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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the Sleepover episode, everyone did a lot of really bad acting and the fans complained about how bad most of it (especially Tori's) was. Then you realize why the acting was so bad: because they all intentionally gave each other the most 2-dimensional characters they could think of as a way of eliminating the person they were choosing for so they would have a better chance at winning themselves. Tori was only given "a lady police officer who wears too much red lipstick and is obessed with Raisin Bran." There isn't much you can do with that description. The others all had characters where they had leeway-well, except Andre, but all he had to do was sit and pant and people believed it. Tori did such a lousy job because she literally had nothing to work with.
    • Remember the other descriptions too? Jade had to be an inhumanly nice farmgirl (doable, there's a lot you can make up for that), Beck had to just be British and invade people's personal space (again, a lot you can make up), Robbie was a motivational speaker who just had to occasionally fall down (so he just had to spout a bunch of positive sounding BS and then fall down on occasion), Cat had to be a lousy comedienne (aka herself but intentionally obnoxious), but Andre and Tori just had "you're a pregant marathon runner" and "police officer with too much lipstick and a Raisin Bran fetish." There was much less to work with, especially if Tori thought that by adopting a Jersey accent she was perfectly imitating a cop (too much TV?). Andre just sat around, panted, and asked for water.
      • There was her "man down, man down!" moment. They may have all just run out of ideas at the end of the night. It's hard to hold a 2-dimensional character for a short skit (like on Whose Line Is It Anyway?), much less a six to eight hour party.
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  • In "Crazy Ponnie", Cat is on the run from Jade after accidentally waxing her eyebrows off. She's only running throughout the school without finding a place to settle when she could instead just hide in the janitor's closet... except she knows Jade enough to know Jade would think to look there and corner her. Seems Andre and Tori forgot about that in "Tori Fixes Beck & Jade".
    Beck: Yeah, I should've told you this is a bad place to hide from Jade.
  • In "A Film by Dale Squires" there's one scene where Jade is deliberately slapping Cat for real. Then it's revealed that they'd already filmed Beck and Cat doing a kissing scene. Suddenly it all makes sense!
  • Why Jade is such a Clingy Jealous Girl towards Beck, let alone paranoid whenever he's around beautiful woman especially alone? When one considers her relationship with her father note  and given that there hasn't even been a single mention of her mother (whether she had died or just simply left) the reason is pretty clear: Beck is quite possibly the only person she has in her life who has shown her love for who she is and is afraid that someday she may lose him to someone else (He certainly showed no qualms kissing Tori in the pilot).
    • Jade has mentioned her mother on the show and on The Slap. But she also revealed on The Slap that her father has a "new family," meaning her parents are divorced. This could certainly contribute to her feelings of insecurity regarding her relationship with Beck.
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    • She has mentioned her mother, but she hasn't given many details. She mentions on The Slap that her parents are divorced and her dad spends all his time with his new family.
  • Tori continually getting lead roles over Jade. At first it seems done simply to fit the real life subtext that Victoria Justice is the star of the show and not Elizabeth Gillies. But if you look at it in-universe, Tori comes into the school as someone who is untrained in singing and acting (and doesn't even know the most basic of musical and acting terminology). Hollywood Arts is a Performing Arts School not Broadway. Victoria Justice might herself be not quite as good as Elizabeth Gillies in real life, but that doesn't mean that Tori Vega the character, who is untrained and already almost as good as Jade is can't have the potential to be just as good or better than Jade. Tori certainly needs more of an education than Jade does, and more time as a lead to help fulfil her potential and overcome her late bloomer status through experience.
    • This, however, could backfire. Yes, she should get chances, but it seems that if she auditions she knows she has the lead. This may lead her to feel like Jade, (though not as hateful) if she doesn't get a role she wanted simply because she wasn't good enough or right for the part. I will mention that the few times she didn't get the role, it was because she was injured, and because she looked to much like the lead. Even then, she was a stunt double.
