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Awesome Music / The Umbrella Academy (2019)

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"I think we're alone now..."

Relying heavily on 80s nostalgia and with some talented musicians working in it, such as Gerard Way and Mary J. Blige, the show manages to have a killer soundtrack full of classic 80s songs and alternative rock.

  • "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany, which fits in perfectly with the first trailer. It also serves as a melancholic reminder of the siblings' communication issues as they always think that they're alone and is used in a scene where all the siblings are dancing separately.
  • "In The Heat of the Moment" by Noah Galagher's High Flying Birds is incredibly upbeat and catchy.
  • "Hazy Shade of Winter" in the official trailer, a rocking cover performed by Gerard Way himself.
  • Lindsey Stirling's cover of "Phantom of the Opera" starts out the series with Vanya playing elegant music before it ramps up showing how different all of Vanya's siblings are, contrasting the violin to the rock music that accompanies it.
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  • "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid in Number 5's flashback scene in episode 2 is pretty damn cool.
  • Paloma Faith's beautiful cover of "Never Tear Us Apart" in episode 2's last scene makes the scene even more heartbreaking.
  • "Saturday Night" by Bay City Rollers, played during the scene when Luther, Allison, Diego, and Klaus run down the bowling lanes to escape the Commission hitmen is insanely well placed.
  • Cha-Cha's actress, Mary J. Blige, does an amazing cover of Faces' "Stay With Me" which plays when Cha-Cha furiously burns down Agnes' doughnut shop in Episode 8.
  • "Istanbul" by They Might Be Giants, played in the scene where Number 5 takes out a squad of Mooks in the doughnut shop, is a fun, upbeat song that makes the action-packed scene even funnier and more awesome.
  • "Mary" by Big Thief makes Klaus' return from 1968 all the more haunting.


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