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  • Accidental Innuendo:
    • "You're going with me to the bathroom!".note 
    • Also, in one episode, there was a scene that looked like Dedede was raping Escargoon. Unlike an example above, this one did make into the dub unchanged.
    • "Abusement Park" had this line from King Dedede:
    King Dedede to Customer Service: Yo! Show them melons!
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Does Meta Knight only care about Kirby because he is a Star Warrior who will defeat Nightmare? Or did he genuinely grow fond of him?
    • Some people believe that Princess Rona is actually a trans man, and the "Commander Vee" persona was the only way that they could show who they really are. It's helped more in the sub, as they beg Tiff to keep calling them Vee over Rona.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Kirby defeating Nightmare in the final episode. It takes less than a minute after exposing him to the Star Rod to defeat the "Emperor of Darkness" that had terrorized the majority of the universe.
  • Anvilicious: A good number of the episodes with morals are this.
  • Awesome Music:
    • Punishment Heaven, GO GO HEAVEN! Helps that its a remix of Dedede's iconic boss music. It's so catchy it even made it into Kirby Mass Attack as a remix.
    • In a rare instance of 4kids actually making better music than the original, the theme that plays when Kirby inhales something in the dub is an epic-sounding, heroic fanfare that reminds you just how hardcore American Kirby is.
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    • From the original, we have Warp Star, which sounds just as magical and uplifting as a Disney song.
    • Some music from Kirby Air Ride shows up in the Japanese original, as the game came out around the same time the anime was being produced. And any time a track from Air Ride plays, expect the scene to be awesome.
      • Some of the tracks from the later episodes appear years later in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, including the Island Sisters' song as well as the dark cue when Devil Kirby rampages through Cappy Town.
    • Also, admit it: the jazzy/big-band song they use in the 4Kids dub is awesome.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Tiff. Some admire the character for her intelligence and for speaking her mind, while also arguing that her presence is not a bad thing because the show still makes it clear that Kirby is The Hero and not her. Others find her to be a know-it-all killjoy and feel that, regardless of how the show handles her role, she is still taking too much screentime that could be given to Kirby.
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    • Meta Knight and Dedede (though not to Tiff's extent) have had their Adaptation Personality Change(s) criticized, with many detractors complaining about the former's Informed Ability of being a grand Star Warrior when "all he does is stand around and talk", or the latter's dual Adaptational Villainy and Took a Level in Dumbass. Others welcome these changes with open arms, considering them on par or better than the game canon.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Kirby's transformation into Kabuki Kirby in the Bonus episode. Having a copy ability based off of classical Japanese history? It's not standard fare, but not too weird either. The fact that Kirby's appearance (initially, at least) is that of a real-life man dressed to resemble the Kabuki character Benkei? Uhhh...
    • The original version of "Hatch Me If You Can" had a scene where Kawasaki starts playing with a small egg while the Townsfolk are in the middle of discussing the large one Kirby found. It was cut from the dub, quite possibly because of its sheer pointlessness.
    • There's also a shot from "Fitness Fiend" where all the characters save Meta Knight start dancing to Max Flexer's workout song. The next we see them all, Escargoon is the only one dancing.
  • Broken Base: Similar to Pokémon and Sonic X, there is debate as to whether this is a good adaptation of the games or not. Detractors criticize the amount of screentime given to the Canon Foreigners, with the actual game characters mostly being One Scene Wonders; they also claim that the Strictly Formula nature is stale and would have preferred a more faithful adaptation of the games. Others say that, due to the nature of the cast in the Kirby series, such an adaptation wouldn't work and think the overall experience being the same (a simple story meant for beginners) is good enough. They also point out that even with all the attention given to side characters, the show always makes it clear that Kirby is The Protagonist while Sonic is usually Out of Focus, and that he's able to show proper progress and succeed in his goals compared to Ash Ketchum who constantly loses in Pokémon Leagues.
  • Can't Un-Hear It:
    • Dedede's dub voice can tend to make some people think of the game Dedede with that southern voice, especially when reading his dialogue in Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby Battle Royale.
    • The same goes for Meta Knight's Zorro-esque voice, though that depends on whether or not you prefer his deep voice from Super Smash Bros. instead.
  • "Common Knowledge": The names of GSA leader Arthur's companions are and always have been Percival, Galahad, and Lancelot. The names Falspar, Dragato, and Nonsurat are nothing but gibberish caused by a "Blind Idiot" Translation in the fansub.
