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Wild Mass Guesses for the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! canon.

Quick link to Kirby's Return to Dream Land's WMG page and the main Kirby WMG page.

Kirby is a demon beast

In episode 4, it's revealed that Nightmare once made a demon beast that rebelled against him. Because of Kirby's extraterrestrial origin and his instinctive, in-born Power Copying ability, this is more than likely to be true.

Or, alternatively...


Meta Knight is a demon beast

The same scene in episode 4 depicting Nightmare's failed creation also shows it holding a sword, adding a link to Meta Knight. Also, the pilot episode shows him with his wings, and he appears to be a monster summoned by Nightmare.

The anime continuity is an Alternate Universe of The Simpsons.
Fumu is something of an Expy of Lisa Simpson. Nearly all the cast have Simpsons equivalents. For added measure, both shows were aired on FOX. (Note: Using the Japanese names, not the 4Kids ones.)
  • Bun is Bart, age-swapped with Fumu.
  • Fumu and Bun's parents are a more aristocratic Homer and Marge, though the dad is slightly less stupid.
  • Mayor Len is Mayor Quimby (but faithful).
  • The Police Chief is about as effective as Chief Wiggum. The unnamed goateed prisoner is a mute Snake.
  • Kine is Milhouse, but a fish.
  • Kawasaki is Luigi the Italian chef, not quite a Lethal Chef, but pretty average.
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  • Curio is Professor Frink with an archaeological bent.
  • King Dedede is Mr. Burns- ridiculously rich, a Jerkass, hilarious, and the most active regular villain. There's also a little bit of the Rich Texan in Dedede when it comes to his own ridiculous wealth and Dedede's Southern accent in the 4Kids dub.
  • Likewise, Escargon is Smithers with slightly more of a spine, and the crush on Burns is... erm... more subtle.
  • Lololo and Lalala are younger versions of Lenny and Carl, since they are always seen together and like to hang around the good guys.
  • Dr. Yabui is Dr. Hibbert/Nick combined with some competence.
  • Tago is Apu, as both characters run a grocery store.
  • Samo is Moe, the local bartender, except nice.
  • Ed and Lou quit working for the police and joined up with Meta Knight instead, becoming Sword and Blade.
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  • And Kirby is, of course, Maggie.
Not sure about Tokkori, Meta Knight, and Kabu yet.
  • Tokkori could be seen as Nelson Muntz or one of the other bullies at Springfield High.

Nightmare wants to be a Big Eater...

But because he lacks a true body, he can't. He vents his frustration by creating bizarre food-based (and edible) demon beasts. And if Kirby is truly Nightmare's creation, then this could explain his appetite too. Sort of a fantasy-fulfillment thing.

Sir Arthur is the green Kirby from Kirby & the Amazing Mirror sent back in time.
He matches the coloration...

Had the series continued past Nightmare's defeat, it would have dealt with Dark Matter
With Nightmare being defeated, the only antagonistic force in the games by the time series ended who could have matched Nightmare's scale was Dark Matter. Being capable of both creating monsters and possessing characters, DM would have been the best fit for an antagonist to carry the series after Nightmare.

If the series went past Nightmare's defeat, Dedede would have been less antagonistic even though he would still have a rivalry with Kirby
By the last episode, Dedede has finally turned against Nightmare Enterprises with Nightmare himself being destroyed. The series did have nods to his characterization in the games (such as how he arranged for that playground to be built). With no more monsters to summon and having finally sided with the inhabitants of Dreamland, Dedede would have been less of an antagonist (if he didn't stop being an antagonist) and would have fought alongside Kirby against assorted threats to Dreamland (although he still would have his rivalry with Kirby).

