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Tear Jerker / Enemy Mine

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"Don't die on me, Jerry!"

  • The death of Davidge's co-pilot Joey Wooster in the opening. You don't even need to look closely to see that the poor guy is shedding tears as he says his last words, because he already knows full well he's not going to make it:
    "Will... when you see Mercheson, just don't call her 'the white balloon' anymore; it hurts her feelings. And don't let the guys call her that... Will? I'm really tired..."
  • The last 15 minutes of the film is sure to evoke tears, especially when Davidge finds Zammis, and when Davidge's name is included in the family roll call as "Uncle".
    • Sadly the scene where Davidge stands and recites Jeriba's entire family line is cut shorter than in the novella, where it really packs a wallop, but still wets the eyes.
  • Jerry's Death by Childbirth halfway through the film (pictured), with Davidge having to quickly bury him and say his goodbyes to tend to newborn Zammis. You can tell in his voice that he's Trying Not to Cry.
    "Well, Jerry, what am I supposed to do now? You taught me all about the Talmaan, and about the Jeriba line... But you didn't say nothing about taking care of baby Dracs! So long, Jerry!"
  • "I wish I was not a Drac!"
  • Zammis witnessing for itself the Scavengers' cruelty and shedding a Single Tear.