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The Tribes


  • Breakout Character: Despite being one of the worst tribes ever, the three members who made it to the merge became very popular and returned for Cambodia.
  • The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes: The Premiere made it questionable that they were a brains tribe.
  • Ditzy Genius: After just one (double) episode, we've got at least half the tribe demonstrating that intelligence does not necessarily include common sense.
  • Epic Fail: You know you're on a terrible tribe when you lose to someone who was trying to lose. Jeff's reaction at Tribal Council says it best.
  • The Load: Half the tribe barely pulls their weight in challenges. It comes down to Spencer pulling the entire tribe's weight and barely escaped being eliminated.
  • Location Theme Naming: Takes its name from the largest and most populous island group in the Philippines, where both Palaui Island (the shooting location) and Cagayan (its administering province), as well as Manila (capital of the Philippines), are located.
  • Punny Name: One of the worst tribes ever being named "Lose On".
  • The Smart Guy: As the "Brains" tribe, Luzon's starting lineup is composed of six intellectually-oriented players, however, their actions on the show says otherwise.

  • The Big Guy: Became this after a shuffle of the tribes puts five members of Aparri on it and two capable members from Solana.
  • Dwindling Party: After Sarah's elimination, all 4 original Solana members remaining were voted out back-to-back-to-back-to-back.
  • Location Theme Naming: Takes its name from a major town near Tuguegarao City, capital of Cagayan.
  • Mr. Fanservice: As the the "Beauty" tribe, Solana's starting lineup is composed of six attractive and sociable players.
  • Oh, Crap!: At the first tribal council of the merge when Jefra's name pops up.

The Sole Survivor

    Tony Vlachos
Tribe: Aparri (Brawns), Solana
Age: 39
From: Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Accidental Misnaming: Calls Jeremiah Jeremy during one of the tribal councils
  • Affably Evil: Funny guy, but when he gets paranoid, watch out.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Tony is a fan of Survivor.
  • Ascended Meme: His "Spy Shack" he built in Episode 1 got a lot of following on twitter, and was even acknowledged by Probst himself. Continued on Episode 9 when he built a second "Spy Shack."
  • Badass Armfold: One of his signatures.
  • Badass in Charge: Tony ran the game the whole season.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Tony beat Woo by a 8-1 vote.
  • Bad Liar: When Sarah asked him if he was a cop, his denial wasn't exactly convincing.
    • Even better during the Episode 8 Tribal Council, when he told Jeff he was a construction worker, days after he revealed to Solana that he was a cop! Sarah's reaction is priceless.
    • Though to be fair, he subverts this by getting away with several successful lies as the season goes on.
  • Bald of Awesome: Tony found three idols (including the super idol).
  • Bald of Evil: Has the least amount of hair of all the men.
  • Big Bad: Of the season in general.
  • Big Eater: He appears to be this in real life. His stomach was hurting watching Woo, Kass, Trish and Jefra. Tony really shows this while enjoying the final 5 reward challenge.
  • Breakout Character: Tony was obviously the stand out character of the season.
  • The Brute: Tony comes off as physically intimidating.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Tony is very brash and cocky.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: It is obvious that Tony was the villain from the start.
  • The Chessmaster: Tony is very manipulative and cunning.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Backstabs Cliff, Sarah, LJ, Jefra and Trish over the course of the season. LJ and Trish is particularly jarring as the former had no plans on betraying him and he was the one arranged the LJ boot just to vote him out. The Latter was his close ally since the early stages of the game.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Tony is very expressive.
  • Genius Bruiser: A sharp strategist, but also very strong.
  • Hero Killer: He was responsible for the elimination of many of the season's most likable players.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Tony was the main antagonist of the season, but ultimately for all of his backstabbing and boasting, he proved to be a pretty likable and humble guy.
  • Keet: A rare villainous example.
  • Laughably Evil
  • Large and in Charge
  • Large Ham: See Evil Is Hammy.
  • The Leader: Of the new Solana tribe.
  • Malaproper: On Jeremiah's boot episode, he accidentally called Jeremiah "Jeremy," prompting Morgan (in the Jury) to say, "Who's Jeremy?"
  • Manipulative Bastard: He was able to get Sarah against their tribemates by using their both being cops as a source of trust. He managed to lose Sarah's trust completely when he openly shouted final five when Solana won immunity in Episode 6, which gave Sarah vibes that she wasn't included in his alliance plans. He was also able to string a web of lies in order to blindside the second biggest threat, LJ, by claiming that LJ was trying to blindside Woo. After the final immunity challenge, Tony was able to convince Woo to keep him over Kass.
  • Nothing Personal: Does this in general when voting.
  • Playing Both Sides: Accused by Kass for doing this.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: It's that spy shack of his, among other humorous moments.
  • Sanity Slippage: He easily became more and more paranoid as the season went on, alternating between eliminating members of his own alliance and members of the opposing alliance.
  • Smug Smiler
  • Sole Survivor: Tony was the winner of the season.
  • The Starscream: To Cliff, ultimately.
  • The Strategist: The primary one this season.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: A short but heavy built man in his late thirties with an unusual accent, who found many hidden immunity idols, was quick to vote out allies for being threatening or not being loyal, and did not excel in physical challenges. Are we talking about Tony or Russell Hantz? Their stories post-merge are similar in that they both went in with minority alliances, their female partners made the initial moves to save the alliances, and from there they aggressively pursued paths to the finals with many immunity idols. The similarities go right up to the Final 5, where their 4-person alliances had to turn on their own when their targets win immunity. However, whereas Russell eliminated Jaison, Tony took out the biggest social threat in Trish, which contributed to his victory.
  • Tattooed Crook: Has a few tattoos on his body.
  • Team Dad: For the new Solana tribe.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Of the Brawns tribe and the new Solana tribe.
  • Too Clever by Half: He knows the game and was proactive in trying to stay on top of what's happening, but his moves to ensure his dominance ended up alienating the other players. His alliance might have fallen apart if he hadn't had Trish.
  • Villain Protagonist
  • Worthy Opponent: He was regarded as a strong player and well respected by almost everyone, but especially Spencer. It's particularly clear in Spencer's jury speech that he was hugely impressed by Tony's gameplay.


