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"I heard a rumor" is a safety measure, not a requirement, and Allison will figure out other ways to use her powers.

It would be immensely dangerous if Allison's powers just went off whenever she used an imperative (think of how often English speakers casually say things that sound like commands but aren't—something as simple as "shut up!" could be really literal from an Allison with less control) or really wanted something, especially as we already know she hasn't always been the most responsible about using her powers. Having to say the catch phrase means she has to be intentional about using her Compelling Voice, which probably makes it easier for her to control it. Now that her vocal chords are out of commission she'll make like Klaus and discover new dimensions to her abilities.

Allison used her powers on Luther when they were younger.

Sibling incest is rare. There's an entire theory with evidence backing it up (the Westermarck effect) about humans not being attracted to people they were raised with, regardless of them being biological family. So it's pretty unlikely that Allison and Luther would be mutually attracted to someone they grew up with, especially with said mutual attraction starting when they were still kids. It isn't unlikely, though, that an emotionally neglected kid with no real concept of romantic attraction would mistake the deeper affection she feels towards one of her brothers and assume it must be romantic love. And what affection-starved pre-teen with Allison’s power wouldn’t use them to get their 'crush' to like them back? So she does, Luther falls in love with her and starts treating her with a care she'd never experienced, which leads to her becoming actually infatuated and possibly even forgetting she used her powers to begin with. Flash-forward to them as adults, Allison's idea of love is still very much connected to Luther, and Luther is still being influenced by her powers, resulting in them still wanting to bang. And with their relationship being received by the fandom as a Romantic Plot Tumor, it would make sense for the creators to try and retcon them.

The world is still doomed.

Even if they're able to help Vanya control her emotions, they're only preventing the apocalypse that Five found himself in, which is a result of Reginald's own messing with time, which only created a worse apocalypse than the one he's from, which probably would have happened if Vanya hadn't destroyed things first. So the team will still find themselves facing an apocalypse one way or another.
  • Additionally, the original apocalypse was caused by one of the other 43 spontaneously born children, and they'll come into play in season 2.
    • It seems a lot more likely that Vanya caused the original apocalypse, as Five believes. Leonard was at the Academy when it all went down, suggesting Vanya was there as well, and it all happened within 8 days of Vanya meeting Leonard. So either Vanya and Leonard went to the Academy and Vanya caused the apocalypse there, or this unnamed member of the 43 swooped in at the last second and caused the apocalypse for unrelated reasons. Occam's Razor suggests the first option is more plausible.

Reginald knew everything in advance.

It may even be that Reginald works for the Commission and set Vanya up to cause the apocalypse. He knew when to bring the others together, which would let them all be killed at once. Vanya's lack of medicine exposed her full emotions and her power during a week that played havoc with even her toughest and most stable siblings.

Klaus serves as a "gateway" of sorts to ghosts.

Ben being able to physically manipulate the living world when Klaus is stone-cold sober could mean that Klaus can literally allow ghosts to come back to the world of the living.

Leonard actually has some sort of super power

Luther holding Leonard's glass eye in the alternate apocalypse doesn't make any sense. That is, unless in that universe he survived longer and then, instead of accidentally causing Vanya to bring about the apocalypse, he was an active participant in what caused it. Add in the fact that he was born in the same day as the others, and maybe he's got a power that regular universe Leonardo just hadn't realized or shown on screen.
  • Not necessarily. Five eventually puts together the fact that the house came down before the actual apocalypse and in the main timeline Leonard encourages Vanya to invite them to the recital. The Hargreeves could have realized what Leonard was doing when the two came to invite the others, due to Vanya's powers manifesting, and attack him, leading to Vanya bringing the house down to protect him and continue to the concert.
  • There’s also a brief shot of a charred body lying in the rubble of the Academy. Chances are very good that this is Vanya who, after becoming enraged at something her siblings said or did, brought the Academy down around her siblings and then generated enough sonic energy to burn herself alive.

Leonard doesn't have a superpower... but his twin would have.

Even though Leonard was born on the same day as the Hargreeveses, it's established that his mom was pregnant beforehand. However, just because he wasn't one of the spontaneous pregnancies, that doesn't mean his mom wasn't spontaneously pregnant. After Leonard was born, his mom died soon after. This could have been because she went into labor again immediately after, and the stress killed her, and her second baby.

The Hargreeves are actually ranked least to most powerful

Luther is simply just strong, Diego can arc things he throws and yet the two of them are ranked 1 and 2 while Vanya is a one woman apocalypse and ranked dead last. If Reginald is capable of seeing into the future, he might have been able to get the gist of how powerful each of his children would be, hence why they have had the same numbers since birth and not get reordered. Once Reginald decided Vanya was too dangerous and had memory of her powers erased he could have easily just lied and said it was about who was the most to least useful to cover his tracks.

Drugs could block all the siblings powers

Klaus is just the only one who wants to use that to his advantage. The type of drug may vary. It’s how Vanya’s anxiety dulling pills stopped her powers.

The Temps Commission is responsible for Dave's death.

In traveling back to the Vietnam War, Klaus placed himself at a point in time twenty-one years prior to his birth. The fact he stayed in an active war zone for ten months simply because Dave was there suggests he could have been planning to live out the rest of his natural life with Dave from 1968 onward. This would be all well and good up until October 1, 1989, because if Klaus Hargreeves was already in his fifties at the point when he was born, it would create a paradox, having an unknown (possibly negative) effect on the timeline. Taking Dave out of the picture was the easiest way to get Klaus to return to his own time, and no one would question a shrapnel wound in the middle of the Vietnam War. Furthermore, in killing Dave, the Commission would have given Klaus another reason to want to remain numb, keeping him from developing his powers and possibly preventing the apocalypse.

The Black Parade and/or the Killjoys will appear.

The show is based on a comic book made by Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade seems to be some sort of afterlife in the music video, so Klaus my end up meeting them, maybe as some sort of ally or maybe as harbingers of the apocalypse, The killjoys (also made into a comic book) seem to come from a post apocalyptic time, so Five may accidentally travel to that timeline (also helps to give a crossover) and meet them, also the apocalypse does look kind of like it does in the Welcome to the Black Parade video.

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