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Tear Jerker / Ultra Series

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Captain Muramatsu: Jamila, forgive us, but isn't it nice? You can become the soil of this Earth. The soil of your home planet, Earth.
One thing that fans on both sides of the Pacific have praised about the Ultra Series is its ability to genuinely bring out emotions in viewers through its tales of kaiju and superheroes.

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  • The classic example is the Ultraman episode with Jamila, pictured above.
  • Ultraman Gaia's "The Lake of Sadness" had a Jamila-like monster named Tsuchikera, so naturally the results were very similar.
  • "The Boy and the Monster Master" from Return of Ultraman, where a fearful mob kills a peaceful alien named Mates out of prejudice, consequently summoning his pet kaiju Muruchi. Goh even considers not becoming Ultraman Jack and let Muruchi destroy the townspeople for their deed.
  • The Grand Finale of Ultraseven is bittersweet to the extreme. However, both it and "The Boy and the Monster Master" mentioned above were rated the best episodes of the Ultra Series by Japanese fans in 2016.