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  • Aladdin: The Series:
    • Destane, the previous ruler of the Land of the Black Sand before Mozenrath usurped him, was apparently so vicious and powerful that, according to Iago, even Jafar himself steered clear of him. Mozenrath then takes over as The Dreaded when he overthrew Destane and turned him into one of his zombie-like slaves.
    • Genie is terrified of the Mukhtar, and rightfully so, as they are a species whose very purpose is hunting and killing genies.
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    • Both Genie and Mirage are terrified of Chaos, a feline being who lives up to his name by causing chaos and mischief wherever he goes. He hates when things get too boring and predictable, and punishes anyone who dares to give him the slightest order.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
    • Tina is this to the students and faculty of Elmore Junior High. Understandable, considering she's a Tyrannosaurus rex in a school where many students could be easily killed or maimed even by a normal human.
    • Jamie is one as of Season 3, due to her being a Barbaric Bully: her mere presence will make many of the students run away so they won't be beaten up.
    • Gumball is terribly afraid of Ocho and is scared to tell him about his big intensity.
    • Nicole is this to her family. She's by no means a bad person. She's actually one of the nicest characters on the show, as long as you don't push her too far, in which case she's TERRIFYING. And if there's one thing her family is good at, it's pushing people too far.
  • In the American Dad! episode "Ricky Spanish", Roger's alternate persona Ricky is the most evil of his characters and everyone in town wants him dead. Even Roger himself is freaked out about him.
    • Stelios Kontos, Stan's childhood bully who he's still terrified of, even as a grown man and member of the CIA.
    • Played for laughs in the episode where a hadron collider had caused an apocalypse. As Stan was wandering post-apocalypse America, he kept hear about "The Two Hundred" that were feared to the point that everyone just ran away from them without question. It turned out The Two Hundred was really just Roger roaming around with a fog machine, ominously calling out "The Two Hundred are coming," and stealing the spoons of those who fled in terror. Turns out The Two Hundred was actually real. Rodger had been goofing off IN the hadron collider when it was activated, and in addition to causing an apocalypse, it caused 200 of his personalities to split into their own bodies.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Azula from the original Avatar: The Last Airbender. Being a Machiavellian tactical genius, she deliberately goes out of her way to solidify this image of herself, believing in power and manipulation through fear and might. For much of the series, it works spectacularly, with even her Uncle Iroh showing fear of being in her clutches, and leading to her turning an entire Government Conspiracy group against their leader through sheer intimidation and force of personality alone. Unfortunately for her, it stops working when Mai's love for Zuko, and Ty Lee's friendship with Mai, become stronger than their fear of her.
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    • Of course, even Azula cowers in the presence of her father, Fire Lord Ozai.
    • In The Legend of Korra:
      • Amon, the leader of the Anti-bending Equalists, is this, thanks to a combination of his creepy masked appearance, his even creepier (and very competent) minions, and his ability to permanently remove a person's bending. Korra is terrified of him and sees him in her nightmares.
      • To say nothing of the God of Evil of the franchise, Vaatu, who becomes the Big Bad of the second season. Of course, he last showed up so many millennia ago that few actually know who he is. Once they do, though, it's pretty clear Korra's the only one who can do anything and the world can only stare and go Oh, Crap! at the final confrontation. Even his herald Unalaq fears his retribution if the Avatar isn't brought to him, and Varrick acknowledges Vaatu as the greatest evil of all existence.
      • Everyone takes Zaheer and his cronies very seriously, even characters who are quite badass themselves. Once Zaheer himself escapes, the leaders of the other nations immediately put everyone they can trust on the job of guarding the other three. Also, Tenzin's reluctance to let Korra go to Republic City at the beginning of the series (which means she'd been stuck on Air Temple Island until her late teens!) proves to be because of these guys. Everyone was so worried about protecting her from their conspiracy even though they'd been in Tailor Made Prisons for some time that she had to really fight for the right to get out and start Avatar-ing.
      • Kuvira, the Big Bad of Book 4. During the Time Skip between Books 3 and 4, she was tasked with restoring the Earth Kingdom and has quickly become someone to both respect and fear, earning the monkier of "The Great Uniter". This is most evident in the first episode where a group of bandits attack her train. One Curb-Stomp Battle later, they realize exactly whose train they tried to rob and they're pratically soiling themselves and begging for mercy. Bolin and Varrick later exploit this by threatening to report a guard to Kuvira if he didn't let them and a group of prisoners pass.
