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Flint Hammerhead / Genshi

A young, strong caveboy and the main character of the series. Flint was fossilized by Petra Fina, and wasn't freed until the 25th century. Flint was quickly enrolled as part of the Time Police, who must protect the flow of time.

Rocky Hammerhead / Dad-tan

Rocky is Flint's father, who was also fossilized by Petra Fina. Unfortunately, his defossilization didn't turn out quite right, as he is now permanently a slab of hard stone. He was fashioned into a high-tech stone ax, and serves as Flint's mentor.

Dr. Bernard Goodman / Professor Yamato

A brilliant but somewhat goofy scientist. He's in charge of the Bureau of Time and Space, and is responsible for restoring the Hammerheads.

Sara Goodman / Sora Yamato

The older Goodman twin, and the doctor's niece. She joins Flint on his missions.

Voiced by Nana Mizuki.

Tony Goodman / Tokio Yamato

The younger Goodman twin, and nephew of the doctor. Like his sister, he joins Flint on his missions.

Pterry & Getalong / Puu & Love-Love

Pterry is a robotic pterodactyl, who serves as a guide to Flint and company. He's also responsible for wiping out any trace of their presence in the past. Getalong is a Time Shifter. Her power is making people get along and be happy, but her power weakens with constant uses.

Merlock Holmes / Kyoichiro Narugami

A dhampir time detective, who shows up later in the series. Bindi, another Time Shifter, is almost always by his side.


Petra Fina Dagmar / T.P. Lady

A seasoned time thief who is wanted for messing up the timeline. She's allied herself to the Dark Lord, and is trying to get the Time Shifters before Flint and friends. When not traveling through time, she's under her alter-ego "Miss Iknow", a strict teacher.

Dino & Mite

A humanoid eel and frog, respectively. They serve as loyal henchmen to Petra, and provide comedic relief. Like their boss, they take on civilian form when not traveling through time.

The Dark Lord

  • Big Bad: He is the true villain of the series and the Man Behind the Man for Petra Fina.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: After his mask is removed, he becomes powerless, and while resistant at first, he comes to accept Flint's friendship.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: As a child, he was made the keeper of the Land of Dread, where time is frozen, and the negative sides of humanity are kept away. Being alone and unable to leave was what made him lose all of his positive emotions.
  • The Corrupter: He has the power to instantly turn all time shifters into their evil con-forms, which he does in the series finale.
  • Mask of Power: All his powers come from his mask.
  • Older Alter Ego: He is actually just a child, but we don't find out until Flint destroys his mask in the final episode, which takes away his powers and gave him an adult appearance.
  • Something About a Rose: His trademark symbol is a blue rose, and it's revealed he created the Land of Dread Shifters from roses.


     Time Shifters 
Referred to as "time-space monsters" in the original Japanese, they are a group of creatures that protect The Land of Time. They were scattered across time and space, and the Time Police are tasked with locating and recovering them.

In general

  • All There in the Manual: A number of Time Shifters did not have their Master form shown in the series. These ones were only seen through side merchandise.
  • Badass Adorable: Many Time Shifters have powerful abilities, even in their cute Pokémon-esque base forms.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Often while in their Con form, they will be reminded of the good times they shared with Flint or the people they met, rekindling their good side and restoring them to normal.
  • Been There, Shaped History: A handful of the Time Shifters appeared and befriended famous historical figures, sometimes in their youth before they became famous. While memories of explicitly meeting the Shifters get erased to preserve history, their influence on the people they meet remains.
  • Mons
  • Monster of the Week: Almost always, Petra turns the episode's Time Shifter into their monstrous Con form, requiring Flint and company to turn them back to normal.
  • Pokémon Speak: In the original Japanese, most Time Shifters can only say their name or similar sounds. The few exceptions are Lynx (to ask riddles), Bindi, and Unita (through telepathy). In the English dub, most Time Shifters are capable of full speech.
  • Super Mode: Their Master forms, a stronger form mainly used when a Time Shifter is trying to protect Flint or another character.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Their Con forms, which are achieved when darkness enters the Time Shifter's heart (usually through Petra's stamp or Uglinator's skull emblem.)
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Their odd appearances are rarely ever commented on by the people of the past.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: A Freeze-Frame Bonus in the first episode reveals a few Time Shifters that do not appear in later episodes and ultimately go unmentioned.

Jitterbug / Honey-Honey (ハニハニ Hanihani)

A yellow Shifter found in 2nd century Japan, with the ability to make anyone nearby dance uncontrollably.

  • The Music Meister: Dances and sings, which makes anyone hearing the song dance as well.

Eldora (エルドラ Erudora)

A serpent-like Shifter found in 16th century South America that can turn objects into gold.

Talen / Talun (テイルン Teirun)

A pink fox-like Time Shifter that carries a leaf fan. Talen was found in the Heian Period Japan (circa 794 BC) and can enter storybooks to assume the form of a character in the story, as well as transport others into the world of the story.

Mosbee / Mosubii (モスビー Mosubii)

A Time Shifter resembling a blue elephant head, located in Russia, 1812 AD. He has the ability to fire a freezing beam from his trunk.

