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  • After Jade pours coffee on Tori's head during an improv sketch, the next day, Tori gets revenge by kissing her (Jade's) boyfriend, Beck in another improv sketch.
    • This made her appear as less of a likeable protagonist to some viewers.
      • To be fair, it was just a sketch. Plus, Beck agreed to it.
    • Much moreso in Cat's New Boyfriend, where Tori kisses the titular boy who happened to be her ex-boyfriend. Seems like Cat and Jade can both relate with each other now.
    • And then Cat punches Tori in the face later on in the episode.
    • Maybe the writers took on board the criticism of previous characters in this universe, Carly Shay and in Zoey 101 (who were regularly accused of being too perfect), and thought a character who can be selfish and a bitch sometimes would make her more believable.
  • Tori and friends taking revenge on Manipulative Bastard Ryder in "Begging On Your Knees", along with his ex-girlfriends. Seeing such a Smug Snake of a villain given a well deserved Humiliation Conga, priceless!
    • Tori does it again in "Prom Wrecker", By crowning Jade as the prom queen and Doug the Diaper Guy as prom king, as a "discreet" revenge for Jade almost ruining Tori's hard-worked Prom. And to top it all off, a song by Tori, Cat and Andre to close the deal!
    • This one is a little less awesome when you consider that Tori ruined Jade's exhibition by taking over the space it would have occupied (which Jade had booked first), blatantly refused to cancel it, and never once apologized for screwing up the show that Jade had presumably been putting together for several weeks. Sure, Jade might have crossed a line with her retaliation, but Tori wasn't exactly in the right either.
    • Some see that as an over-riding Humiliation Conga for Jade, especially for her slap-on-the-wrist punishment for nearly killing Tori and Robbie in Tori Gets Stuck, but overall that episode had an awkward feel as there seemed to be an easy compromise to the scheduling conflict that was ignored simply for Rule of Funny.
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    • A smaller one but when Beck puts Jade in a time out for being mean to Tori (which she actually does).
  • Tori and Jade giving Robbie a much needed comeuppance near the end of "Robarazzi".
  • Sikowitz takes the cake, or should I say lead role in the play, in "Tori Gets Stuck".
    Jade: She can't play the role and I'm the understudy.
    Sikowitz: I don't care, you've been acting like a gank all week. I'm not going to reward you by letting you play the lead.
    • Tori gets a minor once for also calling Jade a gank in "Freak The Freak Out", when she explains why her parents went on vacation to avoid taking care of Trina.
      Beck: Can't blame them.
      Jade: Sucks to be you.
      Tori: Gank.
  • "iParty With Victorious". When Robbie tries to rap, someone throws a plant at him, knocking him out. Cat calls everyone out on this.
    Cat: I realize Robbie was bad, but was it necessary to throw that plant at him?
    • It should be noted that she is promptly ignored by everyone, but still, calling everyone out on Robbie's Butt-Monkey status is a pretty big accomplishment for someone like her.
  • This exchange makes her even more awesome.
    Tori: Cat, the doctors said you're not supposed to talk!
    Cat: (Removes head-thingy) They couldn't say I couldn't siinnggingg!
    • She also called out Hayley in "Freak The Freak Out" on her rigged victory.
    Hayley: We won, because we rock.
    Cat: Yeah, don't believe everything your daddy says.
    • Rex proceeding to school everyone in rap battles (except Sam, but still)
  • Cat and Jade proceeding to get Tori's help in a Batman Gambit to give the two mean girls a rather fitting Humiliation Conga was also awesome.
  • The gang proceeding to escape Yerbanian prison through the access row, then getting in a duck truck and riding across a pavement that says "NO ESCAPING".
    • Jade and Beck get special mentions for keeping their usual composures even when they know they're locked up in a hellish prison.
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  • Trina putting her martial arts skills to use on Robbie in "Helen Back Again".
  • In "Terror on Cupcake Street", Beck gets one by blasting fake confetti to scare off the thugs.