  • Jade not getting lead roles over Tori. Going on from the above, Jade might be the best, but she has been shown to be self-sufficient on multiple occasions in creating her productions and doesn't need lead experience anywhere near as much as Tori does. The teachers might even believe that Jade needs to be taught the experience of not being the star, getting a lesson in humility and professionally playing non-lead roles. As we have seen, that lesson has yet to sink in very far and as such it's possible that they will keep hammering the point until Jade realizes that in showbiz ability isn't everything and trying to sabotage someone to take a lead role is far from professional behavior.
  • A possible reason why Jade hates Trina? In one of her "Stuff I Hate" videos, Jade mentions that she hates people who blow their nose with a tissue and look in it afterwards. In "Ice Cream for Ke$ha," guess what Trina makes Tori (her assistant at the time) do for her after she blow her nose (with Tori assisting her)?
    • Possible, but doubtful. Jade had a pretty low opinion of Trina before that episode too.
      • Personally, my theory is that Trina's friendship with Cat is the reason Jade is so nasty to Trina. Jade might be jealous that Cat has a relationship with someone besides her, if Cat is truly her only friend; or, considering how she can sometimes act towards Cat, Jade legitemately thinks Cat's whole purpose in life is to be her lackey, and Trina deserves to suffer for having the audacity to be friends with her.
      • And the fact that Trina nearly killed Jade by exposing her (and the rest of the gang) to those illegal Puka fish has nothing to do with Jade's utter disdain for her, right?
  • Combined with Fridge Logic: As stated on the WMG pagenote , Trina Vega could be a shining example of how "The Bird Scene" is a bad idea.
  • Rex sabotaging Trina's harness in "Who Did It To Trina" out of revenge for her punching him Disproportionate Retribution? Or did he felt that it was the last straw? When you consider that throughout the series she has cut off his foot and used it to test the deep fryer (The Wood), thrown him across the room (Jade Dumps Beck), and now punched him in the face as well as referring to him as "puppet" (Who Did It To Trina). Being close to crossing the Moral Event Horizon aside, when you think about it, it's not too surprising that Rex finally decided to retaliate.
    • Don't forget that Rex is essentially Robbie's id, and Robbie,through Rex, may be retaliating for Trina terrorizing him in Jade Dumps Beck.
  • Tori "reviving" Rex may have seemed to be a horrible move when Jade's reason for why he should die (So Robbie would "become normal") makes the most sense. Until you think about another character from another show who also talks through a puppet.note  With that in mind, Status Quo-aside, Tori's actions didn't prevent Robbie from getting better mentally, but prevented him from possibly getting worse.
  • Although it was very touching, I always thought it was weird that Beck didn't get why Andre was scared of Jade, even though Beck should know better than anyone how Jade acts and why someone might be scared of her. Then it hit me: It's a plot point in iParty With Victorious that Beck is incapable of getting scared. He doesn't understand why people are frightened of Jade because he doesn't understand what it means to be frightened in the first place.
    • Beck does actually admit to being somewhat afraid or her, albeit offhandedly, in "Tori Fixes Beck and Jade". Remember when Tori asked him if all he planned to do was to live in fear of Jade for the rest of his life? His response: "That's not my only plan...Someday I'd like to start a vegetable garden." Of course, knowing Beck, he could have just been being sarcastic.
  • In "Locked Up," we're told that Yerbanians love American-style entertainment. So, the gang sings "All I Want is Everything," which has several allusions to famous American entertainers.
  • Remember the panda from I Party With Victorious? The one that has apparently been following Keenan around for three years? That would be Kel.
    • Actually, on the "iParty With Victorious" extended version behind the scenes, the guy in the Panda suit was revealed to be T-Bo.
  • I always thought it was kind of weird for Tori to have one of those rape whistles on her keys, which she uses in "Tori Gets Stuck". Since this is a kid's show, Ifound it weird they'd give her one, but I remembered: Her dad's a cop, he probably made her carry it around with her.(I apoligize if it was just a normal whistle and I'm just blowing this out of preportion).
  • In the beginning of "Survival of the Hottest", Jade demands that Robbie gives her his bottle of water. Later on, in the scene where the gang has to share a cap full of water, Robbie takes his sip, glances at Jade(whose turn was after him) and puts the entire thing in his mouth before she can get any. Revenge.