Coconaut / Cocolon (ココロン Kokoron)

An egg-shaped Time Shifter found in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1492, assisting Christopher Columbus on his voyage to America. He has the ability to sense the weather and sea's movement, and carries O and X signs that he uses to answer questions.

  • Making a Splash: His Con form is able to summon a fierce rain storm, and his Master form has an Arm Cannon shaped like a fish that fires water with great force.
  • Nice Hat: A red sailor hat with an anchor symbol. He retains the hat in his Con and Master forms, and removing it makes him fall asleep or immobilizes him.
  • Non-Indicative Name: While named after the coconut (fitting his sea theme), he more closely resembles an egg.

Bubblegum / Tannegun (タネガン Tanegan)

A round blue Time Shifter wielding bubble guns, found in Edo Period Japan with Oda Nobunaga. His guns shoot bubbles that trap its targets inside.

Lynx / Sphin (スフィン Sufin)

A feline Time Shifter that wears a pharaoh's headdress with a snake-head band. Found in Ancient Egypt, the snake head asks riddles that cause misfortune if answered incorrectly, but is weakened if its riddles are solved.

Artie / Horurun (ホルルン Horurun)

A Time Shifter that looks like a green bird. He was found in mid-19th Century Paris by a young Auguste Rodin, and has the ability to bring drawings to life.

  • Art Attacker: His Con form creates living sculptures that attack his foes.
  • Art Initiates Life: He makes drawings come to life, even crude chalk drawings.

Batterball / Nekketsu (ネッケツ Nekketsu)

A baseball-themed Time Shifter that was found at Baltimore in the year 1906 by a young George Herman Ruth, Jr, a.k.a. "Babe Ruth." Batterball can control and manipulate any kind of ball, as well as turn objects into baseballs.

  • Baseball Episode: As expected of a baseball-playing Shifter that befriended Babe Ruth. When Petra captures Batterball, Flint and friends goad her into playing a baseball game to decide what happens to Batterball.

Bindi / Ammon (アンモン Ammon)

Found in 15th century Transylvania, she resembles a floating pink sea snail. She was found by Vlad Tepes (commonly known as "Vlad the Impaler") but left him to join Merlock, who had rescued her earlier when she wandered off. Since then, she is always seen with Merlock and assists him in his Time Police missions.

  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She easily gets upset when Merlock isn't paying enough attention to her, or fawning over Sarah.
  • Talking Animal: In the original Japanese, she's one of the few Time Shifters capable of full speech.
  • Vampiric Draining: Demonstrates this ability in episode 18, draining the energy of trees through her lips and transferring it to the Terracotta Army statues of China, bringing them to life.

Elfin / Omochan (オモチャン Omochan)

A fluffy pink Time Shifter with a large white mustache, found in 1651 AD Paris. His ability is to turn common objects into toys, which he enjoys giving to children.

  • Christmas Episode: He was found on December 24, Christmas Eve, and was seen giving toys to children from a sack.
  • Friend to All Children: Loves to create toys to make children happy, and spent the episode trying to comfort a girl who was looking for her mother, who had been missing for 4 years.

The Cardians / Redmen (レッドマン Reddoman)

A group of four Time Shifters that possess a strong sense of justice and are always ready to perform heroic deeds. Blademan (Redman Red) is the sword-wielding leader, Arrowman (Redman Blue) is the archery expert, Thud (Redman Yellow) fights with sheer strength, and Snapper (Redman Pink) is the group's resident shutterbug.

  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: In their debut episode, they go out of their way to help anyone who seems to be in distress, before Flint and friends can convince them to return home.
  • Combining Mecha: Their Master form transformation references this, as their limbs extend and attach together to transform into a singular Humongous Mecha.
  • Duel Boss: After their Con form is defeated, Blademan/Red challenges Flint to a solo duel, with no outside assistance.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Their heroic feats have a tendency to cause a lot of collateral damage.
  • Sentai: They're a Shout-Out to this, being four heroic characters colored red, blue, yellow, and pink.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Snapper/Pink is the only female Cardian.

Plumella / Monarisu (モナリス Monarisu)

A squirrel-like Time Shifter that appeared in 16th century Pisa, Italy. She can paint artwork with her tail, as well as turn people into paintings.

  • Art Initiates Life: Inverted; she turns living things into paintings.
  • Punny Name: In Japanese, her name is a pun on "Mona Lisa" (referencing her powers of art and how she befriended Leonardo da Vinci) and "risu" meaning "squirrel."

Wing (ウィング Uingu)

A bird-like Time Shifter talented in flight, who can give people their own pair of functioning wings. He was found in Richmond, Indiana, in the year 1881 by Orville Wright of the Wright brothers.

  • Growing Wings: He shoots feathers that give a pair of wings to whatever they touch. These wings can be torn off with enough force.

Moah / Moaiwa (モアイワ Moaiwa)

The largest of the Time Shifters, Moah resembles a moai statue, and is called "the soldier of the earth" by the inhabitants of 1560 AD Rapa Nui.