  • Batman, as in virtually all incarnations, is this to the Gotham City underworld in Batman: The Animated Series and the rest of the DCAU.
    • An episode of Justice League set in the Batman Beyond future where Bruce is in his 80's shows that he still has it and then some as an old man. After his present-day self attempts and fails to interrogate Ghoul Bruce casually remarks he can't believe he was ever that green and takes over. One cut to commercial later and Ghoul is a trembling mess who's telling Bruce everything, including that he wet the bed until he was 14. Yes, he without his costume or gadgets can even casually out-dread his younger tougher self!
    • The latest Batman cartoon, tellingly enough, is titled Beware the Batman.
  • Ben 10: in a universe filled with Eldritch Abominations, Evil Sorcerers, Alien Invaders with Death Rays available on a large scale, Ghost Aliens, Evil Overlords, Monster Clowns and psychotic mutants amongst other things, Vilgax is still considered the most dangerous being. Known for having conquered ten worlds, five others and created a black hole, he was in fact so feared in the Original Series that no organic life form was willing to work for him, forcing him to use Mecha-Mooks as his personal army.
    • However, back on his home planet, he is actually a very beloved leader, and he has many Pet the Dog and Licked by the Dog moments; Ben was utterly flabbergasted by this. It's to the point that a newer villain attacks in force, he decided to try to take out Vilgax to demoralize his people. (Spoiler alert: Vilgy kicked the assassins' asses. Without any of his usual weaponry.)
    • Ma Vreedle. A heaping dose of crazy, mixed in with a deceptive streak of cunning and a mean punch. Nobody wants to mess with her. Even Vilgax is sent screaming off planet at the sight of her.
  • Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars: The toads are genetically pre-disposed to have a Bring My Brown Pants moment whenever they see a Betelgeusian Berserker Baboon. When that vulnerability is neutralized... the toads still crap themselves at the thought of actually having to fight Betelgeusian Berserker Baboons.
    Air Marshal: Wait a minute! Now, the goggles are a neat trick, but the Betelgeusian Berserker Baboons are our most formidable foes in the Aniverse!
  • Just about everyone in Bump in the Night is afraid of the Closet Monster, an animate pile of dirty clothes that often tries to harm the main characters.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: Almost every member of the Kids Next Door is terrified of Numbuh 86, and not just because she has a foul temper; she has the authority to have them decommissioned. (That's her job.) Of course, she quickly becomes a Miles Gloriosus when faced with a problem she can't handle.
  • Considering he had no issues with dropping Gosalyn off a building, one of those times when it wasn't Played for Laughs, there's a valid reason Darkwing Duck doesn't brush off Taurus Bulba.
  • Princess Fang, one of the protagonists of Dave the Barbarian, is known only as "the Great Destructor" to all bugs, ranging from small cockroaches to hordes of car-sized Blugelbeetles.
  • In the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode "Ed, Pass it On", Eddy starts a rumor that his brother is coming home. While the younger kids are merely annoyed and/or curious, the older kids (namely Kevin and Rolf) react with abject terror. The movie proves that there is a damned good reason for this.
    • The Kanker sisters fill this role throughout the majority of the series proper; whenever they show up, the general reaction most of the kids have is to get the hell out of Dodge. While the Eds are the target of their "affection" most of the time, they've proven repeatedly that the other kids are fair game, especially when their Berserk Button gets pressed. Unstoppable Rage doesn't even begin to describe the carnage when that happens.
  • In The Fairly OddParents, Timmy becomes this to the Yugopotamians because to them, Good Is Bad And Bad Is Good. Acts like skipping across a field of flowers, eating chocolate, and hugging a teddy bear are forms of torture for them, so Timmy being able to do all of them in succession makes him some kind of Humanoid Abomination to them.
  • The Family Guy episode "A Fistful of Meg" has Mike Pulaski, a psychopathic bully capable of killing anyone who slights him. It's said that he once knifed a kid on the playground (then beat up the knife) and that he can watch Friday Night Lights without crying.
  • Breach from Generator Rex becomes this in "Lions and Lambs". Everyone who knows what Breach can do fears her. When Six notices the Providence troops are trembling, he asks Rex if they have any experience with Breach. Rex says that's the problem, shuddering as he remembers what Breach did to him.
