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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • Anything coming out of Klaus' mouth or anything he does is guaranteed to get a laugh.
  • Cha-Cha and Hazel receiving their messages from the Handler in random locations.
  • An unintentional example, but if you're a fan of Schitt's Creek, it's impossible to see the bed and breakfast that shows up in several late season one episodes as anything other than the Rosebud Motel due to them using the same highly recognizable exterior set.
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  • The sheer ability of Five's actor to act as a cranky old man in a 13-year-old body. Especially when he treats his old-enough-to-look-like-his-parents siblings like they're annoying teenagers.

Season One

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     We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals 
  • This little part from the opening.
    Narrator: On the 12th hour of the first day of October, 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. This was unusual only in the fact that none of these women had been pregnant when the day first began. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, eccentric billionaire and adventure, resolved to locate and adopt as many of the children as possible.
    Reginald: (To one of the mothers) Extraordinary. How much do you want for it?
    (Screen cuts to black with the words "HE GOT SEVEN OF THEM" appearing).
  • What seems like barely an hour out of rehab, Klaus immediately buys drugs, gets resuscitated in an ambulance and high fives the operator. Given the other man's reactions, this is a pretty normal thing for Klaus.
  • Klaus and Allison reunite, by Allison walking in on Klaus trying to find something in Reginald's office that he can steal and sell for drug money.
    • He points out that if Reginald were alive, he'd never let them set foot in his office, while happily proclaiming that's no longer the case since he's officially dead now.
      Klaus: Thank god he wasn't our real father or we would have inherited those cold, dead eyes! (pulls at his eyes to show Allison) Agh!
  • Luther stops Klaus from leaving, telling him to drop the things he stole. While Klaus tries to deny this, he eventually (but dramatically) drops some boxes he stole, claiming it was their inheritance. Yet once he's away from Luther's field of vision, he somehow pulls out a large box and kisses it before running off to check on whether or not there were valuables inside.
  • Allison realizing that Klaus is wearing her skirt.
    Allison: Is that my skirt?
    Klaus: Oh, yeah, this. I found it in your room, it's a little dated, I know, but... It's very breathy on the bits.
  • Luther asks Klaus if he could talk to their dead father, and Klaus starts complaining.
    Klaus: I just can't call Dad in the afterlife and be like, "Dad, could you stop playing tennis with Hitler for a moment, and take a quick call?"
    • Allison then asks if Klaus was high and he admits that he was and asks how everyone else wasn't.
  • Diego tells everyone that Luther is suspicious because he thinks one of them killed their father. Everyone else files out of the room, with Klaus quipping this.
    Klaus: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm just going to go murder Mom, I'll be right back.
  • Number Five confusing one of the robbers and replaces his gun with a stapler. So when the robber tries to shoot Number Five, nothing really happens.
    Number Five: That's one badass stapler.
  • Klaus knocking over his father's urn and spilling his ashes while trying to reach for a drink. After a few seconds though, he seems more amused than scared.
  • As Luther walks down the halls with cute drawings of children, it ends up being pictures to illustrate how to disarm and attack foes.
  • The Dance Montage:
    • Luther dancing very stiffly and clumsily, eventually getting carried away and punching the air - breaking one of his toy airplanes in the process.
    • The ever-moody and brooding Diego, after first closing the doors and ensuring no one can see him, busting out some surprisingly elaborate dance moves.
    • Klaus predictably being a total space case and dancing around the kitchen with Sir Reginald's funeral urn.
    • Allison breaks out a boa and starts dancing as though she actually has an audience.
    • Vanya just stands in the entrance hall and dances on the spot in an extremely casual way. Words cannot express just how much effort she is putting into the simple act of being "casual."
    • Also, when the scene zooms out to the overview of the whole house: if you look carefully you can see Pogo sitting alone in his room, reading a book and nodding his head to the music.
  • The lights in the house go off and all the metallic objects start flying towards the walls dangerously. However, Klaus quickly grabs the urn before it flies off and asks questioningly (and probably extremely high), "Daddy??"
  • Everyone gathers to see the rip in their dimension, and Klaus comes running in with a fire extinguisher. He hoses the portal before tossing it in.