  • Complete Monster: Nightmare, or eNeMeE in the dub, is the scheming puppetmaster behind the entire series. Through his galactic conglomerate empire Holy Nightmare Corporation (Nightmare Enterprises in the dub), Nightmare manufactures the Demon Beasts to sell to the whims of unsavory buyers for their own destructive purposes, using his influence to conquer or destroy entire planets while viciously putting down rebellion—the time he twisted Knuckle Joe's father into a monster, forcing his friend Meta Knight to put him down, and then wiping out the rest of his resistance, being simply one example. In the present, Nightmare pumps out Demon Beasts to Pop Star and speeds up the asteroid Gerath to crash into Pop Star to destroy it, and in the finale, Nightmare destroys Cappy Town and even kidnaps the young Tiff to trap Kirby in a horrific nightmare. Drunk on his own power and remarkably vile for the source material, Nightmare stands as possibly the darkest villain in the fluffy Kirby franchise.
  • Designated Villain: Hardy, the dentist monster. True, his patients aren't normally willing to let him check them, but he does his job rather efficiently and painlessly; yet Kirby still offs him without an actual motive. Justified in that Dedede was the one who tricked Kirby into beating him in order to save his own hide. At least he gets taken to Yabui, so we get to revel in Dedede's torment as he freaks out over nothing.
  • Ear Worm:
    • The opening song of the English dub. It's almost as catchy as the DuckTales theme...
    • The original first opening can still be catchy. As an added bonus, the eye worm is included.
    • Macho-san's "GO-GO HEAVEN" theme, which is a techno remix of Dedede's theme.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Sirica, in spades. For such an underused character , she sure does have a lot of fans.
    • Then there's Knuckle Joe's portrayal as a young warrior who becomes the very thing he's fighting before undergoing a Heel–Face Turn. It probably led to his popularity within the franchise, especially since he only ever appeared in two games (one of which was Japan-exclusive) before appearing as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    • To a lesser extent, Devil Kirby, which was made relevant once more with Kirby Star Allies due to his cameo right before the game's Soul Melter mode. Ditto with "Swole Dedede".
    • And to an even lesser extent, most of the anime's Canon Foreigners tend to get this due to many people's fond memories of watching the anime. Special mentions go to Butt-Monkey With a Heart of Gold Escargoon, and even Tiff is well-liked for being a cute Badass Bookworm and Only Sane Woman.
    • Some of the monsters are this as well, including Wolfwrath and Max Flexer. The latter even appears as a boss in Kirby Mass Attack's sub-games.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: The school episodes teach you that school is bad, unless you go in moderation/only when you feel like it.
    • More accurately, schools that operate as a Propaganda Machine are bad. Of course, these leads to another aesop that all schools are brainwashing hellholes unless you run them yourself.
  • Fanfic Fuel: What would happen if (insert character/plotline from another Kirby game here) took place in this universe?
  • Fanon: The matter of the anime's placement in the series wide canon is a constant topic of discussion. While some feel that the show is an Alternate Continuity, many others feel that it actually is meant to serve as a Prequel. The many elements from the anime that make their way into the games, especially in Kirby Mass Attack, support the latter theory.
  • Fountain of Memes: Dedede has become one, in no part thanks to his dubbed southern accent. The episode "Cartoon Buffoon/New Anime Series: Dedede of the Stars" also tends to be memetic due to the Stylistic Suck nature of "Dedede Comin' at Ya!" and the characters mocking the final product's shoddy quality.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The episode "Labor Daze" involves King Dedede ordering an industrialization set and tricking all the townsfolk into working on his new Ice Dragon Robot. It's bad enough that he's overworking them, but then Kirby: Planet Robobot comes out with a similar scenario, and it's not at all portrayed in a light manner. And then you wonder if Nightmare Enterprises did this kind of thing to Shiver Star...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Eric Stuart based his voice of Meta Knight on "Antonio Banderas with a Spanish accent." This was all before Banderas would play a certain diminutive swashbuckler.
    • The two-parter "Snack Attack" revolves around mini-figures of characters from the series that become insanely popular, with plenty of frustration among collectors who miss out on the rare figures. A little over a decade later, Nintendo introduces amiibo, and an eerily similar scenario plays out. (Bonus points for Meta Knight being a rare mini-figure, which is almost a situation in his amiibo form.)
    • In the dub, Mike Pollock voices Mayor Blustergas. Fastforward ten years, where he voices a different mayor in Sonic Boom.
    • King Dedede becomes buff in episodes 80 and 95 via a power drink and a demonic frog, respectively. Kirby Star Allies gives us just that when Dedede is transformed by the Jamba Heart.
    • Kirby did an episode about penguins turning a planet into an ice age 11 years before a certain other Nintendo mascot did.
  • Ho Yay: Enough for its own page.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Fumu-tan of the Stars shows up a lot in videos.
    • King Dedede and Escargoon's "anime" Off-Model selves from the Dedede: Comin’ At Ya! Show Within a Show. This gets a lot of fanart, especially the realistic Art Shift version.