The anime is a Prequel to the game series.
A few inconsistencies aside, it would actually make a lot of sense if the anime were to serve as a prequel to the game series given the following things:
  • 1. The anime is the only Kirby material that gives us any look at Kirby's origin, or Meta Knight's.
  • 2. In the anime, Kirby's explicitly called a baby, yet game manuals for games like Kirby's Dream Land refer to him as a "little boy". It would make sense if he aged a bit since the show.
  • 3. The anime Kirby is shown as being very immature and slow minded like a baby outside of battle. But the games have him act much more competently. It makes sense if Kirby's gotten more skill since then.
  • 4. In the anime Meta Knight mentors Kirby. Meta Knight's behavior in Kirby's Adventure could be seen as way of testing his progress.
  • 5. Speaking of which, the Japanese version of the show states that Nightmare will return as long as there is evil. Kirby's Adventure may have very well been is big stake out for revenge with Meta Knight secretly getting Kirby ready to fight him.
  • 6. Rick and Coo aren't shown being THAT friendly with Kirby in the show. It's probable that they became closer over time.
  • 7. Kine was completely infatuated with Tiff in the anime. The appearance of his wife Mine in Kirby's Dream Land 3 seems to have implied that he's gotten over Tiff and moved on. Lucky her.
  • 8. And on the matter of better terms, many point out that the anime features Dedede being far more malicious than in games. This could be because after Nightmare's initial defeat and his own defeat in Kirby Dream Land, Dedede eventually came to realize that being a cruel dictator was getting him nowhere, so he decided to mellow out to being more of an antivillian or frenemy as Play Nintendo puts it. Indeed, there were strong hints in the anime of Dedede softening up as the episodes go by, with the episode D'Preciation Day probably being the biggest clincher.
  • 9. Anime!Dedede couldn't suck up objects or fly like Kirby, and also needed to rely on monsters from Nightmare Enterprises, either with them at his command or the other way around, just to engage Kirby in combat. His trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee states that he underwent some training to gain Kirby's flight in Kirby's Adventure. It's possible that he trained himself sometime before Kirby's Dream Land so he could obtain his other battle tactics too.
  • 10. Speaking of characters not having as many powers as they do in their base games, a common "discrepancy" people point in regards to the canon is how weak Meta Knight is compared to his game counterpart. In the anime, he can't fly, can't create Mach Tornadoes, and more. But if one recalls correctly, in Kirby's Adventure, he didn't know how to do that stuff yet there either. Similar to Dedede, it's very possible that he learned all those skills after the anime was done.
  • 11. In the anime, Kirby is deeply connected to his Warpstar and needs Tiff and Kabuu to watch it for him. But in the games, Kirby's shown summoning it by himself and creating from his own energy. It's likely that he became one with it when he absorbed it to defeat Nightmare and over time learned to harness the powers of the stars themselves.
  • 12. Some like to refer to the anime as strictly its own canon, yet HAL's actions seem to contradict this. Quite a lot of things the anime introduced like Water Kirby, Meta Knight wrapping himself in a cape, Dedede's anime castle, and Kirby saying "poyo" came from the anime. More important though, Kirby Mass Attack actually canonized various anime only characters like Escargoon and Chef Shitake and had Nightmare appear AGAIN further proving his statement. This action alone pretty much proves that anime must play some part in the series overall canon and should not be overlooked.

N.M.E honestly doesn't care if Dedede pays for the monsters or not
They don't care about money as long as they can create chaos. And personally like to watch people suffer in debt. After all, what would a Eldritch Abomination want with money?

Tuff's design is based on Pokey/Porky from Earthbound
They look rather similar when you compare the two. (I mean the Earthbound incarnation, not the Mother 3 one) and Kirby and Earthbound are both made by Hal (Even if the show isn't) so it could still be a nod.

Continuation idea
Season 2 could have the main cast goes out into space to find the legendary NOVA in order to repair Dreamland after De De De's Monster transporter suddenly teleports an army of Monsters led by Marx, the very monster that was mentioned in episode 3 to have betrayed NME. With Marx unleashed, His army begins to conquer various worlds outside of Dreamland, resulting in the main cast going out into space to fight his monster army and find NOVA before Marx uses him to gain Immortality and Universal Domination.

in Season 3, After defeating Marx using the power of the Starship, the gang prepares to head home after NOVA dissapeared upon granting their wish. Unfortunately, the Explosion caused by the destruction of Marx's Fortress opened up an asteroid revealing an ancient Star Warrior inside. combined with NOVA's wish energy, the Warrior awakens and makes a beeline for Dreamland. this Warrior is Galacta Knight. Galacta Knight was the Original Star Warrior as well as the most powerful. However, his power was severely drained when NME used Slice and Splice to split his power into 2 seperate beings: Meta-Knight and Kirby. each being contained his virtues: Meta-Knight contained his Honor and Warrior Spirit, while Kirby contained his Innocence and Copy Ability. Unfortunately, this left Galacta Knight with only pure unbridled Rage, and now he wants his revenge and also wants to restore his lost halves.

Basically, the seasons would be called "Kirby to the Stars" and "Galacta Knights Revenge."


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