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Heartwarming / The Umbrella Academy (2019)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season One

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     We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals 
  • The very first scene. A spontaneous pregnancy creates panic at a water aerobics class — and then we cut to the entire water aerobics class gathered round, helping the unfortunate mother give birth, holding her hands, and encouraging her.
  • Allison greeting Vanya. Despite it being a little awkward because they haven't seen each other in a while, Allison's genuinely trying to be a better sister for Vanya.
  • Allison and Klaus share a mutual and fond hug between each other, and when Allison worryedly asks if Klaus had just gotten out of rehab, he tries to tell her that he's fine.
  • Vanya telling Pogo how she missed Five, and actually went out of her way as a child to leave the light on in the kitchen with his favorite, peanut butter with marshmallows. All of this was just in case Five ever came back home. Pogo remembers this, and admits that he had accidentally stepped into the sandwiches some times.
  • Despite being angry about the gift Diego picked with him, Luther starts playing music, his siblings slowly but surely start dancing to it, bringing a smile back onto their faces and connecting each other again even if briefly.
    • During the pan out showing them all dancing, Pogo can be seen bouncing his foot to the music as well.
  • It's a small one, but when Five returns from the future and the temporal anomaly is acting up, Diego pushes Vanya behind him.
    • In the process, he puts himself shoulder to shoulder with Luther, who he had been fighting with only minutes before, a subtle example of how Diego will always put his family first, no matter what.
  • The plate on Ben's memorial statue, "May the darkness within you find peace in the light."
  • The others being a little worried over Grace's condition since she seems more than a little out of it. After his fight with Luther, Diego gently ushers his mother inside the house.
  • While Five is annoyed by Klaus' gesture, it is nice to see him hold his arm out to keep Five away from the fight (although it may also be because he doesn't want anyone to stop it).
  • Pogo saying goodbye to Vanya as she leaves.
  • Five fondly reminiscing to the man at the doughnut shop about how he and his siblings used to sneak out there and eat doughnuts until they puked.
  • While Five's attitude towards Vanya isn't much different from how he treats the rest of his siblings, he does show a bit more affection towards her, in his own way. Advising her to put locks on her windows at her apartment saying that "rapists can climb", allowing her to look after his wound without a fuss, and when he talks to her about the apocalypse he tells this because he says "I've decided that you're the only one I can trust" and "Because you'll listen".
    • He also comments on her book and how it was "pretty good", which is probably the only time anyone in the family even praised Vanya for her autobiography.
  • In a flashback to the kids getting their tattoos, Klaus and Allison are shown comforting each other.
  • When their mother sends them to bed after their father doesn’t so much as look up to say goodnight, Luther can be seen leading Ben away with a hand on his back.
  • It is kind of sweet that Diego still agrees to drive Klaus around despite his cold relationships with his other siblings.

     Run Boy Run 
  • During breakfast, Allison and Luther give each other passing smiles.
  • While Five argues with Reginald about using his powers to time travel during breakfast, Vanya clearly doesn't want her brother to get in trouble and subtly shakes her head to tell him not to push the topic any further.
    • When Five gets stuck in the future, the first person he calls out for is Vanya and then Ben.
  • Even though Klaus is tired, hungover and cranky without his drugs, the way he talks to Ben is clearly affectionate, and it is saying something that Ben is the only ghost Klaus doesn't mind having around, even if he can get annoying at times.
    Klaus: Shut your pie-hole, Ben! (Beat) Said with love.
  • Luther hadn't thought Allison would have told her daughter about him, since she clearly wanted to leave the family behind. However, Allison tells him that he was never what she wanted to get away from, and that she used to tell her daughter bedtime stories about her uncle on the moon who was watching over everyone.
  • Five telling Klaus about his love Delores, and later in the episode, he goes to the mall where he found her in the future and smiles warmly at the mannequin.

     Extra Ordinary 
  • Vanya's autobiography has some nice excerpts in it, even as she talks about the family secrets.
    • She calls Ben the most kind of her siblings.
    • When writing about Five, her words are nothing but warm and gentle. She even writes that "he was my sole confidante in the years before he disappeared", and how she wondered if she could show Five the violin piece she had been working on for weeks.
    • Allison and Klaus used to paint each other’s nails.
  • Grace looking after the children, which serves to prove Diego's point that she's grown past her programming and does things for them out of her own desire, and not because of Hargreeves' programming.
    • Allison can't find her domino mask, and then Grace appears, giving her her mask saying that it needed some TLC after their last mission. Allison smiles, takes the mask, and genuinely thanks her mother before running off.
    • When passing by Vanya's room, Grace stops for a moment to compliment her on her violin playing, saying that it sounded beautiful. Vanya smiles shyly at the compliment and thanks her.
    • Ben running up to Grace, fumbling with his zipper and saying that it was stuck. Grace helps him zip it up before sending him on his way.
    • Lastly, Diego. As he practices saying "Don't move", but can't stop his stutter, Grace advises him to picture the words in his head which would make speaking easier. Diego follows these instructions, and in a couple of tries, is able to say the sentence without stuttering.
    Grace: (beaming) You did it, I'm so proud of you!
  • Diego’s dedication to his mother.