  • According to Journal 3, the most dangerous creature in Gravity Falls is Bill Cipher, a demon that looks like the Eye of Providence with arms, legs, and a top hat. DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COSTS!
  • Mandy of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. An odd example, in that how much people fear her seems to be directly rather than inversely correlated with how much of a danger she is to them. Irwin and Mindy, both of whom are non-Badass Normal human children with no powers, frequently and deliberately antagonize her without fear of consequence, and low-level monsters will often try to frighten her at first, but she'll usually scare them off, while Grim, the nigh-omnipotent, immortal personification of death, is terrified of her and will do anything she says.
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002):
    • Dragons are feared by everyone (good guys and bad guys alike) on Eternia for obvious reasons. A Running Gag in one episode had Orko squeak that he was afraid of them, only for someone else to tell him, "Who isn't?"
    • Hordak is feared by everyone, even fellow villains Skeletor and King Hisss. Everyone does everything they can to stop him from returning to Eternia.
  • In Jimmy Two-Shoes, Lucius I-the original ruler of Miseryville-is this. He's never actually been shown on the show, but he was mentioned in one episode, and it was shown that all the rest of the Heinouses (all of whom are basically different incarnations of Satan) are horrified by him.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • In the original Bugs Bunny shorts, the Tasmanian Devil was this. Every single animal in the area would panic and clear out when he started approaching.
    • Yosemite Sam was this in many cartoons as well, especially in the Wild West settings.
    • Also, Nasty Canasta in his shorts with Daffy Duck.
  • The Loud House: Though Luan is a nice and goofy jokester, when it's April Fool's Day the whole family is afraid of her, because on that day, she becomes a mean and relentless pranking machine who unleashes humongous pranks on the whole house which tend to be harmful and threatening, and no one is safe from her.
  • In Mike Tyson Mysteries, "Heavyweight Champion of the Moon", Mike gains a reputation for getting into "fender benders" with his vehicle, and has so far killed 10 people, specifically astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin. After Mike hits and kills his 11th up on the surface of the moon, his insurance representative realizes that Mike has actually only killed 2 astronauts, and the other 8 were astronomers. By this time, astronomers everywhere are already living in fear.
  • Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Even Princess Celestia is on edge when she finds out he had escaped from the stone prison she and Luna left him in over a thousand years ago. Despite his comical appearance and zany personality, it quickly becomes very clear that her fear of him was justified.
    • Much to her depression, Princess Luna is regarded as this trope thanks to her past as Nightmare Moon, as well as being pretty scary herself. However, she manages to use it to her advantage by the end of her A Day in the Limelight episode, taking advice from the true purpose of Halloween.
    • Queen Chrysalis is this to the population of Canterlot in "A Canterlot Wedding" who believe her to be such an evil tyrant thanks to her power of deceit and absolute control with an army of changelings.
    • King Sombra, the umbrum from the "Crystal Empire" two-parter. Simply thinking about his reign causes his former subjects to shudder; in fact, though he cursed the crystal ponies by wiping their memories, one of them implies that part of their amnesia may instead be due to their suppressing what little they do remember. When Twilight Sparkle has to find an ancient relic that Sombra hid away, she deduces (correctly) that he hid it somewhere in his own castle, because he was banking on everyone being too scared of him to ever search the place.
    • Lord Tirek from the season 4 finale, when first introduced, isn't overly dangerous, as he is decrepit and sickly, but what makes Tirek dreaded and dangerous is his Mana Drain ability. Tirek can steal the magic and talent from any ponies he comes across, rendering them completely helpless. It was bad enough that sending Discord after him was the first course of action taken. We eventually learn later just how dangerous he can become once he absorbs enough magic, by effortlessly draining Discord of his magic.
    • The idea of Starlight Glimmer returning for revenge deeply unsettles Twilight, who, as a reminder, had previously faced off against a demonic magic-eating centaur, among with many other things. The fact that Starlight is just a normal unicorn makes this especially noteworthy. Fortunately, this fades after her Heel–Face Turn.
  • The Beast of Over the Garden Wall is treated as such by every character the brothers interact with who have even heard of him. Most notable in Chapter 4, where a very jovial party is turned into a tavern full of fear when Wirt mentions him.