The Runner-Up

    Yung "Woo" Hwang
Tribe: Aparri (Brawns), Solana
Age: 29
From: Newport Beach, California

Martial Arts Instructor and a player for Aparri.

Woo was chosen by public vote for the Second Chance season, Survivor: Cambodia

  • Adorkable: Just like Spencer, he's a big fan of Survivor. Also, his ninja stealth skills. He also likes video games according to a confession of his.
  • Amusing Injuries: In Episode 9, his attempt to shake papayas out of a tree caused him to fall out of the tree and square on his butt.
  • Ascended Fanboy: He reveals that he was a fan of Cliff as a basketball player. Now he's playing the game with him.
  • Keet: As seen in the episode 2 preview, he's still energetic despite bad weather. When we see the actual episode, he's smiling the whole time. Really, this guy can keep a smile in even the toughest of situations.
  • Friend to All Children: And how! He even puts on a martial arts display for the kids during the "Philippines Kids" reward.
  • Genre Blind: Woo didn't know how the tiebreaker at the final four worked. Similarly, he takes Tony rather than Kass, who betrayed a team of six, flipped off Trish, and did the latter in front of the Jury.
    • He believed the jury would respect him choosing to bring the Worthy Opponent Tony to the Finals instead of Kass, which would have been a slam dunk victory.
  • Graceful Loser
  • Honor Before Reason: Actually attempted to win the Episode 3 Immunity Challenge rather than trying to throw it, making him the only one in on the plan who did. Also, after winning the final immunity challenge, Woo picks Tony over the unpopular Kass (granted, Tony isn't popular but he's viewed as playing a stronger game) which ended up costing him a near-unanimous vote from the jury and the million dollars.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Cliff.
  • The Lancer: To Cliff, though he briefly considered turning on Cliff to say in the majority.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Easily one of the best looking guys of the season.
  • Nice Guy: One of the nicest ever.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Woo.
  • The Quisling: Was willing to become this to Cliff and later Tony.
  • Shout-Out: When following Spencer in Episode 7, he compared himself to Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: If he had voted out Tony instead of Kass, Tony wouldn't have been brought back for Survivor Winners At War and won.
  • Stepford Smiler: Type A at the finale, Woo is visibly crushed that he lost and yet he keeps on smiling.
  • Surfer Dude: Kind of talks like this.
  • Those Two Guys: With Cliff and later Tony.