     Man on the Moon 
  • Ben trying to keep Klaus calm, talking him through his small panic attack as his powers start resurfacing thanks to him not being able to take his drugs.
    • He even suggests to Klaus to use the ghosts against Cha-Cha and Hazel, and smiles proudly at his brother when the tactic works.
  • A bit sad, but it's nice to see the one time Cha-Cha and Hazel appear to be enjoying themselves together is when they're burning down the prosthetic lab while high as kites.
  • While yelling at Luther and Diego, Pogo does seem to be very concerned for what happens to Five.

     Number Five 
  • Diego makes note of Klaus being uncharacteristically quiet during the whole car drive, and even lectures him on taking care of his body instead of pumping it full of liquor and drugs. When Klaus goes into the veteran memorial alone, Diego soon follows, putting a hand on his brother's shoulder and telling him he wasn't going to leave until he told him what was wrong.
  • While he and Luther wait to meet up with Hazel and Cha-Cha, Five tells Luther that he's still young and has a lot of life to still live, and advises him not to waste it.
  • Before leaving, Five makes sure to move the bullet that was going towards Luther so when time runs again, he won't be shot.

     The Day That Wasn't 
  • Allison attempts to cheer Luther up by finishing their childhood date. Even though this ends with them spitting up their spoiled soda and causing their fort to collapse, Allison can only giggle at it all.
    Allison: Yeah, we're not kids anymore!
    • Later on when they go to the park, she watches in amusement as Luther easily wolfs down a whole hotdog, noting that Luther now seemed to be better after eating.
  • Heavily crossed with Tearjerker, but Klaus' genuine love for Dave is very sweet, especially given his admission to Five in episode two that he'd never had a relationship longer than three weeks before. His conversation with Diego is especially notable:
    Diego: What was her name?
    Klaus: His name was Dave. We soldiered together in the A Shau Valley in the Mountain of the Crouching Beast.
    Diego: ...Well, Dave must have been a very special person to put up with all your weirdass shit.
    Klaus: Yeah. Yeah, he was. He was kind, and strong, and vulnerable, and beautiful. Beautiful.
    • Klaus' look of joy as he sees Dave's ghost walking towards him.
  • Diego being relieved when he sees Grace able to walk around again, and when she notices that he's down, she makes him a meal to cheer him up.
  • Allison and Luther's dance in the park.

     The Day That Was 
  • Klaus goes to Luther instead of Diego for help going clean, only to find Luther stone cold drunk after finding out that Reginald sent him to the moon for nothing. Even after Luther drunkenly assaults him, Klaus is very gentle and sympathetic while looking genuinely heartbroken at how hurt and low his brother is.
  • Ben trying to keep Klaus focused on being sober, even though Klaus points out he doesn't have to listen and can just as easily walk through Ben. Ben then argues that Klaus should be grateful for being alive, since he's allowed second chances, whereas he's already dead.
  • Even though the person he meets isn't Dave, when God tells Klaus to go to the shack behind him because "He's waiting for you", Klaus excitedly runs towards the shack and looks close to tripping as calls out for Dave.
  • When Klaus approaches Luther at the rave, Luther’s first reaction is to yell, “Brother!” and hug him. He’s high, Klaus can’t breathe, and it’s kind of adorable.
  • Eudora's partner warns Diego that he's wanted for murdering Patch, but doesn't believe he was the killer. As he says, Diego is many things, but he wouldn't kill a woman they both cared about.