    Allison: What is that gonna do?!
    Klaus: I don't know! You have a better idea!?
  • Five's first words after dropping out of a portal in space-time and realizing he's a teenager again says it all:
    Five: Shit.
  • Five using his Teleport Spam to get things, Luther notes that it's the one thing he didn't miss about him.
  • Five briefly telling the others where he's been for the past seventeen years.
    Five: The future. It's shit, by the way.
    Klaus: Called it!
  • Five commenting on missing Reginald's funeral.
    Five: Guess I missed the funeral.
    Luther: How'd you know about that?
    Five: What part of "the future" do YOU not understand?
  • Luther dumping Reginald's ashes on the ground, and after a pause everyone looks up at him. He stares at the ground and admits it would have been better with some wind.
  • As Diego and Luther are fighting everyone is telling them to stop, except Klaus who just yells "Hit him!".
  • Number Five really likes coffee, and is very cranky when he can't find any in their large house.
    Allison: Dad hated caffeine.
    Klaus: Well, he hated children too, but he had plenty of us.
  • After Five disappears Klaus says they should stop him, but then admits that he just wants to see what'll happen.
  • Diego tells Klaus he's leaving to which he responds, "Fabulous, I'll get my things!"
    • Later, Klaus dashes towards the car, slams the door and tells Diego how he sees pink hippos coming after him.
  • When Five orders his coffee black, the waitress says, "Cute kid" to which Five responds with a creepy smile. The waitress runs off to get their orders.
    • Five then recounts to the man sitting next to him of when he and his sibling used to sneak out here to eat donuts until they puked, calling it their "playtime". The man looks incredibly awkward but indulges in light conversation.
  • The song playing in the background as Five decimates the soldiers? Istanbul (Not Constantinople).
  • Five breaking into Vanya's home and advises her to put locks on her windows. When Vanya replies she lives on the second floor, Five adds this:
    Five: Rapists can climb.
  • After Five tells Vanya the reason why he's back was because the end of the world was coming, she is struck speechless.
    Vanya: (beat) I'll put on a pot of coffee.

    Run Boy Run 
  • During the rather bizarre meal presided over by Reginald, a young Klaus can be seen discreetly rolling a joint under the table.
  • Hazel casually trying out the vibrating bed while speaking with Cha-Cha.
  • Agnes concludes her testimony of the shootout by remarking that she'd already explained everything to "the other detective." Cue a very suspicious look from Eudora. Then cut to Diego leaving the building via the side door, only to get ambushed by a pissed-off Eudora and tazered unconscious before he can finish making excuses.
  • Pogo giving a mild Jumpscare to Klaus.
    Klaus: Christ- cracker!
  • Klaus waking up and crawling on the floor in search for drugs. Ben just nonchalantly points out how Klaus doesn't have drugs anymore and suggests he try to get through his morning sober, with a hearty breakfast.
    Klaus: Shut your pie-hole, Ben! (Beat) Said with love. (Blows a kiss at him)
  • Klaus lies to Pogo about knowing what happened to the box he stole from Reginald's office. Ben's ghost, sitting on the couch and reading, calls him out on it.
    Ben: Liar.
    Klaus: Drop dead.
    Ben: (looking up from his book) Low blow.
    • The hilarious part is the montage of Klaus going through the boxes contents the day before and throwing out what he doesn't see as valuable, selling it to the nearest pawn shop, using the money to buy drugs and then later falls onto the couch in nothing but his underwear to sleep.
    Klaus: (Beat) No. No. No idea.
  • Klaus toppling out of Number Five's closet dressed in his "nicest outfit."
  • Having decided to get information by having Klaus masquerade as Five's dad, the two are about to set off when Klaus starts asking questions about his cover story, and then starts spinning a yarn about where he first met his "mother" at a disco, how much of a slut she was, and how amazing the sex was.
    Five: What a disturbing glimpse into that thing you call a brain.
    Klaus: Don't make me put you in time out.
  • Hazel and Cha-cha interrogating the tow truck driver, and as Hazel is eating his sandwich, he asks if it was tuna. Then he walks up to electrocute him.
