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Awesome / Enemy Mine

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  • Jerry singing Drac philosophy into a Fyrene sunset, in a soft croon — with Davidge listening, and trying to see things through Drac eyes. Sadly the moment is interrupted by yet another of the planet's deadly meteorite storms.
    • With an added dash of Heartwarming; Davidge has tears in his eyes as he listens to Jerry. He may not understand the words (yet), but he understands all the same.
  • The passing of Shizumaat's book of wisdom from Jerry to Davidge.
  • "Ah... You are Uncle! Of course we know your Zammis."
  • The Drac slaves turning against the Scavengers. By the time the rescue team arrives, the elder Drac greets them outside the scavvers' mining vessel with a shotgun, suggesting he and the others fought their way out.
    • And who comes in to save Davidge and Zammis from certain death? The elder Drac, who blasts Stubbs in the back with that same shotgun and sends the bastard tumbling into a bin filled with molten alloy, burning him into a puddle of slag within seconds.
  • And of course, the recitation of Zammis' lineage, in flawless Drac, by Davidge on the Drac homeworld (pictured).