  • Cat's red hair color being inspired first by red velvet cupcakes then by the blood that got into her hair after her brother hit her seems to contradict previous established facts? Or is it? Considering that her red hair was in a lighter shade in the first season, it's possible that when the blood got into her hair, it was already dyed red. But afterwards, her hair is just dyed in a darker color.
  • In "The Great Ping Pong Scam", Beck says that if the school didn't get a trophy for sports, the principal would be fired.I didn't really think much about it. Later, I remembered that they go to a performing arts school! Of course they wouldn't have many talented athletes!
    • You're definitely right, but the one thing that confuses me is that there's a picture of the school's campus and they have a football field. This doesn't disprove your discovery, it just raises another question.
    • Maybe the campus itself used to be under different management, and there's regulations in place that say it can only be used by the next occupants as a school, with a bit of Loophole Abuse over what kind.
  • In "iParty With Victorious", Beck is shown to be 'a man without fear' (or, at least, he doesn't scare easily'). The Fridge Brilliance comes when you consider that this is how and why he was able to enter into a relationship with Jade (he was able to see past her Alpha Bitch qualities), and stay in that relationship (he was able to deal with her in a way others couldn't, as he had been around long enough for Jade to like and respect him as a person, admire and respect his artistic talents, and not only love him, but accept his love). It's also why he was able to break up with her, as he wasn't afraid to do so because he wasn't afraid of anything she might consider doing in retaliation. Long story short - Beck's fearlessness allowed him to have a reasonably normal relationship with Jade.
  • "Five Fingaz To The Face"? Wouldn't that be the same as talk to the hand?
    • This song was a shout out to the one hit wonder Sir-Mixalot and his song "Baby Got Back", they simply made it more kid friendly.
  • Showing that not all Fridge Brilliances are positive, "How Trina Got In" shows why Robbie carried an outdated Pear Pad until Season 3 while everyone else used the more modern versions.
    • Also, he's a dork.
    • Considering the car he got from his uncle and the assumption he gets an allowance (he doesn't have any specified job), his family is also very cheap. It's possible he would spend the money necessary for things but can't get it because of his family, or he's been raised to be cheap.
  • In "Jade Gets Crushed", when Tori is roleplaying as Jade with Andre and Andre suggests they get a hamburger, she says, "Beef makes me puke". At first, this troper thought it was just Tori playing Jade as difficult but while rewatching "The Diddlybops", he realized that of course Jade wouldn't want a hamburger- she probably still has a negative association with it due to being the one in the hamburger outfit during the performance (which she only did for the money, and even then she griped about it a lot).
    • Another one from that episode. When Andre is trying to say whom he wrote the song "365 Days" for Tori cuts him off and says it is for his dog. Jade, who is the subject of the song, made Tori act like a dog during an improv class in the first episode of the show.
  • In "Crazy Ponnie" how did Ax-Crazy Fawn Leibowitz get into Hollywood Arts in the first place? A possibility is the fact that she was able to convince Tori when they first meet that she was just a shy, lonely, pitiful nerd named "Ponnie" then later convince her friends that she was just a girl delivering Chinese food. It shows that she is a great actress!
  • Where was Rex in "The Blonde Squad"? At first, I figured Robbie was just too busy with his wig master role to carry Rex around, but even after the shoot was over, Rex did not appear once. In fact, Rex has been featured less throughout the course of Season 3. He rarely appears (if at all) in episodes where Robbie and Cat share a "moment" (The Breakfast Bunch, for example). Rex is somewhat of a self-deprecating crutch for Robbie. Whenever he needs the confidence to express his feelings to Cat, he doesn't bring Rex along.
  • In Robarazzi, Robbie's blog becomes popular after he begins exploiting his friends for more entertaining stories— except for Trina, oddly enough, who does not suffer any bad press at all. In reality this is likely because Trina's actress, Daniella Monet, does not appear in the episode, but in-universe it seemed strange that Robbie would avoid targeting the easiest member of their group to portray badly. However, this actually seems like a logical move when you think back on an earlier episode, Jade Dumps Beck, in which Trina and Robbie share a similar plotline— she demands that he write a positive review of her one-woman show on his blog, threatens him when he avoids doing so, and nearly attacks him when he reviews the dramatic show as a comedy to cover up how "laughably bad" it was. Robbie probably hadn't forgotten this experience, so when his blog became a platform to gossip about his friends, he'd be understandably hesitant to mock Trina further.
