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    Anime and Manga 
"The year 1939 marked a profound change for humanity. Just how drastic was this transition? Simply put, mankind no longer had the luxury to engage in the act of killing each other."
Strike Witches semi-Canon "Witch in Africa" manga

Near, I have no intention of working with you. However, it wouldn't be right to just take my picture and leave. So, I'll settle my debt.
Mello, Death Note

    Comic Books 
We can get back to hating each other after we save the world from total time implosion. Okay?
Atomic Robo teaming up with Dr. Dinosaur

Paperinik: Incredible. I'm fighting alongside my worst enemy.
Gorthan: Cherish the moment... and watch your back.

Like I said before, Yards dislike the South Vietnamese... they dislike the Americans... but they hate the North Vietnamese...
Frank Castle, The Punisher Invades the Nam

Lex Luthor: Not a single word, Superman. We'll call this the Historic First Team-Up of the forces of "Good" and the forces of "Bad". And I'll take the credit for the win.
Superman: Whatever you say, Lex. Whatever you say.

Dalek Prime Strategist: You have done a great service for the Dalek Empire today, Doctor.
The Tenth Doctor: Oh, why do you have to say things like that? Just makes me regret the whole thing.
Dalek Prime Strategist: The Doctor and the Daleks finally stand together...and the Hond shall fall!

Faora Hu-Ul: Hear me, males! Kill him where he stands!
Kru-El: We're obeying Faora?
Dru-Zod: Destroying Superman must not be our first priority!

You've been betrayed. You're one of us now, Jedi, an unwanted outcast. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. We're all you've got now.
Gaan, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: The Order of Outcasts.

It is no use. I fight... But my powers are not nearly great enough! Superman, whatever part of you that can still think and resist... I call to you now! Aid me now, venerable foe— Or both of us shall surely perish!
Lord Satanis, Two for the Death of One

"I never dreamed that some day Luthor would ask my help against the underworld!"

"Any enemy of Darkseid is a friend of mine."

"To think, my own creation nearly destroyed me! And now, to stop it before it destroys all living matter throughout the galaxy— I must seek the aid of the man who was once my most dreaded foe!"

"We're actually going to listen to him? A mass-fucking murderer?"
"I don't care if he's Jeffrey Dahmer. It's a good plan."
"Christ, Andy-"
"You want to make it home to see Jean and Maeve today, or what?"
FBI agents following Frank's lead in making Molotov Cocktails to escape an ambush, The Punisher MAX: Six Hours To Kill

Skarabda the Hutt: You... You saved me.
Keeve Trennis: I need your cooperation, Skarabda. Not your death.
Skarabda: And you shall have it. The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend, but they will have my gratitude.

    Fan Works 
Asuka: Well then we should be friends. 'The enemy of my enemy' and all that.
Rei: 'And all that'? [...] You mean 'dies next'?
Asuka: No, the phrase goes 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.
Rei: I prefer Shinji's version.
Asuka: What have you been teaching her?
Shinji: I think it's a more valid interpretation in my opinion.

    Film — Animated 

Gandalf: [interrupts the armies mid-charge] Dread has come upon you all! An army of Goblins with claim to the treasure comes from the north! Behold! They ride upon wolves!
Thorin: Oh, great Elf-king! My truest friend and ally! We must join forces against this common scourge!
Thranduil: But... of course... O noble King under the Mountain. Your people are like brothers unto mine.
Bard: And my Men and all their weapons are as one with yours. Together, we shall vanquish the foul foe!
Bilbo: [to himself] Thorin is correct, I simply do not understand war.

    Film — Live-Action 

Lockdown: I warn you, Mr. Attinger of Earth, an alliance is a contract, and contracts, like humans, expire.
Harold Attinger: On this planet, we have a saying. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
Lockdown: I also have a saying. "I don't care."

Kirk: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Spock: An Arabic proverb attributed to a prince who was betrayed and decapitated by his own subjects.
Kirk: Well, it's still a hell of a quote.

