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Tear Jerker / Victorious

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  • Cat breaking down into tears after she catches Tori and Danny kissing in Cat's New Boyfriend.
    • Cat asking Tori later on in the episode "Why would you be mean to me?" would make anyone vulnerable.
  • Robbie's speech in "Rex Dies," really proving that to Robbie, Rex is more than just a puppet.
  • Jade and Beck's breakup in "The Worst Couple".
    • Jade's face when she gets to 10 and realizes Beck isn't coming out
    • It's made worse with Beck right there on the other side of the door, his hand on the knob, but he's clearly not intending to open the door.
    • It looked more like he was struggling to decide whether or not to open the door.
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    • And as if it couldn't get worse, after getting to 10, Jade grabs the door handle and considers going back inside, clearly not as ready to end her relationship with Beck as she said.
    • Jade's expression when Beck said outright to all the Northridge residents that he's not satisfied with their relationship.
  • Robbie and Cat's fight in Prom Wrecker. Robbie mistakenly thought Cat lied to him about already having a date to Prome, and he never finds out Cat wasn't lying about Tug. By the end, both of them are crushed.
  • In "Car, Rain, & Fire", Cat starts to say some final words for her beloved actress who recently passed away, and breaks down in the middle of speaking. Made worse, as the actress is a total bitch to her, and even Tori's attempting to explain why they're there doesn't help matters. Oh, and then, it turns out Cat's candle lit the lady's house on fire.
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  • Cat's breakdown in "Andre's Horrible Girl" was pretty depressing as well. From Jade inviting herself to dog sit with her and having Cat to do all the work, accidentally wrecking the man’s house, Beck and Jade’s heated fight, and the earthquake, it’s no wonder she was ready to cry up a storm.
  • All of Cat's breakdowns were completely adorable, making us feel bad for going "Awww, she's so cute!" The poor girl even collapses and passes out in "The Worst Couple'', from being dragged into Beck and Jade's argument.
    • The childhood issues on display in this scene in general, even though they're not really talked about.
  • The show winning favorite TV show at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards. It definitely doubles as a Moment of Awesome unless you like iCarly a lot more than (or hate) Victorious, but between it taking down the bigger show's streak, and Victoria's speech when they were accepting the award, it's hard to not get emotional. Watch it here.
    • The show winning the award again at the 2013 Awards, while much more awesome because it was a huge Screw You to Nickelodeon for cancelling it, is also this because it closes the door on seeing these great characters again. Even if Dan manages to get a proper finale for the show, the magic's still done.
  • In “Crazy Ponnie”, Jade chops off Cat’s hair, just for a little grooming accident (that was all Jade’s idea, mind you).
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  • Trina's Scrappy status seems to be getting worse in Season 3, seeing that even ''Cat'' is commenting on how bad she is, but it gets rather depressing for some when you find out how she got into Hollywood Arts.
  • In "Tori Goes Platinum," Jade's facial expressions when she's watching Tori jump into Beck's arms in the hall and when Tori refuses to kiss Beck because she and Jade are friends. She's so devastated and it's heart-wrenching.
  • When Tori finds out that she failed her Hollywood Arts audition in "Helen Back Again", she begins crying while hugging her mom. Of course, we later find out that Tori actually passed hers, and Trina (who originally passed) actually failed. Helen's assistant got the names mixed up, but Tori's disappointment is sad nonetheless.
  • When Robbie loses his title as The King of Hamboning. Unlike all the other Yank the Dog's Chain moments for him, this wasn't played for laughs.
  • André being rejected after performing as "The Diddly Bops". Throughout the show, we know André is really talented with his music and he's shown to have a passion for it most of all. The way he feels about how doing one small kind act for a bunch of kids almost affected his whole singing career is pretty sad to think about.
  • Cat seems to have a lot of sad moments, even being sad her favorite actress was supposedly dead or being cheated on, but none I think would compare to her in "Star Spangled Tori". Discovering that she is now living in the school because her parents left her to go with her crazy brother so he can get special treatment is pretty sad.
    • It doesn't help when her aunt and uncle she was already living with are too hard on her and don't make things easier for Cat.
    • Just hearing Cat sad this time around was pretty hard to watch.
  • Robbie throughout "The Blonde Squad," as he tries to tell Cat how much he thinks of her (in the face of a boy who prefers blondes falling for Cat due to her blonde wig and Cat's fear of being rejected if he sees her as a redhead) especially the end song combining as a Crowning Heartwarming Moment too. More of a joyous tearjerker although Cat's fears and dismissal of herself as a redhead qualify straight forward.
  • The fact that "Victori-Yes" was the last episode to air for this series. At this point, whether it beats out competition or not, it was still Nickelodeon's #1 hit show. We spent three years falling in love with these colorful characters and the songs, discovering the actors' talents, and getting attached to different kinds of relationships and friendships that exist with the show. And the fact that we don't get any closure and our last scene is of Tori and Jade chasing after a bunch of guys in mice costumes really tore fans up.
    • However, when Netflix got hold of the series and (mostly) placed them in production order, "The Slap Fight" is the last episode. It ends with Sinjin and Trina jump roping until the latter gives up. The last line ever filmed for the series was Trina saying "Okay, I'm done," which is oddly prophetic. Not a proper series finale, though.
    • Though in Sam & Cat, we do learn they're all still in Hollywood Arts, possibly for their final year, Jade is still with Beck and Cat and Robbie finally go on a date.

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