    Hazel: That's for no mayonnaise.
    • The tow-truck driver saying how Five talked about coming to the doughnut shop when he was a boy.
    Cha-cha: You thinking what I'm thinking?
    Hazel: Italian for dinner?
  • Klaus and Five trying to interrogate a man for information, but he isn't budging. So Klaus asks why he laid his hand on his son. Both the man and Five are confused, asking "What?" at the same time. The man asks what he means when he clearly hadn't touched Five and Klaus punches Five across the face before leaning over the table and demanding the information. Five looks at Klaus while holding his cheek as if thinking, "What the hell, man?"
    • Klaus then picks up the snowglobe (that reads "Peace on earth") on the guy's desk and smashes it into his own face.
      Klaus: (wrestling the phone away and acting injured) There's been an assault, in Mr. Biggs office, so we need security, now. SCHNELL!
    • Klaus telling the employee that'd he'd do great in prison since he's been there, and the employee calls Klaus crazy and then, later, a sick bastard. Klaus's response is to thank him, entirely serious.
    • And when Grant finally does look up the eye ball, Klaus is standing over his shoulder, and you can see him getting more nervous and flinching away. From Klaus.
  • Klaus asking Five for twenty bucks after they leave the building for acting as his "father".
    Five: The world's about to end and all you can think about is getting high?
    Klaus: Well, and I'm also pretty hungry. Tummy's a rumblin'.
    • Klaus asks Five about his time in the future and if he met anyone there. Five briefly talks about Dolores before getting annoyed by Klaus and then ditches him by teleporting into a nearby driving cab and waving goodbye as he passes by Klaus.
      Klaus: Hey! GIVE ME MY MONEY!!
  • Hazel briefly being distracted in mid-shoot-out by an elastic wrist split. Apparently, carrying the briefcase everywhere is giving him trouble!

    Extra Ordinary 
  • The opening montage of reactions to Vanya's book, while a little sad at times, does have a few gems.
    • Luther reads it while doing push ups. For what's apparently the second time, as it's got annotations all over it.
    • Diego has the book's dust jacket taped to his punching bag.
    • Klaus, in an unusually subdued mood, reads it in rehab... while Ben's ghost reads it over his shoulder, reacting with open dismay and being shushed by Klaus.
    • Five reads it following the apocalypse. Bear in mind that when Five went into the future, the book hadn't been written yet, and he's the only one with a second-run paperback copy instead of a first-run hardcover.
  • At breakfast, Grace still arranges the eggs and bacon into little smiley faces for Luther and Allison.
  • Klaus dumpster diving in search of the important documents he threw out in the first episode, while being constantly asked by Ben if they can see a movie... or the ocean. And then Five enters via the fire escape.
    "I'd ask what you're up to, Klaus, but then it occurred to me: I don't care."
  • From the same scene, Klaus drops back into the dumpster in mid-conversation with Five and reappears holding half a doughnut, which he then starts eating. Even he can't quite pretend it's delicious.
    • Klaus claiming that he just wants to hang out with his brother - then glances over at Ben and adds "not you."
    • After hammily claiming that he loves Five "even if you can't love yourself," Klaus spits out the doughnut after him.
    • Five concludes this scene by getting into a van and casually driving away despite being biologically too young to drive; this in itself isn't funny, though. What is is the bewildered reaction of the homeless man in the alley entrance.
  • Luther's attempt to demand answers from Five is slightly undercut by the fact that his enormous frame can't fit in the van's passenger seat, resulting in several awkward seconds of squeezing in.
  • Klaus attempting to romance Delores in the back of Five's van.
    Klaus: Hey, a little privacy guys, we're really hitting it off back here- AGH! Hahahaha!
    Five: (throwing things at Klaus) Get out!
  • Klaus begins to tell his brothers a story about how he waxed his ass with chocolate pudding and how it hurt like shit. Luther then looks at Klaus and asks why he was still here, with Klaus giving a confused reaction.
    Five: Ay-yiyi.
  • After being exiled from the car, Klaus' first idea is to steal snacks from a convenience store. Luther and Five actually trail off in their conversation to watch him get chased around by a cashier.
