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Because of how popular and influential the Ultra Series is, particularly in its homeland of Japan, it has been referenced by many other works.

When an Ultra series is referenced it's usually the original Ultraman or Ultraseven, since they're the most popular and iconic series. In the west, where the franchise is more obscure, the reference will usually be just in the cross-shaped arm pose made when the Ultra heroes fire their rays, or a brief appearance from Ultraman. In Japan, well-known monsters might be seen more, as many are just as popular and recognizable as the heroes. You can also expect to see Godzilla appear too every now and then.


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    Anime and Manga 



  • In the novel Ready Player One, Wade Watts transforms into Ultraman to fight Nolan Sorrento as Mechagodzilla III/Kiryu. There's even an entire section where they talk about having to enact all 39 episodes of the original series, complete with an explanation of the show for those unfamiliar with it and Wade getting the Beta Capsule as a reward.

    Live-Action TV 

    Video Games 
  • Kirby's Cutter power is based on Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.
  • Pokémon's famous Pokeballs were based on Ultraseven's Capsule Monsters. In fact, the original name of the franchise was going to be Capsule Monsters.

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