The Jury

    Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen
Tribe: Luzon (Brains), Aparri
Age: 41
From: Tehachapi, Calif.

Kass was chosen by public vote to return for the Second Chance season, Cambodia.

  • Amoral Attorney: She claimed that she was more ruthless than 95% of America and it showed.
  • Badass Bookworm: Kass was a strong threat in the game especially on a strategic level.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: While Kass was definitely one of the primary villains of the season, in comparison to Tony she's this.
  • Breakout Character: Kass was voted the best new villain and was chosen by public vote to be on Cambodia
  • Brutal Honesty: When asked by J'Tia about who to vote out, Kass told her she was going to vote her out due to being Bossy and Lazy.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: As of Tasha's elimination, Kass has betrayed Spencer three times.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She has a very dry sense of humor and is definitely the best example of the season.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Kass managed to defeat Spencer at the final four immunity challenge.
  • Double Standard: During the loved ones visit, Kass claims that men that played like she did, they would be viewed as strategic. When she or other women does it, they're viewed as a bitch.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Kass' first confessional basically sums up her character.
    I am an attorney and my track record is undefeated. They're thinking - 'Aw, how cute, there's the mom.' They don't know I'm probably more cunning and ruthless then 95% of the population.
  • Hero Killer
  • Hypocrite: In one episode, tells Tony it's too soon to turn his back on six players - Coming from Kass, who tossed away one of the easiest numbers advantages at the merge in seasons all because she didn't like Sarah, it's amazing Tony kept a straight face. She is also visibly mad with Tony when he flips and votes out Jefra. She proclaims that she doesn't vote people out because of emotions, guess what she does when Sarah and Morgan are "mean." She also got mad at Tony for unnecessarily betraying people... and votes out Trish rather than Woo, who is a very easy person to win.
  • Idiot Ball: Flips Trish off right in front of the jury, the one who decide whether or not she wins.
  • Irony: Kass goes out identical in the way Spencer before her.
  • It's All About Me: Kass always looks out for herself.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: She realized when Spencer called her the biggest goat in the show's history that had Woo not voted her out, she would have been demolished in a jury vote. It's only rubbed in further where even after nine months to cool off, Woo would have beaten her by at least seven votes.
  • Not Good with People: She managed to piss off an astounding number of people throughout the season.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Kass.
  • The Quisling: To the new Aparri.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves
  • The Rival: To Spencer.
  • The Scapegoat: Called herself this and think of it as a compliment because she screwed five jurors over. Viewed as one of the biggest goats in the history of the show.
  • Shout-Out: Compares Trish to Skeletor when describing the latter's rant against her.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: To Sarah after the merge. Would make with one just about everyone in the final five
  • Small Name, Big Ego
  • Smug Snake: Acts like this to Tasha, and especially Spencer and Trish, insulting them and claiming that she saved Spencer when really Tasha saved him.
  • Stoic Spectacles
  • Take That!: See Idiot Ball and Shout-Out.
  • Team Mom: Kass did what she could to defy this because of the Double Standard mentioned above.
  • True Neutral: Her strategy is to invoke this, as shown after David's blindside and at the beginning of the merge. She abandoned this after Sarah's blindside.
  • Turn Coat: See True Neutral just above.
  • The Unfavorite: Kass' game play caused her to become this, which she's aware of. Her (mistaken) belief that she was this at the merge also resulted in her flipping on her tribe.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: To post swap Appari. With special mention to Tasha and Spencer.
  • Villain Protagonist: Though not focused on that much.

    Spencer Bledsoe
Tribe: Luzon (Brains), Aparri
Age: 21
From: Chicago, Illinois

Spencer was chosen by public vote to return for Survivor: Cambodia for an season chance.