    Klaus: (running past the car with snacks spilling out of his arms) Hey, bitches!
  • As the others argue, Klaus says that he'd take Diego's side over Luther, because screw him, and if Ben were here, he'd agree with Klaus. Ben's ghost then immediately disagrees with that statement and Klaus hisses at him to shut up.
  • As Grace makes her round helping the children, she is somewhat startled by Klaus jumping up and down on his bed, with the drawer of his desk on fire, giggling madly. She huffily walks over and quickly smothers the flames.
    Klaus: Thank you, mother~.
    Grace: (walking away) Boys will be boys.
  • During Hazel and Cha-Cha's attack on the Academy, Klaus is taking a bath with his walkman on and can't hear the carnage going on outside the bathroom; as such, he spends the entire fight goofing around in a bath towel and obliviously dancing around the corridor, all while narrowly missing an encounter with the two assassins.
  • Before the shootout starts, Hazel and Cha-Cha are sneaking about the mansion, and are startled to find one of Luther's giant shoes. After the shooting starts, and the both of them are sent flying into different rooms while fighting Luther, Hazel points out that at least they've figured out who the owner of the shoe was.

     Man On The Moon 
  • Luther, feeling alone and bored in the large house, ends up killing time by riding a bicycle and drinking out of a container of milk as he circles around the lobby.
  • Cha-Cha tries to get information out of Klaus by garroting him... only for Klaus to spoil the whole thing by getting an erection and very nearly reaching climax.
    Klaus: Don't stop now... (grunting) I'm almost there...
    Cha-Cha: ...Is that a...?
    Hazel: (looks over and turns away) Yup.
    Cha-Cha: Ugh...
  • Hazel and Cha-Cha then try to torture Klaus by waterboarding him. However, Klaus starts gargling and eventually drinking the water, thanking the two for a drink for his parched throat.
    Hazel: Oh, come on!
  • At one point, they demand to know where Klaus's brother is. It's funny because the shot is framed with Ben casually lounging on the bed in the background when they ask. It's hilarious because Klaus glances at Ben, who grins and winks back.
  • How do they eventually get him to talk? By stealing his drug stash and destroying them, except for the hash-laced chocolates which they eat. In the very next scene, Hazel and Cha-Cha destroy the prosthetics lab while very, very stoned.
    Ben: Aren't you going to tell them those are "special" chocolates?
    Klaus: Not 'til they're high as kites.
    • Later they end up at Agnes' donut shop, both of them tired and a little out of it, and Cha-Cha admits she has no idea why they even decided to come in the first place.
    • During the aforementioned scene, Luther and Diego are out looking for Five and eventually discover his van. They immediately get into a disagreement over who enters the van first, which Luther ends by haughtily proclaiming "I'm One." Of course, Luther finds himself once again unable to fit through the driver's side door, prompting Diego to give up and open the side door.
  • During the search for Five at the public library, Luther angrily asks Diego if he ever stops talking, only for Diego to get distracted and trail off. Cue Luther remarking "that was easy."
    • And the thing that distracted Diego? The sight of Five slumped in a corner, unconscious and completely shitfaced, surrounded by scrawled equations and holding Delores in his arms.
    • Luther carrying a drunken Five home later that evening. Pissed!Five is only marginally more arrogant than Sober!Five.
    • Also, this gem:
      "(slurring) I don't need your protection, Diego! You have any idea how many people I've killed? I'm the Four frickin' Horsemen... and the apocalypse is coming! (pukes over the side of Luther's arm)"
  • Klaus attempts to get under Hazel and Cha-Cha's collective skin by interviewing the ghosts of their past victims - only to find himself confronted by an entire roomful of dead people explaining the horrific ways they were murdered, to the point that it stops being horrifying and starts being comical.
    • When the first ghost appears, he starts freaking out and is only able to function because of Ben's encouragement. By the 20th ghost, Klaus is telling them to speak one at a time and wait their turn, almost like a Kindergarten teacher trying to get control over their class.