  • At the beginning of every episode, Tori starts singing the theme song of the show riding in a convertible, but she's clearly in the passengers' seat, not the driver's seat. It seems a little odd at first, especially because the driver is never shown, but then you realize that the reason she isn't driving herself is the Running Gag of her not getting her driver's license yet even though she's 17.
  • In "Terror On Cupcake Street" Cat has the gang wear candy pajamas for the Parade Parade. This could be brushed off as Cat just being Cat. However, one of Dan Schnieder's older shows, The Amanda Show, had 2 characters who were in the same sketch, Candy Tulips and Tony Pajamas. Maybe it was a cleverly hidden reference for older viewers.
  • "Robarazzi", the plot could've easily been ended by one of the students reporting one of Robbie's actions to a faculty member. However, in "Jade Dumps Beck" it was revealed that The Slap (where Robarazzi was posted) is an underground site run by the students. If they had told a faculty member, that would've exposed the existence of The Slap and gotten it shut down by the school. That would've ruined their reputation at Hollywood Arts.
  • In "Tori The Zombie" Beck and Tori's performance was lauded while Robbie's was criticized. While it comes off as another Butt-Monkey moment, Robbie had the harder role compared them. Beck played a charismatic Nice Guy like he is on the show, Tori played a girl conflicted between 2 lovers, which wouldn't be out of place for her character. Robbie however is a Nice Jewish Boy playing a pretentious Jerkass. Since this is against his personality, it would be the tougher acting challenge.
  • When rewatching "Who Did it to Trina?" it becomes clear that Robbie is trying to direct suspicions away from Rex. He backs up Jade's story that Tori threatened to kill Trina and he uses his story to point the blame towards Cat. What makes the former interesting is that he was initially surprised when he heard Tori threatened her sister. However, when Jade finishes her story, he claims to remember hearing it happen. Did he really remember, or was he lying to protect Rex?
  • While it's true that the "Bird Scene" has a lot of problems, it totally fits into the problem that Tori faced early in the series. The point of the "Bird Scene" is for the student to feel proud of themselves and of their talents, no matter what the people around them said. As stated in the first episode, the reason why Tori never tried out to enroll into "Hollywood Arts" was because her low self-esteem held her back and because she was not sure if she was good enough. The "Bird Scene" taught her that she was already talented, she just had to believe in herself and not to care about others' (particularly Jade's) opinions.
  • In "Wanko's Warehouse", the characters find out that the sale at the eponymous store actually starts the next morning instead of that evening because Trina did not specify the exact time to Tori, who told everyone else. Jade blames Tori for this and everyone goes along with it even though it was clearly Trina who got it wrong in the first place, which makes it seem like a Butt-Monkey moment for Tori. However, Trina is well known to be not so intelligent, unpleasant, and does not have a good relationship with the main characters, especially her sister. In this case, Tori should have at least been a bit skeptical about the sale and should have checked to make sure Trina's claims were true, and even if she wasn't suspicious, she still could have double-checked with either someone else or looked on the Wanko's Warehouse website, which would have the exact date and time of the sale, just to be sure. In short, while Trina does share some of the blame for not being clear, it was technically Tori's fault too for taking this at face value and not double-checking before telling her friends.

Fridge Horror

  • This gem from Prom Wrecker
    Cat: My brother got twelve gallons of blood for your performance.
    Jade: That's amazing. Where did he get twelve gallons of fake blood?
    Cat: You wanted fake blood?
    • Try not to think too hard about where those twelve gallons of real blood came from, kay?
    • That's not all that horrifying. It's not very hard to get that much blood.
      • From a butcher or a slaughter house. No one said it was HUMAN blood.
      • It is when you consider that this is Cat's brother we're talking about and all of her comments about him paint him as a pretty creepy guy.
  • If Tori wouldn't have "revived" Rex, he wouldn't have cut the line that would've killed Trina.
