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Tear Jerker / The Umbrella Academy (2019)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     We Only See Each Other At Weddings and Funerals 
  • The flashback to the children sans Vanya getting their tattoos. Allison and Klaus have already gotten them and are crying in each other's arms. Diego is in the chair, whimpering and wincing at the pain but refusing to take Grace's offered reassuring hand. Luther, Five, and Ben are sitting and waiting their turn. Luther is trying to keep a stoic expression but the camera lingers on him anxiously clawing at his sleeve. Ben's forehead is sweaty and his lower lip is quivering. Five visibly swallows a lump in his throat. Meanwhile, Vanya, watching from the stairs, draws herself a tattoo in marker, jealous of something that's traumatizing for her siblings just because it's yet another thing she's left out of. It's a horrible moment for all of them!
  • Diego and Luther's fight during Reginald's memorial, ending with Luther accidentally knocking over and breaking Ben's statue.
    Allison: (tiredly) And there goes Ben's statue.
  • Diego is preparing to leave the mansion, saying how they'd probably see each other again in ten years for Pogo's funeral. Allison snipes that's only if Diego doesn't get killed first, and while Diego says "love you too, sis" he adds in these words that are intentionally there to hurt Allison.
    Diego: Good luck on your next film. Hopefully it turns out better than your marriage.
     Run Boy Run 
  • We see how Number Five discovers the Bad Future, including the burnt-out ruins of the Academy and his siblings lying dead in the rubble. Especially bad because at that point, he's not a world-weary 58-year-old trapped in a child's body, but actually a child.
     Extra Ordinary 
  • Unlike the rest of her siblings, Vanya has the smallest room in comparison.
  • Diego seeing Grace having sewn through her arm and realizing that Luther and Allison were right that something was wrong with her, and thus disabling her. Her Dissonant Serenity as they talk through this is especially heartbreaking because he reverts to his childhood stutter and she repeats her guidance to get him through what he wants to say.
     Man on the Moon 
  • Not just Patch's death, but Diego's reaction to it. The music, his heartbroken expression, his desperate scolding, all of it.
  • Child Klaus in the Mausoleum. He’s a terrified kid, and he’s locked with these demonic ghosts, screaming to be left alone, and when his father finally shows up, it’s only to tell him he has to stay another three hours. If you’re paying attention to the child actors, it’s a younger child than is normally shown.
  • Klaus does not consider it a possibility that his family could even realize that he’s gone. Worse - he's right.
     Number Five 
  • Not exactly played for tears, but the Fridge Horror of Five growing up from a thirteen year old boy to a world weary old man in the apocalypse over decades, having no one but a mannequin for companionship.
  • Klaus returning to the present grieving Dave’s death. He’s clearly traumatized, his fingers are coated in blood, and he just stares ahead blankly, with tears in his eyes. The music sells it.
     The Day That Wasn't 
  • Luther finding out that he was sent to the moon for four years just because his father pitied him and didn't want him around is heartbreaking. Luther was the only member of the Academy to always have faith in their father, but that was thrown back in his face.
  • Almost everything relating to Klaus after he comes back from the trip to the past, but especially his desire to get sober so he can use his powers because he's that desperate to see Dave again. Made worse by the fact that, in "The Day That Wasn't", he managed to succeed at seeing Dave again but as the day is rewound and erased, he doesn't manage it a second time. Instead, when he unlocks his powers, he gets Reginald while expecting Dave.
    • The scene where Klaus returns in episode 5 is particularly notable for its Rewatch Bonus Tearjerker. The first time you watch the series, you're concerned for him because he's clearly been through something traumatic, but aren't yet sure what. On a rewatch? It immediately becomes clear that this is Klaus probably only moments after Dave's death—his hands are still covered with blood, and he sobs and claws at the ground just like he does in every scene of him cradling Dave's body. Klaus isn't just traumatized, he's grieving.
  • As sweet as Allison and Luther's dance in the park is, there's some fridge tearjerker to be found: while a Doylist reading for why Luther is normal-size for the dance as opposed to his ape-body would be because Tom Hopper probably can't dance very well in all that padding, a Watsonian reading is that Luther feels so out of place in his ape-body he doesn't - or can't - consider it his 'real' body. And he's lived with it for four years. Imagine the body dysmorphia he must be suffering, on top of his four-year isolation, and Luther's behavior - while not excusable - becomes more understandable.
     The Day That Was 
  • The mere comparison to where the characters were at the end of this episode to where they were at the end of last episode. Klaus gets to see his father instead of Dave, Diego gets arrested for his best friend’s murder, and Vanya is destined to learn the dirty details of her powers in... less than ideal circumstances.
  • The flashback to Harold’s childhood at the beginning. As sociopathic as he is an adult, it’s still sad to him as an Adorkable child being raised with an Abusive Parent over a situation he had no control over, and sent away and laughed at when he tries to meet with his childhood heroes. What’s even sadder is the look of adoration his father gives him at his birth before his mother dies.
     I Heard A Rumor 
  • The conversation between Allison and Vanya leading up to their confrontation about the latter's powers, while heartwarming, is ultimately quite one-sided. With the timeline changed in "The Day That Wasn't" and the years they've been distant from each other, Vanya is still practically unwilling to let Allison into her life as her sister or hear her out about Leonard since she's still processing her Traumatic Superpower Awakening from the previous night. And when Allison realizes and reveals that she had been complicit in manipulating Vanya into believing the latter was inferior for being "ordinary"... no wonder the argument went down badly.
    • After accidentally slicing her throat, Vanya falls to the floor and tearfully apologizes to Allison, saying that she didn't mean to hurt her. And even when Leonard drags her out of the house, Vanya refuses to leave Allison to die.
    • When the rest of the Hargreeves find Allison at the house, Klaus and Luther's reactions are also pretty sad.
  • Luther locking Vanya up. Her other brothers want to let her go and argue with Luther. When Luther refuses even Allison, you can see how upset both Allison and Vanya are with his decision.
     The White Violin 
  • After she embraces her White Violin persona, Vanya revisits painful memories of being rejected by her siblings as she destroys each of the bedrooms and the whole house. She truly believed her siblings hated her whole life and the revelation that Sir Reginald hid her powers from her and had ostracized her didn’t help.
  • Vanya confronting and murdering Pogo after he tells her he knew about her powers all along. Pogo was basically a father figure to the siblings and Vanya, and he had good intentions, but Vanya, already angered and out for blood, wasn’t about to listen to reason anymore.
  • Diego desperately calling out and attempting to go back inside to save Grace from being taken down with the Academy. As he’s being pulled away by Klaus, all he can do is watch the mother he just got back wave sadly from the window as she’s about to die again.
  • During the final confrontation, Allison manages to get the drop on Vanya, just as said character has the other Hargreeves siblings pinned and is slowly killing them. She looks utterly torn and heartbroken as she tries to decide whether to shoot or not. Luckily crosses over with Crowning Moment of Awesome as she comes up with another solution that manages to save all of them, and then that third option causes the moon to blow up and destroy the world.

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