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  • The end of Jade Dumps Beck.
    Jade: You love me again.
    Beck: Who said I stopped?
    • A relatively small one but the scene where Tori adorably helps the dog blow his nose.
  • In The Diddly Bops we get another small one from Beck and Jade. While Tori and Andre are singing their song, he wraps his arm around her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Jade actually looks happy for once, and not the mean-happy she usually is.
  • YMMV, but in the episode Trapped in an RV (a.k.a., Survival of the Hottest), everyone putting aside all of their fighting over water and fans to sing the theme song.
  • The end of Rex Dies when Tori can't bring herself to make Robbie think that Rex died and 'brings him back to life'. As weird as the scene is, it's still touching.
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  • You really have to pay attention to notice it, but in Jade Dumps Beck, when Jade is letting the dog into Beck's RV, you can see Jade give Tori a little smile. YMMV on whether it's really a crowner, but it was pretty nice to see.
  • Cat in Rex Dies
    Beck: We're not really going to a hospital. It's a puppet.
    Cat: Not to Robbie.
  • The speech Andre gives Tori about how "she's special, fantastic, and belongs at Hollywood Arts" in the Pilot episode.
  • Andre comforting Tori when she's losing hope of finding the $ in Ice Cream for Ke$ha.
    Tori: "I don't want to be Trina's assistant anymore! I just need to find "S" to spell Ke$ha. Where... (Starts crying) is the 'S'?..."
    Andre: "I don't know baby... I just don't know."
    • Also in that episode, when Tori has her breakdown in the convenience store, the fact that even Jade manages to muster up some sympathy for her was quite touching.
  • IMO Cat and Jade's friendship in general is a crowner. You'd think that Cat, being the complete antithesis of Jade would be a prime target of Jade's anger right? Well she isn't. She's the character that Jade consistently treats the best, almost as well as her boyfriend Beck (Although Jade/Cat shippers think she's treated better— I agree). I can only think of three minor insults that Jade has said to Cat and there's been a season of episodes. Just that Jade treats Cat carefully and sweetly is a CMOH
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  • Tori and Jade hugging at the end of Wok Star. Made even more heartwarming by the fact that Jade smiles right before that.
  • Jade telling Tori about how she invited her dad to opening night of her play, even though she apparently didn't tell anyone else.
  • The ending of Jade's play "Well Wishes" in Wok Star where Cat's character seems to have died just before the paramedics recover her body from the well, but the actor playing her father kisses her forehead and suddenly comes back to life. Not only is it touching to see her do this scene, but it gives you some idea about Jade's mindset.
  • The fact that Tori would donate THREE PINTS of blood for Robbie.
  • Everyone worrying for Tori in Locked Up just shows how much they care for her.
    • Even better that its Trina who is the most worried, considering how stuck on herself she is in most of the other episodes.
    • In the same episode, Tori defending Jade from the prisoner Jade antagonized.
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  • Minor one in Robarazzi: Jade is visibly irritated when Robbie responds to Tori's (completely justified) rant by saying that she was "freaking out." May double as an instance of Hypocritical Heartwarming, since Jade would have no issue with saying something negative like that about Tori herself.
  • Tori keeping Helen from revealing to Trina that she got kicked out of Hollywood Arts.
  • At the end of Who Did It To Trina? Tori says that she doesn't think anyone in the room would want to sabotage Trina, then says "Not even Jade." Given the way Jade has treated Tori in the past and what Tori knows about Jade's opinion of Trina, it's pretty sweet to see that Tori thinks that highly of Jade.
    • The scene where Trina and Sinjin find out they both go to Fuunyi counts also. It's bit a heartwarming to see someone other than Tori actually being nice to Sinjin.
  • Jade and Andre working on the song together in Jade Gets Crushed. Especially the fact that Jade, who normally never misses an opportunity to be insulting, doesn't say one mean thing about Andre's horrible song lyrics.
    • The fact that Beck doesn't understand why Andre or anyone else is scared of Jade, proving how much he really loves her.
    • That or he's the only one who realizes that her behavior is just a Jerkass Façade. Of course the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.
  • Robbie's gift to Cat as her Secret Santa: A cotton candy machine with an attendant so Cat can have cotton candy whenever she wants.