    • The episode it comes from, "Cartoon Buffoon", is pretty popular in general, due to being a gold mine of Funny Moments. At one point, a bunch of people gathered together and reanimated it scene by scene, with hilarious results.
    • Pretty much every line out of dub Dedede's mouth is this, thanks to his ridiculously thick southern accent. Not only can people not unhear it, but there are many people who honestly would have loved if it made it into the games because of how hilarious it makes all his lines sound.
      • "HEHEHE! I AM A SUPAHSTAH WARRIAH!" (Someone even made an entire YouTube channel based around this line.)
    • The spoken interlude in the English theme song for Right Back At Ya! has become quite popular among Kirby & anime fans, particularly the aforementioned (say it with me, everyone!) King Dedede's "I NEED A MONSTAH TO CLOBBAH DAT DERE KIRBY!", if only for the sheer absurdity/hilarity of the line and its delivery.
    • Thanks to KroboProductions: "Suck up this torch!"
      • And pyromaniac Meta Knight in general.
  • Moe:
    • Fumu/Tiff is an adorable Badass Bookworm and Cool Big Sis to Kirby. Just don't litter around her or call her short. Bun/Tuff counts as well, to a certain extent.
    • Honey, the small girl Cappy that tends to hang around Kirby and the others, can also be pretty adorable. Iroo/Spikehead's interactions with her can also become this.
    • Kirby himself. What even needs to be said? It's Kirby!
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • While Nightmare was already pure evil from the beginning, he crosses the line when he speeds up Gerath's course to crash into Dreamland. What he does to Cappy Town in the five-part series finale is even worse: he sends his Destroya ships to completely obliterate the village and leave dozens of townspeople homeless. His most despicable act, however, is GAMBLING with Tiff's life to lure Kirby into a horrible nightmare in the finale.
    • As for King Dedede, he crosses the line in episode 8. Holding three small children hostage to stop them from revealing his plot was bad enough, but you'd have to be a real sick bastard to almost crush one of those children with a giant stone monster. Lampshaded by Meta Knight.
    Meta Knight: "You have done a lowdown thing, Your Highness. Holding these kids captive because they wanted the truth."
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • Anytime Kirby goes "Poyo!" Especially his particularly high-pitched one in "Sweet and Sour Puss", which sounds like a kitten meowing.
    • King Dedede's ultra-memetic laugh (HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH...)
  • Narm: Dub-exclusive: the ultimate evil threatening the entire universe with his presence, taking over the world with his near-infinite supply of monsters, and could very well return As Long as There is named eNeMeE. As if that weren't on the nose already, the name works better as an abbreviation for Nightmare Enterprises, which is already named after Nightmare, so having him and his company essentially be named the same thing makes him come across as someone with a bigger ego than King Dedede himself. Nightmare should probably fire his agent for this.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Max Flexer (Macho-san in Japanese). He even got a cameo in Kirby Mass Attack, complete with the "GO GO HEAVEN" theme.
  • Recycled Script: The basic plot of the episode "Un-Reality TV" is more or less a rehash of the Super Mario World episode "Rock TV". It's probably a coincidence, though.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble:
    • Kirby and Tiff are supposed to have a mother-and-child or sister-and-brother relationship, but many of their scenes together can be taken in a romantic way.
    • Tiff is also accidentally hinted to have a Precocious Crush on Meta Knight on many occasions.
  • Signature Scene: King Dedede's Stylistic Suck anime, if not the entirety of episode 49, tends to come up a lot when people mention this series due to its sheer hilarity. Fans even reanimated the episode.
  • Special Effects Failure: The 3D animation (Particularly on Kirby, Dedede, and Escargoon) hasn't aged too well and is fairly obvious when it switches between regular animation to CGI. Almost jarring in some cases since the 3D models look so stilted and clashes heavily against the other regular animated characters. Many wonder why they didn't just animate the three normally or, at the least, leave the CGI to the fight scenes.
  • Subbing vs. Dubbing:
    • The 4Kids dub has a divisive reputation; some find its script and voice acting gloriously hammy (especially from the likes of Dedede, Escargoon, Meta Knight and the NME Salesguy) to the point where it's actually funnier and more enjoyable than the perhaps more "flavorless" original, while others find that the translation choices make the show too hard to take seriously and dislike the moderate dose of Bowdlerization that 4Kids gave the show. In the end, your preference probably depends on how much you want to take an anime based on the Kirby games seriously.
