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Showa Era

  • Being a Long Runner, the series is bound to have tons of awesome music. Let's start with the opening song of the original Ultraman, a lighthearted Expository Theme Tune that sets up the idealistic feeling of the series.
  • The unforgettably epic Victory theme has become as much of a staple of the franchise as the opening theme itself.
  • Ultraseven's soundtracks were composed by Toru Fuyuki, and they were all awesome.
    • Here's the opening theme song. From the awe-inspiring male vocals at the beginning to the upbeat orchestra throughout the song, it's small wonder many fans have likened it to a national anthem.
    • The battle theme whenever Ultra Seven fights the Monster of the Week, an instrumental version of the opening theme that immediately lets the viewer know the battle has turned in Seven's favour.
    • The insert theme "ULTRA SEVEN", a smooth jazzy piece with Engrish lyrics that only add to the charm of the song. 1 2... 3 4, 1 2... Ultraaaa SEVEN!
    • The finale featured a portion of Robert Schumann's Piano Concerto in A minor during Anne's farewell and the battle against Reconstructed Pandon, which greatly added to the already emotionally charged scenes.

Heisei Era and Foreign Spinoffs

  • Ultraman Dyna: The show's first ending theme, "Kimi Dake o Mamoritai" can only be described as one word: EPIC! Which makes the fact that when Takeshi Tsuruno himself sang it for the 2012 film Ultraman Saga, he was able to amplify the epicness with version used in a complete (albeit pleasant) Mind Screw. In the Blu-Ray release for Ultraman Dyna, not only were the three-parter final episodes combined into a single 1-hour long episode, but the final closing song was also changed into Kimi Dake o Mamoritai.
  • From Masayuki Tanaka (the guy who did the opening of Kamen Rider Kuuga) and Kazuya Daimon comes the theme song to Ultraman Gaia. The rest of the OST to Ultraman Gaia though, was composed by Toshihiko Sahashi whom you may know as the composer to quite a bunch of the Hesei-era Kamen Rider series.
  • Ultraman Cosmos:
  • Ultraman Nexus:
  • Ultraman Max's theme song. Good God will it stick to your ears!
  • Ultraman Mebius:
    • Crew GUYS' theme. Fuyuki Toru makes a retroriffic return, and with the Younger and Hipper Project DMM helming lead, with a manly choir on backing with a sound straight out of Return of Ultraman. It's the perfect fusion of old and new, sure to make any long-time Ultra fan (or fans of Showa era Toku shows) Squee with nostalgia.
    • "Future", the ending song of the Milestone Celebration movie "Mebius and the Ultra Brothers", which is sung by Mirai Hibino/Ultraman Mebius' actor!
    • "Ultra no Kiseki"note  is a love letter to how the Ultras serve as Hope Bringers to the people of Earth, replete with an overwhelmingly uplifting and heroic melody supported by Project DMM's powerful vocals, best exemplified when it was used in the final episode to signify the fight against Alien Empera turning in the Ultras' favor. When Tsuburaya Productions released a message to the world's children to keep their heads up as they moved past 2020 into 2021, this was the song they used to serve as a Theme Music Power-Up for the Ultras gaining a Heroic Second Wind thanks to the hopes of Earth's kids.
    • Armor of Vengeance, Tsurugi's theme, is suitably dramatic and dark as the Leitmotif of an Anti-Hero hell-bent on his quest for revenge.
    • "Radiance", Ultraman Hikari's theme, a hopeful rock theme that encapsulates Hikari's Character Development of being freed from his quest for vengeance and becoming a genuine Ultraman in his own right.
    • The opening song seriously deserves some listening to, with Project DMM's powerful vocals and the overwhelmingly positive tone fitting for the opening of the franchise's 40th anniversary season.

Zero Saga, New Generation, and Reiwa Eras

  • "Final Wars!" by the legendary band The Alfee is easily one of the most badass tunes in the entire franchise. They also wrote Ultraman Ginga S's theme, "Eiyuu no Uta", which kicks ass as well.
  • Kenji Kawai returned to the franchise to score Ultraman Geed, to satisfying effect. In particular, the opening, "Geed no Akashi", features a great blend of guitars, vocals from Voyager (and from Tatsuomi Hamada, Riku Asakura's actor), and amazing choir bits in the chorus.
  • Ultraman Z:
    • From JAM Project's own Masaaki Endoh, we get a supremely Hot-Blooded Ultra Series opening that sounds great during actual fight scenes: "Goshowa kudasai, ware no na wo... ULTRAMAN ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTT!"
    • Z has awesome themes for his form changes too:
      • Alpha Edge's theme uses traditional instruments and strings to great effect, fitting how the form uses the power of three martial artists.
      • Beta Smash's theme, a hot-blooded rock piece that perfectly accompanies the showy, pro wrestler-like fighting style of the form.
      • Gamma Future's theme is slower and more mysterious but no less badass, befitting the varied beam attacks and showy fighting style it grants Z.
      • Delta Rise Claw's theme is fittingly badass for Z's Super Mode, with the added touch of being slightly sinister at parts to represent how the evil Belial is one of the components of the form.
  • The opening for Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, "Trigger", is pure hype distilled into musical form, taking all of the energy and fun "Take Me Higher" had and mixing it with a modern flair.
  • The opening for Ultraman Decker, "Wake up Decker!" is delightfully high-energy and motivating, hyping up the audience for the show whenever it plays during the opening sequence.