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Arashi and Furashi are the same guy, or at least related.
After the Science Patrol and Ultraman finished off the first wave of Earth monsters, the Science Patrol was reformed into the Ultra Guard to deal with alien threats after the Zetton incident. Arashi quickly rose through the ranks and became part of the Japanese branch. His last name was changed perhaps due to a marriage, or other incident.
  • The 2016 alternate story novel Ultraman F states both of them to be twins, with Furuhashi being adopted to a different family while Arashi retains his surname when their parents died.

Chaos, a corrupting, mutagenic presence from who knows where, unrelenting, and will bring the doom of all sentient life if it wins? Hmmmmmm....

Iron King, titular character from the series of the same name, was created from Ultra DNA.
With all the recent Ultramen visiting Earth to defend it from monsters/invaders, it's no stretch that the government would want to create a similar hero for themselves to combat some of the terrorist organizations seen in the series. Iron King was created using the DNA abstracted from an Ultra while on Earth (Possibly Ultraseven due to their similar appearance) with Goro Kirishima chosen to assume the mantle. After the various groups throughout the show were defeated, and with aliens and monsters in the hands of the current Ultraman, the project was disbanded, with Goro and Gentaro retiring, and one marrying Tenko like the finale implied.

Glenfire was born from fragments of the original Fireman.
At the end of Fireman, the titular character dies after an alien ship he was carrying explodes. However, fragments of Fireman formed in space, giving birth to Glenfire. Besides, Gudon, Gammas and Twintail all appear in the series, so they're already connected somehow.

At some point in the near future, we will get an Ultraman vs Super Sentai
Why not? They already did Ultraman vs Kamen Rider. We need to know who would win a fight - a Sentai Robo or an Ultraman. So why not?

Digimon are actually Ultras.

It's undeniable that some Digimon are based off Kaijus/Seijins in the Ultra series, but let's say, some humanoid Digimon are actually Ultramen in disguise. An Ultraman can take a normal Digimon and fuse together, becoming a humanoid Digimon.

  • Also, if you pay some attention, some Digimon have been mutated into giant Kaiju and rampaging the real world, and Ultras were called to stop the mutated Digimon threats. Also, Ultras are Digimon themselves, if you think in other way.

A future Ultraman series will involve the main character creating his forms by fusing the essence of an Ultraman with the Essence of a Kaiju
Because why not?

The New Ultraman Retsuden and onwards are minimal reboots. And has Digimon-esque gimmicks or storylines.
Epileptic Trees warning.

Let's see, both seasons of Ultraman Ginga are based on Digimon Frontier (lighter-toned and Crisis Crossover-styled adventure, and fusing two Ultras into one in later parts), Ultraman X is based on Digimon Xros Wars (combining Kaiju parts into an Ultra), Ultraman Orb is based on Digimon Tamers (utilizes cards for commands, and fight the Lovecraftian creatures in the city), and Ultraman Geed is based on Digimon Adventure tri. (Downer Ending at start, dealing with the ambiguous enemy entity). Maybe the next Ultraman series may take some cues from Digimon Universe: Applimonsters.


The Ultra Warriors are actually the Star Warriors from the Cthulhu short story, The Lair of the Star Spawn.
Relating to the YMMV page, what if they are actually the same person? Maybe the Ultra Warriors are indeed heroes from the Cthulhlu myth.
  • Wait a minute!? Does that mean the entire Ultraman Tiga series is related to the aforementioned short story? Or rather, they are from the same universe!?

Ultraman Max takes place in the Heisei Ultraseven universe.
Max is not set in the same universe as the mainstream Showa M78 shows. But the Alien Metron from Max is pretty much confirmed to be the same one from Ultraseven, down to showing a flashback of the infamous Eye Slugger. Since the Heisei Ultraseven Specials take place in a timeline where Ultraseven was its own continuity completely independent of the other Ultraman shows, perhaps the events of Max take place in that same timeline, with DASH replacing the Ultra Garrison.

Belial had unrequited feelings for Marie/Mother of Ultra
Ken winning her heart only made his jealously and fall even more intense once the war with Empera ended. Of course any of those romantic feelings went away the moment he merged with Reiblood.


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