  • Eudora, upon finding the motel room where Klaus is being held, asks a nearby maid for the key - all while giving the impression that shit is about to go down. Without saying a word, the maid hands over the keycard and hightails it out of there the moment Eudora's back is turned.
  • After managing to sneak out of the motel with the briefcase, Klaus starts giggling like an idiot over his lucky escape while on the bus home and gets the attention of a rather large female passenger. He then remembers he's naked from the waist down except for a towel, and winks at her. Cue big smile from the passenger.

    Number Five 
  • During the opening montage of Five's life after the apocalypse, Delores can be seen wearing a white furry hat while being towed through the snow.
  • Early on, we get to witness Five traveling back to 2019 just as he did in the first episode, except this time from Five's perspective - so we get to see the fire extinguisher Klaus threw at the temporal anomaly suddenly bounce to a stop in 1963. Old!Five looks at it as if to say "well, that happened," and gets right back to preparations.
  • Having found himself sharing a car with Klaus (who is currently in the midst of a serious Heroic BSoD), Diego reveals that the last time Klaus was this quiet, he'd ended up falling down the stairs while wearing Grace's heels, kicking off "eight glorious weeks of bliss" for the rest of the family while his jaw healed.
    • Later, when he asks if Klaus was still using a lot of drugs and drinking alcohol, Diego lectures him on the importance of keeping his body healthy.
    Diego: Look. See? My body is a temple.
  • As Diego goes to sneak up on Hazel and Cha-Cha, Klaus appears and Diego hisses at him, asking why he didn't do as he was told.
    Diego: I told you to wait in the car.
    Klaus: Yeah, but you also told me me that licking a nine-volt battery would give me pubes.
    Diego: (Beat) We were eight.
    Klaus: (shrugs in the "I don't care" manner)
  • Due to having stolen an ice-cream truck, Klaus and Diego's "heroic charge" on Hazel and Cha-Cha is conducted to a cover of Ride Of The Valkyries as performed by the truck's sound system. Also, Klaus waves hello to Five and Luther as the truck roars past, resulting in utterly perplexed expressions.
    • If you look closely, the confused-looking Luther actually raises a hand to wave back.
    • Diego telling Klaus to drive faster, and Ben is sitting near the front of the window with a popsicle in hand and gleefully shouting, "Wheee!"
    • Even Diego took a popsicle, as he's seen holding a white stick in his hand.
  • Just as everything goes into pure chaos, with Cha-Cha and Hazel sent flying through the air by a glancing blow with the ice cream truck, and a wildly-fired bullet flying in Luther's direction, everything is frozen in time as The Handler arrives. She and Five have what turns out to be a job interview with everything frozen around them, while Five disarms Hazel. Just before time is unfrozen, Five remembers something, walks up to the bullet, and nudges it a couple of feet over so it narrowly misses Luther instead of hitting him.

    The Day That Wasn't 
  • Luther admitting to his siblings that the entire team are doomed to die in the final battle; first, he mumbles it under his breath in the most halfassed way possible; then, he finally speaks loud and clear, prompting astonished stares from everyone else... and then a random umbrella drops out of nowhere and opens on landing, revealing the show title - and scaring the crap out of Klaus!
  • Hazel's growing frustration over their increasingly shoddy lodgings: the latest motel room has only one bed and dust begins falling from the ceiling the moment Cha-Cha opens the door.
  • While working at Commission headquarters, Five's attempts to sneak a peak at the file on the apocalypse in the bathroom is interrupted when the Handler claims the stall next to him... and proceeds to make him as uncomfortable as possible by spending the next thirty seconds loudly urinating.
    "I burnt my rugae. Ever burn your rugae? Ruuuuu-gie. The ridges on the hard palate that help pass food to the esophagus. Anyway, I'm on a liquid diet for two days, hence the marathon of urination. One faulty cog and nothing works as it should."
  • After tying Klaus to a chair at his own request so he can finally go cold turkey and enjoying a heart-to-heart with him for good measure, Diego is somewhat dismayed when Klaus needs to be untied so he can take a piss.
