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Ces Dessins Animés-Là qui méritent qu'on s'en souvienne ("These cartoons that deserve to be remembered") is a French retro cartoon review series. Find their YouTube channel here.

Two reviewers, Tchoucky (the girl) and Al (the guy) talk about cartoons of their childhood, or more recent, that they deem worthy of being remembered.Sometimes, they talk about a special theme instead (like dubbing or censorship), or review multiple series based on one franchise (These episodes are called "The quest for...").


There are also three subseries: Ces Dessins Animés-Là qui NE méritent PAS qu'on s'en souvienne ("These cartoons that DO NOT deserve to be remembered", reviewed by Al alone), Ces Dessins Animés-Là dont personne ne se souvient a part moi ("These cartoons that no one remembers except me", reviewed by Tchoucky alone), and the Top 10 series.

They also have a blog.

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    Ces Dessins Animés-Là qui méritent qu'on s'en souvienne 

    Ces Dessins Animés-Là qui NE méritent PAS qu'on s'en souvienne 

    Ces Dessins Animés-Là dont personne ne se souvient à part moi 

    Top 10 

Ces Dessins Animés-Là provides examples of:

  • Absentee Actor: Tchoucky is completely absent of the "These cartoons that DO NOT deserve to be remembered" subseries (Al, at least, appears in the opener of "Ces dessins animes-la dont personne ne se souvient a part moi"). Although there are exceptions:
  • Berserk Button:
    • Al, being a scientist, hates when a series uses too much imprecise or fake science; or when it tries to hammer in a Science Is Bad message without giving the other side a chance to defend itself.
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    • Tchouky strongly dislikes Girl-Show Ghettoinvoked, at least when it's used as an excuse to produce overly touchy-feely, simplistic, poorly-written, and shallow shows that assume that girls wouldn't like watching the same cartoons boys do.
    • While they usually remain level-headed when they tackle the subject, both strongly dislike sequel seasons when they are made for a show that had a clear closed-ended ending, as they think it cheapens the original story and its stakes. They also don't like the sequels who betray the artistic standpoint of the first season.
  • Catchphrase:
    • At the beginning of each video: "Do you remember (cartoon name)?"
    • Variant: in "These cartoons that DO NOT deserve to be remembered", Al asks "Do you remember?", discovers Tchoucky's not here, and groans "Oh. That means the show I'll review really sucks".
    • And in "Ces Dessins Animés-Là dont personne ne se souvient à part moi"
      Tchoucky: Do you remember [cartoon name]?
      Al: No. [gets up and leaves]
  • Fan Nickname:invoked
    • For them, a Romantic False Lead is a "Willam" (from the character of the same same in Code Lyoko).
    • And "The New Batman Adventures" is "the badly-drawn season".
  • The Generation Gap: Some gags or comments are derived of the fact that Tchoucky is a child of The '80s and Al a child of The '90s.
  • Gushing About Shows You Like:
    • They LOVE Code Lyoko. Actually, they met on a Code Lyoko fan forum. Note that Code Lyoko: Evolution is in the "These cartoons that DO NOT deserve to be remembered" folder.
    • Inverted with Scooby-Doo: Every incarnation of the franchise doesn't deserve to be remembered, except Mystery Incorporated.
  • Insistent Terminology: According to Al, the fourth season of Batman: The Animated Series ("The New Batman Adventures") is a season. According to Tchouky, it's a brand new series.
  • No Fourth Wall:
    • Tchouky states at the very beginning of the top 10 about "Reckless actions" that they are both fictional characters.
    • They mention the audience from time to time in various videos.
    • They sometimes openly discuss the script or the various Intended Audience Reactions they're expecting to get. One notable example has them discuss the fact that they have to keep alternating who's saying their "Do you remember" catchphrase, in order to trick the audience into thinking that there is a hidden meaning and drive them to watch all the previous videos again to try and find it. Then, they realize that they confessed the trick.
  • Pet-Peeve Trope:invoked The Romantic False Lead is their biggest. They made a list of them in their Top 10 "worst but unfortunately most popular basic cartoon plot formulas".
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: In-Universe. They weren't fond of William's role in the first two seasons of Code Lyoko. However, they loved him when he became XANA's unwilling Dragon in Season 4.
  • Running Gag:
    • Every time they compare a series to Code Lyoko, prompting an excerpt of the latter to appear, they usually shoot it with a NES Zapper.
    • At the beginning, the "Do you remember (cartoon name)?" and the other's various answers that are usually jokes.
  • Science Is Bad: Discussed. One of the reasons Flipper and Lopaka doesn't deserve to be remembered is that it keeps shoving the trope in the viewer's throat.
  • Tropes Are Tools:invoked They believe this, as shown in their The Mary Sues who prove that even here, Tropes Are Not Bad Top 10.


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