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  • Davidge never let on that Mickey Mouse wasn't really a "great Earthman teacher," meaning he has to fight hard to stifle his laughter when Jerry tries to insult his faith by calling Mickey "one big, stupid DOPE!!"
  • "Jerry, ol' buddy, where would you be without me?" "Back home."
  • The entire space burial scene. A corpse wrapped in a shroud is airlocked, followed almost immediately by a wreath. Solemn organ music plays as a priest's voice is heard. Then we see inside where it's taking place, and it turns out to be all an audio recording being played at a funeral station operated by a couple of young geeks. And then there's how they talk as they dispose of each corpse.
    Audio recording: We entrust our brother to God's merciful keeping, and we commit his body to space, from ashes to ashes, from dust to dust...
    [the audio starts skipping]
    Funeral Tech 1: JESUS CHRIST! Didn't they just fix that thing? Oh, shit!
    Funeral Tech 2: Who's listening, anyway? Next!
    [the blond inserts the next corpse's tag to be read by the funeral computer]
    Funeral Tech 1: "Gavorki, George W., agnostic."
    Funeral Tech 2: No music.
    [the blond slides Gavorki's corpse onto the trapdoor, which the man at the panel opens and then closes before sending a wreath after him]
    Funeral Tech 1: So long.
    Funeral Tech 2: Next!
    [the blond tries to find a tag on the next corpse to no avail]
    Funeral Tech 1: Where's the damn tag on this one? Those jerks in prep are really getting sloppy...
    Funeral Tech 2: So have a look inside.
    [the blond opens the shroud to reveal Davidge]
    Funeral Tech 1: Look at this poor freak...!
    Funeral Tech 2: At least he's in one piece. Some guys have all the luck...
    [the blond looks around but still doesn't see a tag]
    Funeral Tech 1: Nope, no tag.
    [the blond slides Davidge onto the trapdoor]
    Funeral Tech 2: We'll give him a "John Doe, Protestant".
    [the man at the panel prepares to open the trapdoor and send Davidge out the airlock when the blond notices something around his neck]
    Funeral Tech 1: Hold it!
    Funeral Tech 2: What?
    [the blond indicates the object around Davidge's neck]
    Funeral Tech 2: Go ahead, take it.
    [the blond tries to force it off of Davidge's neck, and it turns out to be the Drac dictionary Jerry had given him; Davidge soon regains consciousness and reflexively grabs the blond by the throat, who looks every bit as though he's in the process of voiding his bowels]

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