    • Plus, Cat is so thankful that she throws her arms around him and kisses him on the cheek. Consider how rare that must be for poor Robbie.
    • Another one earlier in that same episode, Beck tries to fix Robbie up with a girl. Bonus points for the fact that she was a former bully of his.
  • In Beggin' On Your Knees, Trina actually warns that Ryder Daniels has a habit of breaking girls hearts. Unlike other times, she makes no attempt to ask Ryder out or the like and genuinely wanted to warn her sister about Ryder.
    • Also, in Tori the Zombie, Trina sounds slightly panicked when she realizes Cat used grizzly glue on Tori's face and happily says she and Cat will go get the solvent for Tori afterschool. Given how Trina is usually shown to either not care or be oblivious to others' problems, it's definitely heartwarming. Maybe not a crowner, but heartwarming.
    • In Tori Gets Stuck Trina instantly recognizes a type of flower Tori is allergic to, before Tori herself does even, and warns her off before she can touch them. All these little moments that show that yes, Trina does care quite a lot about Tori's well being and creates a series-long heartwarming moment.
  • Jade's gift to Tori was...odd, but pretty sweet if you consider: Here's Tori, desperate to find a Secret Santa gift for Andre, and Jade, who previously said that it was Tori's problem and not hers, has decided to help Tori give Andre the perfect gift. (Helping him convince his teacher that his Christmas song is worthy of a good grade.) Considering Jade's usual treatment of Tori, it's pretty nice that she went to all that trouble. (She not only gave Tori the idea, she helped perform it, which probably wasn't high on Jade's list of desirable activities.)
  • Jade laughing and smiling with the others in The Breakfast Bunch. For all her initial griping about having detention, she doesn't seem to be having a bad time. (Keep in mind, this is a girl who approaches most situations with, at best, snarky indifference.)
    • In the same episode the gang in detention needs food for lunch so Tori texts Trina to buy tacos for them and drop them off in her locker. One would expect her to complain or forget or demand a favor in return but she just does it.
  • So, so much of the B-plot of Andre's Horrible Girl. Particularly heartwarming examples include...
    • Jade wanting to hang out with Cat, but being unwilling to show her neediness, and Cat going along with it (whether deliberately or just being her Cloudcuckoolander self, it's still adorable)
    • Jade actually staying after breaking the guitar and the window, rather than running off and leaving Cat with the mess, as her '"mean girl" status would generally require (basically a platonic case of Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other)
    • Robbie and Beck instantly coming to help Cat when she calls
    • Jade pleading with Cat not to cry, and her crestfallen expression when Cat eventually does break down into tears.
    • Beck protecting Cat during the earthquake by pulling her under the doorway and shielding her with his own body
    • How genuinely happy they all are for her when the boss comes back and assumes all the stuff was broken by the earthquake
      • Also, the boss being a decent guy and not a Bad Boss, and being more concerned about the kids' (and dog's) safety than his material possessions.
  • In Tori and Jade's Playdate, Jade telling Tori that her singing isn't terrible and that "from certain angles" she's pretty. Coming from Jade, that's a pretty big compliment.
  • Tori Goes Platinum has a bunch:
    • Jade initially hesitating when she's offered Tori's place at the Platinum Music Awards. Given Jade's actions in the past (a season ago, she stole Tori's medical records and attempted to poison her when Tori was given the lead in a school play over her), it would have been expected for her to jump at the chance to replace Tori. Although she did end up accepting the offer, the fact that she's grown enough and likes Tori enough to hesitate was a sweet moment.
    • Tori refusing to kiss Beck because she doesn't want to hurt Jade, which is the biggest Heartwarming Moment out of the entire show, seeing that no matter how many times Jade had harm Tori, she would never do anything to retaliate.
    • Jade giving up her chance at superstardom so Tori can have hers.
      • Jade smiling throughout Tori's performance, hugging her afterwards, and telling her "good job."
    • Jade acknowledging Tori as a friend and we all know it.
    Jade: I can't do that to a friend...
    • Beck's response to Tori asking how he knew her diva routine as an act:
    Beck: Because you're Tori. You'd never act like that unless someone was making you.