    • On the other hand, Carly wouldn't have known about the party at Kenan's without Rex talking about it on his Slap page and Steven might have been able to continue two-timing her. The gang wouldn't have found out from him that Robbie was in the hospital, Robbie would've never passed his audition for Helen, and Robbie would've never assumed Cat was lying about Tug.
  • Cat taking calls for Northstar is funny... Until you realize all the people she answered probably died. Seeing as she was taking calls for a while, she probably led to a lot of people dying without. And it never even clicks in her head (though, given her character, that's probably for the best). Even Rex is appalled by this.
  • After Tori finds out their secret in "The Great Ping-Pong Scam," Rex suggests that they drive her out to the desert and drop her off, saying that she knows too much. On one hand that could be code for killing her, on the other hand who would expect Tori, of all people, to be stranded in the desert and survive (even if we see in "Driving Tori Crazy" that she could make it out on her own). Either way, that was a pretty grim suggestion from Rex considering how many different ways the average desert can kill you.
  • "Tori Gets Stuck" is already understandably a turnoff for most, but it gets worse the more you think about it. Tori doesn't seem to be finished listing off the allergic effects bush daisies have on her, so it's possible that Jade could've gotten her killed. Not to mention that she knows very sensitive medical things about Tori, so imagine what she could do if Tori ever got on her bad side again in the future...
    • On the other side, Robbie reveals that the car that threatens to rip his guts apart was swallowed when he was little. Now, realize that this car could've dropped into his intestines at any point during that time. Now take a look at prior scenes where he's more physically active, like the fight scene with Trina in "Freak the Freak Out" and the Dance Party Ending in "Tori the Zombie". Don't seem so amusing anymore, do they?
    • The hospital in this episode would drop the jaw of any medical mind. Lack of professionalism, poor protection of patients and their medical privacy, reckless child endangerment, taking 3 consecutive pints of blood from somebody in the span of hours, not having enough of a specific blood type at the ready... I'll give you 3 tries to spell malpractice.
    • Jade tells the nurse taking Tori's first pint of blood to send any extra blood to her own house. She was obviously joking, but as we learn later on, Jade is into the occult. Imagine what she could try to pull against Tori with Blood Magic...
  • After Cat faints in the floor of the closet, the Scary Black Man janitor walks in with a sledgehammer. Lane then walks in, sees Cat on the floor and basically implies that this isn't the first time the Janitor has been in a situation like this.
  • With the recent revelation that Rex is played (in-universe) by an actual person, "Rex Dies" becomes that much more horrifying. Well, all the times Rex gets mutilated are more horrifying but it's easier to fake a limb being torn off than being horrifically mutilated in a jet turbine.
  • "Help, I'm being held hostage at a Chinese cookie factory". It sounds like the most random phrase you could get from a fortune-cookie, but what if it was serious...?
  • The song "Take a Hint" has some...troubling lyrics when you think about them. "Take your hands off my hips." "You asked me what my sign is and I told you it was 'stop'." "What about 'no' don't you get?" The subject of that song sounds more like a rapist than a generally harmless Stalker with a Crush/Prince Charming Wannabe. On a related note, the two guys and their irritating actions towards Tori and Jade were Played for Laughs, but viewers who have faced sexual harassment or have been stalked might find it less amusing.
  • Cat covers her ears and starts chanting "I'm under my bed" when Beck and Jade argue in front of her. That's the kind of reaction one would expect from someone who has been raised in an abusive household.
    • There's also the fact her brother is crazy and that bit from The Slap where she said her parents left beside the road over night.
    • In the same episode, it is stated that his friends' fighting makes Robbie cry. This also sounds like the reaction of someone being traumatized by his parents fighting and/or yelling at him
  • "Driving Tori Crazy", Jade gets to drive Tori to school. However, there's a shovel in the back of her car in plain sight... and she apparently drove them into a desert... alone.
  • A minor one, but in "Crazy Ponnie", Cat accidentally removes both of Jade's eyebrows. Imagine the process of entirely growing your eyebrows back...
    • Also at the end of that episode, who knows what Ponnie did next after she was revealed to have escaped capture and was now driving the Vega sisters.