  • In Rugrats, nearly every kid except Susie and occasionally Kimi is afraid of Angelica. Even fearless leader Tommy Pickles finds her terrifying. Played for laughs sometimes, for example when she's hiding in the bushes at Tommy's house and everyone initially thinks she's a monster.
    Angelica: (bursts out of the bushes with a big Cheshire Cat Grin)
  • Samurai Jack: Aku, the Master of Masters, the Deliverer of Darkness, the Shogun of Sorrow... need we go on? He is a demon so feared that his return after the Emperor first defeated him would spell doom for the world. People know better than to cross him and elders often warn children to think twice before speaking ill of him. His followers often fear getting on his bad side when in his presence, as shown in "Jack and The Gangsters" when the titular gangsters report back to him and they think anyone who tries to fight him is out of their minds. Plus, when Aku appears before an audience of children in "Aku's Fairy Tales", they are absolutely terrified.
  • A minor Running Gag on the The Simpsons has every educator, babysitter, and doctor in the United States be terrified of Bart. In one episode, Mrs. Krabappel is up for Teacher of the Year, and Bart decides to help her by going in front of the group deciding the winner and says that anyone who could stand being in a classroom with him was obviously worthy of the prize. Once the committee hears the name "Bart Simpson," they don't hesitate for a second before handing Edna the award (in fact, some of them didn't even believe that Bart even existed until that moment).
  • Snork-Eaters are this to The Snorks, for obvious reasons. At least one Snork-made horror movie has one as the villain. The Snork-Eaters themselves also have one in Snork-Eater-Eaters, which are small fish with gigantic mouths.
  • South Park
    • Cartman can become this when he is really, really pissed off. After the boys destroy Cartman's electronic, believing he was harassing girls online when it was really Gerald, they sit in fear of him, waiting for his expected payback.
    • Trent Boyett in the episode "Preschool". You know he's dreaded when even Cartman is terrified of him and Butters dashes off to hide from him.
    • Bridon Gueermo's father from "Elementary School Musical", whose threats to slap people bring his family, the teachers and even Child Services officers to their knees.
    • Chris Hansen is so feared by pedophiles that they immediately commit suicide at the sight of him.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: Cletus Kasady was a feared criminal and Mad Bomber as an ordinary guy. Becoming Carnage ranked it Up to Eleven.
  • In Spliced, every mutant on Keepaway Island is utterly terrified of both the Wunny Sharbit and Mister Smarty Smarts. In the case of the Wunny Sharbit, it's fully justified, as it's a creature specifically and successfully designed to be the most dangerous animal on Earth. Mister Smarty Smarts' status as this is harder to understand, seeing as he's an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain who is really more obnoxious than threatening.
  • From Spongebob Squarepants, we have the ALASKAN BULL WORM(!), a borderline Kaiju which slithers along eating everything (and everyone) in its path. Everyone in Bikini Bottom is terrified of it, with even Mr. Krabs declaring that no one would ever be foolish enough to go after one. The only one who doesn't fear the thing is Sandy, who is primarily motivated by Hubris and revenge (it ate her tail) and had never actually seen the worm with her own eyes before. When she finally does, she runs for her life.
  • In Star vs. the Forces of Evil, despite presumably having been dead for centuries, Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness is still a name that inspires terror on Mewni. It turns out their fears are justified, because a Meaningful Background Event in "Crystal Clear" shows her to be imprisoned in a crystal, meaning she's not dead after all...and the crystal she's frozen in is weakening.
    • As season 3 goes on, this ultimately turns out to be a subversion, because Eclipsa is shown to be a case of Not Evil, Just Misunderstood. Mewmans just saw her as The Dreaded because of their racism against monsters, and Eclipsa had abandoned the throne to elope with her monster lover. Their child, Meteora, was the rightful heir to the throne, but Mewni had her swapped with a peasant child and had all evidence of her existence covered up, because they would not accept a monster-human hybrid to rule their kingdom.
  • General Grievous in Star Wars: Clone Wars. His near-victory against five (albeit exhausted) Jedi established him as a fearsome enemy. Count Dooku actually taught Grievous to use fear as a weapon, telling him that without it he wouldn't stand a chance against the best of the Jedi. Unfortunately for him, the moment he faces a Jedi that isn't afraid of him (Mace Windu), he gets blindsided and crippled in one key move.
