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Awesome / Enemy Mine

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  • Jerry singing Drac philosophy into a Fyrene sunset, in a soft croon — with Davidge listening, and trying to see things through Drac eyes. Sadly the moment is interrupted by yet another of the planet's deadly meteorite storms.
    • With an added dash of Heartwarming; Davidge has tears in his eyes as he listens to Jerry. He may not understand the words (yet), but he understands all the same.
  • The passing of Shizumaat's book of wisdom from Jerry to Davidge.
  • "Of course we know your Zammis. You are Uncle."
  • The Drac slaves turning against the Scavengers.
  • And of course, the recitation of Zammis' lineage, in flawless Drac, by Davidge on the Drac homeworld (pictured).

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