  • In the episode "Terror on Cupcake Street" Tori goes out to look for help after their parade float breaks down. She runs across a group of tough looking men in a harsh neighborhood. Although nothing happens, this troper found the entire scene rather disturbing considering the possibilities of what could have occurred to a young girl alone in an LA neighborhood at night, dressed in footie-pajamas no less.
  • It seems safe to say that, in general, Cat's brother is the king of Fridge Horror, since every mention of him is accompanied by some Unfortunate Implications.
    Cat: I'm not gonna lie. My brother's pretty weird.
  • The man dressed as a big baby carries off Jade, and everyone is just fine with that because she got what she deserved...except he picks her up and carries her off to God knows where and does God knows what to her. She obviously wasn't willing to go, and that guy probably isn't all there considering the way he acts and dresses and got excited when she was labeled his 'queen'. Unfortunate Implications much?
  • The two guys who hit on Tori and Jade in Tori and Jade's Play Date. Not only do they not take "no" for an answer (Jade elbows one for tickling her chin and he still won't give up), they go so far as to stalk the girls to their performance. It's obvious these two guys were obsessed with Tori and Jade...and unlike Robbie or Sinjin, they don't respect any personal boundaries or seem like the type to back down when threatened or coerced. They aren't seen for the rest of the series but if relentless stalking was part of their usual behavior, who's to say what their next move could have been?
    • Hopefully, Tori's next move was to tell her dad (who is a cop).
    • A bit lessened by the fact that it seems to be less like they're real stalkers and more like they're just students at the same school that Sikowitz got to give them a push towards working together. It seems more likely that he would try and give them a 'common enemy' to bond over then that they were real stalkers.
  • Cat dates a blonde guy in The Blonde Squad ...who only dates blondes and even has a dog with blonde hair and blue eyes. When he learns she was wearing a blonde wig and blue-eyed contacts for a play the whole time, he dumps her flat, with him disliking people who try to be something they aren't offered up as a blatant Hand Wave. Aryan Nation anyone?
  • The lost tween girl who shows up on Tori's doorstep after getting on the wrong bus in "Cell Block". The girls think she's just being used by the boys to get them to be the first to use a phone and Jade slams the door in her face. It's only after this that Tori considers she might have been lost after all—-she did seem really frightened and claimed to have asthma on top of that. Jade simply concludes that maybe next time she'll "get on the right bus." Sure it's Jade being Jade, but you'd think even she would have to consider all the bad things that could happen to a lost little girl in the middle of L.A.
  • Two instances in "Car, Rain, and Fire". First, there's that creepy clown at the gas station who asks Tori if he can get a her house. Then we learn that the candle Cat lit for the actress's vigil burned down the actress's house, with the actress being hospitalized for smoke inhalation and presumably severe burns, and saying something about "a Cat with red hair." Considering the girls were apparently never questioned abut the incident (and Tori's reaction to learning of this), one can only wonder how/why the actress was silenced.
    • Add to that Tori's father is a police officer and supposedly doesn't let the San Diego authorities know his daughter and her friends were there.
  • In one episode, the gang is at the beach and get trapped in Beck's RV. The only person who knows where they are is Cat, wo left to use the bathroom and didn't take her phone with her. While the situation is bad enough for the ones who are trapped, Cat is in her swimsuit with a group of guys who keep making excuses for her to stay with them. When you consider what could have happened in either case, it is terrifying.

Fridge Logic:

  • Apparently the characters watch Drake & Josh, so how do they not notice that their principal is Helen?
    • That's more like fridge wallbanger because you have an episode where Helen comes in references Crazy Steve making it clear that she is the Helen. The next episode Drake & Josh is somehow a TV show. Even though their principal is Helen.
    • Continuity Snarl.
    • Maybe Drake & Josh is a reality show in their universe?
    • "Drew and Jerry", that fake show in Drake and Josh with their look-a-likes basically reliving everything, is the Drake and Josh they have in-universe.
    • Except it's specifically mentioned as being Drake & Josh. Don't bother looking into it too hard.
    • I've always thought of it more as Fridge Brilliance, in the sense that I've always assumed Drake & Josh was something of a reality show in the Schneider verse, a semi-scripted one, making it possible for them to have watched episodes of it, for characters like Helen to actually be real in Schneider's different shows, and an explanation for the intro sequences for Drake & Josh.