"I don't care if you win. I need Kylo Ren to lose."
General Hux, The Rise of Skywalker

Thor: I wish I could trust you.
Loki: Trust my rage.


"A common enemy unites even the deepest of foes."

"Still, it's good to see true fighting Irishmen all on the same side at last."
IRA gunman, The Salvation War, to Northern Irish police after cooperating to kill a marauding baldrick

German Tanker: [My father] fought at Prokhorovka. With the Panzers, Heer, not SS.
Russian Tanker: My father also fought at Prokhorovka. And later. [long silence] Our fathers caused great destruction between them at Prokhorovka. Now we can join together and inflict the same on those who threaten us both.

"Once we're done with him, we can go back to our very personal ideological differences, without having to invite anyone else to play."
Admiral Teren Rogriss, Solo Command

Stephano: We have been enemies in the past, sir. God willing, we will be enemies in the future.
Sir Henry: But for now, we are reluctant allies.

"That was the great rivalry in my house; my father's mother supporting the girls because my mother supported and spoiled me. And yet, let a neighbor so much as hint that any of us were less than perfect, and lo! The ranks were closed, the armies assembled, and we faced the enemy as one!"
Kiron, Dragon Jousters

Tyrant of Helike: I despise you and everything you stand for from the bottom of my heart. Shall we work together?
Black Knight of Praes: That would be best.

Dr. Armstrong: I've heard these words before, in another mouth. They ended in tears last time around. Why should they end any differently this time round if we let you out of your box?
Fabian Everyman: Because you have no alternative. I won't fail you, Michael, if what you want is to protect this nation from the true threats that beset it. I've learned my lesson and I won't make the same mistakes twice, I assure you. Unlike the public-relations-obsessed opportunists running the show, I understand the coming storm better than anyone in politics — and once I move into Number 10, my top priority will be to attend to the parlous state of the nation's occult defenses. After all, there's not much point in my being PM if all I have to rule over is ashes, is there?
Dr. Armstrong: Promise me you will stick within the letter of the law, and I'll see what I can do.

"Alethi bloodlust has cost me many loved ones over the years, but I'd be a fool not to admit the value in pointing it—like the proverbial sword's blade—at someone else."
The Mink, Rhythm of War (fourth book of The Stormlight Archive)

Captain Thorton: "Make yourself easy, sir. I am in the execution of my orders. And as you say you are a friend to King George, you will be glad to learn that it is impossible that this gang of ruffians, whose license has disturbed the country so long, can escape the measures now taken to suppress them. The horse squadron of militia, commanded by Major Galbraith, is already joined by two or more troops of cavalry, which will occupy all the lower passes of this wild country; three hundred Highlanders, under the two gentlemen you saw at the inn, are in possession of the upper part, and various strong parties from the garrison are securing the hills and glens in different directions. Our last accounts of Rob Roy correspond with what this fellow has confessed, that, finding himself surrounded on all sides, he had dismissed the greater part of his followers, with the purpose either of lying concealed, or of making his escape through his superior knowledge of the passes.
Bailie Jarvie: "I dinna ken; there's mair brandy than brains in Garschattachin's head this morning—- And I wadna, an I were you, Captain, rest my main dependence on the Hielandmen—- hawks winna pike out hawks' een. They may quarrel among themsells, and gie ilk ither ill names, and maybe a slash wi' a claymore; but they are sure to join in the lang run, against a' civilised folk, that wear breeks on their hinder ends, and hae purses in their pouches."