  • The Ace: Similar to Brett and Fabio , he's going on a nearly unstoppable immunity run after Tasha's eviction. Tony even referred to him as a "Challenge Beast".
  • Action Survivor: Spencer was one of the toughest competitors and always fought to stay in the game.
  • Adorkable: If being a superfan of Survivor and a very clever young man is any indication.
  • Arch-Enemy: Kass. Spencer often voiced his dislike for her (as did she). Continued after the show as about half of their tweets are them ripping on each other. Though now it seems to be more of a Love to Hate relationship
  • Ascended Fanboy: A superfan of the show.
  • Badass Adorable: Intelligent and quirky but also a very strong competitor physically.
  • Badass Bookworm: A literal chessmaster and the only person on his tribe who escaped the first episode without looking like an idiot.
  • The Big Guy: To Luzon after Garrett's blindside and to the new Aparri after the tribe switch.
  • Born Lucky: Finds a Hidden Immunity Idol after Woo steals his clue.
    • Later on he somehow survives each TC despite his bad luck. He's made it to the finale somehow.
  • Butt-Monkey: Very few Survivors have had it as bad as him.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Spencer claims he would vote for Tony should he make it to final tribal council at the final 8. He lived up to that claim.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: While not a idiot, he's had very bad luck. Post merge however he has gone a immunity run after Tasha was voted out. He's won 3 immunity challenges (which makes him tied with Tasha). He even managed to beat Tony after being way behind in the challenge, by easily solving the puzzle before Tony could.
  • The Cutie: Come on, just look at him. Spencer is so endearing.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Especially in his confessionals and on Twitter.
    "The fact that you're a nuclear engineer is genuinely, genuinely scary."
  • The Determinator: On the bottom all the time pre swap, betrayed by Kass three times, yet the guy keeps moving forward. Has made it to the Final 4 despite being the biggest threat in his alliance.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Spencer was shocked by Kass' flipping after the first merge tribal council.
  • Genius Bruiser: In addition to being very intelligent, he's one of the strongest physical players.
  • Kid Hero: Spencer is the youngest male contestant and the second youngest contestant overall behind Morgan.
  • Heroic BSoD: After seeing his closest ally in Garrett get voted out, Spencer sits there with a stricken look on his face, and then says: "Anyone want to welcome me to the bottom?"
    • This also happens after the final four immunity challenge when Kass won.
  • Hollywood Nerd: For a nerd, he looks pretty good.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Shouldn't have trusted Kass as far as he could throw her.
  • Irony: The one castaway who Probst was sure would never win this game ends up favoring him.
  • Jaw Drop: Did this at Garrett, Sarah and Kass' eliminations.
  • Last of His Kind: The final Post swap Appari member standing by the Final 4, discounting Kass because she flipped to Solana.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Was one of the physically strong competitors despite not being athletically built.
  • The One Guy: He very quickly became this for Luzon due to David and Garrett's blindsides. He eventually becomes the last male from the post swap member left.
  • Only Sane Man: The only one from his tribe with his act together. Especially after Garrett ends up blindsided.
  • Paranoia Gambit: He attempts to use one on Tony late in the game, and it seems to be working.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivers this to Woo, pointing out that as a student of the game, Woo made one of the dumbest moves ever in taking Tony over Kass.
  • Spanner in the Works: To Tony's alliance.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: What do you get if you take Brett, and give him screentime? Spencer.
  • Take That!: His first voting confessional against Woo was a mockery of Woo's Surfer Dude-esque voice. Later, he called Kass the biggest goat in the show's history.
  • Those Two Guys: With Jeremiah.
  • True Companions: With Tasha and Jeremiah.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years

    Trish Hegarty
Tribe: Aparri (Brawns), Solana
Age: 48
From: Needham, Massachussetts

  • Boring, but Practical: In contrast to Tony, Trish's game was a very quiet one where she put out the fires he would set and make the actual social moves that needed making. The epitome of this was at the merge, where alpha-male Tony and LJ's plan boiled down to using their Immunity Idols on each other, which is a plan that would have failed entirely... if Trish hadn't convinced Kass to flip on her tribe in the meantime.
  • Cool Old Lady: She's the oldest contestant of the season.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Said the papayas she found in Episode 9 looked like Morgan's boobs.
  • Evil Laugh: Lets out a very distinct laugh when plotting Cliff's downfall in a confessional.
  • Girl Friday: Functioned as this to Tony.
  • Graceful Loser: In her Day After video, Trish said she was happy playing the game she played and was happy with herself in Real Life.
  • Hot-Blooded: Trish herself admits to not being Passive-Aggressive and it shows with her conflict with Lindsey and her tirade against Kass.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: For Tony.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With LJ, this is what saved LJ from elimination from at the new Solana's first tribal council. Later formed one with Jefra.
  • Mrs. Robinson: Subverted, she mentioned this trope while describing her attraction to LJ, but said she didn't wanna become it.
  • Number Two: To Tony.
  • Out of Focus: For a couple early episodes.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gave one to Kass after the final 5 immunity challenge. At the final tribal council, she gave one to Tony before the votes were cast.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: To Lindsey and Kass in her last episode.
    • The Rival: Turn into this after Cliff's blindside.
  • The Social Expert: Trish claims she was a social person and her game hints at this. It was a possible that Trish could've defeated Tony at Final Tribal Council.
  • Team Mom: Of the strategic variety. It's her calm influence that keeps the New Solana alliance from cracking after Tony and Woo blindside LJ.
  • Team Spirit: Self described team player. Proven when she picked rice over the clue to the idol. Subverted when she voted out Cliff because she liked LJ and the fallout. When back to being played straight afterword.