  • Luther and Allison discover that the little pavilion they built in the greenhouse is still standing despite years of neglect, allowing the two of them to finish the romantic feast they'd been having there as teenagers. Problem number one: Luther's gigantic upper body makes it very difficult to fit in the tent without causing structural damage, prompting him to bemusedly remark "we aren't kids anymore." Problem number two: after instructing Luther to turn off his "cynical brain" and enjoy the moment, Allison reveals the two cans of soda they'd planned to drink that night... only to find that they have to blow a small snowstorm of dust off each can before they can get them open. Problem number three: the unrefrigerated cans have not aged well in the last few years, prompting a mutual Spit Take. Problem number four: while flailing around in disgust at the taste, Luther accidentally discovers that the now-ancient tent isn't up to being repeatedly bumped into - the whole thing collapsing on their heads.
    Allison: Yeah. We're not kids anymore. (laughs)
  • Diego helping Klaus attempt to get sober enough so he could talk to Dave by tying him tightly to a chair. He has this to say as Klaus requests he tie him tighter.
    Diego: If you start getting a boner, I'm out.

     The Day That Was 
  • After Five explains that they need to protect Harold Jenkins since he could be the key to the apocalypse or they'd all die, there's a beat from Allison, Luther and Diego before they all start talking at once with disbelief. Klaus on the other hand, is only quietly sitting on the couch and muttering to himself.
    Allison: What do you mean, protect time and space?
    Diego: (walking away) This is insane...
    Luther: Where is this Hazel, Five?
    Klaus: (staring off into space) My skin is on fire...
  • Klaus refuses to budge, wanting to sit out on this mission.
    Diego: Klaus, get up.
    Klaus: (snorting) You can't make me.
    Diego: (throws a knife at Klaus and it lands in between his legs)
    Klaus: (sighing) Fine... I could use the exercise.
  • Diego's attempt to get into Harold Jenkins' house. He initially intends to do this with Alison and Five backing him up, but Alison leaves the area to tackle the house from a different angle, and Five teleports away immediately thereafter. Grumbling about the fact that nobody can stick to the plan, Diego then steels himself for an impact and launches himself through the glass door - arm sling and all... only to trip over the edge of the door on his way in and land flat on his face in the middle of a massive pile of debris. Then Alison and Five appear, having already arrived in the house via subtler methods.
  • Luther discovers raving, and proceeds to get up on the stage and dance with the rest of the clubbers, shirtless, high as a kite and grinning like an idiot - prompting a perfectly-in-unison remark of "HOLY SHIT" from Klaus and Ben.
  • Upon hitting his head and waking up in the afterlife, Klaus meets Sir Reginald - moonlighting as a barber. For good measure, while giving Klaus a professional shave, he proceeds to berate him at length over his failings... and uses the lather and brush as a means of shutting him up before he can answer back.
    • Klaus warns the barber to be careful with the razor. Sir Reginald's response is to give him an exasperated look and say "Don't worry, you're already dead!" somehow managing to convey the words "you big baby!" through tone and nothing else.
      Klaus: (Beat) Oh.
    • This exchange.
      Klaus: You know, I suggest you get down off your high horse there, dear Papa. You never had our best interests at heart. Look at your precious Number One. Luther found all the unopened letters he'd sent you. He knows that you sent him up to the Moon for nothing.
      Sir Reginald: [regretfully] That was foolish of me.
      [Klaus looks at him strangely, clearly hoping this is the start of some kind of epiphany]
      Sir Reginald: I should have burned it all.
      Klaus: That's your takeaway?
    • And once he actually wakes up, Klaus realizes that, after spending most of his time at the rave worrying that Luther was about to get attacked and seriously hurt by a rival, the worst thing to happen to Luther involved him being kicked out by the bouncers.
  • Klaus meeting God in the afterlife and she admits that she wants him out as soon as possible for the sole reason being that she doesn't like him. Klaus asks why she hated him when they were supposed to love everyone, getting this reaction from the deity.
    God: Who told you that?
    • Even funnier, when God says that she wants Klaus out simply because she doesn't like him, Klaus agrees with her.
    Klaus: (Beat) Yeah, me neither.