    Live-Action TV 

"You set me up. Not that I care. I don't care... about much. War. Death. Wormholes. I don't care about the things you care about. Peacekeepers rule the Scarrans, Scarrans rule the Peacekeepers, let them rule together, put your ass in a cage. I care... about one thing. One. God have mercy on my soul. I think I'm going to need your help, Mr. Scarran half-breed, to get Aeryn back. Help me get her and I will give you wormholes."
John Crichton to Scorpius, Farscape ("A Constellation Of Doubt")

Falconer: On some level, you know we're on the same side. The enemy of my enemy—
Kovacs: Is just one more person who might knife me in my sleep.
Altered Carbon, "Nora Inu"

Angel: The enemy of my enemy—
Lilah: Can kiss my ass too.
Angel, "Apocalypse Nowish"

Angel: Let's say we come up rolling sevens and this does go our way. We tear up this firm, someone's going to have to step in — And I know that's what you want. And I'm a lot more comfortable with the thought of you in that position than anyone else.
Lindsey: The devil you know?
Angel: That'd be you.
Lindsey: And what if you roll snake eyes?
Angel: You'll talk your way out of it; tell 'em I forced you to help me. Tell 'em I made my "scary face."
Angel, "Not Fade Away"

"If you can save her, I'll do anything you want to help. Your war is now my war."
Alfred Bester, Babylon 5

"I know you despise me. And I know how badly you want to see me dead. But I'm willing to bet that I know a man whom you hate even more. I’m offering you an opportunity for revenge."
Walter White, Breaking Bad

"To be a spy you need physical fitness, a facility with languages, a tolerance for exotic food and the bugs that come with them. But ultimately there's no greater qualification than the ability to look someone who ruined your life in the eye and say 'Let's work together.'"
Michael Westen, Burn Notice

"Sometimes, you've got to work with the bad guy to get to the worse guys."
Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Sam: Look, Dean, this whole "enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing feels kind of like a demon deal.
Dean: It's not a deal. It's—
Sam: It's what?
Dean: Mutually assured destruction. Look, man, I get it. She's not our friend. We don't even have friends. All our friends are dead.
Supernatural, "The Born-Again Identity"

Vila: He said we should pool our resources, and I still say he may have a point.
Avon: You turn your back on him, you might find it between your shoulder blades.
Blake's 7, "Hostage"

Jim Cutler: I want to make it clear, unless this works, I'm against it.
Roger Sterling: I was just saying the same thing.
Mad Men, "For Immediate Release"

"Now, I don't care if we trust each other or not. I don't want to be blood brothers. That stuff is for kids in tree houses. But you and me, we want the same thing right now. So work with me."
Daniel Lieberman, The Punisher (2017), "Kandahar"

Pike: Cavalry arrived just in time. See you brought some new friends.
L'Rell: Not the term I would use, Captain. However, the Klingon Empire will always fight to preserve our future.
Pike: Works for me.
Star Trek: Discovery, "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2"

"Well Pennyroyal, we all have to step outside our comfort zones—grow, expand, do things we normally never fathom doing—which is why I'm proposing a little supervillain/superspy team-up. I already have a brilliantly terrifying plan. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but I think the portions are big enough for us to split."
Alice, Batwoman (2019), "Prior Criminal History"

Carter: Look, if we can do this... and somehow hit the Replicators all at the same time we think it will work, but we need your help.
Baal: You want me to reprogram a Stargate to dial every gate in the galaxy simultaneously?
Carter: I know you used the gate's automatic update program to disseminate a dialing virus to the entire gate network.
Baal: With a virus you initially planted in my Stargate.
Carter: ...No one's trying to deny that we're mortal enemies here. Can you do it or not?
Baal: I cannot believe I am even considering cooperating with a female of the Tauri... and a Tok'ra.
Selmak: This was not my idea, believe me.
Stargate SG-1, "Reckoning, Part 2"


Enemies leaving the past!
Joining together at last!