    Latasha "Tasha" Fox
Tribe: Luzon (Brains), Aparri
Age: 37
From: St. Louis, Missouri

Tasha was chosen by public vote to return for Survivor: Cambodia.

  • The Ace: She has won three immunity challenges in a row, is strong strategically, and as referenced by the smiles she gets from the jury, has a very strong social game. Although she's Out of Focus, she's one of the most dangerous players to be seen at for a while.
  • Action Girl: She's surprisingly athletic and good at challenges.
  • Afro Asskicker: Maybe not a full blown afro but close enough. As mentioned on throughout the section, Tasha won three consecutive immunity challenges.
  • Badass Bookworm: She's pretty good at challenges and has won 3(consecutive) of the 9 post-merge immunities.
  • Breakout Character: Tasha's immunity streak made her popular and she gotten voted back on Cambodia.
  • Graceful Loser: She took her blindside very well. She even praised them for doing so as she felt she was going another immunity streak.
  • Go Out with a Smile
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Tasha was strong strategically, in challenges and is very likable.
  • The Leader: Of the brains tribe(unofficially)
  • Older Than They Look: Many viewers were surprised to find out that she's 37 years old.
  • Plucky Girl
  • Sassy Black Woman: Not as much as other examples though.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: She felt this way after Garrett's open discussion and the part of the reason why she turned on him.
  • True Companions: With Spencer and Jeremiah.
  • Worthy Opponent: Mentioned by Woo when he cast his vote for her.

    Jefra Bland
Tribe: Solana (Beauty)
Age: 23
From: Campbellsville, Kentucky

    Jeremiah Wood

Tribe: Solana (Beauty), Aparri
Age: 34
From: Dobson, North Carolina

    Leon Joseph "LJ" McKanas
Tribe: Solana (Beauty)
Age: 34
From: Boston, Massachusetts

    Morgan McLeod

Tribe: Solana (Beauty), Aparri
Age: 21
From: San Jose, California

  • Alpha Bitch: Has developed into this role throughout the season.
  • Buxom Is Better: Morgan intends to use her "charms" to get guys to do what she wants.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: Her attitude and demeanor at her final Tribal Council didn't go over well with her tribe. Her trying to justify her staying by acknowledging that she was lazy and to bring her to the Final Tribal Council because she knew she wouldn't have won certainly didn't help.
  • Fag Hag: Her closest friend and ally before the tribe switch was Bryce.
  • Femme Fatale
  • Gag Boobs: Trish even compared them to papayas.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: Justified as it's Solana's color.
  • Jerkass
  • Lazy Bum: What factored into her elimination is she didn't do anything and was less deserving than the more threatening Tasha.
  • The Load: LJ deemed her the weakest after the first impressions. Becomes this later in the season do to her laziness.
  • Male Gaze: Just look at the picture of her.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Justified due to being a member of the Beauty tribe.
  • Ship Tease: With Jeremiah before the first vote.
  • Simple, yet Opulent: her dresses as a member of the jury.
  • Tag Along Kid: Morgan is the youngest contestant on the season.
  • The Unfavorite: She was pretty much disliked by almost everyone in Solarrion.
  • Woman Scorned: LJ called her a "Hot Girl with a grudge" for a reason. Brice aligned with her because of this and she was pissed when Jeremiah didn't flip.

