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Tear Jerker / Vicious

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Although "Vicious" is primarily a comedy programme, there are a few sad moments.

  • Stuart crying in the last episode of series 2. Even sadder when Freddie comforts him.
  • When Penelope mistakes Mason for her dead husband, and he goes along with it to spare her feelings. And then they start slow dancing.
  • Jess dumping Ash after he proposes. Becomes Heartwarming when Freddie uses the same ring to propose to Stuart.
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  • Although played for laughs, it is hard not to feel sorry for Stuart when Freddie upsets him to the point of crying. Made worse when Freddie reveals that he enjoys upsetting Stuart
  • Ash is going away to college in the United States and Freddie is holding himself together when Ash is leaving but the moment Ash rushes back into the apartment to hug Freddie bye Freddie breaks down into tears.

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