Mario: Luigi! There's-a only a few more hours until Christmas!
Luigi: Oh, mama-mia... what are we gonna do, Mario?! We're just-a two guys from Brooklyn! There's no way we can deliver all of these presents to all the good little paisanos in one night-
Bowser: BWA HA HA HA!! Oh boy, you pesky plumbers sure are in a pickle, huh?
Mario Bros.: Bowser?!
Bowser: Easy, now! I'm not here to do any kidnapping this time. Christmas spirit, and all that! ...Speaking a' which, looks like you two could use some help!
Mario: W-wait, what?
Bowser: And it just so happens that I know a guy with the fastest-mobilizing army in all the Mushroom World!
Luigi: And who's-a that?
Mario: Luigi, I think he means-
Bowser: That's right, Green Stache! It's ME! BWAHAHAHA! Consider it my gift to you!
Mario: So wait-a, does this-a mean that you're-a gonna help us?
Bowser: Bah, what, are your ears filled with Bolognese or something?! I don't sit here flappin' my gums for a hobby, you know! I've got a kid who's been real good this year, so lemme tell ya straight: You wrap 'em up, I'll ship 'em out. Got it?
Mario: Well... okie-dokie! Let's-a-go!
I’d never heard the words
Enemies for centuries,
Until there was a third
In the ping-pong match of constant desire
I was never gonna get ahead
'Cause I was looking in the mirror
Now we've got that sympathy
What I'm to you,
You are to me,
Let's go
Vampire Weekend, "Sympathy"

    Tabletop Games 

"My enemy's enemy is a problem for later. In the meantime, they might be useful."

"Let the vampires join us. In this war, we no longer have the luxury of choosing our comrades."
General Tazri, Magic: The Gathering

"At his core, Dexter King is a thoroughly unpleasant human being. He is bitter, hateful, possessed of attitudes towards race and gender that can only be described as horrifying, and generally as spiteful a frustrated autocrat as one can imagine. Furthermore, he was this way before his lungs started to go, and in all probability, most Garou would gladly take the opportunity to rid the planet of such a blot on its escutcheon. But faced with the choice of Dexter or Jeremy, Garou seeking to take King down might find themselves forced to make a most unlikely and unpalatable alliance with the terrible old man of King Breweries."
Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex

You now shelter with the Tzimisce, who are more than happy to help you continue your studies, particularly with regard to the body. You're not entirely comfortable with their outlook on existence, but it's better than facing the pyre. Still, there are nights when you stuff wool in your ears before you sleep, trying to block out the sounds coming from the cellar.

We stand united with these sorcerers in our mutual contempt for the Tremere. We have long-standing alliances with certain orders of wizards — alliances still maintained, albeit clandestinely. Such alliances have proved most auspicious for our clan, for mages possess powers as formidable as they are subtle. The order known as "Progenitors" is a particularly intriguing body; we could learn much from it.
...Not that any of these things will stop us from draining them to desiccated husks and liquefying their bones into pus once their usefulness has ended. Still, one must give credit where credit is due...
Vampire: The Masquerade — Clanbook: Tzimisce

    Video Games 

Lash: Tee hee hee! I'm going to break everything!
Sonja: I don't understand why we work so well together...

"Emperor forgive us for making common cause with fiends such as these!"
Space Marine upon passing Chaos allies, Dawn of War II: Retribution

"Look where we stand. I saved you in this dismal little cave because I sensed you could end Lilith. And it's all I want. I won't lie. There will come a time when we are enemies. But like it or not, right now we need each other to defeat her."
The Bloodied Wolf/Mephisto, Diablo IV

"We're fated to meet in battle. But it doesn't have to be today. Let's sheathe our swords in pursuit of a shared goal."

"Fate has us meet as foes, but this ring will make us brothers."
The Gravemind, Halo 2

"Listen! You don't like me and I sure as hell don't like you. But if we don't do something, Mr. Mohawk's gonna activate this ring and we're all gonna die."
Sergeant Johnson, Halo 2

"Do not shoot, but listen! Only you can halt what he has set in motion. Let me guide you safely to our foe."
The Gravemind, Halo 3

"My people have a saying: Seek the enemy of your enemy, and you will find a friend."
Urdnot Wrex, Mass Effect

Legion: We are allied with Shepard. We will fight the geth units in this area.
Kal'Reegar: You know, ordinarily that wouldn't fly with me, but I can't afford to be picky right now.