  • "The Gorilla Club" had Cat ride the flaming bunny and defeat the balls of pain with complete ease. Tori also completes the balls of pain, but the biggest Moment of Awesome of hers was defeating the Gorilla, just by doing the Hammer dance.
    • Trina gets a really, really small one in the same episode just by telling Jade to hush.
  • A small example from "The Worst Couple", but Beck is the ONLY one who could say 'You're being obnoxious' to Jade's face and get away with it.
    • Just Beck in general standing up to Jade's bitchiness.
    • Andre as well, when he goes out on them saying that the gang is sick of their fighting.
  • "Andre's Horrible Girl": Andre gets one by "sassing" Hope when she confronts him.
  • "Car, Rain, & Fire": In the B-plot, Beck was irritated when Trina told people that he asked her out (as a ploy to get guys interested in her). So, he, Andre and Robbie all play a three-way fight for her affection, then when it appears to go too far, they act like nothing happened, teaching her a lesson about lying, then just leaving her stunned.
  • "Tori and Jade's Playdate", had Tori and Jade's first duet ever, "Take A Hint", and boy, did they hit it out of the park this time. The fact that it was a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to both boys harassing and was done publicly really drives it home.
  • Though technically it was Daniella Monet, seeing her finally sing in "April Fool's Blank" was way overdue.
  • Victorious being the second show to ever beat iCarly for Favorite TV Show (after Drake and Josh did in 2008, though that was before iCarly was big) at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards, which at this time arguably stands out as the show's defining Moment of Awesome.
  • In "Driving Tori Crazy", one of the girls calls Tori a grunch. Tori does not take this very well, and decides to take on all four girls in the car successfully.
  • This exchange in "Stage Fighting".
    Tori: I don't know, Beck looked like he was really getting beat up back there.
    Jade: And why would that matter to you?
    Tori: Well, I feel he suffers enough dating you.
  • From "Beck's Big Break", the moment after the cast and crew of the film that Beck got fired from learns that Melinda Murray, the huge bitch actress, won't be able to come back to the film after getting an arrow to her hand, Tori thinks they are all going to be angry at her. To her surprise, they all cheer and applaud her for getting rid of that woman, and Beck gets his role back.
  • Beck and Andre save Robbie from robbers by headbutting them, while wearing buckets on their heads.
  • Cat tackles the flour bomber to the ground.
  • Beck gets one in "Tori Fixes Beck and Jade" despite being broken up at the time, following Tori and Andre provoking Jade into a (potentially murderous) rage, he manages to force her to back down and talk this out. All without even blinking, talk about Nerves of Steel.
  • The Bad Roommate was basically this for people that can't stand Jade. After spending three seasons of humiliating and hurting her friends, Not!Google Earth takes a picture of her 'scratching' her nose (which made it look like she was picking it). The whole episode, she was acting like an ungrateful bitch to the people that tried to help her. When Not!Google Earth takes a new picture with her dressed nicely, Robbie accidentally falls on her, which makes it look like they're making out. It just ends with a Big "NO!" from Jade before the credits roll.
  • Sinjin's Rousing Speech at the end of Slap Fight, where he reminds them that they don't need followers since they're the most popular and talented group at HA.
  • Star-Spangled Tori - Andre and Beck sabotage the talk show host's cruel prank on Tori by removing the exploding squib from the fake dog and placing it under his chair, causing him to get blown several feet in the air.
  • Winning the Favorite Show award for a second year running at the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards. After being Screwed by the Network by the network that hosts the awards, it's a fitting send-off with the fans basically telling Nickelodeon that they were wrong to cancel the show.
  • At the very end of "Tori Tortures Teacher", when they find out that it wasn't a bunny that Sikowitz missed and he leaves, Tori is about to provide the rest of the group with another plan, but they all say no to her and turn her down. A minor one, but they get it for actually having the balls to say no to her for once.

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