    • Many siding with the subbed version tend to point out that the original anime was designed with a Western audience in mind, with several allusions to Western culture or humour ironically getting lost in the dub. Also, as with most 4Kids dubs, the entire soundtrack is replaced, while the original edit would have music that would later be recycled in Kirby Air Ride and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:
  • Stoic Woobie: Meta Knight. The backstory that's gradually revealed to us in the series is quite sad from his perspective. Nearly all of his friends are dead as a result of the previous war with Nightmare's monsters, had to kill one of those friends himself and watch another sacrifice her life for him, and the only remnants of his old life as a warrior are an old man who's been stranded on an island for years (Kit Cosmos), two children that want to kill him as they blame him for their parents' deaths (Knuckle Joe and Sirica), Sword and Blade, and a baby warrior that can barely speak, let alone fight without an Ability handy (Kirby). Wow. And yet, he remains stoic during the whole series, training Kirby to become a better warrior.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Viewers can't help but smile when they see a different Demon Beast torturing Tokkori in different ways, such as the mini-monsters clutching him and plucking several feathers from him in "Monster Management" and a Scarfy eating him up and then spitting him back out in "Dedede's Pet Threat". Considering he's a Hate Sink, this may have been intentional, as even his proper debut ends with his tree getting blown up by Dedede after sabotaging Kirby's attempts to get a job.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Yamikage, the ninja who betrayed the Galaxy Soldier Army from the episode "Ninja Binge." He vows to return and rechallenge Kirby and Meta Knight, implying he has a personal grudge against the latter. Sadly, he never appears after that episode, and whatever past he had with Meta Knight is soon forgotten. The worst part is that "Ninja Binge" was episode 24, so Yamikage had plenty of time to come back compared to most other examples of this trope.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • In episode 8, with the reveal of the Monster of the Week the (fake) ancient relic of Dedede becoming a giant statue of mass destruction. This would have been perfect if the relic's true form was revealed to be Wham-Bam Rock, another giant destructive monster designed as an ancient relic. Could also double as They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character.
    • In episode 14, everyone in Cappy Town was given pillows by Dedede supposedly in an act of good will, but in Tiff's words, "they make you dream about Kirby, and they hypnotize you somehow and make you want to get rid of him." However, beyond just going to his house, none of the affected victims have ever taken any action against Kirby before the rest of the good guys snapped them out of it. What's more, Tiff was the first seen to fall under the pillows' spell...but she quickly wakes up on her own within seconds, presumably because she loves Kirby too much. Imagine the emotional response that all of Kirby's friends setting off to destroy him would convey. It's especially egregious in the 4Kids dub, where Tiff was talking about destroying Kirby in a trance right before the commercial break, leaving the audience in suspense and thinking "Oh no, is she gonna kill the little puffball she loves?". But then, once it cuts back to the show, she's back to normal pretty much instantly.
      • If it's any consolation, "eNeMeE Elementary" has the Teacher Creature hat accidentally fall on Tiff, causing her to attack Kirby for a little bit before Tuff knocks it back off of her.
    • Similarly in Episode 6, Dedede brainwashes the Cappies into attacking Kirby, but it barely lasts a minute before Tiff easily distracts them and they go back to obediently sitting in front of the TV. What's more, Tokkori and Tiff's family were unaffected for no explained reason.
    • Episode 39 has Kirby becoming an Un-person after he makes the incredibly stupid decision of inhaling Erasem. This could have been a compelling twist, but the episode was already spent helping Escargoon and thus it's resolved quickly via Erasem having a sudden Hazy Feel Turn.
    • King Dedede and Tuff actually have more in common than one might think. Episodes 32 and 81 show how terrible their dental and trash habits are (respectively), and generally just how childish they can act, making you wonder why Dedede never pulls a We Can Rule Together with Tuff.
  • Woolseyism:
    • Some of the name changes may be controversial, but admit it - Wolfwrath is a cooler name for a monster than Chilidog.
    • There's also the corn monster named Cobgoblin. Even detractors have to admit, that's a pretty good name.
    • The dub also has a tendency to cut out Big Lipped Alligator Moments and Padding, as well as fixing any moments of Lull Destruction. For example, a moment in The Kirby Derby/The Glorious Pupupu Grand Prix where Meta Knight randomly screams Kirby's name twice while being ejected from his car was removed.
    • While 4Kids Entertainment dubs are always controversial, many agree that giving Dedede a thick southern accent was an absolutely wonderous decision.
    • Likewise, Eric Stuart's take on Meta Knight is also fondly regarded. Especially when he says something silly like "Look, it is Fire Dedede, our hero!"
    • Due to the nature of the show as an anime that was actually made for kids, the dub is often considered one of 4Kids's better dubs, possibly even their best depending on who you ask. There are some that even argue it's better than the original Japanese, which they view as a lot more boring and generic (disregarding the fact the subbers had a fondness for Spicing Up the Subtitles), while the extra goofiness in the dub helps to make it more fun and enjoyable. Overall, it seems whether or not you'll favor the sub or the dub depends on how seriously you really want to take an anime based on the Kirby franchise, a series that's mostly lighthearted to begin with. See Subbing vs. Dubbing above.


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