  • In "Beck Falls For Tori," Tori put on her resume that she could do gymnastics and martial arts... so the casting director concluded that she could perform a stunt that involved falling 40 feet.
    • Well Victoria Justice was Shelby Marx so she's not entirely lying about the martial arts part...until you consider that iCarly and Victorious co-exist so technically, Shelby Marx is a separate existing character in-universe.
  • In "Tori Takes Requests" when Robbie asks Tori to wear a bikini, but he has to wear it instead. Why does he have a bikini with him in the first place, and why did he just assume it would fit Tori?
    • Why does everyone assume Robbie had the bikini with him? He was at Tori's and Trina's house. It's not unlikely for teenage girls to have a couple of swimsuits floating around in their drawers, sometimes even a few that they don't fit anymore. Robbie may be tall, but he's still fairly skinny meaning that one of the girls' bikinis might fit him. Fit him awkwardly, but still fit him.....-ish
      • Very good points, that makes much more sense.
  • In 'The Breakfast Bunch', Vice Principal Dickers says "When you mess with the cow, you get the udders". Besides the obvious implications of that, he basically just called himself a female cow, even when the original saying mentions the male equivalent, a bull.
  • How did Trina possible manage to book the black box theatre for "Trina!" her one woman show, when the school basically knows how awful she is?
    • It had an open slot?
    • Trina's not that bad...
  • During an earthquake, with all the characters from California, Jade decides to lay on the couch with a pillow to cover her head, and Beck, the one who told everyone to cover their heads, stands in the middle of the room. Bonus points for sheilding Cat, but regardless...
    • If you look closely at where Beck is standing, he's actually got the most secure spot available: in the doorway. Robbie does fairly well with his head under the table but he should've covered his neck/head. Realistically, Jade's in the worst position - hard to fault her for not having anything to work with though (at least she covered her head?).
    • Nobody helped the dog... when they were supposed to be dogsitting
      • It's an earthquake; you're supposed to get to cover right away. Going out of your way to help others, whether another person or a dog, is dangerous... noble, but dangerous. Helping the dog could have got them killed, and they knew it.
  • It's said on the Slap that Robbie could fit into a woman's prison jumpsuit. I think that implies he had to change with the girls..
  • As stated above in the Brilliance section, the school wouldn't have many talented atheletes since they focus on Performing Arts. But then why does the school have a football field on its campus?
    • You don't have to be talented in a sport to enjoy doing it. They could have a lousy team that just likes playing. Or, the building/grounds might not have been made for Hollywood Arts specifically and whoever used the building earlier liked football.
    • The students probably use it for filming.
    • Alternatively, the school could have been a different kind of school before becoming an arts school. This troper went to a performing arts high school, that had a large soccer field and autoshop classrooms complete with garage doors as it had been a technical school before it was turned into an arts school.
  • In the episode "Wi-fi in the Sky" they had to make a script for the next day. Then in Robbie's rant about Rex, he points that is Friday night. Tomorrow is Saturday, why are they so worried about the homework?
    • I thought he said he was talking to Rex on Friday night about the plans, and now it's Sunday night. However, I have not seen this episode in a while, so I may be wrong.
  • this probably doesn't warrant Fridge Horror but does anyone wonder what happened to the waitress Trina assaulted in "Andre's Horrible Girl". She basically kidnapped her, and stole her clothes and we don't know what happened. Also, does this mean she's somewhere naked?
  • How did that plane in "Wi-fi in the Sky" get Wi-fi in the first place? Usually planes make you avoid using things that require internet while you're still in the air.
    • It's becoming more common nowadays. Some flights even offer it for free. And it's not nearly as slow or laggy as you'd expect, either. Viva technological progress!
    • The reason why wireless internet was banned on planes in the US is FCC Broadcast regulations in regards to signals above a certain altitude, not any kind of technical safety issues. If there was any risk it might cause a crash you wouldn't be allowed to take the phone on board at all. After knowing how useful it is to the passengers to keep them connected, they have taken steps to introduce the tech now for business reasons.