  • At the end of "Crazy Ponnie" after "Ponnie"/Fawn Leibowitz, an Ax-Crazy girl who's been tormenting Tori has been arrested and seemingly taken away. Sikowitz thinks Tori is still shaken up and needs a police officer to drive her home. Tori asks if they can take her sister Trina whose been sick with a cold and has a fever, home too. In the back seat Trina has her head on Tori's shoulder. She blows her nose loudly and actually apologizes. Tori says "I don't even mind." Trina says "Awww!" and Tori pats her face affectionately. Of course this tender moment is undercut when unbeknownst to them it's revealed Fawn is driving disguised as a police officer.
  • Robbie's role in The Blonde Squad. After Cat feels insecure about her love interest ditching her because she has Blond hair, Robbie assures her that anyone who'd date her would be "Lucky as Cheese." Then there was the song at the end of the episode.
  • If the Jade/Cat friendship is a crowner then so is the Jade/Andre friendship. Simply because she seems the most relaxed around him lately, she considers him a friend (pretty rare for her: she and Beck broke up, she really doesn't like Trina, she barely tolerates Robbie, Cat is basically a pet and whether you believe her or not she says often how much she dislikes Tori.) and they're always together in the background of scenes lately. They even went on a friendly date alone in "The Hambone King".
    • Leaving the shipping out of it but even the fact that it's possible is sweet because that means Jade more than just likes him which this troper didn't think she would like anyone after Beck broke up with her. And he would still be in love with Jade.
  • Even though their a bunch of scared kids running away from a crime scene, Beck, Andre and Tori still come back for Robbie.
  • Three words from Tori Fixes Beck and Jade: "I've missed you."
  • There's a quite subtle one in The Bad Roommate after Cat reveals she accidentally caused everyone to see the embarrassing picture of Jade causing her to outright loose it, Beck quite rightly tells Cat to run and then restrains Jade to stop her strangling Cat. However upon managing this, he immediately starts to hug her and gently stroke her hair. Seeing him attempting to reassure and calm her down (and succeeding) while she's going through such an emotional moment is really quite sweet.
  • Even though they're both terrible people, seeing the little boy and girl get together at the end of Robbie Sells Rex is pretty adorable.
  • Beck and Sinjin bonding in Victori-Yes by watching a drag race.

Meta and Out of Canon

  • The Slap gives us a few.
  • Jade and Beck are lying together. Both sideways facing the camera .
    Jade: Say you love me
    Beck: What's the magic word.
    Jade: (Quietly) Please.
    Beck: I love you.
    Jade: K (Big goofy grin)
  • After Cat and Andre have finished showing their completed driveby challange. Before the Challange Cat had been insisiting that Andre kiss her stuffed giraffe Mr Long neck.
    Cat: (Raises Mr Longneck into view of the camera looking at Andre insistently.)
    Andre: (Stubbornly) No.
    Cat: (Looks crushed then breaks into laughter and buries her head into the crook of Andre's neck)
    Andre: (Breaks into companiable laughter reaches for the camera) Crazy.
  • Also from the Slap is Beck and Jade's Relationship Advice #2. It's the last 30 seconds of the video that really make it nice.
  • The end of the Slap video Jade with Tots and Beck
    Jade: Tell me something you like.
    Beck: Like or love?
    Jade: (shrug) Love.
    Beck: You.
    Jade: (genuine smile) Awww.
  • Following the episode How Trina Got In, there was a 'trending topics' on TheSlap about things Trina doesn't know how to do. Cat's entry was actually rather friendly:
    #TrinaDon'tKnowHowTo... uh, I don't like this topic. Do I have to say something mean? Her heels are too high but she walks in them very gracefully.
  • Victoria's speech at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards after they won favorite TV show surely counts.
  • For that matter, in an interview at the 2011 Emmys, Ariana Grande said that she would rather have had iCarly win even in the presence of Victorious (at around 0:50 in the video). Talk about friendly competition! Unfortunately, neither of them did.
  • In December 2015, two years after the show was cancelled, the whole cast reunited for a private pyjama onesie party. And apparently, they all sat around and watched episodes of the show together. If that ain't a sign of True Companions, we don't know what is.

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