Noles: Do you want me to arrest [Balak]?
Shepard: I want you to put a bullet in his head... but we're all making some sacrifices today.

"Look, we both said a lot of things that you're going to regret, but I think we can put our differences behind us. For Science!. You Monster!."
GLaDOS, Portal 2

"Clank's right. For the sake of our own survival (and for drama), we must set aside our petty squabbles and act together as a single unit!"

John Marston: My side wasn't chosen, my side was given. I'd kill you a hundred times before I killed Dutch, if that were an option.
Agent Edgar Ross: Hallelujah! I think we are finally reaching an understanding, Mr. Marston.

"Just for tonight, just for kicks, let's do what we do best. The skills we usually sharpen on each other's skulls, let's use them on a common foe instead. Imagine! Imagine the look on the evil eight-headed farmer's faces when he sees the dog, the cat and the rat all coming down on him, packing heat and purpose! (Evil Laugh) Priceless! We can get back to playing chin music on each other tomorrow — promise!"
Daimon Kiyota, The Secret World

Price: Makarov, this is Price. Shepherd's a war hero now. He's got your operations playbook and he's got a blank check. Give me what you got on Shepherd, and I'll take care of the rest. ...I know you can hear me on this channel, Makarov. You and I both know you won't last a week.
Makarov: And neither will you.
Price: Makarov... you ever hear the old saying... the enemy of my enemy is my friend?
Makarov: Price, one day you're going to find that cuts both ways. Shepherd is using Site Hotel Bravo. You know where it is. I'll see you in hell.
Price: Looking forward to it. Give my regards to Zakhaev if you get there first.

"Am I happy he's alive? Not in the slightest. Am I happy he's hunting Ascians? Aye. I'd have to say I am."
Raubahn regarding Gaius, Final Fantasy XIV

"In light of our mutually-assured destruction, I believe a truce is in order."
Neera Li, Freedom Planet 2

Dr. Eggman: I don't like working with my most hated enemies any more than you do.
Sonic: Well, teaming up with you feels like the end of the world, Eggman!

Eddy Raja: Drake, if we don't make it out of here, I just want you to know... I hate your guts!
Nathan Drake: Yeah, likewise pal. Now let's do this!

Oberon: Senji Muramasa, was it? It sounds like you want to take out Queen Morgan as much as we do. How about we team up, just until we defeat her? Yesterday's enemy is today's friend and all that. Besides, don't you think it would be better for us to put all our wood behind one arrow, so to speak?
Senji Muramasa: ...Good point. I doubt I'll be gettin' any other help out here. Sounds like a pretty good suggestion to me.
Da Vinci: ...Hmm. What do you think, Master? I know Senji Muramasa's one of the Foreign God's Disciples, but he's also always been relatively reasonable.

Bowser: All this power AND looks too! I know! You're thinking... "A big, strong guy like him would be great to have along!" right? I'm gonna do something I may regret later... I'll let you join my minions. You can thank me later...
Mario and his friends have joined Bowser's Minions! (Or so they're pretending.) Bowser joins the group!
Super Mario RPG Remake

    Web Comics 

Penny: I always felt like I had this little safety zone, because a lot of the things I cared about... I didn't really care about. I don't really need the perfect shoes, it's just fun to pretend I do. And I could look at her and not really care. So she fools peons into thinking she's hot, so what? Who'll care in a few years? We're all going to college and startups. Except... so is she. She'll go far in this world. And she'll get whatever she wants... by making dozens, hundreds, of people feel feel like you do now. And we gave her that power. So it'll be our fault. Unless... [offers her hand] Ready to save the world, you post-ironic post-yuppie?
Aggie: Since seventh grade. What took you so long?
Penny and Aggie, "The Popsicle War"

"I find that when you intend to betray someone powerful, it's best not to be his only enemy."

