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Tear Jerker / Victoria

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     The Alternative History Novel 

For the Alternative History Novel

  • In the dystopian pre-collapse US, the old woman who shoots a judge because she is driven from her home by the corrupt bureaucracy and has literally nothing left to lose.
    She was shot down herself by a sheriff, but on her way to court she had sent a letter to the L.A. Times explaining her action. "I had nothing more to lose," she wrote. "I would rather die quickly than be left on the street, penniless. I was born and grew up in England, and I remember how, in 1940, when a Nazi invasion seemed certain, Churchill had posters printed up saying, 'You Can Always Take One With You.' So that is what I will try to do."
  • The Black Muslim character who believed in Islam because it promised equality for his people, only to find out that the Arab Muslims (or at least the ones leading the invasion of America) are even more racist against Africans than are right-wing white Americans.
  • The victims of the Caliphate's biological warfare. They are quickly quarantined, preventing a major new outbreak of the designer plagues... And so we get to see them in isolation, watched by a helpless Rumford through thick glass, as they first await the end of the incubation period and then die in various horrible ways, trying to keep their composure and ease each other's passing.
  • The ruins of Cascadia after the corrupt rule of the Deep Greeners are very sad, even leaving out the outright horror material that preceded them. Looking upon the wasteland, everyone knows that it will take a long time before the land recovers, if indeed it ever will. Let alone the people.
  • The Azanian war is surprisingly sad, given Azania's massive build-up as an inhuman enemy, with what looks like some deliberate shout-outs to the Spanish Civil War. Especially the main air combat sequence, with poorly trained, young and explicitly terrified Amazon pilots being slaughtered in great numbers by the stone-cold veteran aces of the Confederation's Legion Condor equivalent. Rumford and his officers aren't sad about it (it means more of their own guys will survive, after all), but the reader might easily feel sorry for the girls who fight and die as best they can for their culture, even if it's an evil one—perhaps somewhat like you might about Hitler Youth soldiers in a World War II movie.
  • Rumford's death. For all his efforts and eventual fame, he lives out his last years in more or less complete anonymity on his farm, apparently having few friends and family after most of his war comrades have died. He is still happy because he helped create what he considers a utopia for everyone else, but himself he has little enjoyment of it. He literally drops dead one day in his eighties, plowing his little field just like he did last year and would have done next year. His service is brief and attended by almost no one—Though he said he wanted it that way.

     The TV series about Queen Victoria 

For the TV series about Queen Victoria

  • "Brocket Hall". Pretty much the entirety of the episode.
  • In a single episode of Series 2, Dash, Victoria's beloved dog. drops dead, and it is strongly hinted that Lord M himself meets his demise, after it being revealed earlier that he is dying. Victoria's reaction to both is heartbreaking.
  • Nancy's death. She had just discovered that she was pregnant and she and Charles were about to start their life together, only for her to die from cholera.


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