    I Heard A Rumor 
  • The aftermath of Luther's night at the rave, in which he wakes up naked next to a complete stranger... and Klaus arrives to rouse him by loudly ringing a bell, much to Luther's discomfort. Klaus' reaction to finding out Luther was a virgin is way more over the top than Diego's, which makes the scene funnier.
    Klaus: Whooo~! He popped his cherry! (Gasps) Now you're going to have to marry her!
    Luther: Would you keep your voice down?
  • Next scene, Luther is seriously hung over, so Klaus serves him some coffee. Five snatches it out of his hands before he can so much as take a sip. And he complains about the taste!
    Five: Jesus. Who do I gotta kill to get a decent cup of coffee?
    • Also, Five is wearing old-fashioned kid's pajamas at the breakfast table. For someone who takes issue with being seen as a kid, his current choice of clothes really isn't helping.
  • Klaus owns up to meeting Sir Reginald the previous evening. Luther immediately gives up and asks where they keep the aspirin with Five not missing a beat and telling him where to find it.
    • Meanwhile, in response to this, Five gives an amazingly insincere smile while humoring Klaus, second only to the teeth-baring rictus from the first episode.
    • Ben's ghost, helpful as always, interrupts Klaus - just before he reveals the true nature of Sir Reginald's death - with a remark of "wait for it!"
    • This gem:
    Luther: Suicidal people exhibit certain tendencies, strange behavior-
    Klaus: Like sending someone to the moon for no reason?
  • As Allison does some research on Leanord, she hears someone sneeze and politely says "bless you". The person thanks them, and that person, right across from Allison is Cha-Cha reading Vanya's autobiography.
  • Five walking in on Klaus who's failing at knitting with black yarn and tells him to get up.
    Klaus: Why? Where are we going?
    Five: To save the world.
    Klaus: (Beat) Oh, is that all? Okay...
    • Then Five brings up how their dad always told them they would be the ones to stop an impending apocalypse.
    Klaus: Yeah, but he also used to say that to scare us into doing the dishes.
    Five: You too?
  • The others try and get Luther to leave his drink and the bar, but he refuses to budge, still wallowing in his misery. So Diego slips in to tell Luther that Allison went after Vanya.
    Luther: ...You should have lead with that!
    • He then rushes out of the bar, tearing the door off of its hinges and his brothers follow after him.

  • The Oatmeal montage. All of it.
    • First, Young!Vanya refuses to eat her oatmeal and remains behind at the breakfast table after the rest of her siblings have left. Her nanny tries to sweet-talk her into eating up by singing L'empereur, sa femme et le petit prince - only for a boiling kettle to set off Vanya's powers; the nanny is sent flying across the room to her death. And then Reginald appears in the doorway, looking more annoyed than shocked at the fact that Vanya has just murdered her babysitter.
    • The next two nannies also end up falling foul of Vanya's dislike for oatmeal, the first being flung down the stairs, the second being catapulted out the window. And on every single occasion, Reginald appears behind her with a bark of "Number Seven!" clearly not giving a shit about the dead nanny. And best of all, this montage is set to L'empereur, sa femme et le petit prince!
    • Then, Grace is introduced. Once again, Vanya loses her temper and flings her across the room, twisting the new nanny's neck a full 180. However, being an android, Grace merely gets up and casually walks back to the breakfast table with her head on back-to-front, scaring the bejesus out of Vanya in the process. This time, when the spoon is presented, Vanya starts eating and not only finishes her oatmeal, but licks the bowl clean when she's finished.
    • Also, Reginald and Pogo smiling and nodding at each other in response to this success - as if to say "we finally got it to work, and it only took three dead nannies!"
  • Allison needs a transfusion for her slit throat. Luther obviously offers first, but Pogo tells him that his blood would be more compatible with his due to his condition. As Klaus begins to volunteer, Pogo politely tells Klaus that his blood is "too polluted", so Diego volunteers. However, once Grace shows Diego the needle, one look causes him groan pathetically and then faint on the spot.
    Pogo: (slightly amused) Stick him.
    • Pogo's expression almost seems like he was expecting that reaction.
  • When Hazel goes to meet Five, Five opens the door holding a margarita glass.
    Five: Hazel.
    Hazel: Hey, old timer.