    Sarah Lacina

Tribe: Aparri (Brawns)
Age: 29
From: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Action Girl: She's a Police Officer and Mixed Martial Artist in Real Life.
  • Big Eater: At Ponderosa, Justified because she was with little food for days.
  • Drunk with Power: She exploited her swing position and that was got her voted out.
  • Last of His Kind: Sarah was the only Brawn to stay on Aparri after the tribe switch. She even referred herself as the odd one out.
  • The Leader: Was chosen as the leader of her tribe.
  • Ms. Fanservice
  • Pointy-Haired Boss: Became this after the merge, resulting in her blindside.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Her attempts to take over the game led to an conflict with Kass, which led to her elimination.
  • Smug Snake
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: Started out seeming like a competent, rational leader, but was easily duped by Tony (to the point that he tricked her into attempting to throw a challenge) and after the merge she made an awful attempt at taking over the game, alienating her alliance, and making several incorrect calls, which resulted in her elimination. And then came her reappearance on Game Changers, with Sarah becoming a Dumbass No More- the tables would be turned and she was rid of Tony VERY quickly, then ended up unstoppable.
  • True Neutral: Attempted to invoked this but failed miserably. Side with no one = no one knows if it's safe to side with you = voted out. This led to her astonishing comeback in Game Changers, where Sarah was Neutral No Longer and a thousand times more competent and exponentially more dangerous.

Voted Out

    Alexis Maxwell

Tribe: Solana (Beauty), Aparri
Age: 21
From: Addison, Illinois

    Lindsey Ogle note

Tribe: Aparri (Brawns), Solana
Age: 29
From: Kokomo, Indiana

    Cliff Robinson

Tribe: Aparri (Brawns), Solana
Age: 47
From: Newark, New Jersey

    J'Tia Taylor

Tribee: Luzon (Brains)
Age: 31
From: Chicago, Illinois

  • Aloof Ally: Her brief alliance with Tasha and Kass, both of whom admitted to being very annoyed by her.
  • Ditzy Genius: She's a nuclear engineer in real life, so she's presumably very smart, but you wouldn't know it from how she acted on the show.
  • Epic Fail: Her attempt at building a shelter.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Her behavior was very off putting and was voted out to keep Luzon afloat. Ironically, Luzon was dissolved in the next episode
  • Griefer: Under the impression she was going to be voted out, J'Tia dumped the rice into the fire. However, she was not voted out at that particular tribal council.
  • Graceful Loser: Zig-Zagged. In her elimination Statement, she admitted that she should have been voted out on day 6 and half of her wanted the brains to succeed. The other half wanted them to starve.
  • Hot Scientist
  • Lazy Bum: She's very bossy, but certainly not a hard worker.
  • The Load: She cost her tribe all but one challenge and did terribly in the challenge that they did win.
  • The Mad Hatter: Before she dumped the rice in the fire, J'Tia said in confessional,
    J'Tia: I’m like the mental patient and you left the mental patient alone and I went crazy! (laughs) It’s what happens when you leave crazy people alone!
So she acknowledged she was perceived as crazy.

    Brice Johnston

Tribe: Solana (Beauty)
Age: 27
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Garrett Adelstein

Tribe: Luzon (Brains)
Age: 27
From: Santa Monica, California

    David Samson

Tribe: Luzon (Brains)
Age: 45
From: Plantation, Florida

  • Ascended Fanboy
  • Celebrity Survivor: He's the president of the Miami Marlins MLB baseball team.
  • Cool Old Guy: More like Cool Middle Aged Guy but he still fits the bill.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: He is a CEO and is portrayed as a villain in his one episode. Instead of following the rules of picking the weakest person of the tribe when asked by Jeff, David chooses the strongest person in Garrett as the "weakest" member. No one trusts him after this point.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: David's first blunder was picking Garrett as the weakest member of his tribe. His blunders would continue up through Tribal Council and it ultimately got him booted.
  • Graceful Loser: During his Elimination Statement.
  • Ironic Birthday: The Premiere aired on his birthday. He was voted out in the first half.
  • Standardized Leader: Was chosen as the leader of Luzon in the first impressions.
  • Too Clever by Half: Overthinks Probst's question of who the weakest person in his tribe is and instead of picking Kass or J'Tia picks Garrett, because he thinks the twist will involve Garrett being off his tribe in some manner. This results in his downfall.
  • Two First Names


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