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Awesome / The Umbrella Academy (2019)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season One

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     We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals 
  • The flashback to the foiled bank robbery, where Allison, Luther, Diego, Klaus, Five and Ben take turns effortlessly defeating grown men with guns. While the Umbrella Academy is a dysfunctional mess these days, at one point they really were a mean, lean, crime-fighting machine.

     I Heard A Rumor 
  • Patrick divorcing Allison to protect their daughter. Keep in mind he's an ordinary human and she's an actress with a Compelling Voice.
  • Allison using old-fashioned detective work to find her sister.

  • In a dark sense, some may find it extremely satisfying to see Vanya murder Leonard.

    The White Violin 
  • Klaus summoning Ben's spirit and taking down a dozen Commission mooks at once, effectively going from being the guy with the useless power to showing himself to be the most powerful sibling other than Vanya.
  • Vanya's powers are something truly to behold as well, once she goes One-Winged Angel and uses Reginald's violin to bring on the Apocalypse. In addition to holding most of her siblings at bay effortlessly despite their attempt to Zerg Rush her, she also somehow transforms her black tuxedo into a bright-white outfit.
    • Allison gets the drop on Vanya, sneaking up behind her as she is attacking the other siblings, and is able to knock her out by firing a pistol next to her ear, deafening her and cutting off her access to her powers...
    • ... which still results in Vanya unleashing her charged up attack into the moon, shattering it and dropping the pieces on the Earth and causing the Apocalypse anyway.
  • Hazel finally has enough of the Commission, doing his level best to dispatch Cha Cha at the first opportunity before returning to the hotel where he marches into The Handler's hotel room and shoots her in the head before escaping with Agnes and The Handler's briefcase.
    • Also, Hazel in general. Is his final fight with Cha Cha a drawn out brawl where he uses his superior brawn to overpower her? No. He waits until she unbuckles her seatbelt before suddenly flooring the gas pedal and crashing the car, sending her flying through the windshield. He similarly wastes no time in executing The Handler, showing just how dangerous he is to have that job.

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