  • Steven Universe: Homeworld Gems in general, as seen when Peridot first showed up on Earth.
    • In "The Return", Jasper mentions someone called "Yellow Diamond" in a throwaway line. At this point we know nothing about her, but it's telling that both Peridot and Lapis Lazuli, who are apparently on her side, look scared just at the mention of her name.
      • The Great Diamond Authority in general is this: Yellow is feared by most of the Crystal Gems, while Garnet, who is usually The Stoic, is absolutely petrified of Blue Diamond and goes into a helpless panic at the very thought of her coming to Earth.
    • Ironically, Pearl of all gems was this to the Homeworld Gems back in the days of the War. She's described as a "terrifying renegade" and it shows when she effortlessly cuts down two warrior class gems in about as many seconds. This despite apparently being "someone's shiny toy" according to Peridot.
    • White Diamond pushes this trope Up to Eleven, as her reputation alone frightens everyone, including Blue and Yellow Diamond.
  • Elmyra from Tiny Toon Adventures due to her tendency to smother animals with love. The mere mention of her name is enough to send all animals and Montana Max fleeing in the other direction. Even Wakko Yakko and Dot are afraid of her.
  • Total Drama All-Stars has Mal, one of Mike's personalities whom all the other personalities (Chester, Svetlana, Vito and Manitoba Smith), and Duncan fear. In "Evil Dread", as his other personalities talk about him returning after years of absence, Svetlana is clearly terrified and Vito worries about how they can stop him. Chris, Chef, and Alejandro are mortified of him as well.
  • Transformers:
    • In The Transformers, natives of Cybertron are terrified of the Guardian Robots, titans who, as their name suggested, guarded large cities back before the Great War. In one episode, the Decepticons find an obviously dead one - its head is missing - and Rumble says that even the site of it gives him the creeps. This also applies to Omega Supreme, the last still functioning one; in another episode, Starscream trembles at the thought of making an attack against him.
    • Megatron is this in Transformers Animated. The Autobots regard him as a bogeyman who is reputed to eat protoforms - baby Transformers. The other Decepticons are viewed this way as well. The Autobot leaders are so afraid of them that Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime would rather deny the Decepticon presence on Earth than cause a panic among the populace.
    • Soundwave in Transformers: Prime is this to the other Decepticons due to his role as communications chief, which helps him keep down insurrections. It's why Starscream goes out of his way to stay on Soundwave's good side — he knows full well that he can't take command of the Decepticon forces on Earth without Soundwave's approval.
      • Don't let his slow moving nature and silence fool you, Soundwave is fully capable of beating insubornates within an inch of their lives. Airachnid learned this first hand.
      • The Autobots are scared of him, too. When he returns in Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Bumblebee is utterly shocked, and at the end of the episode, he basically says that his team winning against Soundwave was a miracle.
        Bumblebee: "Two humans, a Mini-Con, a Dinobot and an Academy Cadet against Soundwave and Laserbeak? You realize that had about a four percent chance of working?"
    • Shockwave is this in Transformers: Cyberverse unnerving Autobots and Decepticons alike due to his extreme Lack of Empathy. His moves to eliminate all organic life on Earth minutes after arriving on the planet just to make locating an artifact easier.
  • Most Gumm-Gumms from Trollhunters actually.
    • Gunmar the Black emerged from a corrupted Heartstone and terrorized so much of the world that it took whole armies just to barely do any damage, taking an exceptionally strong Trollhunter to banish him. Even the other Trollhunters in the void believe him to be unkillable.
    • Changelings are so feared and hated that word of it escaping to Trollmarket's public would have led to mass panic.
    • Bular is infamous for being Gunmar's son, and is considered a threat to all of Troll-kind.
    • Angor Rot was so powerful that it took all of Trollmarket to face him and his magic. Plus, he built a reputation for killing seasoned Trollhunters.
  • The Venture Bros. has a few:
  • Lord Dominator from Wander over Yonder quickly becomes this over the course of the second season, and for good reason. Her very first appearance in the show managed to terrify WANDER of all characters. Since then, she’s curb-stomped every villain in the galaxy and sent them into hiding, destroyed dozens of planets and caused countless planetary populations to flee the galaxy in terror. By the time she’s finally defeated, the galaxy had almost been stripped bare of life.


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