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"You remember our friend, Violet?"

"You people are all fucking insane."

Stuart: Poor Ash.
Freddie: Well he wanted to be straight, that what he gets!
-after Ash's girlfriend Chloe ruins their dinner party.

Stuart: Well, I hoped she'd have figured out our situation by now. I have been dropping little clues.
Freddie: Yes. Like living with a man for 48 years.
- Freddie and Stuart on Stuart's mother's obliviousness towards Stuart's sexuality.

"Has anybody said you remind them of Zac Efron? [whispering to Stuart] That's a person right? Or is it a place? [to Ash again] Well I'm certain I know you. Have you ever been to Zac Efron? [whispering to Stuart] I'm covered either way now."
-Violet trying to flirt with Ash.

"You're lucky you're straight Ash, otherwise you get one of these women who latch on to you for decades and never let go."
-Freddie on his relationship with Violet.

Chloe: I just don't see how two people in love can ever say cruel things to each other.
Freddie: I was saying the same thing the other day to the piece of shit down there.
- Freddie and Chloe, Ash's girlfriend, on relationships.

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