    Five: Do you have my sister? If not, would you like a margarita?
    • He also made a glass for Delores.
    • Hazel enters and starts conversation with Five, pointing a gun at him the entire time until being finally asked if he's there to kill Five. Oops, no, it was just out of habit. And then Hazel starts fanboying over Five, who is apparently quite a legend in their environment.
  • As Diego starts assaulting Hazel, Five lethargically tries to tell Diego that he should probably stop fighting to hear what Hazel has to say. Obviously, Diego ignores him and Five can only roll his eyes while watching the fight and continue sipping from his drink. However, once Diego starts biting Hazel's ear, Five puts his drink down, teleports and then smashes a glass vase over Diego's head, knocking him out.
    Five: I draw the line at biting.
    • The Soundtrack Dissonance for Hazel and Diego's fight just makes the scene and Five's exasperation all the more hilarious.
  • Klaus looking for drugs wanting to be numb again. When Ben tries to convince him to stop, accidentally pulling up Dave, Klaus becomes somber. However, once Ben turns away Klaus yells, "Psych!" and drops a handful of pills in his mouth while laughing victoriously.
    • Even funnier when Ben is able to punch Klaus across the jaw and causes the pills to fly out of his mouth.
      Klaus: You just Patrick Swayzed me...
  • Once it becomes clear that Klaus has visited the afterlife and met Sir Reginald, Five asks him if the man had anything to say about the apocalypse. Klaus wearily confesses that he didn't get any clues during his visit... but he did get a fantastic shave!

    The White Violin 
  • Diego is grateful to Klaus for saving his life while it was Ben who managed to drag his brother away from the rubble in time and the two share a big hug. Cue an offended Ben looking at Klaus who can only shrug.
  • After their home comes crashing down, the family decides for no discernible reason to regroup and plan at a bowling alley. A worker even comes by and tells them that if they don't bowl then they'll have to leave. Cue Luther grabbing a bowling ball and throwing it at a row of pins in a different alley - and actually managing to wipe out the entire row in the process.
    • Right before Luther throws the ball, Klaus can be heard asking, "Who's turn is it?" implying that he's keeping score.
  • During the conference at the bowling alley, Diego and Klaus are mistaken for Five's fathers. All of them are offended by the implication.
    Diego: If I was going to date a man, you'd be the last man I would date.
    Klaus: You'd be lucky to get me.
  • Five's reaction at being asked to play with little Kenny.
    Five: I would rather chew off my own foot.
  • To try to convince the others that Ben is really there and can become tangible, Klaus decides to throw a bowling ball at him which Ben quickly agrees too; the ball falls through his hands but there's an extra layer of comedy in the sense that neither of them thought about the impact of catching a falling bowling ball.
  • Once Luther starts pushing his buttons too much, Klaus yells that he liked him better before he got laid. Cue a shocked Allison staring Luther down and Luther's equally shocked Oh, Crap! face. Klaus notices his mistake and tries to cover it up, but then Luther tells him to just shut-up.
    • During Klaus' ramblings, he says that the girl thought Luther was a furry.
  • As men come in and start shooting up the bowling alley, we get this quip from Klaus.
    Luther: Who the hell are these guys?!
    Klaus: Maybe they're here for Kenny's birthday!
  • Klaus is following the others running down a bowling alley and as he dives towards the pins, he slides and knocks all of them down. It also seems to be a nod towards another show that Sheenan starred in with a character who has a similar personality to Klaus.
    • Klaus is shown knocking down the pins. It's pretty likely that the other serious characters must have had to do something similar to get into the area behind the pinsetters. Especially Luther, who likely couldn't avoid knocking down all of the pins if he wanted to.
  • As everyone tries to get in place to stop the apocalypse, Klaus ditches his role as the look out, which was just Luther's way of getting him out of the way, to get a burrito.
  • The fact that everyone crashes Vanya's concert while wearing bowling shoes is so goofy in an otherwise very serious moment.
  • At the end, as the Apocalypse is finally happening, Number Five declares there might be one last chance, but they will all have to trust him. The others' collective initial reaction amounts to "Yeah, no".

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