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  • Tori and Jade singing an impromptu version of "Forever Baby" was cool. Tori and Jade singing an impromptu version of "Forever Baby" in Spanish was awesome.
  • Cat and Jade's performance of "Give It Up" from "Freak the Freak Out", especially due to how they completely schooled the other two girls.
  • "You're the Reason" from "The Birthweek Song". Doubles as a heartwarmer when you remember Tori is thanking Trina for giving her the chance to make it into Hollywood Arts.
  • While "iParty With Victorious" was considered somewhat lacking in the crossover of characters, the final Awesome Music mash up of "Make it Shine" and "Leave It All to Me" was pretty awesome.
  • In "The Diddly Bops", Andre gets refused a record deal for a childish song he made for money. After talking to Tori he comes up with a love song to the same tune, and then performs it in front of the school.
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  • Robbie's strangely catchy song about broken glass. It's actually on the soundtrack!. His endearing love song to Cat called "I Think You're Swell" is also very catchy and popular with audiences when it featured in "The Blonde Squad".
  • "Make It In America" from "Tori Goes Platinum" is definitely one of Victoria Justice's best performances. The fact that she gets to sing some of her own songs sometimes makes her worthy of Awesome Music.
  • "Countdown" in "Andre's Horrible Girl" is probably their best song and performance yet.
  • Jade and Tori's duet "Take A Hint" in ''Tori and Jade's Play Date." A duet between Victoria and Liz has been long overdue and boy, did they knock it out of the park with a song that perfectly encompasses how annoying it is when someone won't 'take a hint' that you're not interested.
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  • "Shut up and Dance" from "April Fools Blank," especially for being the first number in which every member of the main cast sang. Even Trina herself Took a Level in Badass with this one.
  • "Cheer Me Up", Tori's song that won her the Platinum Music Awards gig in "Tori Goes Platinum". It's short and sweet, but very uplifting.
  • "You Don't Know Me," Jade's solo from "Tori Fixes Beck and Jade", is not only a well written and performed piece by Liz Gillies but is also Heartwarming Music between Jade and Beck and is the catalyst for the two getting back together.

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