Elekin (エレキン Erekin)

This electrical Time Shifter is based on the Elekiter, and was even found by its inventor, Hiraga Gennai, in 12th century Japan. The crank on his back creates electricity when turned.

Muscles / Musculun (マスルン Masurun)

A dumbbell-like Time Shifter that appeared in ancient Greece. An enthusiast of exercise and physical competition, he can increase the strength of whoever he touches, making them larger or more muscular.

Unita / (ユニータ Yuniita)

A Time Shifter resembling a winged unicorn. He prefers to fly freely through time and space, and was encountered by Flint and company in the Grand Canyon.

Raldo (ラルド Rarudo)

A turtle-like Time Shifter with a crystal shell. Found by a young Petra Fina in her childhood palace, he is able to fire a beam from his heart emblem that shrinks its target down and traps them inside his shell.

Leafy (リーフィー Riifii)

A flower-like Time Shifter that appeared to a young King Arthur in 6th century England, Leafy can make flowers and other plants grow anywhere.

Monk / Bouzan (ボウザン Bouzan)

A warrior Time Shifter who was seen in 12th century Kyoto, assisting Musashibo Benkei in his quest to defeat and obtain the swords of 1000 samurai. Monk demonstrated the ability to easily master any weapon he held, and dueled against Flint, winning and claiming Rocky.

  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Has six arms in his Con form, each wielding a different weapon (Rocky being one of those weapons.)
  • Toxic Friend Influence: According to the Old Timer, hanging around Benkei made Monk more belligerent than usual.

Nightcap / Gusu (グースー Guusuu)

A Time Shifter who resembles the Japanese baku, with a nightcap-shaped face. Appearing in 1830’s Denmark, he was used by a stressed Hans Christian Andersen to help him get sleep.

  • Baku: Resembles one, but doesn't seem to eat dreams.
  • Instant Sedation: Rings the bell on his tail to put anyone hearing it to sleep. He can also use the same bell to wake them up.

Musey (ミュージー Myuujii)

A Time Shifter shaped like a musical note with a trumpet mouth. Musey was found in 18th century Vienna, and demonstrated the power to play music that filled its listeners with joy. Musey was appointed as the mascot of a theater where Mozart and Beethoven played, and while timid, occasionally came out to listen to their performances.

  • Brown Note: His Con form can shoot solid damaging musical notes. His normal form could also do this, but its notes were much weaker.

Change / Cozenny (コゼニー Kozenii)

A Time Shifter resembling a purse with legs, that appeared in 19th century Osaka. He gives out koban coins when fed, and can use the power of wealth to hypnotize others.

  • Gold Fever: Can put others under the influence of greed, represented by a koban attaching itself to their foreheads.
  • Money Mauling: Attacks with koban in his Con form.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Takoyaki (meatballs in the English dub); he gives out money after being fed, and how much he gives out depends on how well it tastes.

Bugsy / Musshuu (ムッシュー Musshuu)

An insect-based Time Shifter that carries a magnifying glass, and was seen in 19th century France. With the ability to turn people into insects, he befriended a young Jean-Henri Fabre and transformed him into a bee.

  • Baleful Polymorph: He turns Sarah into a butterfly, Tony into a horned beetle, Merlock into a mosquito, and Flint into a stag beetle. When brought back to Dr. Goodman, Bugsy turned him into a fly.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Has the appearance of a winged caterpillar, and is the same size as most of the other Time Shifters.
  • Logical Weakness: Being a bug, Petra Fina was able to use a can of bug spray to incapacitate him.

Dipper / Jaba (ジャバ Jyaba)

The second elephant-based Time Shifter after Mosbee; in fact, they are revealed to be brothers. Dipper was found by Marco Polo in the 13th century, and his ability to locate water made him very useful in Marco's journey across the deserts of Afghanistan.

  • Making a Splash: He can find oases hidden in the desert, and can collect water and spray it from his trunk.
  • Playing with Fire: His Master and Con forms have control over fire instead of water.
  • Fire/Ice Duo: With his brother Mosbee, his Master form makes up the fire side.

Knuckle (ナックル Nakkuru)

A Time Shifter resembling a small Chinese dragon. In the year 1972, he was seen in Hong Kong training a boy named Lee in his own style of martial arts.

Doron (ドロン Doron)

A pumpkin-headed ghostly Time Shifter, with the power to create spectral illusions. Doron was found by famed inventor Thomas Edison in Menlo Park, New Jersey in the year 1880.

Shadow / Kagenin (カゲニン Kagenin)

A purple rodent-like Time Shifter found in 16th century Japan by Miyamoto Musashi, Shadow has the ability to create clones of anyone whose shadow he touches.

Orbit / Comet (コメット Kometto)

A star-shaped Time Shifter, and the last one to be found by Flint, she was found floating through spacetime while Flint was on his way to The Land of Dread. Her power of encouragement cheers up and motivates Flint when he loses heart.

  • 11th-Hour Ranger: She suddenly joins Flint's side in episode 36, shortly before Flint's final confrontation with the Dark Lord in the Land of Dread.
  • Star Power: Shoots star-shaped rays to attack, and her encouragement power is manifested as a light containing sparkling stars.


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