Citation, recovering the astronauts from Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 after they landed, and being preserved as a museum.
  • Meganekko: She sports very prominent glasses and is seen carrying a book in her normal skin.

Submarines (SS)

     The Gato-class 

Albacore (SS-218)

Voiced by: Atsumi Tanezake

Ta-da! I’m Albacore from the Eagle Union! Ah, did I surprise you? Sorry about that~ Starting today I’m going to be a part of your fleet, so it’s nice to meet you~

  • Barely-There Swimwear: Possibly the girl with the smallest amount of clothing in the whole game, to the point that her official base skin is deemed too NSFW for the official Discord channel.
  • Blackmail: Some of her lines have her doing that.
  • The Dreaded: To Taihou, quite justified as Albacore was the one to sink her.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Is very good at sneaking up on people and when she does so to Taihou, she faints.

Dace (SS-247)

Voiced by: Akiko Hasegawa

Hi~ Are you the Commander? Union submarine Dace, reporting for duty~ So, how many greeting torpedoes do you want me to launch?

  • The Ditz: She seems to have issues with remember somethings like being a Gato-class. t's unknown if her torpedo obsession has anyting to do with this tendency.
  • Gun Nut: Really likes torpedos, from firing them off to sleeping with one as one would a big plushie or pillow.
  • Leotard of Power: Her default outfit is a competition swimsuit with a huge cutout from chest to navel.
  • Shout-Out: Her swimsuit might be a reference to Misty's infamous swimsuit in Chapter 2 of The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Repair Ship (AR)

     The Vestal-class 

Vestal (AR-4)

Voiced by: Maia

It's nice to meet you, Commander. I'm the repair ship Vestal. I was once little Enterprise's exclusive caretaker. Seeing everyone live healthily is my joy.

  • Lethal Chef: Maryland's login line has her talk about the smell of gunpowder before realizing that it's just Vestal cooking, which makes one wonder.
  • The Medic: One of only two repair ships in the game so far, the other being Akashi of the Sakura Empire. Her main skill heals an ally at critical HP (only once per battle) and heals even more HP when used on Enterprisenote . Her other skill increases the party's stock of emergency repair kits outside of battle.
  • Nun Too Holy: Her outfit is based on Catholic nun habit, including rosary mast, however she's closer to Hospital Hottie, and seems to have the hots for Enterprise.
  • Shout-Out: Seems to have borrowed DanMachi goddess Hestia's boob ribbon...
    • This is actually a bit of Historical In-Joke, as the word "Vestal" is a reference to the Vestal Virgins, virgin Roman priestesses of the goddess Vesta, who was the Roman counterpart of the Greek goddess Hestia.
    • Her swimsuit skin is even outright called "Refreshing Hestia" and has the same color scheme as the Hestia of DanMachi, so it's quite likely none of this is a coincidence.