     I Heard a Rumor 
  • Allison telling Claire a story about how she and her siblings stopped a bank robbery. When she gets to Luther, Claire immediately calls him Space-boy and Allison goes along with it. After the story ends, Claire asks why "Auntie Vanya" isn't in it.
    • Also, Allison referring to her brothers, whom she hasn’t talked to in a really long time at this point, as Claire’s uncles. The affection in her voice when she talks about her estranged family to her little girl is blatant and touching.
  • Klaus calls for a family meeting, but when he pours everyone some coffee, he leaves one out, not giving it to Luther or Five. Later shots show Ben sitting in that chair where Klaus left the coffee.
  • Diego tells Luther they needed to go because Allison went to look for Vanya and Luther, who was brooding mere seconds ago and refused to do anything but drink his sorrows away, immediately stands up and rushes out the door, tearing it off its hinges.
    Luther: You should have led with that!
  • Allison's Anguished Declaration of Love to Vanya, even as her sister's temper is wearing thin and she starts lashing out at her. Allison wants to be able to bond with Vanya and be closer to her, in order to make up for the times she didn't when they were children.
  • When Luther is sobbing over Allison as she’s close to death, you can see Klaus trying to comfort him.

  • In contrast to the beginning of the series where they could all barely be in the same room together, when Allison is on the verge of death Luther, Klaus, and Diego all immediately offer to give her blood. Special mention goes to Diego who is so scared of needles that he faints at the sight of one and still volunteered with no hesitation.
  • Five returning Delores to her stand with the other mannequins, believing the apocalypse to be averted and bidding his love farewell. As he leaves, he asks a store-clerk if they could put different clothes on her, adding that she likes sequins.
  • Allison seeing Vanya placed in her isolation chamber and doesn't blame Vanya for her injury, but herself. As she tries to go and help Vanya, Luther pulls her back and Allison shoves and hits him. She knows how scared Vanya is and how she didn't mean to hurt her, but Luther won't listen.
    • Related to that, Diego and Klaus are adamant about letting Vanya go, with Diego pointing out that Vanya needs their help and locking her in a cage won't solve anything, and Klaus being genuinely horrified for her and talking about how scared she must be about having powers after thinking her whole life that she didn't have them, possibly thinking about his own confusion regarding his own newfound ability.
      • Diego, who wrote Vanya out of the family several times in the beginning of the season, is especially disgusted with Luther, asking him, "you locked up our sister because you think she has powers?".
      • Especially consider that all the siblings got Training from Hell to control their powers as kids. Diego and Luther are the only ones whose abilities without control could be devastating, since Klaus' is more Go Mad from the Revelation regarding ghosts. They know exactly why Vanya is scared because she's an adult who was forced to forget the same training.
  • Ben once again attempting to keep Klaus from taking drugs, trying to advise him on better ways he could help his siblings.
    • They both then find out that Klaus can somewhat bring Ben into the physical world, and they spend the ending part of the episode practicing.

     The White Violin 
  • Ben managing to pull Diego away from the falling rubble of their home, and while Diego believes Klaus is the one who saved him, it's still nice to see that Ben cares for the rest of his siblings beyond the grave.
    • Also, Diego’s reaction to thinking Klaus saved him is that of pride and gratitude, complete with a hug! He even sticks up for Klaus later in the episode, telling the others to listen to him.
  • As the siblings plan on stopping Vanya, they're adamant on not killing her. Even when Luther brings up the possibility, he says he only did it because they may not have a choice.
  • Since Allison can't speak, she asks Luther be her voice as she calls Claire. Luther does his best to convey to Claire how much her mother loves her, and Allison breaks down into silent tears.
    • Beyond having him speak for her, she's making sure that Claire and Luther get to speak to each other at least once before the end of the world.
  • During Vanya's concert and rampage, Allison is the only sibling whom she doesn't harm because she made an effort to be nice to her, and when she sees her walking down towards her during the concert, the two sisters give each other warm smiles.
  • As Vanya plays at her concert, her siblings can't help but be mesmerized by her violin playing.
  • When Klaus summons Ben, the other siblings all stare and smile, knowing that their lost brother is still there with them.
  • Allison can't bring herself to shoot Vanya in the back of her head, and instead moves the gun near her ear so the shock deafens her and knocks her out instead. Sure, it winds up causing the apocalypse, but she couldn't find it in her to kill her sister.
  • After Allison shoots Vanya, Vanya falls unconscious. The siblings are all immediately concerned for her well-being and are relieved when Allison confirms that she's still alive. Special mention goes to Allison, who's cradling Vanya in her arms.
  • When the pieces of the moon begin to fall towards Earth and the apocalypse begins, Klaus can be seen clutching Dave's dog tags, clearly thinking about his deceased lover in the face of his own death.
  • When they all vote about going back in time, Luther asks Klaus if Ben is on board with the idea.
  • Diego chooses to honor Patch’s memory by not killing Cha-Cha.
    • When Diego returns to the group, Allison touches him on the shoulder in either support or comfort.
  • Hazel finally gets his chance to be with Agnes and prevent her demise, as he uses the Handler's stolen briefcase to jump through time with her just as the Apocalypse is wiping out the world.

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