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    Season 1 
  • Whenever Kimmy shows her unbreakable spirit. Her Establishing Character Moment is her being brought to the surface with a big smile after having been told by the Reverend that the world was now an apocalyptic wasteland for the past fifteen years. It is a combined Heartwarming Moment and Awesome at the same time. There's no fear, no surprise, just sheer joy at finally being free.
  • Kimmy has a line in the first episode that hits hard in its realness:
    Titus: I'm trying to protect you.
    Kimmy: Protect me from what? The worst thing that ever happened to me happened in my own front yard.
  • When Titus rallies the other guys in costumes to get their security deposits back, he realizes what to do and brings them to the costume shop to demand them back under threat of exposing the store owner's infringement of intellectual property, using his own experience with Disney's copyright lawyers to do so. To repeat, he gets what's fair for himself and everyone else by using a bad legal experience in which he was served to his advantage!
  • When Xanthippe starts getting on Kimmy's case in "Kimmy Goes On A Date", Jacqueline tells her in no uncertain terms to back off and mind her own damn business.
  • Kimmy fighting off the creepy Dr. Grant/Frampf and the nurse and ending it by punching the surgeon's face in... while doped up on anesthesia.
  • Jaqueline getting her marriage counselor to confess that Julian was cheating with her, just by noticing what kind of pen she had.
    Jaqueline: Talk to the Shame Puppet, Julian! (takes puppet it and points it accusingly as him, while talking in a high pitched puppet voice) She isn't really crazy, is she, you stupid mother-!
  • Jacqueline (real name: Jackie Lynn) embracing her heritage when faced with a cheer squad of very white kids in Braids, Beads and Buckskins.
    Jacqueline: Houka hey, band nerds!
  • Kimmy finally defeating Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne in the season finale, proving without a doubt that he never believed in any upcoming apocalypse and is therefore not a Well-Intentioned Extremist; according to Wayne himself, the apocalypse was supposed to happen on June 6, 2006, or 6/6/06. He tries to defend himself by claiming to be "bad at math" but still well-intentioned. However, Kimmy uses the time stamp on Wayne's video audition for The Apprentice, which was filmed on June 5, 2006, to prove him wrong, as he clearly showed no belief in any imminent disaster.

    Season 2 
  • Jacqueline manipulating all the rich white men in town to come to her gala through their mistresses.
  • Titus' speech about tolerance that he's been waiting to give for twenty years. It includes a song that manages a sensible rhyme for that very word.
  • Kimmy's Happy Place turning into an exceptionally and hilariously gory revenge fantasy against the Reverend and her mother.
  • Titus is convinced he blew an audition because he was sick, but he gets the job because that kind of Determinator is exactly what cruise ships want in their entertainers.

    Season 3 
  • Kimmy realizes just how much leverage Reverend Wayne wanting a divorce gives her, and spends a day ruthlessly screwing with him over whether she'll sign the papers.
  • Titus pretends to be a rival to Duke for Jacqueline's affections, and when he ends up seeing through it, it turns out they accidentally recorded him talking about the dirty practices of the Redskins management, giving Jacqueline all the leverage she needs to force him to change the team's name. And then Titus takes him out with a flying tackle over the couch just like Duke gave to him during their contest when he tries to steal the recording.
  • When the team counters the above by throwing Duke under the bus, Jacqueline still gets the name changed by convincing them there's far more money to be made from making rich white people angry than Native Americans, who'll have to keep buying more merchandise to burn.
  • Even though Kimmy feels sorry for her, it is really satisfying to see that Xan's roommates at Colombia don't put up with her Spoiled Brat, Rich Bitch crap.
  • Although she ends up not getting the job due to a technicality, the way Kimmy just manages to do so well on the traffic controller test to get 100% is still a great moment for her.

    Season 4 
  • The way Jacqueline shuts down Xan's ex-boyfriend.
    Jacqueline: Let me explain something, you flip-flop-to-church toddler, women are human beings! And they deserve your respect! If you hear a little voice in your head saying that you are more important because you can pee standing up and drive a car in Saudi Arabia, DON'T BELIEVE IT!

  • The first season was so successful that Netflix greenlit a third before the second was even released.

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