"I don't want Sam on my side. However, I don't want Sam on the other side even more."
Sawtooth Rivergrinder, Freefall.

"Consider yourself lucky. I'm only going easy on you because I hate that bitch [Baek Yeonwha] more than I hate you."
Lee Songyi after helping Sohwa hide from Yeonhwa, White Angels Have No Wings

Dean Harris: Sebastien has some information that may benefit your research.
McNinja: Sebastien hates my research.
Sebastien: Yes, but there's there's something I hate even more.

    Web Original 

Vegeta: Every fiber of my being wants to puke at once when I say this, but I need your heh...I need your helll-
Gohan: You need our help?
Vegeta: That, yes.

"You see? The moral here really is, you can keep fighting till somebody you both hate comes along, then you can work together to fight that person."
Jon, Game Grumps

"Let's celebrate what unites us all: — xenophobia."

Ky: Sol! I will never agree with your brutish methods. logic calls for it, we shall assist you!
Sol: ...
Ky: ...
Sol: Agh, for Christ's sake, I was actually kinda hoping that you'd fight me instead. In case you haven't realized, I don't like working with you.
Ky: Get used to it. We're leaving at once.
Sol: Heh, after you.

"Oh man, cooperation amongst enemies! I swear we'd be like in a Saturday night Christmas Special or something."

Grif: So now we're forced to work together. How ironic.
Simmons: No, that's not ironic. Ironic would be if we had to work together to hurt each other.
Donut: No, ironic would be instead of that guy kidnapping Lopez, Lopez kidnapped him.
Sarge: I think it would be ironic if our guns didn't shoot bullets, but instead squirted a healing salve that cured all wounds.
Caboose: I think it would be ironic if everyone was Made of Iron.
Church: Okay. (slowly) We're all agreed that while the current situation is not totally ironic, the fact that we have to work together is odd in an unexpected way that defies our normal circumstances. Is everybody happy with that?

ryan218: Agreed. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.'
starswordc: Wrong. The enemy of my enemy might be a potential ally, but when enemy #1 is already known for certain from multiple encounters to be composed entirely of omnicidal maniacs who have never once claimed to be otherwise, I'd at least give serious thought to taking a look at whether joining up with enemy #2 might be more useful. Especially when your standing orders preclude going with enemy #1. If we're going with cliches, in this case "the devil you know" is Satan himself.
Exchange on the Star Trek Online forums regarding Capt. Janeway's actions in Star Trek: Voyager: "Scorpion"

"If we didn't hate the same people, we would have a friendship based on nothing."

Bad: If you wanted to stop us, you should've brought more than just yourself. You should have brought an army with you.
Quackity: Guess what Bad, I did! I did. In fact, I brought the next best thing.
Technoblade joined the game
Quackity: I brought my biggest enemy! Hahaha, I literally brought my biggest enemy, Bad!
Technoblade: Listen. Listen, Bad, I didn't wanna work with this guy either, but this Egg, this Egg, it's going too far. It's warpin' people's minds, it's controllin' them, it has no plans on stoppin', until it controls the entire worl– I swear to God, if this dog keeps dying on this magma block– it has no plans on stoppin', and this Egg stands for everything... it's the epitome of everything I stand against as an anarchist! And if I don't stop it now, it'll be the end of the world. So yeah, I'm workin' with Quackity!
— The Red Banquet on the Dream SMP

Marik: So we are agreed, The Pharoh is our common enemy and the enemy of my friend is also my enemy.
Yami Bakura: That's not how it goes.

    Western Animation 

Joker: We'll make the bestest team ever! Joker and Batman!
Batman: [glares silently]
Joker: ...Fine, "Batman and Joker." Take top billing. But why is it always me compromising for the sake of the act?
Batman: The Brave and the Bold, "Game Over For Owlman"

"It just goes to show that even the worst of enemies, can sometimes work together for a worthy cause. (beat) Let's hope it's only once..."
Jade, Bratz ("Pet Show")

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend... for now."
Skulker, Danny Phantom

Flintheart Glomgold: That cocky Mark Beaks might be the only man I hate as much as you!
Scrooge McDuck: I know the feeling.
DuckTales (2017), "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!"

Jaws: I'm gonna eat your boat, and then you guys!
Big Jaws: RGAHHH!
Jaws: What's that!?
Fisherman: It's Bigger Jaws!
Jaws: Oh my God, now we have a common enemy. We have to work together.

Sylvia: You guys saved my life?!
Commander Peepers: Don't get used to it! This is a one-time, stop the badder bad guy things!
Wander over Yonder, "The End of the Galaxy"

Dib: Just this once, we work together! Mortal enemies working together for the common good!
Zim: Be quiet!
Invader Zim, "Bolognius Maximus"

Giganta: If you think you're locking us up while the whole world is under attack, you got two fights on your hands.
[Justice League and Legion of Doom trade Death Glares]
Batman: ...She's right. We'll need all the bodies we can throw at this.
Superman: Oh, come on! It's Lex-Flippin-Luthor! Why should we trust him?
Atomic Skull: Hey, it's our world too!
Lex Luthor: Let's be clear about this: we're not here to help you save the world, you're here to help me get revenge on Darkseid. When this is over, it's back at business as usual.
Superman: ...Wouldn't have it any other way.
Justice League, "Destroyer"

Mr. Dr. Possible: Sometimes, it takes something like this to bring hero and villain together to work for the common good.
Ron: This happened to you before?
Mr. Dr. Possible: No! Heavens no. But, in college, I wrote a Captain Constellation fanfic with a very similar scenario.

"We may have been enemies once, but for now, our interests align."
Zaheer to Korra, The Legend of Korra

"Sometimes when a threat is great enough... you have to turn to your enemies for help."
Randy Marsh, South Park, "It's A Jersey Thing"

"Though Mister Sinister may seem an odd ally, the pragmatism of "the enemy of your enemy is your friend" seems to apply."

Scorpia: For the Horde!
Sea Hawk: I don't share that sentiment, but I’M ALSO HERE!

"Optimus, our past alliances, Autobot, Decepticon, no longer matter! Not while Unicron lives."
Megatron, Transformers: Prime

Asajj Ventress: It looks like I'm here to rescue you.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: When did you become the good guy?
Asajj Ventress: Don't insult me.

Luz: Seems like neither of us want [Kikimora] to win right now. Soooo, let's work together to take back those Palismen!
The Golden Guard: Then what? You think I'll just let you walk away with 'em?
Luz: Maybe you won't have a choice! I'm more formidable than you think. (twirls the Guard's staff, smacks herself in the face, nearly drops it off the edge of the roof)
The Golden Guard: I doubt that. But... Fine. A truce till then.
Luz: Truce! (holds out her hand for a handshake)
The Golden Guard: (sighs; tries to take her hand)
Luz: (runs her hand through her hair) Too slow! Hehehe!
The Golden Guard: (groans) Let's get this over with...
The Owl House, "Hunting Palismen"

Raphael: Fighting side by side with the Foot? Now you know this has got to be wrong.
Foot Elite: Once the robot is defeated, we will destroy you all!
Donatello: [grunts] Now that's the Foot we know and loathe!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), "City at War, Part Two"

    Real Life 

"A common danger unites even the bitterest enemies."

"War makes strange bedfellows."

"If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference to The Devil in the House of Commons."
Winston Churchill, following Hitler's invasion of Russianote 

"I never liked Kennedy. I hate his father. Kennedy wasn't so great a Senator... However, that no-good son-of-a-bitch Dick Nixon called me a Communist and I'll do anything to beat him."
Harry Truman on endorsing Kennedy for President, 1960

"A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have."

"The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy."

"But can they coexist?"
WWE every time a tag team of two rivals is formed, at least according to the memes